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Kilauea erupts again, and spiritual ‘insurance’

First, Kilauea in Hawaii has started erupting again, massively.

You can see a live stream of the lava here – it’s the Kilauea crater vent camera:


This is a screenshot from around 8.30am Israel time:


Second, on one of the 3 Telegram channels I still check in with, someone put up this video of them magnifying a 100 Euro bank note under a microscope:


It appears to show the 100 EURO note is crawling with spaceships and ‘alien-demon’ figures.

Yah, that ‘fake alien invasion’ has been in the pipes for a very long time, and double yah – we are living in a world of allusion, where 99% of the ‘news’ is actually just brainwashing baloney to divide and control the general public.


Third, related to the sentence above, is this from the Uncensored Israel Telegram channel, from Bezalal Smotrich:


Whoever controls the army, controls the State.

So now the question is: who is controlling the army?


Four: spiritual insurance for the coming year – do a pidyon nefesh ahead of Rosh Hashana and / or kaparot before Yom Kippur with a real Tzaddik, not just a rabbinic faker.

HERE is where you can do that with Shuvu Banim.

BTW, just to make it clear, I have never recieved so much as a penny from Shuvu Banim, I don’t write these things as some ‘influencer’ on a commission, and I also give a lot of my money to Shuvu Banim, because I get brachot from doing that.

My husband is off soon to Uman, and we’re both a little nervous about that.

Yesterday, we gave quite a large amount of tzedaka as a ‘pidyon’ to a Shuvu Banim cause, at least, tagged as a ‘pidyon’ in our own minds, as the Rav is now forbidden by the courts here from receiving any donations personally, or having anything to do with ‘money’.

That, together with saying the Rav’s prayers to go and come back safely to Uman is our histadlut for the trip.

Whatever happens next – we did our bit.


And for anyone thinking ‘but why go to a war zone just because Rebbe Nachman said to be by his grave on Rosh Hashana’….

A few days ago, two people got stabbed by a terrorist barely 10 minutes walk away.

Every day here – and also, WHERE YOU LIVE – people are dying in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways.

We don’t control the world – God does.

And whatever He decides, that’s what will be.

It’s the same argument you get from people who tell you should work on Shabbos, because otherwise how will you make enough money, and you should definitely skip paying 10% of your income to tzedaka (minimum…) because otherwise, how will you pay all your bills?!?!

All totally rational arguments that make a lot of sense.

But still completely and utterly wrong.


I am waiting for the update as to whether the Rav has made it into Uman yet, BH.

As soon as I hear, I will let you know.

But in the meantime, I’m not planning on posting much else before the chag begins, baring an update on what’s happening in Uman.

So, I bless everyone with a sweet, healthy, holy, happy New Year, and may we all be signed in the book of life.




This is a brand new, short video from Rav Ofer Erez, from his BRESLEVTUBE website, explaining the importance of doing a pidyon nefesh before Rosh Hashana:

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  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    Wow, that euro video… that’s just… hiding in plain sight the whole time.. demons..
    But the government totally aren’t demon-worshipping freemasons…
    I wonder about the US dollar. I’ll try it.

    May God bless you and us all with a blessed year and may God will it the Rav Berland should make it to Uman!
    Amen and amen!


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