Kimche de Pischa, and ahavat chinam


There’s a lot of crazy stuff apparently happening in a lot of places at the moment.

I could feel the ‘heavy’ in the air when I woke up this morning, and it’s super quiet in Jerusalem at the moment….


Even though the yetzer is continually trying to plunge me back down into worrying about ‘what will be’, I decided today I’m continuing to focus on real things, in the real world, that will make a real difference, instead.

Top of that list is actually doing some cleaning for Pesach, buying some groceries, and making something yummy for supper.

Right, we all think this stuff doesn’t set the world on fire, or change anything for the good?

But it does.

It really does.

Most of all, within ourselves.


To try and counteract all the sinat chinam floating around with some more ahavat chinam, I also decided I needed to give some more charity today.

So, I went HERE, and I donated for the ‘Kimche de Pischa’ for Shuvu Banim.

Here’s how that looked, a little, in previous years:


I used to live next door to some of these families, I still go and pray with the Rav a few times a week, down on Ido HaNavi.

I know how much of a difference this kimche de pischa is making to people.

Not least, myself….

I literally made the donation 10 minutes ago, and I’m already starting to feel a bit ‘lighter’ and happier today.

(A bit…)

This is how we fix the world, mamash.

This is how we put more ‘light’ out there, to vanquish the darkness.

Not with more pointless arguments about politics, ‘democracy’, climate change or all the rest of it.


The world IS very heavy right now.

Sinat chinam is shooting through the roof in every direction.

It’s the sin that destroyed the last Temple, the sin we all came back here to rectify.

And the way to do it is to put our need to be ‘right’ at any cost back in its box, and to open our hearts to our fellow Jew.

Especially, the ones in our own families and circles.

And even more especially, with those who are on the ‘other side’ of whichever argument we  happen to be embroiled in right now.


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  1. MF
    MF says:

    Are we on the same vibe channel? I also woke up feeling agitated. I just thought that the cleaning was overwhelming me.


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