Life in the police state

I just met a relative for lunch in a nice, green yishuv in the middle of Israel.

The sun was shining, the food was not bad – and it was a small reminder of that ‘nice’ face of secular Israel that I don’t get to see very much these days.

And then….

My relative started telling me about a degree she’s doing in counterintelligence, or something like that, and about her latest project:

She scraped all the comments of a certain thread on Reddit.

Then, she isolated the names and details of all those people who’d made those comments.

Then, she used that data to go and track them down on Google, and across Facebook, and probably a few other places online, to gather every comment they’d ever made online.

And then, she cleaned all that data up so it could be parsed, and used to create ‘profiles’ of people who ‘might need watching more closely’.

Watching by who?

I think you can guess.


I kind of just stared at her open-mouthed – that it’s oh so easy to go scrape a whole person’s life off the internet, just like that, and then basically put them on the ‘enemy of the State’ list for something they told their gran on Facebook 10 years ago.

I told my relative:

I’ve been banned from all social media, as far as I can tell, and shadow-banned from a bunch of other things….

Just because I keep asking questions, and keep trying to figure out what’s true and what isn’t, in this world of lies.

She looked at me for a moment, then told me the world is not in a good way at the moment.


But here’s the thing:

At what point do all the people who just keep turning a blind eye to all the bad things going on in the world, especially in relation to the endemic corruption of our own governments and institutions, realise that if they are not part of the solution, they are DEFINITELY part of the problem?

Saying “I was just following orders’ didn’t help anyone buck the responsibility for what they’d done, and colluded with, and encouraged, back in World War II, and when the moment of truth rolls around again for humanity, it’s not going to work this time around, either.


My relative is a nice person, I get on with her a lot.

And the edifice of evil continues to tower over us all, because it’s built on the backs of all these ‘nice people’, who don’t stop for a moment to put two and two together, and see where all this is heading.


Today, the State of Israel’s ‘enemy’ is Islamic Jihad and Hamas and Hezbollah.


And tomorrow – or maybe also already today – the enemy will shift, and will become ‘vax deniers’, ‘climate change deniers’, ‘religious Jews’.

And then what?

We are all deluding ourselves, that all this tech, all this spying, all these bills that have just been passed to enable the police to enter homes in Israel without warrants – it’s only ever going to be used against ‘terrorists’.

Definitions are fungible.

And to totalitarian regimes, ‘terrorists’ are whoever disagrees with the government.

Exactly like what happened in Soviet Russia.

Exactly what is happening today, just we’re all trying to pretend that it isn’t.


My soul is a little weary at the moment.

May God cause the world of lies to fall very soon.

And may the world of ‘spying tech’ fall even sooner.

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  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Wow, what can I say… Amen, first of all! And I will say this unashamedly: you are absolutely right, Rivka!

    May Hashem help us, rid us of all this evil…. and open the eyes of all the “good” people who support the system for whatever reason, be it money, fame, fun, addiction, brainwashing, whatever. Tefillot, tefillot, and more tefillot!


  2. ATikva
    ATikva says:

    Thank you for your article.

    It’s funny because motsei Shabbat i got the urge to know more about Ratson. I went on YouTube and discovered a lesson lectured by a rabbi I don’t really know, but I saw his countenance popping up sometimes, thanks to the algorithms. Long story short. The lesson was amazing and I couldn’t believe it. So I left a comment תודה רבה and I even got a hearted-comment back.

    I have to say, since Co-19, my involvement on internet evolved very much till now where it is in slow motion. But at that time, I recall letting a message on a forum. With the lockdown it was kind of real-unreal public places. After letting this comment, I remember being assaulted by huge questioning : why did I left that comment ? Why did I let all this things I really think to perfectly strangers ? Who cares? Should I remove it? Should not? But who cares ???

    And I thought: HaShem cares, and maybe at 120 they gonna ask why all this likes and thumbs and hearts and if we know those perfectly strangers we spent so much time to comment and support (maybe they are regular people or maybe maniacs or who knows what… God forbid) Because when we are supporting them, we are not supporting someone else who certainly cares… and need it.

    I had a huge crises, and I think the Yetser Hara was at some point really serving me a cup of coffee as he certainly couldn’t believe I could go so deep in this thought. Yes. I even made teshuva.

    That’s for the background. But let’s come back to this motsei Shabbat. I discovered this 2hours and something lesson on Sihot Haran and the Ratson, and I was purely amazed.

    But strangely, I had a weird dream with this rabbi and I was not so sure why.

    The day after (Sunday ea yesterday) I started digging on others videos of him I often (if not always) ignored when it was popping up in my screen.

    Then I clicked on others videos, and on one of them, they were several men gathering in a sukkah and engaging in parparot. This charming grandpa was sharing his memories. I was daydreaming by myself while listening to them talking about Tsadikkim. But all of a sudden. It transformed. In something ugly. The lovely cutie grandpa became a pirate. The head of a « mahloketee-shelter ». And yes. They started to speak badly about others breslovers. B’hm, b’hm they didn’t name anyone. But oh my God… I was so in choc. I couldn’t believe it. I started to speak with HaShem, telling that perhaps, maybe, certainly, the video was 4 years old and for sure they made teshuva, and the pirate, sorry the grandpa, was at that time certainly angry about someone who hurt him, that they possibly made peace and for sure he regrets now and « you know HaShem how it is you created us hahah! »

    But then. I removed all the thumbs up I spontaneously gave few minutes before and it became clear in my mind: the Tsaddik was supervising all the situation to protect me. To speak with me. So that I would speak with HaShem. Because yes. We don’t know to whom we let our comments to. I started to think about my personal statement and my teshuva during the lockdown and, even if I officially decided right before Pessah to change my approach of internet and devices tools, I realized deeply that I needed to upgrade it. And my day finished more or less with me begging HaShem to stop all the mahloket because it is enough.

    And then words of the Rav came clearly in my mind “this is a birrur”

    We are all going through this birrur.

    Thank you HaShem for opening our eyes. And thanks to the Rav for all his tefilot on the subject because it really is a dark swamp and we need strength “to stand up in this test” like it is said in the tefila about the children and the devices. I recently realized this tefila concerns not only children but also each one of us, because I am like a kid when it comes to novelties and high tech !!

    Apologies for being so voluble. This subject is of a main concern and I just wanted to share how your lunch in sunny amazing lovely Israel reverberated on me, in an other part of amazing galut.

    Thank you very much for your article, what I (want to) understand from your relative’s job is that, even if it doesn’t look like apparently, but possibly certainly HaShem started the cleaning job on the fantasy web and is managing the whole situation… as always bzhm

    Brakha veHatslaha rabba

  3. ATikva
    ATikva says:

    *While proof reading my article (after sending it which is not so smart I agree) I realized the auto correction went through it:

    I wrote

    “We are all going through this birrur”

    And it automatically corrected to

    “We are all going through this birth”

    Well… it makes sense 😉

  4. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    our real enemy is the unjewish khazarian/sabatean/frankist erev rav govt… until they are taken down all of our doing tshuvah will do us no good… we have to physically confront them and fight them with everything we’ve got to earn redemption…

    learning davening chesed tshuvah mitzvot bein adam l’chavero are all well and good but they are not enough… we have to openly protest and call for the end of this depraved and despicable ugly regime and do so ceaselessly in the streets of israel until they fall…

    we have to get in their faces and do acts of civil disobedience until they crumble… the best way to do this is by clamoring to rebuild the beit hamikdash and calling for the commandment of Hashem to throw the arabs out to be fulfilled… for our rising up enmasse to put Hashem’s honor before our own and stand up and vociferously call for the reinstitution of torah law over Hashem’s people and all of His land…

    until we do this we will not be redeemed unless Hashem has extreme pure rachamim over us and sends moshiach anyway without or despite our not doing our part to uproot the evil from within our midst as Hashem has commanded us to do for Him many times in the torah…

    but just know if He does this without our deserving moshiach then we will suffer many many losses reversals and upheavals before we enjoy the fruits of the geulah shelaymah… from the teachings of rav meir kahane… moshiach ben yosef of his generation… truth.out…

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      You have this totally, utterly and completely wrong.

      What gets this to change is ONLY our teshuva. Honestly Moshe, I wonder if you really actually believe in God, some of the comments you make.

      GOD is running everything, Ein Od Milvado. Everything is being sent directly from Him, just ‘dressed up’ in all our enemies, issues, etc.

      When we make teshuva – and that includes making teshuva about our lack of emuna, and our lack of emunat tzaddikim in REAL tzaddikim, and not just fakers – this all turns around.

      And that teshuva also includes deciding to not keeping giving a hand to evil. To stop working for all these corrupt organisations and institutions and media sites etc and to stop propping them up in a myriad ways.

      But actively ‘going against’ is not going to work and it’s just playing into their hands. Look what happened on Capitol Hill – how many of those people are still sitting in prison today, because they followed Trump’s call to ‘come out and protest’?

    • Simon
      Simon says:

      This statement that our repentance is worthless is completely un-biblical.
      In the Bible, it says (and it happened) that whenever the Jews were/are sinning, their enemies overpower them. When they return to God, they crush their enemies.
      The Messianic prophecies start with the Jews doing repentance.
      What a horrible claim.

  5. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    it all starts with the cirrect understanding and clear explanation of the ibn ezra on kriat yam suf… I will lay it out for you tomorrow and perhaps u will begin to understand the true and actual call of the torah to us from Hashem…

    tonight I’ll leave u with the immortal words of the mirrer mashgiach ruchni rav yeruchum who queried… “what is the one main goal of Hashem having performed the creation of the world and later on of His having given the holy torah to am yisroel…?”

    to wit he answered… “in order for a people… the children of israel… to take Hashem’s torah and for His glory and honor march into eretz canaan and conquer it militarily for Hashem and then build Him His beit hamikdash and proclaim His malchut over the entire world…”

    in other words… our sole mission is this level of kiddush Hashem that we are bidden and commanded by Hashem to do for Him with His help of course but with our very own hands and not just with our voices and studying capabilities… real actual authentic torah.out…

  6. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    in other words… to paraphrase jfk… “ask not what Hashem can do for you ~ ask what you can do for Hashem…” tomorrow I’ll definitively lay this issue to rest once and for all and u will perhaps then appreciate what true faith and belief in Hashem really means and actually entails… more real truth.out…

    • Chaim
      Chaim says:

      Lovely words, Moshe. I have a few questions if you care to enlighten me:

      1. Do you really believe that even if you amass 10.000 disgruntled Jews willing to fight that you could end this regime?
      2. How do you know R’ Meir Kahane is Mashiach Ben Yosef of his generation?
      3. Don’t you think some of the Tzadikim alive today would’ve already suggested your course of action if it was the desirable one in Hashem’s eyes?
      4. When are you starting recruiting people and “fighting for Hashem’s honor”?

  7. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    well let’s just say rav kahane held that the tzadikim and gedolim of his and our generation are benighted by a fear of the goyim attitude which he called a galut ridden mentality that not only makes them afraid to stand up against evil but makes them not understand that this is the true calling and mission for us as commanded to us within the torah…

    next… we do not have to assemble 10,000 jews to our side… the chashmanoiim began with but 12… and Hashem was with them and they were victorious… the ikar is our willingness to fight for Hashem’s torah…

    finally… I hold he was mby because he strove to do the work of mby… bring back the exiles… fight the battles against our enemies and build the third beit hamikdash… he fought mighty on all three fronts… he didn’t succeed fully… nowhere near completion before he was banned and then murdered… we were not worthy… had more of us rallied to his side and followed his lead who knows what we would have accomplished…

    certainly by 1992 he would have been prime minister… in a fair election he would have had 400,000 votes by then… that’s approx 40 seats in the knesset… but the israeli erev rav unjewish govt would not permit him a level political playing field… and this is exactly why we are where we are inside the jewish land and world today… truth.out…

    • Malka
      Malka says:

      We are beyond political solution Gmail.com. Immorality is rampant. Boii Harrari is representing state of Israel. We are not taking Torah commandments seriously. When we start to purge evil, HaShem will be ready to help.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        And the place to start with purging the evil is…. within ourselves.

        That’s the bit most of us don’t like to accept, as it’s easier to keep pointing the finger at ‘the bad’ in everyone else.

  8. Yakov Butterfield
    Yakov Butterfield says:

    Thank you so much. This is a test on the ladder of life. Have you made the same error over again in a past life or past decade? Are you stuck in the same rut. over and over again? If you want to grow then you need to “Open your Eyes” both inside and out and really pray for help. You are not alone with this. Just look at our forefathers. Example: Joseph being sold as a slave.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Do you mean, have I made the same error with not speaking up for truth before, even when I thought it was going to cost me?

      If yes – the answer is yes. I used to write propaganda for the British government…

      So I guess, all midda kneged midda.

      thanks for the reminder, Yakov.

      (Or did you mean something else?)

      • Yakov Butterfield
        Yakov Butterfield says:

        Example: Joseph being sold as a slave. The Sin of the Spies. The Jews in Babylonia rejecting Ezra’s appeal to return to Eretz Israel and rebuild the Holy Temple. Just change the names and you have the same problems, just new Tech. A good read is “Warriors of Transcendence” by Erez Moshe Doron ISBN: 976-965-91342-0-5


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