Have you ever had one of those days when you kind of feel like G-d forgot about you? Yes, He made you, He gave you life, and maybe even a husband and kids and a mortgage – but now He’s busy with the civil war in Syria, or ISIS in Iraq, or the Israeli elections, and you’ve just kind of fallen through the gap…

I was feeling that way yesterday. I’ve been praying for things to turn around for ages, and they haven’t (as far as I can tell) and yesterday, I was convinced that G-d had forgotten about me.

Where’s my book deal, G-d? Where’s my parnassa? Where’s my ‘success’, my new house, my new car, my new outlook on life?!?!

I was really dejected, but I’d already made an arrangement to meet a friend at a Tu B’Shvat event, and I didn’t want to let her down.

I got there, and it’s a larger than life Temani grandma running the show, making millions of pitas and telling us all about G-d and emuna.

Within the first five minutes, she’d already covered talking to G-d, doing six hours, how G-d answers every prayer, and the stupidity of worrying about tomorrow instead of living for today.

More was still to come: she moved on to the topic of liking ourselves, and how when we don’t like ourselves, we’re always looking for acknowledgement and recognition and praise from outside, and how unhealthy that is.

I sat straight up in my chair.

“Don’t keep whining that no-one’s praising your cookies!” she said. “If the plate’s empty, it’s a sign they like them. Give yourself a pat on the back, and be happy!”

As if I hadn’t already realised that she’d been scripted by G-d to tell me exactly what I needed to hear, the Temani grandma then started listing all the weird physical symptoms she’d developed a few years’ back, by getting too stressed about things instead of trusting Hashem to come through for her:

Funny eyes; weakness on one side of her body; extreme exhaustion, etc (IE, all the weird physical symptoms I’ve had, the past few years.)

OK, OK, I got it!

G-d is aware of what’s going on with me. He’s noticing everything. The prayers are all being heard, and they’ll be answered in due course.

Ein Od Milvado! The Temani grandma yelled out, and winked at me.

I don’t know if Eliyahu Hanavi ever comes back as a woman, but if yes, I think I may have seen him in action yesterday. And let me tell you, he cooks a mean pita.

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