Living in a fantasy

Part of why I love living in Israel so much is that there are so many other people here struggling the same struggle, spiritually.

While I was on holiday, I tripped over another new ‘chareidi’  singer / rapper called Binyamin Luria, whose music really speaks to me.

This is the track I like the best, called ‘Chai b’seret’ – a Hebrew phrase that means you are living in fantasy land.

And the truth is, we’re ALL living in fantasy land.

Just the trick is to know that we’re really all crazy, and to keep grounding back down into that reality, and to understand that when things don’t go great, aren’t exactly how we want, we aren’t ‘living the dream’ etc etc – that’s actually 100% how it’s meant to be.



PS – my fiction novel set beneath the Old City of Jerusalem is pretty much ready now.

I’m looking for a few ‘beta readers’ to go through it, and give me some very basic feedback. My editors and husband really liked it, and I think it’s a good, gripping read, so it shouldn’t be pulling teeth, if you like mystery thrillers.

So, if you’d like to be one of ny beta readers, please drop me an email, or get in touch via the contact form.



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