“Look to the ant, you sluggard”

I just had one of the most uplifting experiences I’ve had for a very long time.

I signed up for an ‘Emuna Healing Retreat’ in Bat Ayin, and I met a group of other women from around the country – who were all talking the same sort of language.

About not trusting the medical system anymore…

About searching for God more in their lives…

About seeing through all the lies we’re surrounded with, to catch more of a glimpse of that ‘world of truth’ that is waiting in the wings, ready to be unveiled any minute.


Long story short, I got a ton of chizzuk, and it reminded me, again, just how beautiful the real Jewish soul is.

Just how beautiful all of us are…. at the soul level, underneath all the shmutz, and the klipot, and the trauma, and the learned bad behaviours and evil ideas…



One of the things that gave me the most chizzuk was being told that groups of truth-seekers are now forming all over Israel, from the North to the South.

They are mostly organising on Whats App, and they are apparently growing at a very rapid rate, as more and more people start to wake up, and to figure out what is really going on in our world.


I also got some much-needed clarity about what God wants me to be doing with myself right now.

Long story short: to continue writing.

And to continue blogging.

And to just continue using the written word to try to get more ideas and information ‘out there’, to as many people as possible.

It’s like Rabbenu’s story, of the guy who had a dream there was treasure buried under the bridge in Vienna. When he travelled there, he met a soldier who laughed at him and told him that he too had had a dream, of treasure being buried in some yokel’s backyard out in the country.

The man recognised the description of his own garden, rushed home – and found his buried treasure.


The last few weeks I’ve been driving all over the country, searching for my ‘buried treasure’.

And now it seems I’ve found it.

Located on my desk, in my blog, and in Jerusalem….


I am putting together some research on the ‘occult’ beginnings of Western Medical practices, especially surgery, so watch out for that, as we try to move this whole debate along about what healing modalities are really ‘kosher’ for believing Jews.

Because just because idol-worshipping, tumah-infested Ancient Egyptian High Priests invented surgery, and performed tonsillectomies (amongst many other surgical procedures….) – doesn’t mean there’s anything occult about those practices, right?

I mean, a demon-worshipping high priest of Ra is clearly way less occult than a kinesiology-practising chiropractor with a tuning fork.



And in the meantime, I had some thoughts about those strange videos of animals and creatures walking in circles, now flooding the net.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s some videos that show ‘the problem’.





And even ORCAS, in the sea: 


What’s going on?

Here’s my educated guess.

 This video of ants walking around in a strange circle was taken back in 2015:


Basically, the ‘circling’ effects begins when the iPhone starts to ring.

That ‘ring’ is sending pulsed EMFs out…. that are clearly entraining the ants’, and causing them to march around the phone, hypnotically, as though being remote-controlled….

Chortle chortle!


So, what’s happening today?

My educated guess is that this is connected to the signals being rebounded throughout the earth now, by CERN, and their Large Hadron Collidor, amongst other things.

I wrote a whole post about CERN, and their effects on human health,  which I’m taking out of mothballs, HERE.

Long story short, I was talking to a fellow researcher about the ‘died suddenly’ phenomenon.

She told me something stunning.

The excess mortality figures apparently map very closely to the times when CERN is operating at full strength.

CERN switches on and off, and ramps up and down, giving us that ‘cyclical activity’ where everyone doesn’t just ‘die suddenly’ all at once, which would give the whole game away.


The effects of CERN are cumulative, and apparently reached some sort of peak around a week ago – when I heard of 3 ‘died suddenly stories involving young, healthy people in Israel, within 2 days.

At the beginning of last week, CERN ‘ramped down’ again….

And presumably the numbers of people ‘dying suddenly’ will rapidly diminish again, lulling us all back to sleep until the next time they turn it all back on again.


Long story short: the Large Hadron Collidor is sending out the EMF signals these animals and creatures are responding too, exactly like a planet-sized ringing i-Phone.

How all this relates to 5…G, I still don’t know.

5…G increasingly seems to me to be connected to the ‘Active Denial’ crowd-control / crowd-killing tech we saw on display in Meron, and very possibly in the mysterious ‘Seoul Stampede’ as well.

Briefly, the ‘Active Denial’ tech can and does kill people with targeted frequency, regardless of their ‘vaccination status’.

But, it’s way more obvious that a bunch of people are dropping dead en masse, in a very small geographical space.

And the ‘stampede story’ just isn’t working the way it used to.


But CERN’s cyclical operation sends pulsed frequency that ‘excites’ the GO nanotech in the Covid shots, which have self-assembled now into ‘nano-routers’ and ‘nano-antennas’, at least, in some of the people who took the shots.

That GO Nanotech amplifies that signal by a power of 1000, causing reactions in the body which lead to a process of ‘hyper aging’.

That’s why we now have ‘turbo cancer’.

That’s why healthy young people are developing diseases you only see in old age.

That’s why illnesses that were ‘in remission’ have stormed back in the vaccinated.

(That’s why your fingernails and hair might have been growing at an unusually fast pace, the last month or so….)

Because the physiological aging process is somehow being sped-up.


So, people who would have died of heart failure at 75, are now dropping dead at 40.

And why cancers that should have been ‘slow growing’, if growing at all, have no gone into turbo-drive.

And why so many of us have been experiencing strange health symptoms recently, ‘vaccinated’ or not.


Here’s the good news:

If all this illness is somehow being ‘frequency delivered’ and ‘frequency modulated’ – if FREQUENCY is what is really making us sick and killing us….

Then FREQUENCY can also do the opposite.

And that’s why I’m continuing to do a deep-dive on the tuning forks stuff, amongst other things.


Let me leave you with this, a short email exchange I just had with a reader.

She sent me this:

 I was very fascinated by the tuning forks healing modality and I just ordered some to try out, but then I read in the comments sections that McKusik was involved in some avoda zara stuff. And now I need you to clarify for me if this modality is really kosher or not.

The Rav always spoke about singing and dancing. Maybe we don’t need anything besides our voices and musical instruments to create healing tones…. What’s your opinion…..


And here is what I repl;ied:

My opinion is that at the highest of levels, all we need is singing and dancing.

That’s singing, that’s music, that’s prayer.
I’m not there yet….
But that’s definitely where this is headed.
BTW, ‘surgery’ was also invented in ancient Egypt….
So, what do we do now?


The birur continues.


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10 replies
      • Miriam
        Miriam says:

        I am hoping someone else can listen, understand and give a summary. I am not sure what he’s saying but I’d like to hear his Torah connection to this. Sorry, I am not sure which parts are the most important.

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:

        Towards the beginning he discusses the animals. But the he goes a lot further and deeper, mentioning the Arizal, and also Rabbi Nachman, regarding these circles: he quotes and analyzes important Zohar concepts having to do with circles versus straight lines, and how they relate spiritually to the upcoming Geulah, a sign of the Geulah. A fascinating video worth watching. I watched the whole thing last night; really interesting. The problem is, he obviously has no idea whatsoever about all this energetic activity generated by evil forces….. I sent you a copy too: I was wondering what you thought about it; and how about the rest of your readers? It is definitely a video worth paying attention to – whatever it means.

  1. nonee
    nonee says:

    Perhaps like how the walls of Jericho came down, when Joshua with his men walked around it, perhaps Hashem giving us a sign with animals and insects going around in circles, and soon the all the evil people will all crumble down?
    Gd telling us to trust only Him, and follow only Him.

    We are in the last hours, soon Mashiach will come, Amen.


  2. Hava
    Hava says:

    After he shows some clips of animals circling around (at the beginning), R’ Biton is shown with R’ Shalom Arush for a couple of minutes, telling him about it. All that takes less than 7 minutes; I don’t know if Miriam is referring to that or not. Can you tell us why R’ Arush is so happy?

  3. Hava
    Hava says:

    By the way, that sequence with Rav Biton and Rav Arush (that really starts at about 1:05 with the circling animals until 2:14, starts again with R’ Arush at 3:43 and Rav Biton reading to him from Torah Zayin, ending with a reference to Yom Shekulo Shabbat and R’ Arush tells him he’s filled with joy; this ends at 5:16. The part with the convo between the Ravs is repeated later in the video at least once, from 13:39 to 15:12. Otherwise, I don’t have time for more.

  4. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Rivka, look at this: did you know that Israel is a MEMBER STATE of this diabolical stuff? Look also below,to see what this means: we are FUNDING it!


    ( BTW, Felix Bloch, the CEO, laid the FIRST FOUNDATION STONE – Even Hashtiyah! – for this Meshigas. I know about the Bloch family in general, they have a history in Switzerland, among others BLOCH KOSHER chocolate company – delicious, mind you. I also have a Bloch friend from childhood, met her last year in Geneva, a religious and very decent person! Go figure; I wonder how they are related. Did you ever hear that name in your genealogical research?)


    And strange how Hashem works , I really wonder why this happened: in the summer of 1977 I worked in Geneva as a hospital physician at Hôpital de La Tour, located a two minute drive from the CERN, in Meyrin, Geneva… It was the year CERN planned the beginning of the LEP, precursor to the LHC. How strange, isn’t it? No phenomena yet in that year of course. But so weird: and here I am: I just don’t get it; what do you have to say about this?

    “Geneva, 17 June 1994. As early as 1977, during preparatory discussions for building CERN1’s Large Electron Positron collider (LEP), it was clear that excavating the LEP tunnel would make more economic sense if it could be reused for a successor machine. Thus, while LEP was being designed and built in the early ’80s, groups in CERN were busy looking at the longer term future.”

  5. Rivka Levy
    Rivka Levy says:

    Thanks to all the commentators – I got sent a rough translation by another reader, which I’ll post up as a new article, with the video.

    I don’t know what it all means – BH, God does everything for the good, so BH this is a positive sign, ultimately, whatever else may be causing it ‘naturally’. That’s part of what the shiur itself is saying, that we are near that time when it becomes obvious to all that there is no ‘nature’ – which is a false construct of pagan / atheist, science, and there is only God.

    TBC on the new post.

  6. Jean-Charles Angot
    Jean-Charles Angot says:

    Chalom Chalom b’h!
    ink we are also walking in circle. Our soul is coming over to his own first point of birth when it comes originally at the first life. See Lecha Dodi. It is difficult to express what I feel but we all come back to our source in purity and holiness, at the first time. When Moshiach probably at the root of the rooot of our neshama to Hashem. Adam Kadmon of Adam Kadmon. Hope you get the point…
    Behatzlacha rabah rabah!
    Tziku l’Mitzvot


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