Lunar eclipses part 2 – NASA caught in the lie

After all my Torah books, Rabbenu books and Rav books, my next most referenced book is… an atlas.

It’s the Collins Atlas of the World, and it dates to 1983.

And as well as maps, it’s just chock-full of the sort of pseudo-scientific propaganda they’ve been shoving down our throats for decades. I like it, because they were much more crass about their propaganda in the old days, because people were much more gullible.

Watch this (speeded up…) if you want a good laugh.

It’s the Soviet propaganda showing the ‘first man to walk in space’, from 1965,


( I particularly love how ‘Vostok 2’ apparently falls back to earth always with the door hatch in the best position for the astronaut to leave the craft, and apparently never smashes up on impact, despite ‘falling’ out of deep space straight onto a field…. which also shows no signs of impact….)


It’s all smoke and mirrors.

And if you want to tell me that ‘Russia was the great enemy of the West’, and surely wouldn’t be co-operating in the huge joke that is ‘outer space’ and men on the moon… let me just point you in the direction of what’s going on with the so-called ‘War in Ukraine’ right now.

It’s all smoke and mirrors.

So, let’s get back to my atlas, and NASA.


Here’s a handy diagram that depicts  how new moons and full moons are meant to happen:

Notice that the sun is meant to be directly behind the earth, for the ‘Full Moon’.


Now, here’s what NASA says about lunar eclipses:

[L]unar eclipses only occur at Full Moon.


Now you might be wondering “If the Moon orbits Earth every 29.5 days and lunar eclipses only occur at Full Moon, then why don’t we have an eclipse once a month during Full Moon?”.

I’m glad you asked! You see, the Moon’s orbit around Earth is actually tipped about 5 degrees to Earth’s orbit around the Sun. This means that the Moon spends most of the time either above or below the plane of Earth’s orbit. And the plane of Earth’s orbit around the Sun is important because Earth’s shadows lie exactly in the same plane.

During Full Moon, our natural satellite usually passes above or below Earth’s shadows and misses them entirely. No eclipse takes place. But two to four times each year, the Moon passes through some portion of the Earth’s penumbral or umbral shadows and one of the above three types of eclipses occurs.


What ‘shadows’ are these people talking about?!

Here’s how the Collins atlas depicts them:


You see, in REAL science, as sponsored by NASA et al, the sun’s rays magically zoom in on the earth – but only during a lunar eclipse!

And then, they kind of ‘bounce off’ the back of the earth, in a way that never happens at any other point in the moon’s cycle, at full moon, to create a shadow that only lasts for a few minute, to cause a ‘lunar eclipse’.

Super simple and totally understandable now you’ve seen this Collins’ diagram, right?

And for solar eclipses, the sun’s rays narrow even further down, to only ‘concentrate’ on the moon, and that in turn causes all this ‘umbra and penumbra’ stuff, that leads to solar eclipses, which only occur around the time of the New Moon.

But not every single month when there is a New Moon, not at all.


Something else is doing the ‘eclipsing’ here, possibly the ‘black sun’ of ancient mythology, which might have been repackaged for us in modern times as ‘Nibiru’.

So, these diagrams are from 1983 – 40 years ago.

With Hubble in space, and the International Space Station, there’s tons of new footage that now shows exactly what is going on with these lunar and solar eclipses, from space.

Hey, wait a minute…..

I can’t seem to find it.


Let’s see what they have on the NASA website.


I type in ‘footage of lunar eclipses from space’, and THIS is what comes up:

NASA’s ‘Scientific Visualisation Studio’.

It’s just one computer-generated animation after another, of lunar eclipses.

Like this one, from November 8, 2022:


Here’s the credit shout-out:


But I want REAL footage of a lunar eclipse, shot from the International Space Station….

So I try again. And this time, I get this:



A lone picture, that again looks totally ‘visualised’ in that NASA sci-fi way we’ve come to know and hate.

No-one on that space station could actually take some real-time video footage, showing all the ‘umbra and penumbra’ sweeping across the moon, blahdy blahdy blah?


Here’s a 3.5 hour time lapse of that same lunar eclipse of November 8, 2022, taken from earth:


Notice how the sky is moving around the earth, that remains stationary.

That’s what we see with our eyes.

And again, someone out there who believes all the penumbra and umbra stuff, explain to me, simply, how that squares with what we are seeing in this time lapse video.

This is a timelapse picture, taken by someone on planet earth who doesn’t work for NASA, for how that lunar eclipse looks ‘in slow mo’:


This is awesome.

 But again, it totally doesn’t ‘jive’ with the explanation given in the Collins Atlas, and on NASA’s own site, and I’m still scratching my head as to what I’m really seeing here.

So I keep looking for some ‘official footage from space’ of a lunar eclipse and finally – Eureka!

This turns up:


Snippet from HERE:

This week’s lunar eclipse wasn’t only observed from the ground and from the International Space Station — it was also observed from 64 million miles (100 million kilometers) away from Earth by the Lucy spacecraft. Lucy, which is an uncrewed craft from NASA and the Southwest Research Institute on its way to study the Trojan asteroids in the orbit of Jupiter, got a view of the lunar eclipse on May 15 and was able to snap images over a period of three hours which have been turned into a time-lapse video:

Take a look at that video.

It’s totally underwhelming.

And it’s very interesting to me, that this ‘Lucy spacecraft’, apparently 64 million miles away, has only got the apparent ‘earth’ and the apparent ‘moon’ on its footage – no stars, no massive comets, no space debris, just a totally ‘clear’ shot of something pretending to be the earth, and something else pretending to be the moon, from ’64 million miles away’, with nothing in between….

Yah right.

Are we really all this stupid, to keep believing all this made up nonsense time and time and time again?


While you are pondering that…. (shmirat eynayim friendly).



I’m still waiting for someone to explain how a massive lake of water can ‘bend’ across 250 miles of its length, following a planetary curve of almost a third of a mile, with the water at the top of that lake still remaining in the top of that lake, totally flat, without pooling to the bottom of that lake.

In the meantime, a reader sent me this compilation of Torah sources on the shape of the earth (in Hebrew):


He literally went through thousands of hours of research over a year and a half to get to his conclusion.

It’s very interesting, and you should watch it and come to your own conclusions.

He also has lots of old footage, also from Russia and also from the USA, including Russian ‘space flights’ where no one is wearing a space suit… at all.


In the meantime, there’s some understandable confusion about what the basic ‘flat earth’ theory is actually saying.

BH, I will try to set out their basic ideas in the next post.

But one thing is clear: NASA is lying through their teeth.

And always has been.


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18 replies
  1. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    There is a second, or black, sun. It is actually observable, but you need fairly expensive (on the order of $5-10K) of equipment to do so. Considering the low value of $10K today, this is possible for people of somewhat modest means to attempt.

    This is not the only observation I am aware of. The distance between the visible and black suns differs due to latitude and perhaps other metrics.

  2. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    This is one of the most fascinating videos of a lunar eclipse I have seen.

    What is a lunar eclipse? It looks like a highly accelerated 29.5 day lunar cycle compressed into a few hours. The reddish tinge at full eclipse, which is uniform across the entire moon, is obviously not from sunlight bending around the earth. Others have reflected that in electrical terms is looks like a restart cycle. Whatever the moon is and eclipses are, they are far more fascinating than the prosaic and retarded story that the moon is a ball of dirt and the sun a ball of gas, both perfect circles down to the pixel at the highest resolution.

    The equipment needed to capture this is much less expensive than that needed to capture the second sun. And you can do much more with it besides.

  3. Becky
    Becky says:
    What does the Rambam, Tiferes Yisrael, and the Chazon Ish have to say on this? Which other Torah sources do we have on this- possibly explanations on Bereishis?

    I assume the twinkly lights are in fact satellites in the sky. So how do we explain that?

    How to explain this?

    I’m just exploring both sides.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It’s good to explore the other side, and I will be taking a deeper look at what the most up-to-date flat earth theory is currently stating as their model.

      In terms of the second link you posted, there seems to be a LOT of unverified assumptions made in his experiment, like this:

      “The driving hypothesis is that the flat-earth map is distorted and so the flight times will not match the calculated distances.

      This, of course, assumes there is no great conspiracy among the millions of people working for the airline industry or the tens of millions of people who fly on their airplanes annually, which seems reasonable.

      I am also assuming airplanes on a flat earth would use the rule we all learned in geometry that ‘the shortest distance between any two points on a [standard, Euclidean] plane is a straight line’.”

      After everything that’s happened with lockstep Covid, I’d be wary of assuming anything coming from official sources. We need to go back to basics on EVERYTHING, and check every assumption out from ground zero, to make sure it stands up, before moving forward.

      • Shimshon
        Shimshon says:

        Consider who generates the flight paths. Who controls the flight data that is made public. Who plots it on the maps we are shown. It’s all lies.

        The only thing accurate about flights is the time. We know nothing about the actual distance for long haul flights in particular.

        Even the TLV-NYC flight reveals surprises. I was speaking to someone recently who expressed great surprise at how quickly such flights reach Canada, many hours before landing in NY, which made no sense to him. Because on a globe, it should be that way. But when you plot TLV-NYC on a flat plane the observed reality makes a lot more sense.

    • Shimshon
      Shimshon says:

      Check this free book out.

      Scheduled flight paths and the maps you see in web sites do not always correlate. The map paths lie. I’ve seen this documented in various videos. In particular, over long ocean routes, despite GPS being allegedly GLOBAL, airplanes always go into approximation mode when a certain distance from land. And the routes flown and headings indicated in the far south differ from what is displayed on the seat screen. The actual compass headings match up with flat earth routes, while the displayed headings of course match up with a globe.

      Emergency landings on long haul flights in particular prove the lie, because the landing sites make zero sense on a globe with great circle routes, but they make perfect when plotted on an AEP (ie “flat earth”) map.

      I don’t know what “” is, but whatever they are doing is poorly constructed research obviously done with the intent to debunk or obfuscate, not ascertain the truth. They overwhelm with numbers that mean nothing.

  4. Tikvah
    Tikvah says:

    Oh I’m loving these topics Rivka! I recently had a patient who is a pilot, flies internationally. I asked him how do they allow for curvature of the earth while flying. His reply, “We don’t”.
    “Science” will tell you that this is all due to that magical gravity. Bogus!

    Long bridges, tunnels etc…, no curvature allowed for during construction.
    And with all NASA’s technology, how come they have not been able to provide on solid photo and the globe?
    What about the technology that was used to fly to the moon? Lost, as admitted for NASA, as apparently they ran out of tape to record other projects so they taped over the information they had for the technology used for “One Giant Leap for Mankind”!

    The more one looks into this, the more their house of cards crumbles and makes zero sense.

  5. Meir
    Meir says:

    The reason for the Vostok 2 In Russian videos always land in tact and with a latch in correct position is quite simple:
    It uses a parachute a during the last stage of the flight right before the landing.
    You can actually see the chute in the first landing scene with Gagarin, and you can see the straps in each landing scene.
    Also here is the YouTube video explaining the eclipses. While it is still an animation not real video it’s give clear picture of what’s going on and answers some of your questions.
    Respectively yours

  6. Joe Danielson
    Joe Danielson says:

    the ratios for penumbra, umbra, radius of totality ( or lack therof, in an annular eclipse ) are internally consistent. calculated between 24 and 80 kilometer radius of totality, for lunar apogee and perigee, from earth aphelion ( perihelion calculates a non-total eclipse ).

    same for lunar eclipse. a 4535 kilometer radius shadow at moon’s distance, with lunar radius about 1737 kilometers ( calculated from aphelion and apogee ).

    the whole reason to use spacetime and physics is to have consistent formulas to calculate things like shadows, or gravity, the same up there as ‘down here’. and yet – the sun stood still in a battle with amalek(if i remember). this is a LOT of energy, to just stop and start a planet’s rotation like that. obviously more to reality than physics or spacetime.

    maybe some other reason why NASA doesn’t publish these kind of videos.
    Story is, the GRA saw the face of the Kaiser and recognized he was amalekite.

    bottom line is, Moshe is true, his Torah is true, and spacetime is a useful-but-false (and somewhat consistent) scientific model to build technology, and not the true reality.

  7. Simon
    Simon says:

    This sounds very strange, but bear with me, since this is what I’ve just been bewlidered by online.
    I found a website of a fairly well-known man in Ghana claiming to trace his ancestry back to king Yehoachaz (, and then to Adam, and who is supposedly the “last Israelite prophet.”
    He supposedly (I could not find any record of this prophecy before it actually “came to pass”) prophesized in 2007 that Barack Obama (may his name be erased) would be president in 2008, that he would serve two terms (he even attended, I believe, his inauguration ceremony…), that “Atta Mills” would win the 2008 Ghana election, and that in some year there would be a two-time tie in an election and it would be decided on the third time. All of this happened (although he also predicted some particular inflation rate in Ghana and it was incorrect).
    He’s a Christian (and his ‘prophecies’ revolve around Yeshua) and he is claiming that the Messiah will have to be from Ghana…
    I don’t know if he actually made the predictions he made before they happened — it seems he did — but assuming he did, is there an explanation for a false prophet (he’s clearly no ‘tzadik’ either..) having true prophecies? Does Rabbi Nachman or Berland say anything about this (someone making true predictions in the name of God)?
    God willing I’ll understand.
    Thank you.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Yes – look up the discussion about Bilaam, who in some ways was a bigger prophet than Moshe, but who was totally steeped in immorality and black magic.

  8. Simon
    Simon says:

    Here ( the “prophet” claims to turn water into wine, like Yeshua the sorcerer (who he is prophecising about).
    But I just remember what Rav Berland says, which is in your article about CERN, “THE FORCES OF IDOL WORSHIP, THE MAGICIANS AND THE SORCERERS, THEY HAVE SO MUCH POWER!”
    “Even if he halts the sun in the sky, don’t listen to him.”
    “This means nothing.”
    There is nothing new under the sun…


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