Dawn breaking over a mountain

From now on, God’s glory is only going to grow in the world.

Today is the day of Malchut she be Malchut, for those of us counting the Omer.

It’s the day of emuna she be emuna, the day of seeing that God is really all there is, and all there was, and all there will be ever be.

That’s the whole ikker of Malchut she be Malchut – revealing God’s glory in the world, even in the lowliest parts of the universe that we currently inhabit.

I have no proof for what I’m about to say here, but I have the profound feeling that the dawn has broken this week, and the first rays of the ‘turnaround’, however we want to understand that, are starting to shine.

From now on….

It’s all going to change for the better.

Starting today, BH.



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