Yesterday evening, I got a text telling me the Rav had asked people to go to Hevron to pray at midnight.

That is the only type of ‘gathering’ I’m interested in, so me and the husband got in the car and drove down there.

(I would have publicised it here on my blog, but I didn’t get permission to do that until I’d already left home.)

The roads were pretty empty, as we whizzed past one Arab village after another, swathed in gaudy blinking lights for Ramadan, on the way to the Mearat HaMachpela.


We got there around 12:30pm, and there was a gathering of around 2-300 people, men and women.

The men were praying at the Seventh Step, while the women were a little way off, under the olive trees in the middle of the plaza.

I set up my deckchair there, and started to recite the Tikkun HaKlali.

They were up to number 4 of 7, so I joined in, and recited my four.

All of a sudden, I realise I’m feeling the calmest I’ve felt for literally months.

I’m sitting under that large olive tree, looking up at the night sky, hearing the people around me praying together, and I just felt some deep, inner contentment.

This is what the Jewish people were created to do – to pray!

Our weapon is our prayers.

And it’s so very powerful.


I left around 1.40am, and we drove home.

A part of me was a little disappointed that there weren’t thousands and thousands of people in Hevron, praying, but another part of me knows that at this difficult time, even the smallest efforts count for so much.

Back on April 11 2021, ahead of the ‘Murder in Meron’ – planned by pretty much the same government we still have today – the Rav asked his students to go up to Meron at chatzot to go and do some ’emergency praying’.

Together with that request, he also gave over a shiur where he basically described how the authorities were planning to murder 100,000 people in five minutes.

You can see translated excerpts of that shiur HERE.

All this was still many days before that fateful L’ag B’omer, when the police, operating on the explicit instructions of the puppet-government, and the ‘controllers’ who pull the strings, used Directed Energy Weapons at the foot of the one passageway they left open out of the Toldos Aharon passageway to literally make a line of people drop dead, blocking the exit for everyone else behind them.

45 people still died that terrible day.

But, the plan was to murder tens of thousands.


On April 11, 2021, me and my husband decided to drive up to Meron in the car from Jerusalem – most of the other people were coming up from Shuvu Banim on a couple of hired buses.

It was late. I was tired. I felt so ill throughout most of the trip, I couldn’t even get out of the car when we finally got to Meron.

My husband, bless him, went in to say some Tikkun HaKlalis by the Rashbi – and I stayed in the car, feeling pretty ill and half unconscious.

Strange to say, I could feel when the two Shuvu Banim buses arrived, not because I heard anything loud or saw them coming.

I was half asleep, but I suddenly felt like a cavalry of angels had arrived to Meron.

I opened my eyes – and I saw two bus loads of avreichim with long payot, from Shuvu Banim, making their way into the Kever.

They stayed there literally the whole night, until dawn, praying and singing and dancing.

Someone took some video, and you can watch them doing that, here:


It was barely 150 people in Meron.

A disaster still happened there, and still tore our hearts to shreds.

But the much greater disaster that the Rav – who was at that point in prison – and a couple of other hidden tzaddikim knew was being planned by the authorities here, didn’t occur.

BH, the same is true of that modest prayer gathering yesterday, in Hevron.


I just want to make one plea here, that if you are in any position to encourage people to stay out of this, and to stay away from public ‘demonstrations’ of any type, that you do that.

These demonstrations will only be ‘used against us’, somehow, no matter who is calling for them, nor how righteous the cause.

Gather together to sing, dance, pray, make teshuva, do kindnesses – even in the middle of the road of Huwara, if  that calls to you.

But on no account ‘demonstrate’.

I keep thinking of what they managed to pull of in Rwanda, with Operation Crimson Mist.

I think, that’s also what they are after here.

To keep stoking the anger to boiling point, while the police disappears off the scene – like the did in Huwara, like they did in Tel Aviv, like they did in Jerusalem – and then people start attacking each other, God forbid.


Don’t be part of that scenario!

And keep praying and doing whatever you can, in your dalet amot, to up the achdus and the emuna.

As I said previously on this blog, the people calling for violence in the comments section of sites like A7 are not Jewish, and are either paid shills, or xtians who believe in violence as the solution to all problems, for all that they tell everyone else to ‘turn the other cheek’.

The Jewish ‘weapon’ is prayer.

And it’s all we need, to really get things to turn around here for the good.

And to all these ‘religious zionist’ and ‘chareidi’ rabbis who either don’t know that, or have somehow forget it – that’s the real busha here.


They are trying to get the religious crowd involved in this fight now:

(Screenshot from HERE, calling for religious public to come out and protest in Jerusalem today).


Don’t fall for it!

BH, the heavens will open, and a ton of rain will be falling in Jerusalem before, during and after 6pm today.

God is going to fight the general battle against the evil Erev Rav and the ‘controllers’ behind the scenes for us.

But our real battle is internal, it’s within.

It’s the battle against our anger, hatred, arrogance, need to be ‘right’, and bullying, abusive tendencies.


BH, the evil should break very soon, and all this should turn around for the very best.



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