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More earthquakes…and what was Bibi doing in the Savoy?


Shavua tov!

Well, the world is continuing along it’s ‘interesting’ path…

First, here’s an excerpt of a class the Rav gave around three weeks ago:


Excerpt of a shiur given on 2nd Adar, 5783

The Rambam says that it’s permitted for the non-Jews to build a Beit Mikdash (temple) – but for us, it’s forbidden.

For us, we have just one Beit HaMikdash in Jerusalem, and we have to wait until Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov come, and blow the shofar.

And then, there will be an earthquake, like there was in Turkey. There will be an earthquake, and all the mosques will collapse into the ground.

For us, it’s forbidden to destroy them. Therefore, there are earthquakes there every day. The day before yesterday, another 10 people died because of an earthquake.

So now, every week there is an earthquake, but when the final earthquake [strikes] all the mosques and churches will fall.

We can’t do anything to them. It’s forbidden for us to destroy them.

(Translated from Shivivei Or, 303).


This is the latest Dutchsinse ‘forecast’, from two days ago:


Summary from the description box:

A recent flurry of M6.5+ earthquakes has occurred from Afghanistan in the Mideast, all the way to the opposite side of the planet in Chile.

The M6.5 which was reported in Afghanistan, was likely much larger according to first hand reports from the region, going as high as midrange to upper M7.5+.. felt as far South as Jaipur India (South of New Dehli) – multiple hundreds of miles felt heavy shaking.

The Chile Argentina border was also struck by a similar sized earthquake, M6.5 to M6.9+ … no word yet on actual size of the quake, or damage caused by the event. California showing the expected movement up North at the plate boundary with the Juan De Fuca, and significant activity spreading across the North American Craton. Central America also on the move, multiple new volcanic blasts worth mentioning from Mexico to Guatemala.

Japan, Iran, as well as Greece and the coast of Chile are ALL on watch for M6.5+ to M7.0 range activity in the next 7-10 days. I think all four locations will receive large activity.


These are big quakes being forecast…

We’ll see what happens.


In the meantime, more shootings in Huwara today.

Baruch Hashem, everyone voted Ben Gvir and Smotrich into power, because now, things are just SO different for the poor Jews in the Shomron….

Oh wait.

No they’re not. At all.

But it’s good that more and more people are finally starting to realise that politics and politicians are NOT the answer to Israel’s woes (nor the world’s….) never were, and never will be.

‘Democracy’ always was an illusion.

Understanding that moves us all along another giant step towards the ‘world of lies’ finally being dismantled.


And while the chaos in Israel continues, where is our dear leader?

He and his wife were video’d in the super-traif Savoy Hotel in London today, having a convivial lunch in the company of a giant lobster.


This is becoming more and more incredible to me.

Is he jetting off to all these places to get ‘instructions’ on how to continue to destroy the country and turn Jew against Jew from his handlers, and / or can he absolutely not be bothered to do his job in any way, apart from living it up at the taxpayer’s expense?


A lot of the people I know personally are going through some difficult times at the moment.

That’s happening regardless of all this other chaos going on.

But me personally?

I’m actually starting to feel way more upbeat about the direction we are going in, globally.

I’m not scared about ‘Iranian nukes’, or North Korea’s ‘new secret weapon’.

Watch this:


It’s all total BS!

Just watch how this video is put together, there is nothing there ‘connected’ to anything else. Some takes of random rockets launching, then some unidentified footage of ‘nuclear blasts’, all mixed in with weird footage of pretend tsunamis and the smiling fatman himself, Kim Il Jong II.

Man, we are being played for total fools!


The real headlines today is what’s going on in Huwara, and the Shomron.

Not fake stories of ‘Hezbolla operatives’ climbing ladders to ‘get across the border’ into Israel, and then somehow driving two hours down the motorway undetected to explode bombs next to Megiddo.

Or fake stories of ‘police losing control’ of demonstrators on the Ayalan Highway in Tel Aviv, when the police is clearly just letting the protestors do what they want.

Oh, and anyone who wants to say these protests are NOT being orchestrated and bankrolled by some big players in the shadows – please explain who paid for this THIS to get built, organised the truck for it, and got the permits to allow it to be put in place:


Again, the real story in Israel right now is Huwara, and our ‘right wing Government’s’ total lack of response to what is happening there.

Not only are they not putting the roadblocks back in, to start checking more of the Arab traffic in and out of these areas, they have actually just let thousands more Palestinians flood in to these areas, with their cars, to celebrate Ramadan.

Including from the Gaza strip.

Our own government and military are behind the terrorists in Israel.

Never forget that.


So, lots going on.

And it looks like more earthquakes on the horizon, too, but for now not in Israel.

Or at least, not of the real, physical kind.

But the ground is certainly starting to shake in a bunch of other ways.


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  1. Tikvah
    Tikvah says:

    I spoke to a Turkish man about a week after the big reported quake, and he said there were many large quakes following the first one reported with much destruction which the news isn’t speaking about!


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