Some real Tzaddikim are saying there is a big earthquake headed for Israel around Purim – unless it’s ‘sweetened’.

This is 100% coming from real Tzaddikim, from their own words, and not ‘via a grandchild’, or some other family member.

And they are working to cancel it.

This is an earthquake on a par to what hit Turkey a couple of weeks ago, whic means unless it’s sweetened, there will be buildings falling down in Israel, God forbid, and all the rest of the horrible things we saw in Turkey.


So, that’s the ‘scary’ stuff.

And it IS scary. For sure.

But now, let’s move to how we can sweeten this, and help the real Tzaddikim in their work of getting the decrees cancelled.

  1. Say some Tikkun Haklalis!

Even one a day, regularly, between now and Purim, but more if you can happily manage that.


2. Dance and clap to ‘sweeten the judgments’.

The key with all this is the intention.

Have in mind while you are stomping your feet, clapping your hands, that each movement you make is somehow ‘crushing’ the judgements, the bad, the harsh dinim in the world.

Personally, I am loving this clip I posted up a few days ago: I try and dance and clap along with it, and I get a strong ‘in Uman’ vibe, with Rabbenu, when I do that:


3. Make some real teshuva.

These harsh judgements don’t come out of thin air.

They happen, because we all walk around ‘seeing the bad’ in every other person, whilst studiously ignoring, whitewashing, or even justifying the ‘bad’ in ourselves.

Our anger is only ever holy, righteous and justified, right?

The way we insult and hurt other people is only ever righteous and justified, right?

Ditto, our selfishness, self-pity, jealousy, rage etc etc etc….


Here’s Lesson I:169 from Likutey Moharan, where Rabbenu ties all these ideas together, and explains some awesome things, about how ‘dancing’ and teshuva and sweetening the dinim really connect, at a a deep spiritual level:

“It shall come to pass on the heels of your listening to these laws, observing and fulfilling them.” (Devarim 7:12)

When there are troubles, both collective and personal troubles, it’s impossible to dance, for when there are judgments they are given over to agents of judgement, who are called ‘runners’ (Zohar 1:43a), an aspect of feet.

And the feet become heavy, on account of the blood, since judgements have spread there, for blood corresponds to  judgements. When judgements are ‘born’, though, the blood leaves the feet.

Thus during birth, the blood leaves the woman’s feet….(See Sotah 11b)….

Pregnancy is a time of judgement, as Chazal say…(See Brachot 29b)…implying that pregnancy corresponds to judgement.


Birth, though, corresponds to the amelioration of judgement….

Therefore, during times of judgment and trouble, it is impossible to dance, since it is impossible to lift the feet, for when judgments intensify, the feet become heavy with blood, corresponding to judgments, which were drawn into the feet.

But when the blood – the judgments – leaves the feet, i.e., when the judgments are ameliorated, the feet become light, and joy can then spread through them until one day, one dances for joy.


Now, ameliorating judgments is accomplished by a person judging himself.

In other words, one must judge and assess oneself, by oneself, for everything that you do – for EVERYTHING.

Whether it was proper to act like that.

A person must analyze their own actions and improve them appropriately, in line with the law and judgement of the Torah.

By judging and assessing oneself, a person ameliorates and nullifies the judgement Above, for: “When there is judgment below, there is no judgment Above.”


The lesson continues a little longer, go read it for yourselves, if you’re interested.

But what I quoted above basically sums up the main ideas.

We are in a time of ‘pregnancy’ right now, the birth pangs of the Moshiach, of geula.

We’re all hurting, we’re all in pain, one way or another.

(Yesterday, I was spending some time with some secular acquaintances of ours who are all taking high doses of anti-anxiety medication…. Except, even the anti-anxiety medication is not really working… and their ‘pain’ is getting bigger and bigger, but they are just ignoring it, until one day….)


How we manage this ‘pain’ of ours, spiritually, and get it to go away is by following the advice of the real tzaddikim, who actually know what they are talking about.

That means dancing and clapping, with the spiritual knowledge that man’s movements in this lowly world affect all the spiritual worlds.

That means reciting Tikkun HaKlalis, ‘the General Remedy’, because we have emunat Tzaddikim in our rabbis like Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, and Rav Eliezer Berland, that this stuff makes a big difference.

And most of all, it means working on ourselves, and making some real teshuva.


There are no shortcuts here.

The more teshuva we make, the easier this process goes.

That’s it.

May Hashem help us to do it.


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  1. ר
    ר says:

    – I managed to say a Tikun Haklali for the third time last 7 days, (feel like I can make it to do one Tikun Haklali daily from now on),
    – No more toxic fury- panic- self-hatred attacks past three days thank G-D…,
    – I read daily Torah portion yesterday (for the first time in two years yesterday).

    While I’m still a million miles away from any Jewish life and the Rabbi your website is a huge help; thanks a million!!!

  2. Simon
    Simon says:

    This blog is such a truly awesome and amazing site, that’s helped strengthen me 100000% to serve God. Such, in hebrew, “chizuk”.


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