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More on animals walking in circles

Animals and creatures are ‘walking in circles’ all over the world at the moment.

On the previous post, I put up some videos showing that, including an old video from 2015 showing ants suddenly ‘marching in a circle’ around an iPhone, as soon as it started ringing.

Then a few readers sent me links to this video, an interview with one R Yosef Biton, apparently a well-known kabbalist in Israel:


For the record, I personally don’t know anything about R’ Yosef Biton.

So, as always, we proceed with caution and we take everything back to hitbodedut and Hashem, asking for clarity.

Another reader sent me a rough translation of the ‘meat’ of what’s going on in this interview, which I’m bringing below, verbatim:


M. from Australia, asked me to post this summary of the YouTube called: תעלומה: חיות מסתובבות במעגלים כבר 14 ימים ברציפות 😵 המקובל הרב יוסף ביטון בחשיפה מרעישה מהקבלה

Title Translation: *Mystery Animals have been walking in circles for 14 days in a row.*

I can’t read Hebrew so I put the title in Google Translate. The summary below is from Michael… This Shiur is about the Kabbalah on the animals circling around for many days.

There is a phenomenon that many animals, all different species have been going round in circles; Sheep in CHINA, have made the headlines, but many other species are involved.


The Ari Hakadosh says in his book Gilgul HaRuchot that after the destruction of the 2nd Beit Hamikdash the holiness went into the klipot and prophecy ceased.

Animals and SHOTIM i.e. simple people, e.g. autistics, and young children can obtain prophecy.

The animals are controlled by ministering angels who can pass messages to them. All the animals are capable. The fact that animals can sense earthquakes before they happen is not only a natural phenomenon.


Kabbalah describes that there is the world of circles (Igulim) and the world of straightness (Yosher).

This is described in Etz Hachayyim from the Ari via rabbi Chaim Vital. We are in the ikvota D’Mashiach, the foot steps of the Mashiach, approaching the year 6000 , this is Yosher (straight); this continues up to the day when Mashiach will come and we will go into Shabbat.

Rabbi Nachman says in Torah 7 this is Egla (circular), Shabbat is circular; this will occur when the Jewish people will return from exile and sing at Har Amana in Israel, which is the mountain of faith – L.M. Torah 7.

Circles are completion, unity, everyone is equal, men and women, there is no yatzer hara as we will go into Shabbat.

There is no free will in this circular state.

This circular concept is similar to “all of AM Yisrael with all Humanity” serving Hashem shoulder to Shoulder the prophecy in Zephania which Rabainu mentions in Likutei Moharan (L.M.).


Rabbi Biton reads Rabbi Nachman’s message the meaning of : “Ad shetichleh Prutha ma Hakis,” until there are no coins in the pocket – in the Talmud. [See Sanhedrin 97a, talking about the ‘signs’ that geula is imminent.]

This means the klipa that makes everyone define miracles as part of nature will no longer define them as part of nature – THE KLIPA will be broken/destroyed.

We will see there is no nature – only Hashem — Ayn Od Milvado.


This Shiur of Rabbi Yosef Biton has the approval of Rabbi Shalom Arush who says he is full of joy by this omen we are nearing the Geulah.

Please bear in mind my translation is a very rough, brief summary, and cannot do this magnificent Shiur which encompasses information from the Shaar Haruchot and Etz Chaim from the Ari Hakadosh, Rabbi Tzaddok of Lublin and Rabbanu, true Justice!!



Thanks to M. for taking the time to translate it, and thanks to H. for sending me the translation.

Let’s bring a bit of this awesome lesson by Rabbenu, from Likutey Moharan I:7.

t has EXACTLY to do with so much of the stuff I’ve been writing here on the blog recently, in connection to the Covid shots, and God being in control of everything, and able to turn everything around ‘in the blink of an eye’.


Know, that the main cause of exile is only because of a lack of faith (emuna).

As the verse says, “Come, look from the top of AMaNaH” (Song of Songs 4:8), and EMuNaH is an aspect of prayer, as in, “His hands were emunah” (Exodus 17:12, which the targum translates as ‘stretched out in prayer’.

This is an aspect of supernatural miracles, for prayer is supernatural.

This is because nature may dictate one way, but prayer changes nature.

This is a miracle, and for this, emuna is needed, that a person believes that there is a Creator Who can change anything at His Will…


Now, Egypt is contraposed [or ‘the opposite’] of NiSiM (miracles)….and all the exiles are called  ‘MitZRayim’ – Egypt – because they MeytZeyR (oppress) the Jewish people.

Thus, when a person causes an imperfection in emuna / prayer / the Land of Israel, one descends into exile.


This is what is meant by, “Moshiach ben David won’t come, until the perutah (coin) is gone from the kis (pocket)” (Sanhedrin 97a.

That is, there will no longer be heretics who lack faith in miracles, and who kisah (cover up) all miracles beneath the laws of nature….


Miracles are mainly in the Land of Israel, since ‘The Land of Israel is quenched first.”…


This then, is the meaning of, “Until the perutah is gone from the kis” – for there are people who kisah (cover up) all types of miracles…by covering them with the laws of nature.

When this phenomenon will be gone and emuna will increase in the world, then the Moshiach will come.

For the redemption is mainly dependent on this, as the verse says:

“Come, look from the top of amanah / emunah.”



Simply, wow.

Everything that is happening now, even all the nanotech, CERN, active denial lamp-posts, ‘smart city’ surveillance, on and on and on and on….

Everything can be turned around by God in an instant.

And Rabbenu  is teaching us here that the very ikker, the very essence of getting out of ‘exile’ is simply to look at everything that’s going on around us ‘from the top of amanah / emunah’ – to look down on all this with some emuna that God is actually running the world.


Even if people call you delusional.


There’s lots more to say here, about how you actually acquire this type of ’emuna’.

Rabbenu continues in that lesson, I:7:

It’s impossible to reach emunah, without truth….

And it’s impossible to reach truth, except by coming close to the tzaddikim and following their counsel…

Which kind of explains a lot, doesn’t it?


Let me just end with an update on CERN.

Apparently, they turned it off for a few days last week, but now it’s been turned back on again, and is operating at full tilt again.

It’s meant to be turned off again today, but who knows?

It’s interesting, because I got one of my weird, strong headaches again on Shabbat afternoon, that is still lingering today, although much less.

I thought CERN had been ‘dialled down’… but now it seems the headache came on when they dialled CERN back up to the max.

How do we cope with all this stuff?

By working on our emuna, continuing the pursuit of truth – and getting close to true tzaddikim, like Rebbe Nachman of Breslov and Rav Eliezer Berland.


The next post, I want to show you how we’ve all been brainwashed into thinking that ‘modern science’ and ‘modern medicine’ is totally free of pagan influence and beliefs, and totally objective and ‘clean’ spiritually.

That’s hogwash!

Science and medicine have always been inextricably linked with idolatry, all throughout history.

And don’t think that things are different today, because they aren’t.

Just it all got covered up with the labels of ‘laws of nature’ and ‘atheism’.

What is ‘atheism’, except a belief system that is radically ‘anti’ God?

What is ‘satanism’?

Also a belief system that is radically ‘anti’ God.

More on all this in the next post, I think you’ll really enjoy it…

(Unless you’re my pet bot / troll.)


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    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Just so readers are aware, I have some reservations about the Yanuka (not least, the massive ‘PR barrage’ that seems to be happening around him at the moment.)

      Each person should do their own birur.

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:

        Me too, Rivka. It’s the vibe…. you know when you meet a top-notchTzaddik and/or Mekubal, don’t you? I am not saying, he might be a wonderful man; but in order to be a light unto Am Yisrael and the nations, you’ve got to literally emit light and/or energy!

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          I’m just at the stage that when I see our lying media and corrupt ‘establishment’ starting pushing something, or someone, really hard, with all the bells and whistles….

          That puts up a red flag for me.

          We know it’s an ‘olam hafuch’…


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