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More questions about ‘Mike Adams’


The more I look into Mike Adams, the more the alarm bells are ringing that something is really ‘off’ here.

Let’s start with one of the earliest bios I found for him, via the Wayback machine.

(Today, the ‘bio’ page on the Health Ranger site brings back an Error 404 message. Let’s try to think why that might be…)


You can read the full bio from the Health Ranger site back on October 10, 2013, from the Wayback machine HERE.

Read it, and see if you can tell me by the end:

  • What university Mike Adams attended.
  • What degree he took.
  • What’s the name of his super-successful ‘software start-up company’.
  • What formal qualifications Mike Adams has, to run his ‘lab’ all by himself.

Prizes for the right answers!


Here’s a few screenshots of my favorite bits:


Notice: this unnamed company is meant to have made a packet…. millions and millions… then go read the stuff below on the ‘Patents’ section, about Adams not having enough money to patent his ‘amazing inventions’, including what sounds like a prototype of the Metaverse….





So, let’s go back to my questions, above:

  • What university Mike Adams attended.
  • What degree he took.
  • What’s the name of his super-successful ‘software start-up company’.
  • What formal qualifications Mike Adams has, to fun his ‘lab’ all by himself.

And the answer is: Nobody knows.


At this stage, the choice is between con-man, or Scientology-spook-Deep-State-Plant.

Because there is not a single verifiable detail in that whole long biography of ‘Mike Adams’ – beginning with when he was born, which is ‘believed to be’ in 1967….


Now, let’s take a closer look at his lab.

HERE‘s it’s official website.

And it looks like it’s main business is analysing…. hemp extract, aka CBD, or Cannabidiol.

HERE’s the lab’s ‘official accreditation’ certificate (PDF), which lists what that lab is ‘accredited’ to do.


You’ll see that analysing ‘fibrous clots’ appears nowhere on this very short list.

Also, even this limited accreditation ran out in October 2020, and apparently wasn’t renewed.


Now, let’s take a look at the ‘Natural News’ online empire.

A British think tank called the ‘Institute for Strategic Dialogue’ (funded by the late Baron Weidenfeld, another ‘Deep State’ actor if there ever was one…) actually did a deep dive on Natural News back in 2021.

Now, let’s be clear here, that the ISD is about as ‘Deep State’ as it comes.  But, that doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING they publish and say is wrong. There is ‘truth’ on all sides of this mess, the trick here is to keep doing the birur, and to pull the truth out of the lies.

They found that Mike Adams has well over 500 domains registered. Here’s a screenshot:


Here’s some examples of domains apparently owned by Mike Adams:

(This is just the list of ones they know 100%, are owned by Natural News):


So, we see it’s all just one big ‘echo chamber’.

And again, I have to ask: con man, or spook?

There are so many things that just don’t add up with Mike Adam’s ‘stories’ and claims.

And this is the guy we are meant to be trusting, who did the only ‘forensic examination’ of the clots attributed to the Covid shots in an ‘accredited lab’?

And this is the guy we are also meant to be trusting now, to tell us that what’s going down in East Palestine is worse than Chernobyl?



Here’s the thing:

Health is electro-magnetic.

And the things that keep the body healthy are actually pretty simple, and nearly always free, or very cheap.

When I see all these ‘alt-health’ people lining up with more and more fear porn (of their own particular flavor, natch), and lining up to sell us more and more expensive gadgets and expensive compounds – the red flag goes up, that we are really just dealing with the same problem as ‘Big Pharma’, just on the other side of the coin.

While we’re on the subject, let’s also add ‘Karen Kingston’ into the mix, another ‘former Pfizer whistleblower’ who has apparently started suing Pfizer in the US for causing a ‘vaxx holocaust’.

Again, this strikes me as total BS!

If this woman was really doing what she’s claiming to be doing, they would have taken her out, or shut her up, a long time ago.

They want us to think that these shills are ‘suing Pfizer’ on our behalf, so none of us will get up and do it ourselves – and in the meantime, they continue to pass the laws that are required to continue to enslave us, one way or another.


I’ll stop there, but let me issue a plea, that we take a very big pause, and we do a lot of praying, and a lot of fact-checking, and a lot of research, before we automatically assume that ANYONE or ANYTHING is 100% true.

Moshe, one of the commentators here, took great pains to call me a ‘Snake Oil Salesman’ (amongst other things….) based on Adams’ dodgy claim of what these ‘Covid clots’ actually contain, that was then hyped-up by the usual bunch of xtian, gun-pushing ‘alt crusaders’ including Stew Peters and Jane Ruby.

But, I am increasingly coming to the conclusion that ALL these people are deep state paid opposition.

Remember, no-one is allowed to get above 100,000 viewers, unless they are working for the cabal, in some way, or performing some function the cabal deems to be useful to their cause.

So… buyer beware.

And don’t let false information from controlled opposition actors turn us against each other.

Our strength is in our unity, our compassion, and our respect for each other.

And that’s why they are going all guns blazing, to tear it down.



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8 replies
  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    Regarding Zohar Helios-Centrism, I don’t know, but Efraim Pavlanov (who you apparently already know about), (in https://www.mayimachronim.com/anunaki-giants-and-aliens-in-the-torah/) claims:
    “the Sages of the Talmud understood the vastness of the cosmos, writing about the countless billions of stars out there (Berakhot 32b), the various parts of the “Heavens” and their inhabitants—and that the journey from one “Heaven” to the next takes over 500 years! (Chagigah 12b-13a) Amazingly, Sefer HaBahir, one of the oldest known Kabbalistic texts, suggests that this 500 year journey can be made by the Ofanim, those spinning wheels which “reach out” to Earth, the lowest of worlds (ch. 169).”
    Possibly the most blatant evidence of extraterrestrial life from the Talmud is in Moed Katan 16a. There, the Sages discuss what Deborah meant in her song when she said:“Cursed be Meroz [the star],”
    Finally, and this actually is from the Zohar,
    “The Zohar states that God created many hidden worlds in the cosmos, and they are inhabited by 60 million of God’s supernal servants and soldiers. (See, for example, Zohar II, 126b, which states: ואתעביד עלמא חדא, דנהיר לכל עלמין, עלמא סתימא דלא ידיע כלל, ובגויה דיירין שית רבוא אלף, דאינון דיורין וחילין ומשיריין עלאין)”
    So, this might partially answer your question about where people are finding “Torah sources” for Helios-Centrism.
    (And Helios is an idol)

  2. AK
    AK says:

    Another great post. I have a friend who swears by Dell Bigtree, he even has the whole family listening to him. Like Adams and the others, I also think he is a fraud-controlled- opposition. Like you stated he would have never lasted as long as he has unless the powers at be let him. Sad how so many are being manipulated.

  3. Danny
    Danny says:

    He also doesn’t even have a wiki page that we can see any form of bio which is really unusual for someone with such a massive following.

  4. shmaryah
    shmaryah says:

    Mike Adams comes across as the clean-cut, amicable, all-American kind of guy. I have suspected for many years that he was controlled opposition ever since he first appeared as a guest on Infowars, hosted by that ranting and raving lunatic, Alex Jones, a CIA shill if ever I saw one. There is a lot of speculation on many “alternate” news sites that Jones himself is a convenient re-incarnation of Bill Hicks who passed away shortly before Jones appeared out of nowhere. When it comes to politics and media, nobody gets to perform in the spotlight on the world stage unless the puppetmaster is pulling the strings, ……nobody!


  5. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    You think whatever you think, Rivka – you and everybody else on your blog too: we all have freedom of thought and hopefully freedom of speech – for now. I, however, totally disagree with your evaluation of Mike Adams regarding his education. In order to be in the 99.9% percentile you’ve got to be really really smart – unless of course everybody else is stupid, which is a possibility, but then why admire their diplomas so much???

    Ever heard of Mensa? https://www.mensa.org/mensa/about-us

    I was the valedictorian of the whole city of Geneva when I graduated from Geneva high school ( which is equivalent to 2 years of college in the US more or less): I was considered very bright: but I did not get 99.9%! Also got 99% on another separate training I took, still – did not match him!

    What that tells me is that the guy is extremely bright, perfectly capable of learning on his own, from various sources. I can tell you that I learnt a lot on my own too, non-curriculum medicine and general health,without degrees, with excellent teachers. So?

    Who is distributing scholarly degrees? Schools’ curriculums ( curricula in latin!) are totally connected to the Deep state too: isn’t medicine a good enough example? So why be such a believer in diplomas only? Who said that people can’t learn from excellent non-mainstream teachers? Who says he is too stupid to figure out on his own how to use his lab facilities?

    Sorry, but your proof is no proof at all.

    So….how come you trust mainstream so much when it comes to education???? Are they the only ones who can give good teachings? What do you think of a Torah learner who got a Bible degree from a major university? Maybe there are other sources of learning besides Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, Cornell, Columbia, , etc. which are not gained via degrees?…..So for somebody with a keen intellect such as his, I don’t think it would be hard at all!

    As for the rest, frankly I have neither time nor interest to argue about it, I already did. Whatever…..

    Which is NOT to say I trust the guy in general, certainly not when it comes to his Xtian fixation and his views on Am Yisrael. But scholastic learning? I think he’s got the tools between his ears to do it on his own.So whether he is controlled opposition or not still needs a lot more proof.

    BTW these days he is working with Alex Jones, who has been attacked, assaulted, and extremely, damaged by the PTB, and who exposed a lot of the filth they are into; BTW he was married to a Jewish woman, which means his kids are probably halachically Jewish. “Birds of one feather flock together”; don’t they?….

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Daisy, your source for him being in the ‘99.9th’ percentile of smart people is…. himself.

      That same bio that doesn’t even know, for sure, what year he was born.

      In terms of who Mike Adams is married to, that appears to be a Taiwanese national – but no-one knows for sure, because there are zero independently verifiable details anywhere, to check this stuff out.

      As you see, each person is free to believe what they want to believe.

      I guess the main point is not to then go out on a limb ‘attacking’ other people for believing differently, when we might be the ones who can’t see what’s in front of our faces.

      The idea that WE might actually be wrong – about whatever it is – keeps us humble, and stops us from trashing other people for ‘wrong think’.

  6. Malka
    Malka says:

    Why so much focus on Mike Adams? He is alarmist and negative for sure. My discovery is that Torah is truly living Torah. Whole world is Mitzrayim. Egyptian were witchcrafters and sorcerers. I love to read what is coming out of Egypt – pyramids, uncoveted history. We were lied about that history too! Egyptians knew how to hypnotise and manipulate people. It was cleverly done-look over there – while we will do magic here to let you believe that we are all powerful. PROPAGANDA masters! They seemed to have extremely advanced technology. It might be, that at some point they were occupied. Read part…and new king came…until that point it was always paroh. We can see the same things happening now, starting with depopulation agenda. I think we are further on makos lists, but that’s just my opinion. We certainly should reflect on our source that is the truth. All others can push snake venom/ oil/ tricks somewhere else. 😁

  7. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    He talks about his Taiwanese wife a lot, Rivka. Why would he lie about it???

    And you say that this bio comes from him: why would he say about himself that “Adams is believed to have been born in 1967″? It doesn’t make sense: how about if somebody else than himself had written his bio? Doesn’t that happen sometimes? What is so clear about that, please tell me?

    Anyway, I guess yes, you are right: and it applies to ALL OF US:

    ….”the main point is not to … go out on a limb ‘attacking’ other people for believing differently, when we might be the ones who can’t see what’s in front of our faces.”

    “The idea that WE might actually be wrong – about whatever it is – keeps us humble, and stops us from trashing other people for ‘wrong think’.”.

    None of us are perfect, are we?….

    Yes, we should all try to be nice, and tolerant of other people’s beliefs, for sure. I know, it’s not so easy, especially when views are diametrically opposed: is it? Oh well….

    Hakol LeTova. And for now, we shall see what comes out of Mike and Alex Jones. I am not nearly as disgusted by Alex as some readers on this blog are: I think he has done some good, particularly re: the Bohemian gr.ve. Doesn’t mean I want to waste my time listening to him! As for Mike? Yes, some of his theories have holes: for instance I don’t believe he talked about the G.O. Re: dioxin? I don’t know. But overall I frankly don’t believe he is as bad as you portray him…. Time will tell.

    Shavua Tov


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