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More terror in Huwara

There has been another shooting attack in or near Huwara.

A husband and wife were shot in their car, the husband was apparently shot in the head and is in a serious condition.

I don’t know what the names are for prayers, but please focus your prayers in their direction anyway, God knows who they are.


Despite the fact that I live in Jerusalem, where 10 people have been murdered by terrorists in the last couple of months, the terror in Huwara is hitting me much harder.

We were in Huwara 20 minutes before the two brothers from Har Bracha were shot dead in their car there.

And in a few hours, I am heading out to the Shomron for a meeting – driving through Huwara.



Let’s be clear, that all these ‘right wing politicians’ aren’t stopping this, can’t stop this, and if we’re really being honest here, are probably even stoking things up behind the scenes for their foreign paymasters.

We saw last time, that vigilante actions only backfire on the Jewish community, and get used to demonize ‘settlers’ even more.

So let’s not lose sight of the fact that while it’s Arab fingers on the triggers, doing the actual shooting, the orders for these attacks are coming from abroad, primarily from the US, and from Europe, and they are then ‘facilitated’ by the people who sit in our own government, police and military.

Violence is not going to resolve this problem.

Unrealistic slogans about ‘shipping all the Arabs out to Jordan’ (as if!) is not going to solve anything, and will only turn off large swathes of the Jewish population who are also repulsed by Arabs talking about ‘driving all the Jews into the sea’.


I am totally sickened that the terrorists are continuing to shoot Jews in the Shomron, while our government whistles, and pretends that despite having every square cm of the country covered with AI facial recognition cameras, they have no idea where all these guns and terrorists are coming from, or going to, once they’ve done their murderous deeds.

And I am also totally sickened by the deafening silence coming from the government-sponsored media here, which simply doesn’t talk about all the day-to-day violence currently going on in the Shomron all the time.

This ‘right wing’ government is not defending the people there; it’s not supporting them morally; and it’s looking for all sorts of different ways it can ‘whip things up’ in the Shomron, while locking up more and more people under British ‘administrative detention’ rules which means they can keep them in prison indefinitely, without any evidence of wrong doing.

The lists of Jews being locked up by the Shabak under ‘administrative detention’ rules is continuing to grow longer and longer – under this ‘right wing’ government that so many blind people still believe is working for the simple people who voted them into power.


Violence is not the answer here.

And supporting more ‘puppet politicians’ is not the answer here.

The ONLY answer is prayer and teshuva.

Lots of both.

Lots of asking God to finally destroy our real enemies, who sow terror, hatred and violence between people all the time, in so many different ways, as part of their strategy of ‘divide and conquer’.

Again, I am totally sickened that these acts of terrorism are happening.

But, only a fool would think that the buck stops with the Arab terrorists.

Those terrorists are being armed and enabled by elements within the State of Israel itself, working for the Americans and the Europeans, who hate the Jewish people, hate God, and hate everything Torah-true Judaism represents.

That is the real problem.

And a huge part of finally resolving it, is to finally acknowledge what is really going on here.

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