A few weeks’ ago, I decided I was spending way too much time on my computer and ‘in my head’, as opposed to actually doing things in the real world.

This is something that unfortunately happens to me a lot, as sometimes I get so caught up in thinking and typing, I actually forget about the ‘living, eating and breathing’ stuff that is also really important.

In the past, I’ve also tried (and usually failed….) to get out of the house more, and to try and find more things to do in the so-called real world, but they haven’t got very far. Either I can’t find anything suitable, or it lasts for a week, or something happens to pull me away from it, and I can’t seem to get back into it again.

But this time, God helped me out a lot, and sent me a netball game every Wednesday, and an English-speaking sewing teacher here in Jerusalem who wasn’t charging a fortune for lessons.

(If you have no idea what netball is, read THIS).

The netball game was great – except for the fact that I haven’t played for a decade, so my face stayed beet-red for 24 hours after my first official ‘exercise’ since George Dubbya was in the White House.

I’m also really enjoying the sewing, too, and my first skirt even turned out wearable….

So I got really inspired when the instructor asked me what I wanted to make next, and I plumped for a full-length, full-width super-fancy ball-gown type skirt that would cost me a fortune to buy ready-made, but is really pretty cheap when I’m making it myself.

I made a lot of progress on it last week, so my instructor asked me if I’m making it to wear to a wedding, or something. I told her no: this is the skirt I’m planning to wear when Moshiach shows up.

Ladies, I know the world is full of pain, suffering and uncertainty at the moment, but let’s keep our priorities straight:

If Moshiach shows up tomorrow, do you have an outfit you can wear for the inauguration parade?

I mean, this is a once in a lifetime event, and it would be such a shame to miss out on participating in it just because you don’t have anything suitable to wear….

I asked my kids this question yesterday, and they both snorted at me in that way only teenagers can. “I still remember those dresses you bought us for Moshiach from 8 years ago,” one of them told me, and then rolled her eyeballs back so dramatically I was waiting for them to pop out the top of her head.

Hey! I wasn’t the only one who thought Moshiach was imminent when all the banks started to crash all over the world. But my kids got a little ‘Moshiach-outed’ from seeing me stockpiling tuna for four years solid while the main man didn’t actually show up and redeem us.

It could be, I’m falling for the same line again, and that Moshiach really isn’t as close as I’m starting to feel he might be.

But if he does show up soon, at least I’ll have the outfit ready.

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