I seem to be having a lot of arguments with people I love at the moment.

For example, I’m arguing with my better half that evil IS organised – way more than we are – and is operating so effectively because it has a structure, and principles to guide it.

‘Evil’ mirrors good.

Just as we have Torah, and the 10 commandments to guide us, they have their organising principles, too.

It’s hard to believe, we don’t want to believe it, but that doesn’t make it untrue.


Recently, Daisy from the Israel Truth Times went to take a look at the Georgia Guidestones.

I never heard of them, before Daisy wrote about them. But she went to see them for herself, with pictures, and they really do exist. This from wikipedia:

The Georgia Guidestones are a granite monument erected in 1980 in Elbert CountyGeorgia, in the United States. A set of ten guidelines is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts.

And what is the first ‘commandment’ on these ‘Guidestones’?

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.


These Guidestones are massive.

And expensive to engineer and put up.

And no-one knows who ‘arranged’ for them to be created.

Now, it could just be a crazy billionaire who decided to create these ‘Guidestones’ back in 1980.

And it could just be a coincidence that they are promoting an eugenics-and-nature agenda and viewpoint that has saturated our media and world for the last 40 years….

Or, it could be evidence that evil is organised around a set of principles and guidelines, and is deliberately pushing the world, in a concerted fashion, in a certain direction.

What do you think is more likely?


I’m also having ‘discussions’ with my mum about the “vaccine”.

Mum, please watch this video carefully, before you decide what to do (it’s Hebrew with English subtitles, and a few of my readers have recommended it highly):


I hate arguing with people, really.

But what can I do?

I have tried to run away from all this so many times the last couple of years.

You live your life, with your ideas, and I’ll live mine….

But then I remember, that all Jews are responsible for each other.

Even if people don’t want to know this stuff, even if I’m upsetting them by trying to let them know what I’ve found out, I still have to do my best, and to keep caring, and to not give up when they ‘fire back’.

It’s just their yetzer hara.

Their fear.

I understand it.

BH, we will have the clear truth very soon – and the vessels to receive it without exploding.


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  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Thank you for sharing this about the Georgia Guidestones, Rivka. I actually do have all the pictures, and they are freaky. I have very specific reasons why I cannot post them yet, but I will soon. My son and I went there when I was visiting, he is also very interested, and seeing those monuments certainly made him understand without the shadow of a doubt the truth about what is going worldwide. It was an earth-shattering, shocking experience to be there and literally feel the presence of the satanic plan, we were both in a state of shock. And surprisingly, shortly after out arrival – it is in a remote, rural, totally unexpected location – many other cars arrived too, from different states. If you ask me I think people need to see this themselves to understand in the depth of their being this assault on humanity. Makes you appreciate the Ten Commandments so much more! Baruch she lo asani goy – and by goy I mean pagan, baal worshipper, servant of the other side, Amalek.

    Be well! Yes, we do have a lot of work to do. I am also getting a lot of flak, specially from close family members. I think what shocks and upsets them the most is the fact that I dare “attack” the rabbis – is it an attack, or reasonable questions, though???

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        Not sure I agree with that point.

        Sometimes the ‘sheep’ are a million times better than their Shepherds. Rebbe Nachman talks about the 7 Shepherds from the evil side, and surely, even the most humble and ‘simple’ Jewish soul is a million times better than a leader like this, who has the potential for so much good, but chooses to serve himself – and evil – instead of Hashem.

        But, what you wrote above I agree with 100%, and I think you expressed it very nicely, thank you.

    • zz
      zz says:

      If you challenge the authority, you’re by definition attempting to be or speak for the new authority.

      The common people desire, above all else, the illusion of comfort and safety requiring minimal courage or sacrifice on their part. This provides leverage exploited by dark triad personalities to gain control of their minds.
      Whoever makes the most unrealistic promises becomes the most popular leader.

  2. zz
    zz says:

    Exactly just as we have “organizing principles” , traditions and rituals that are ancient and unchanging, relevant to all times and places, so do “they”.

    International satanism has been around from the beginning. It starts with Eden bc they do not worship the nachash so much as they worship THEMSELVES. The “self”, the “I”, is their god. This collapse into the tunnel of self-reference is what aligns a person with the “adversarial” force in reality that opposes Hashem’s Will and imagines itself (“koach dimiyon”) as a separate entity (“peak of separation”) that stands for itself, independent of the constant Providence that brings everything into existence at every second, without which it would all revert back to utter nothingness.

    Therefore we are all “satanists” insofar as we all imagine ourselves to be independent realities, we are all trapped within our own self-reference, and we all act as adversaries against G-d’s agenda. This is “olam hazeh” after the chet etz hadaas.. but as religious people we seek out also objectivity and adjustment to that higher persepctive, therefore we experience an internal war between the subjective/image/dimiyon/self-reference side of consciousness, and the objective/truth/natural/G-d-reference side of consciousness. This war is fueled by our own fears and desires, rooted in our particular soul-mission. This specific pressure-point motivates us towards our greatest potential for good or opposite chas v’shalom.

    The bona fide “satanist” is just someone who experiences no internal war because he has foreclosed completely on the side of “self-reference” and followed that to its ultimate conclusion. Therefore the guiding principles of international satanism are as follows:

    1) Whatever benefits my “I”, my “self”, is good. “Right”/”good” means whatever is “right”/”good” FOR MY INTERESTS. “Wrong”/”bad”= whatever is “wrong”/”bad” FOR MY INTERESTS. (e.g. if you have something I want/need, and you can’t stop me, I would be wrong NOT to take it away from you..)

    2) Morality is relative. There is no such thing as absolute morality. There is no source for morality outside human beings. Morality is whatever we say it is.

    3) “Survival of the fittest”: whoever is capable of rising up in domination over his inferiors, and willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to secure victory in that competition, rightfully deserves his place in the hierarchy and all attendant privileges. Status and power is decided by whoever is willing and capable to go the farthest and sink the deepest in order to grab it and keep it.

    4) Those in power have the right and responsibility to take control over the biological future of their inferiors, e.g. modify their genetics and brain chemistry, disrupt their natural hormonal signaling, adulterate their food and water etc., prevent them from reproducing, destroy their blood identities/organic cultures, cull their populations etc.

  3. Aron
    Aron says:

    Besides who’s directly involved, there’s definitely less than 100,000 people on the planet who are “on to” what’s really going on, and probably much less than that number. The reason is because it takes a certain level of spiritual potential to grasp the motivations and ideology of satanism. Greater spiritual potential means more intense desires and fears, and this leads a person to entertain an expanded scope of possibility in the service of fulfilling his desires or controlling against his fears. (A scope of possibility beyond the imagination of common people.. therefore only those especially capable of deveikus and batlus legabei HKB”H are going to be capable of identifying with the OPPOSING force in consciousness. That force, satanism, is so internally consistent, that once you “tap into” your OWN potential to go down that road, it all “clicks”, and you’re able to see its fingerprints on everything in society).

    Every person alive has his share of evil desires and unholy fears. It’s no tremendous stretch of the imagination to entertain the possibility of “letting go” and “running with” them, while forgetting everything you were told about being a “good person”. Now imagine being born into a family that raises you this way, in the form of a continuous blood tradition spanning thousands of years (“zeh le’umat zeh”), and you’re getting the beginning of a concept of what we’re up against.

    The common people are relatively low-potential.. they will never sink that low nor will they ever rise that high. Therefore they’re not really “good people” or “bad people”: they lack the ability to analyze WHY things are happening, WHY it’s better to do this than that, therefore they basically just constitute another link in the chain between opposing spiritual forces and they’re only as “good” as their controllers/programmers. Therefore it should come as no surprise that nothing will be “left up to chance” and of course the Jewish leadership-structure is going to be heavily infiltrated. Any “rabbi” can adopt the IDEOLOGY of satanism and therefore come into alignment with its underlying “adversarial” consciousness without necessarily signing any physical in-world contracts with any formal “conspiracy”.. anyone can “take orders” from the adversary on his own account.

    Researching this information is liable to instill feelings of hopelessness by creating the illusion that everything is “compromised”. You’re also liable to feel like all this is much more dramatic and novel than it actually is. In truth all we’re talking about is nothing more or less than the same spirit of idolatry which dominates every society of our golus, and it’s just been concealed underground to the extent that the hypocritical church held sway over society (now that the church is almost a complete anachronism, these inyanim again take center-stage.. we’ve been “spoiled” by 1,600 years of goyish malchus that was NOMINALLY “monotheistic” and “biblical”).

    Now we’re just returning to the “default” of actual paganism and open avodah-zarah. The good news is that 1) this means Moshiach is very close, and 2) the same exact Jews who survived and thrived over this revolving millenia carousel of satanic empires are still around today.. the “true Judaism” can’t be lost from the world. If you’ve come this far and still made the free will choice to follow the “right-hand path” instead of the opposite chas v’shalom then your SOUL knows the difference between the authentic Judaism and the imitations. It really isn’t hard to tell the difference.. it is very open and obvious and plain for all to see. The avodah is that what our soul clearly knows isn’t “comfortable” for us; in some way the truth isn’t “pleasing” to our self-reference, therefore we fight it and indulge in feelings of “doom and gloom” (isolation and spiritual “homelessness”) instead of reaching for the obvious solution Hashem is putting in front of us.


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