MUST WATCH: How the Nanotech ‘robots’ are operating in the Pfizer shots

This video is stunning.

You’ll have to watch it a few times to understand what it is  you are really watching.

It’s 4 drops of the Pfizer DNA Origami GO nanotech, on a slide, slowly, slowly putting a nanochip together.


Remember a few days ago we went back to Ido Bachelet, and his DNA Origami ‘nanorobots’ that can be ‘remote controlled’ to perform actions at the nanoscale in the human body?

If not, first read THIS.

And then, watch this again (and please screen record as you go along, as they are going to start scrubbing it more and more, as the truth finally starts to come out):


Remember, that Bachelet went to work for Pfizer in 2015, to work on his DNA Origami, injectable ‘nanorobots’:

Screenshot from HERE:


Now, let’s ‘compare and contrast’ with what we are seeing in that first video, from Dr David Nixon and Maria Zeee.

First, here’s a screenshot of some of Bachelet’s ‘DNA Origami’ nanotech robot structures:


Now, here’s a screenshot of the ‘nanotech robot arms’ Dr Nixon is finding in the Pfizer Covid shots, as they move in slow motion to piece a nanocircuit together:


Here are the images side-by-side.

You tell me: what are we looking at here:




I’m really hoping the penny is starting to drop, that this is not made-up nonsense.

Do the experiment yourself, see how most ‘vaccinated’ people now give off their own unique code (or ‘IP address’) that can be picked up via Bluetooth scanning apps.

Understand, this tech is ‘activated’ by 4 and 5….G and very soon, that stuff is going to have to be permanently switched off, for the billions of vaxxed people to be able to ‘disconnect’ from the ‘Internet of Things’.

And whatever else, please come out of denial now, and let’s admit this stuff is really happening, and really, really needs to be stopped ASAP.

We can’t ignore this any longer.


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