New book on Shalom Bayit

I am taking the rest of this week off, BH, to finish reading some very interesting stuff with big implications for ‘human health’.

(Generally, I’m also thinking how I can get off the internet more, and that’s something else I’ll be exploring this week. I’m so sick of being chained to a computer for most hours of the day!)

But I’m going to carry on blogging, it’s just a temporary break while I figure a few things out.


In the meantime, Volume 2 of Rav Berland’s ‘Advice on Shalom Bayit – for Men Only’ came out.

And you can get it HERE on Amazon.

The Rav has requested that these books be sold for as close to cost price as possible, so the price is low – and the information contained is priceless.

You can get Volume 1 HERE, and there are plans to publish at least one more volume.

If you want to dedicate that volume, you can get in touch with the RavBerland.com site and let them know.


I have the feeling something big is brewing at the moment.

But, I am keeping myself out of it, at least for next little while.

I will be back here in a few days’ time, BH with some very useful information on how health really works.

Stay tuned.



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  1. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    And bought on sight. Should show up today or tomorrow.

    I really believe just having the Rav’s books in the house is a segula for blessings, not just for one’s house but for one’s entire city/state. I know my immediate world feels like a bubble of sanity and peace compared to the rest of the US, and I have no doubt that imy attempts to attach to the Rav, as poor and inadequate as they are, are part of the reason.

    I don’t speak or read Hebrew beyond kindergarden-level basics, and even English translations of the Rav’s teachings are usually far above my level to really follow intellectually. But there’s something about just having the books, reading them, and trying to put them into practice.


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