New comments policy – and some more ‘advice’ on peace


A couple of days ago I learned that one of my long-time readers passed away unexpectedly, from undiagnosed cancer.

That same day, my daughter met up with a friend who took the shots (because she was forced to – she was working with kids with cancer so the guilt trip laid on her was too much to stand up to) – and since then, she has been having serious issues with her cycle every month.

She told my daughter she really regrets taking the shots now, and asked her what she could do about it.

My daughter asked me.

And I kind of drew a blank.

Because my first solution is always ‘do a pidyon’, and then see what happens.

But my daughter’s friend doesn’t hold by pidyon nefesh, doesn’t hold by the Rav – and I have run out of koach to keep arguing with people.


Maybe it was the shock of that person’s passing, the stress of worrying about the horrible things that really are happening all over the place, maybe, it’s two weeks of breathing in ‘chemtrails’ in Jerusalem – but yesterday I got really sick.

I couldn’t get out of bed and my brain just kinda hurt in all directions.

I asked my husband to do a pidyon (on three separate occasions, as I realised it wasn’t passing quickly), and spent most of the day dozing and talking to God.

God, the world is so heavy… I can’t do this much longer….


Today, I’m feeling quite a bit better, and so more optimistic.

But I cracked open “A bit more advice” by Rabbenu’s descendent, R Shimshon Barski, to try and get a clue about what is dragging me down so much, and this is what I read:

Fighting causes poverty, God forbid. It also denies the person the merit to be healed.

But shalom (peace) brings healing and livelihood. So avoid quarrelling with people and be at peace with everyone.



One of the things that saps so much of my energy, and ‘weakens’ me, is having to deal with some of the commentators on my blog who are really not nice people.

As a student of the Rav, who teaches that bizayon is good, I have tried the last few years to really just accept as much dissing and insults as I can.

But, I’m tired.

And I don’t have the energy for putting myself out there as other people’s punch bag, at this point, just because they don’t like what I’m writing, or are having a bad day.

So, after I read this snippet above, I have decided that from now on, I am not accepting any more ‘anonymous’ comments.

So, comments from people calling themselves ‘Jerusalem Resident’ for example, will no longer be allowed on this blog.

You don’t have to use a real name to comment publically, but I need to know what your real name is, so it’s an even playing field.

I think that will probably solve most of the problem, going forward.


Also, from now on, I am no longer accepting ‘opinions’ presented as facts.

You want to tell me you disagree with something I write – fine! Great!

But bring some supporting information, to show why you believe that, so that we can actually move the discussion forward with some concrete information, not just pointless ‘opinions’.


And lastly, I am no longer accepting commentators gratuitously insulting me.

I wish I could stand up in that test more, honestly, but right now, I can’t.

So, condescending, insulting and hurtful comments will automatically be deleted now, and the person put in ‘spam’.


Baruch Hashem, most of the people who comment here are thoughtful and respectful, even when they are disagreeing with what I’m writing.

I believe that exploring differences of opinion is a very healthy, useful thing, and going forward, I hope that will continue.

Just, minus the narcissist trolls who have been pulling me down, and sapping a lot of my energy, for probably far too long.


Life is too short to waste on fighting with people, pointlessly, here in my comments section.

And for as long as I keep letting those poisonous, ‘anonymous’ commentators back in here, I will keep getting pulled back into fighting. And I don’t want to be doing that.

I need to be focussing way more on stuff that is uplifting and genuinely useful.

And with God’s help, that’s what I will be doing more of now.


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  1. Nonee
    Nonee says:

    Good for you Rivka! You do as you think best for you.
    Your blog after all. Besides, you have been helping so many, (myself included), in opening our eyes to the truth of what is really going on, caused by those causing so much mayhem and more, in this muddled up world.

    The work you do, in sifting out the truth – from the ‘lies’, thrown around by those causing so much hate and confusion, is not an easy task and entails a lot of energy too.
    Just do as you think is best for you, henceforth.

    Toda for everything. In my prayers… you be..
    Gd bless you and yours. Amen.

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Rivka, I really empathize with what you have been going through, I am glad you are feeling better. But I know from experience that sometimes the best way to feel better is to simply extract yourself from the situation that is causing you to feel bad – in this case 5G, chemtrails, etc. Just take a few days, go into nature, in the woods far away from a city, breathe, take off your shoes, get recharged by the energy of the world Hashem created, away from the toxins created by these evil monsters. And of course, continue all the other stuff you are doing to make yourself feel better.

    And that applies to everybody. I am so glad that, despite me, right now I am in a place with minimal radiation, except for what is coming from space and chemtrails of course. It really does help. Stay AWAY from the poisons! If need be, how about relocating to a rural area? I know it would be hard for you because of the Rav, but if it helps you feel better, why not? Ask Hashem!. And your family too of course!

    Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov, Chanukah Sameach..

  3. Avigail
    Avigail says:

    Hi Rivka,

    Many years ago I read a quote, beautifully framed on an office wall, that read:
    “Don’t let the b….ards get you down.” I have remembered that many times through the years 🙂 I appreciate your blog, your writing, your honesty and I’m looking forward to your future posts on more uplifting and useful information.

    from one of your many appreciative readers, with appreciation, Avigail 🙂

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Thanks for the chizzuk, Avigail (and Nonee and Daisy).

      It’s appreciated.

      They did get me down a bit – a lot – last week. But with God’s help, everything will turn around for the best very soon.


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