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Yesterday, I had some really good news, BH.

(More on that another time.)

Two hours later, I arranged to go to the Rav for the ma’ariv prayers, and almost exactly as the prayers were concluding ,the air exploded with the noise of police and Hatzalah sirens.

I was meant to be picking my kid up from Ma’alot Dafna after the prayers.

She called me, and told me:

Don’t come this way, Ima, there’s just been a pigua (terror attack) by French Hill.


So, we arranged to meet outside Rav Arush’s Chut Shel Chessed shul instead.

While we were waiting for her to walk down, the tram stop next to Chut Shel Chessed suddenly also filled up with noise, sirens, and large flocks of yeshiva bochurs trying to catch some of the ‘action’.

In this case, a terrorist who had just been shot dead by a Border Guard, apparently before he could stab someone on the tram.

A second pigua, in less than two minutes.


I have to admit, I kind of just feel numb to these things, these days.

Apparently, it’s a spiritual level to strive for, where the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ leave you feeling the same way inside, but I have to admit to wondering if that’s not also just a description of emotional shell-shock, or the ‘compassion fatigue’ I’ve written about before.


We picked up the kid, got home, and I decided to see if there was more info on the twin attacks on the A7 government propaganda site.

I haven’t been to that site for almost two months, and I haven’t missed it at all.

So I logged on, saw they had absolutely NOTHING about the attacks – even though Daniel Amram and the ‘Uncensored Israel’ Telegram channel already both had updates – and then, sadly, saw what sort of ‘news’ the super-cr*ppy A7 site WAS running.

It was more manufactured rubbish about people ‘spontaneously’ protesting an attempt by Minister Porush to get the Rav into Ukraine for Rosh Hashana.


That put me in a weirder mood than the terror attacks.

Unbelievable…. After everything that’s gone on the last few years, the Sabbatean-Frankists are still going after the Rav with ‘fake news’ and false information, exactly the same way they did 10 years ago….

I started to wonder how many people are actually going to buy it, this time around.

Because apparently, people are still reading that cr*ppy news-propaganda site, and they are apparently still taking it seriously enough to waste their precious time by leaving comments.


In the meantime, I also counted four people in Jerusalem yesterday wearing the despicable face masks.

Which told me everything I needed to know about the ‘fear porn’ machine being stoked up again, for another round of plandemic hysteria- even though I have been totally off ‘the news’ here for two months.

Again, I started to wonder how many people are actually going to buy it, this time around….

Again, I’m finding all this kind of unbelievable…. that after everything that’s gone on the last few years, the PTB are still trying to scare and control the population with ‘fake news’ and false information, exactly the same way they did 4 years ago….


Do people never learn?

Are we just doomed to keep going through this same cycle of ‘fake news’ and manipulation and control, until all the brain-dead people disappear out the picture, one way and another?

(And if yes, how long is that whole process actually going to take?)

Sometimes, I read some of the things being discussed online in what remains of the ‘Jewish blog-o-sphere’ and I find it amazing, that after so much has happened, so much has been revealed, so much of the curtain has been lifted – there are still people out there who are acting, believing and commenting exactly the way they were 4 years ago.

And 10 years ago.

And 20 years ago.

And now that I come to think of it, 2,400 years ago, and 3,333 years ago….


There is nothing new under the sun.

False prophets have always been with us, peddling their own brand of ‘fake news’ about a million different things.

But I guess I’m a little disappointed, that this oldest of old tricks is still apparently working on so many people.


Like you, I have no idea what is going to happen next.

I am kind of entering a stage at the moment where I feel like I’ve given this my best shot, and done pretty much everything I can do, to try to wake people up to the reality of our fake world.

That doesn’t mean I’m retiring, at least not just yet, but it does mean that I’m pondering about what comes afterwards.

If another pandemic does get manufactured soon, I have no plans to be ‘live blogging’ developments the way I did three years ago, when I was trying to warn people that things were not what they appeared to be.

Enough water has flown under that bridge now.

People will stand or fall on the amount of ‘truth’ they’ve internalised, and the strength of their connection with the only source of real ‘truth’ – God.


So, pick your sources of information carefully.

Understand, that 99.9% of what you read and watch has been specially created to manipulate you, control you, and to get you to go back to sleep, spiritually, because there is nothing to worry about!!!!

Don’t you know?

The biggest danger right now is coming from uncontrolled ‘conspiracy theorists‘, who are spreading disinformation that vaccines aren’t totally safe, the world isn’t totally doomed to extinction because of ‘climate change’, and cars literally melted in Maui because of an uncontrolled grass fire that only seemed to burn down the properties of the poorer people in Lahaina.


So much information, even in the ‘alt’ world, is being produced by people who are literally being paid to do it.

And then much more is then passed along second-hand, by ‘useful idiots’, who tend to swallow what they are being told hook, line and sinker (unless of course, it’s credible tzaddikim telling them to at least consider moving to Israel because we are headed into stormy waters, very soon….)


Today, I had to drive through Huwara.


I was the only car on the busy road with an Israeli plate, and the return pass, I got stuck in a bit of traffic by the roundabout there, built by the Europeans and the UN.

As I was driving, my mind inevitably started thinking about those two Israelis from Ashdod, apparently executed at a Huwara car wash two weeks ago.

I was trying to spot where that car wash was meant to be.

I have to admit, nothing seemed familiar from the couple of shots I’d seen of the car parked in it, post-executions.


So on the one hand, I was wondering, again, if that news story was even real….

And on the other, I was staring very hard at a dummy dressed in a black tracksuit stood right next to the road, that was giving off ‘terrorist’ vibes – until I realised it was just advertising the clothing store a few meters behind it.

(Arabs like to put their wares out by the side of the road…. It’s a ‘thing’ in Huwara and elsewhere, and sometimes, I have even seen really gross decapitated, half-skinned cow heads hanging up to entice customers into the local butchers….)


Point is, it’s so hard to know what’s true at the moment.

How much to engage with, and how much to ignore.

How much is credible, and how much is flat-out lies, designed to manipulate and control.


Let’s end with this, that a reader sent me this morning querying what I thought about it – is this just more lies?!

The piece was on the Jpost, entitled:

Turkish Outlet Links Chabad to Mossad, LGBT support in Northern Cyprus

Here’s a screenshot:


Dastardly lies told by ‘Iranian-funded’ extremists in Turkey?

Or touching on a truth none of us really want to look at too closely?

You decide.


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19 replies
  1. AK
    AK says:

    Some say that the masses have waken up. Totally not true. They are still as brainwashed as they wer 3 years ago. The powers to be know that. It is all part of the plan.

  2. Simon
    Simon says:

    Some people at my school (not very many) still wear the covid mask…
    It really doesn’t seem humans have learned very much over the course of 5784 years of history.
    But God will send us redemption, may it be soon, amen.

  3. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    I don’t think people will fall for the scam massively if things stay the way they are but if things change and many people fall ill or die G-d forbid from the effect of the death shots they’ve already piled up and accumulated within their immune systems… then it’s going to be another fear and panic meltdown all over the world as this new pandemic is unleashed and the unvaxxed not the vaxxed are blamed for the new outbreak…

    the slime already knew that by the winter of 2023 this would be happening and thus they are slowly amping up the background noise to the propaganda mills producing another worldwide “emergency”… I hope I’m wrong… but I don’t think that I am… so truth.out unfortunately…

  4. האיש
    האיש says:


  5. Simon
    Simon says:


    I don’t know what God’s gonna do with me…
    I’ve stopped, but does God just “forget” all that iniquity for nothing?..

    Both options regarding whether or not Rav Berland (may he live long days and years) gets to Uman sound alright, so I just prayed to God to do whatever’s best.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      God is going to forgive you, for as long as you keep Him in the picture, and you just keep the relationship going and DON’T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF.

      Rabbenu taught that even if he did the worse sin in the world, he would still just cry out to Hashem about it – and then continue serving Him, to the best of his ability.

      We are all flawed humans, we all have struggles and bad middot that overwhelm us.

      The only difference between a ‘tzaddik’ and a ‘rasha’, really, is that the tzaddik admits all the times he’s not perfect, and doesn’t pretend he’s got nothing to fix – and then stands back up again and serves God, each time he falls down.

  6. Rivka Levy
    Rivka Levy says:

    Thanks to everyone for the mazal tovs!

    I really appreciate it.

    Sometimes, I forget there are real people reading this blog…. it’s nice to connect over some good news close to home.


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