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Yesterday morning, me and my husband went for a tiyul in the Shomron.

One of my kids is there a lot, and I spent Rosh Hashana up a hill close to Itamar, and I actually really loved the scenery there.

So, yesterday I dragged my husband to go and look at some of the new projects that are going on all over in the Shomron.

They are building new stuff in Ofra, Shiloh, Eli, Ma’aleh Levona, Itamar, Elon Moreh – all over!

We drove through Huwara on the way into Itamar, and saw the new ‘bypass’ road they are currently building, that skirts the town, and should be ready sometime in 2024, BH.

We drove through Huwara on the way out of Itamar, too, and then decided to detour to Ariel, to get some lunch.


Huwara seemed pretty quiet to me both times, going through.

One side was relatively fast driving, the other side was a bit jammed up, and we were stuck in a small queue with a bunch of Palestinian cars, waiting to go around the roundabout.

I felt a bit uncomfortable. But only a bit. I’ve been through Huwara a bunch of times the last few months, and one of my kids drives that road a few times a week.


So, we’re sitting eating our hummus and pita, when the Arab guy who served us starts talking about a pigua – a terror attack – that just happened right next to Ariel.

What happened? I asked him.

Two people just got shot in Huwara, he told me. Don’t go back to Jerusalem that way.


In the car, I tried to phone a kid to give me more details, but no-one picked up.

I knew my ‘Shomronista’ was home in Jerusalem, so at least that was one thing I wasn’t worrying about.

(Of course, a bunch of people have recently been killed in Jerusalem too… but your mind kind of ‘compartmentalises’ all this stuff, because otherwise you go bonkers.)

It’s only when I got home, and then read about the two brothers shot dead at point-blank range in the middle of Huwara, 20 minutes after we’d just driven through it, that I started to feel a little shakey.


Let’s back up a minute, and just explain that when I’m having that ‘discussion’ about the appropriate way of dealing with terrorists and people who are out to kill Jews, it’s not theoretical for me.

I live here, right on the seam of East Jerusalem.

Two guys got shot literally a 10 minute walk away from me, three weeks ago.

One of my kids is in the Shomron all the time, together with a whole bunch of her friends.

She has friends getting engaged to ‘Hilltop Youth’ who are literally doing time in prison, for the crime of puncturing the tyre of a Palestinian car….

We’ve been having some very hard discussions about ‘price tag events’, and how they just play into the hands of the authorities, and it’s close to home for everyone, because we live here, in Israel, and this discussion is not ‘theoretical’.

Anything but.


For months and months, I’ve been telling my Shomronista that this ‘right wing government’ are all snakes, all doing the bidding of the US and the European ‘controllers’, to get laws in place in Israel that will enable them to really come down on ‘terrorists’ hard.

No, not the Abu Mazens and the Yasser Arafats, silly.

The real terrorists – ‘climate change terrorists’, and ‘covid-denier terrorists’, and ‘anyone who is against totalitarian government’ terrorists.

I.e., you and me.

For months and months, my Shomronista has been arguing hard against that.

But today, something changed.


Yesterday, there was a big protest in Huwara, with residents of the Shomron apparently burning down buildings and cars there.

Here’s a snippet from the government propaganda outlet called Arutz 7:

Palestinian Authority media outlets, including WAFA, claim that hundreds of Jews rioted in Huwara Sunday night, torching some 50 cars and more than 15 buildings.

Roughly 380 locals were injured and one person was killed, according to the reports.


Believe me, I’m also totally sickened by the murder yesterday.

It was very close to home.

But this response is totally just playing into the hands of ‘the controllers’, who send these Arabs out to do what they do – with the full backing of our government, military, and secret services – just so they can turn us all against each other, start a civil war between Jews, and get more of their disgusting ‘laws’ on the books, that will ONLY be used against believing Jews, especially ‘the Hilltop Youth’.

How can I say something  like this?


Every square inch approaching Huwara from all directions has a ton of army and ‘magavnikim’.

Yesterday, there was no secret that there was going to be a demonstration of the Jews in and near Huwara.

These demonstrations have also happened in the past.

But this time, ALL THE SOLDIERS AND MILITARY THAT COULD HAVE HELPED KEEP ‘ORDER’ DISAPPEARED, and just let Huwara get trashed in an insane way.

We saw exactly the same thing back in Lod a couple of years’ ago when the ‘right wing government’ also decided it was time to tighten their grip on power with another Arab intifada.

So, they primed the pump, encouraged the Arabs to start rioting – and then told the police to be ANYWHERE except where the riots were going on.

I have first-hand testimony about what went on then, and I wrote about it on my blog.

And they are pulling the same stunt again now.



Because they want laws on the books giving them the right to ‘kill terrorists’ – like ‘covid deniers’ and ‘climate change deniers’ and ‘anyone-who-doesn’t-like-dictatorships’ deniers.

Because they want laws on the books that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for the Supreme Court to ever overturn any law made by the government.

(Think back to track and trace during Covid – that attempt only ‘disappeared’ because it was struck down by our disgustingly corrupt Supreme Court. There are no ‘good guys’ in this picture, only two sets of ‘bad guys’ who are kind of getting in each other’s way, as each tries to grab a bigger piece of the pie.)

And most of all, because they want to turn Jew against Jew, and stoking sinat chinam to the hilt.

Because that’s they only way they can really defeat us.

There is nothing new, under the sun.


Don’t believe me?

Look at this headline, also from Arutz 7, from this morning:


Everything that is happening in Israel now is directed, planned and prompted from the outside forces that are trying to destroy the Jewish people, destroy our Torah, and who are fighting against God and His morality with all their strength.

Don’t fall for it!

All our politicians are bought and paid for, just some hide it better than others.

And also, don’t despair that this is never going to be resolved.

It IT getting resolved, more and more, with each month that passes.

There are more Jews living in the Shomron than ever before, there are more houses being built there all the time, and they just can’t keep us off the holy land that Hashem promised to the Jewish people.

But for our part, we need to continue to make a massive effort to understand that God is behind all this, not ‘the Arabs’.


And to have the emuna that if we continue to do our bit, to work on ourselves – and yes, to move to Eretz Yisrael, the only real home of the Jewish people – all this turns around for the good in the blink of an eye.


Violent Jews with guns don’t scare our enemies – they dafka are encouraging us to play the game on those terms, all the time, so they can demonise us, persecute us, and then pass more laws to either  lock us up forever, or just flat out execute us.

But believing Jews who actually live on the land, keep the Torah, and build strong, flourishing families in the Holy Land?

That’s what keeps them up at night.

And that’s the real battle that is being fought, here.



I’m updating with a few of the posts from Daniel Amram’s Telegram channel.

They round the picture out a little bit more. This one is from two journalists who explained the IDF fired on them, even though they identified upfront as journalists.


It’s hard not to cry when you see the convoy carrying the two murder victims being ‘accompanied’ by all the people standing by the side of Route 60, near Ofra.

But it’s also so beautiful! They aren’t going to win… sooner or later, the beauty of Am Yisrael is going to shine through, and the evil will totally fall.

May Hashem comfort the families, and may this be the last korbanot that is sacrificed by this ‘right wing government’ of ours, for political ends.


6 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I have a very bad feeling about this.

      BH, it will all get sweetened, before they start using this new law against all those ‘Jewish terrorists’ they are already setting this up for.

  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    OMG… on this we have no argument whatsoever. Oy lanu! Evil monsters! Terrible, ein milim. THEY deserve the death penalty: I sure hope they get it, one way or another, the sooner the better! Hashem has His ways….

    Good to know the Shomron is flourishing.B”H it will continue this way.

    But did you see this shiur from the Rav? He talks of a “temporary redemption” now: doesn’t sound like Mashiach, does it? So?…….

    Continue to daven, and daven, and daven, and let’s stop fighting over nonsense: we are all entitled to our opinions, aren’t we?

    LeShanah Habaah BeYerushalayim.

    • Simon
      Simon says:

      I’ll take a temporary redemption over livin’ in a smart city eating GMO cockroaches and synthetic ‘Ever min hachai’ meat by ol’ Billy, watching alien invasion fear-porn and living in a pod with no friends or wife or kids, and being forceably a transgender androgyne cyborg with graphene oxide for blood and iron bars for bones, being made of iron and clay like in Nevuchadnetzar’s dream (the giant statue’s feet).
      Whether the final or a temporary redemption, either way gets us outta this ‘sticky situation’.

  2. Malka
    Malka says:

    These monsters can choose any state in the world, but they want NWO HQ in Jerusalem! I learnt from your comments a lot. Agree with all you said. Amen!


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