I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday whose husband is going to Uman, BH.

She was telling me how there is some ‘fear’ around making that trip – for both of them – and I totally understood what she was saying.

Even before ‘the war’ in Ukraine, and even before ‘Covid’, going to Uman has always been attended by deep feelings of uncertainty and fear.

When you are travelling to a big Tzaddik, a Tzaddik HaEmet, the journey is never simple and never ‘easy’.

Because it’s the journey that makes the vessel to recieve all the blessings.

And so, the journey itself is fraught with obstacles and difficulties – most of which are 100% in our own heads.


Anyway, she was looking through a book written about how Shuvu Banim fought to keep access open to Kever Yosef all those years ago, when Ehud Barak was trying to ‘give away’ most of biblical Israel.

(As David Ben Gurion had done before him, with his agreement with Jordan’s King Abdullah to ‘give Jordan Jerusalem’, in return for the Galil.)

And in that book, she found a letter that Rav Berland wrote to his students, describing the ‘fear’ attached to travelling to the true Tzaddikim like Yosef HaTzaddik – and how the main ikker is to fear nothing and nobody, except Hashem.

She sent me a scan of it here:





The first line says:

Fear is the biggest issur (forbidden thing)…

And it’s akin to practising avodah zara, to believe, God forbid, that there is any other ‘force’ in the world, other than the Creator.


Ein od Milvado.

When we overcome our fear of going to Uman, or Joseph’s Tomb – of more plandemics, whatever it is – we actually reveal our belief that Hashem is the Only Force in the world.

And then, the evil falls all by itself.


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  1. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    so wrong… david hamelech overcame his people’s fear of goliot and went out to face him… goliath did not fall all by himself… david had to fight him felling him with a stone and then lopped off his head…

    even the bnai yisroel at yam suf too afraid to fight paro and his army in combat like Hashem preferred them to do had to at least in plan b plunge into the sea before Hashem would make it split to rescue them and cause the egyptians to drown…

    we always have to participate in someway physically not just spiritually in order to defeat and uproot evil… Hashem is not going to just simply topple our enemies for us if we’re too scared to confront them for ourselves with at least a modicum of effort and resolve on the actual geographic and real life battlefield… truth.out…

  2. adelle
    adelle says:

    here is likutei tefilot #76, a tefilah reb nosson wrote on davening to be with the true tzadikim on rosh hashana. it’s based on rebbe nachman’s lesson likutei moharan 221.

    LM 211: https://breslov.org//wp-content/uploads/2013/08/RoshHaShanah.pdf

    LT 76 in english: https://breslov.org/a-prayer-for-rosh-hashanah/

    LT 76 in hebrew: https://he.wikisource.org/wiki/%D7%9C%D7%99%D7%A7%D7%95%D7%98%D7%99_%D7%AA%D7%A4%D7%99%D7%9C%D7%95%D7%AA_%D7%97%D7%9C%D7%A7_%D7%90_%D7%AA%D7%A4%D7%99%D7%9C%D7%94_%D7%A2%D7%95

  3. מצדיק נסתר
    מצדיק נסתר says:

    ראש השנה האחרון תשפ”ד??? גילוי מסעיר מצדיק נסתר
    – הרב יעקב ישראל זיסהולץ מוצ”ש ט”ז אלול תשפ”ג
    שאומר שעד סוכות תשפ”ד זה זמן הגאולה
    זוהר חדש פרשת בלק דף סח עמוד ב, בזוהר מתוק מדבש עמוד תקמו – תקמז

  4. Simon
    Simon says:

    “Writings Of Strengthening From The Genius And Righteous One, Rav Eliezer Berland, May He Live Long Days”
    Which are to strengthen the journeyers to prostrate on the graves of righteous men, and were printed in the brochure “The Sun Stood in Givon”:

    Be strong and courageous in the ways you choose[?], and fear is the biggest forbidden thing, and it’s akin to practicing idolatry, to believe that there is, God forbid, any other force in the world other than Him, may He be blessed. And what is most atoning for a person is the experience of fear that comes from time to time because of wrongdoing, and the correction by overcoming the fear and by atoning for the wrongdoings that caused the fear and canceling all the authorities of the ST”A that frighten the person as if they were also permitted, God forbid,”

    That’s as far as I got.

  5. Nahman
    Nahman says:

    Letters of encouragement from Rabbi Eliezer Barland, shlita, who strengthened those traveling to visit the graves of the righteous and were printed in the booklet: ‘שמש בגבעון דום׳ ‘Shemesh BeGiv’on Dom.’
    Be strong and courageous on the paths you have chosen, as fear is the greatest prohibition according to the secret. It is akin to idol worship, believing there is another authority in the world besides the blessed one.
    What atones most for a person is overcoming fear, which arises from sins. The remedy is to overcome fear and nullify all the authorities of the Satan that frighten people, as they have no true existence. Every time you travel, read in advance
    ‘זי הלכות הרשאה גי כ”א דף ק’, and also study תורה קנייד בלקוטי מוהר”ן”. Fear weakens heroes, and the nations of the world are weak because every Jew walks with G.od, and the Shechinah precedes him. Before embarking on a journey, seek permission like a King’s officer, and also receive permission from the great and righteous ones, in whose authority you travel, as they are the authority of G.od. It’s known that Yehoshua bin Nun, who defeated all the Amorite kings, said, “Sun, stand still at Giveon, and moon, in the valley of Ayalon.” He guards all those who come to him so that no harm befalls them from any person in the world. All who hate will turn to love, and the year 5762 is the guematria of (762) בגימטריא קדושה (415) ושלוה (347) = 762 holiness (415) and peace (347) = 762, and there is no fear in traveling. You can travel every two days without fear of enemies or obstacles. G.od watches over us by the merit of Yehoshua bin Nun, the warrior of Yisrael.

    With the blessings of the Torah, Eliezer Barland.

  6. Simon
    Simon says:

    Heliocentrist based.

    Nishimura: either like NaShaMah (like breath), or like ShaMaR (to guard)
    God has let me be good at seeing the Hebrew root words in various things.


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