picture of Auschwitz train tracks
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The Third-and-a-Half Reich

What really happened to all those elite Nazi scientists, generals and spies, after World War II? A little while ago, I found myself obsessing over what had happened to all those thousands upon thousands of Yemenite children who were stolen…

Hey Shlomo, Explain This

Rabbi Berland's Aura is Captured on Film Again. Shlomo, the YWN Bot with a tendency to repeat himself over and over and over again wanted 'compelling evidence' that Rabbi Berland is a tzaddik. There's no point arguing with Bots - they can't…
haredi man standing facing the Wailing Wall
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Blue and White's Enemy #1: Rabbi Berland

Blue and White's Yoaz Handel complains in the Knesset that the police aren't doing 'enough' about Rabbi Berland. When I tell people that Rabbi Berland was deliberately framed by a bunch of secular-minded politicians, policemen and bureaucrats…
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Logic vs Emuna

For the last 20-something years, my arguments with my husband have progressed along the same, well-worn path. I state something that to his ears sounds fantastic, unbelievable, incredible, and sooner or later, he tries to close the argument…
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Talking To God

A few weeks’ ago, I got an invitation to come see a private screening of a film called Talking to God. I haven’t been to a movie for somewhere around 12 years…. so of course I said ‘yes’. Hey, I get to do something Rabbenu related…
Israeli flag
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What really happened to the Yemenite children?

Israel has also been afflicted by 'Deep State' problems since its inception. One of my writer friends is thinking about doing a book about the Yemenite Children (brave lady!) after she met a taxi driver here whose sister went missing in the…