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Tzaddik Power

Connecting back to the Tzaddikim - alive and dead - makes all the difference. Thursday afternoon, I said to my husband: Please, let’s try to book a zimmer in Tsfat. We’ll take cold meat and make sandwiches, or something, but I urgently…
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First, they came for Rav Berland

How different things would look now, if more of us had woken up then. Ah, dear readers. I’m waking up feeling so very soul-tired at the moment. It’s a little hard to get out of bed, it’s a little difficult to get on with the day ahead. If…
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Coping strategies

How to cope with the madness? That's is the real question, isn't it? Because while even a few weeks ago, I was still getting a lot of stick for coming up with weird 'conspiracy theories' suggesting that Bibi, and the Israeli health ministry…
coronavirus rules for using a park
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The new abnormal

As the ‘new normal’ kicks in, I can’t buck the feeling that this is anything BUT normal. Israel is now coming out of its totally retarded, OTT ‘lockdown’, and some semblance of ‘normal life’ is returning. For the last few days,…

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The 'news' is bought and paid for

Rabbi Pinto recently put out a new message where he warned people very starkly to stay away from the media. You can read the full translation of his words HERE, or see him saying it yourself, in the original Hebrew, in the video below: ==== https://youtu.be/QgFKOMlKxyQ ==== Here's…