Shadow of a man on the ancient walls of Jerusalem

Defining 'lockdown' in Israel

Confusion reigns about what is actually happening. All week, Israeli officials have been hinting that we're going to go into a full-blown lockdown where Israeli Home Command will be delivering food straight to the doorstep, and people will…

Rabbi Berland sweetened it today

Just a quick post, to say that yesterday evening, Wednesday March 18th, 2020, the panic was starting to really swell here in Israel. Even I was feeling it... Even the tough sephardi guys in Talpiot were starting to crack...Even people who…
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Rejoicing in the face of madness

Day 3 of the partial lockdown in Israel, and Baruch Hashem, no-one has (yet) killed anyone in my house. What open miracles! What revealed good! At this stage, it seems to me that the real danger from Covid-19 is not so much the pathological…
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Am Yisrael, Don't be scared!

Today, I read the following signs up at the Kotel: "According to the directives of the Ministry of Health, it is forbidden to kiss the stones of the Western Wall." Every day I go at the moment, there is some fresh madness, some new 'announcement'…
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Back in Mitzrayim

Thirteen days ago, I decided I was going to pray at the Kotel for 40 consecutive days, for the hatzlacha of a particular person. I thought the main challenge would be finding the energy to shlep up there every day – it’s exactly a half…
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Corona starts to bite

The picture in Israel has changed radically over the last few days. We're now looking at a partial lockdown straight in the face. Already, the cafes, restaurants and malls in Jerusalem and across Israel are meant to be closed. They've closed…