The truth
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The saga continues

Well, yesterday turned up a treasure trove of new information on 'real Jewish history'. It's no coincidence that as the Rav is getting out, more and more of this information is starting to come to light. It's all connected. It's that…
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Unpicking the Protocols

I've been getting nudged for weeks now, to take a look at 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion'. For some reason, I've been pushing it off, probably because I have a feeling it's going to open another whole can of worms. But, we can't live…
Take me to the moon
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Take me to the moon

Ya know, a long time ago one of my readers told me the NASA landing on the moon was faked. When I first heard that (oh OK, it wasn't just the first time I heard that. I was in denial at least the first 28 times I heard that) - I considered…
corrupt politicians
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The Edelstein connection

Did you know that Yuli Edelstein's father-in-law is a big funder of Ezra LeMarpeh? Yuli Edelstein is the State of Israel's 'Health' Minister. In recent months, he's gone full-on hysterical health dictator, coming out with proposals for measures…
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Rav Berland is freed to house arrest

UPDATE #2: I just got this via email: B"h the full amount was raised. We are waiting for final documents to be signed by both sides. The Rav will still need to pay approx 150 thousand shekel monthly for the guards and security team. But for…
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Slaves to Money - Part 4

So many Portuguese conversos 'morphed' into elitist Ashkenazi bankers. And also, 'ashkenazi' rabbis and Av Beit Dins. Which is kinda shocking - to me - because remember that these Portuguese conversos had for the most part been living as…