Cartoon of an angler fish using 'click bait' to entice a naive reader (fish)
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Click Bait

Sometimes, a picture speaks a thousand words. Definition of clickbait : something (such as a headline) designed to make readers want to click on a hyperlink especially when the link leads to content of dubious value or interest. "It…
Text of the prayer to make aliya against a picture of the Kotel
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Prayer to Move to Israel

Rabbi Berland's New Prayer to Move to Israel. So many of the people I'm in touch with want to move to Israel, but feel totally petrified about the whole idea of uprooting their whole lives, and trying to plonk them down again in a totally different…
Picture of the Statue of Liberty
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Moshe Rabbenu Hits Monsey

Did you ever stop to wonder how Moshe Rabbenu would go down in Monsey? “Shlomie! Shlomie! You gotta hear this! Some guy in a frock just showed up in the beis medrash, and told everyone he’s the Moshiach!!!” Shlomie heaved his stomach…
Glass door with 'yes we are open' sign
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A Visit From Susannah

I opened the door to find Susannah standing there: "I have cancer," she told me. One day a few months’ ago, there was a buzz at the door. I opened it up to find a scrawny old woman dressed in the lightest of summer dresses standing on my…
Sun rising over shallow picture of green plants in the field
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Who Is Really Holding Up The Geula?

Who are the people who are really preventing the geula from coming the sweet way? You should know something: I never wanted my blog to be a ‘geula blog’. I have a lot more stuff I like to talk about, and write about, and discuss about,…
Poster of Rabbi Arush standing next to a Garden of Emuna
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Rabbi Shalom Arush needs our help

Help to keep Rabbi Arush and Chut Shel Chesed Yeshiva going. Yesterday, I got an email from someone I know from way back when, during the time my husband and I were a part of Rabbi Shalom Arush's…