Front cover of One in a Generation Volume 2
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Rav Berland predicted the Colombo attacks weeks in advance

How Eliezer ben Etia - aka Rabbi Berland - predicted the Colombo attacks. Over on, they just posted up a video with English subtitles where you can clearly here Rabbi Berland talking about Colombo, Sri Lanka, and urging his followers…
First Aid Case
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An excellent, balanced article on vaccines

Again, let me state for the record: I'm not 'anti' vaccines, per se, not least because Rebbe Nachman was pro the smallpox vaccine, and he for sure knew what he was talking about. At the same time, Rebbe Nachman was also - vehemently - anti doctor,…
Israeli flag
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More Rebbe Nachman on Israel

Rebbe Nachman spoke a great deal about the lofty spiritual level of the land of Israel. After I wrote Rebbe Nachman on making aliyah to Israel, Rachel wanted to know where Rebbe Nachman specifically praised the greatness of the land. So here…
White cup with the word 'begin' on it, to link to the idea of judaism purpose of life
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Judaism: The Purpose of Life

As seems to happen every single time I get a book out, the last week or so I’ve suddenly ‘flopped’ energetically and lost sight of what the real purpose of life is. True, my nocturnal teenagers aren’t helping things any, but the truth…

An uncomfortable history lesson

American White Supremacism An uncomfortable history lesson. On July 4th, 1776 the famous American Declaration of Independence was signed. It states, amongst other things:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created…
cease fire
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Cease Fire

Yesterday, I got a text telling me that Rabbi Berland, aka Eliezer ben Etia, was heading out to Ashdod. Rabbi Berland was going there after the evening prayers to go to the city square there, and recite the Tikkun Haklali seven times to “stop…