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American Anti-Semitism and The Turner Diaries

Forty years ago, on the eve of Pesach, 1979 (April 12th), a young Jewish man named Steven Finkelstein was found horrifically mutilated and dead, at the base of Haystack Rock, off the Oregon coast. Haystack Rock measures around 300 foot tall,…
The rockets return
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The rockets return

Here in Jerusalem, we had a very quiet, restful Shabbat. My oldest was down South, very close to where we used to live, with her Ulpana having a Shabbat away. She didn't have a restful Shabbat at all - there were sirens and booms all day,…

Spring cleaning

Well, this is the new look for Whaddya think? I know that all the comments got deleted in the move, and I wasn't expecting that to happen, so apologies. I guess that new starts sometimes take us by surprise in a whole bunch…
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Rebbe Nachman on making aliya to Israel

I wrote this post two weeks before the shooting in the Poway shul in San Diego, but didn't get a chance to put it up. Violent anti-semitism is shooting through the roof all over the world at the moment, and the question we have to ask is why? Sure,…
Front cover of One in a Generation Volume 2
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A thoughtful review of One in a Generation #2

A thoughtful review of the biography of Rabbi Berland, aka Eliezer ben Etia, One in a Generation #2. I’m still officially taking it easy throughout the rest of Pesach, but I just got emailed a great review of Volume II of One in a Generation:…
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Pesach in the Land of Money

Like Alice Through the Looking Glass, somehow a malfunction occurred in my Pesach outing plans, and I ended up tripping through the glass into the Land of Money*. We wound up at this swanky, newly-built apartment complex overlooking the Mediterranean…