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Rejoicing in the face of madness

Day 3 of the partial lockdown in Israel, and Baruch Hashem, no-one has (yet) killed anyone in my house. What open miracles! What revealed good! At this stage, it seems to me that the real danger from Covid-19 is not so much the pathological…
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Am Yisrael, Don't be scared!

Today, I read the following signs up at the Kotel: "According to the directives of the Ministry of Health, it is forbidden to kiss the stones of the Western Wall." Every day I go at the moment, there is some fresh madness, some new 'announcement'…
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Back in Mitzrayim

Thirteen days ago, I decided I was going to pray at the Kotel for 40 consecutive days, for the hatzlacha of a particular person. I thought the main challenge would be finding the energy to shlep up there every day – it’s exactly a half…
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Corona starts to bite

The picture in Israel has changed radically over the last few days. We're now looking at a partial lockdown straight in the face. Already, the cafes, restaurants and malls in Jerusalem and across Israel are meant to be closed. They've closed…
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Strange days

In ten days time, I’m meant to be flying out of Israel to go to my brother’s batmitzvah celebration in London. I spoke to him a couple of days ago, and I told him I don’t think I’m coming. Israel had just announced that anyone coming…
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The Corona Virus Purim Shpiel

Yesterday, I was talking to my brother in the UK, who kind of summed up what’s going on: Half of me feels like this is an overhyped load of b*llocks, and half of me feels that this is way, way worse than we’re being told and is going to…