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Making a difference

This is going to be a mish-mash post. Like so many of you, dear readers, I'm also struggling a bit to manage the ongoing madness that is life in 'Corona-world'. For example, this week we were trying to finalise the mortgage approval, that…

Take the mask off, as much as possible

Personally, I'm really struggling with the mask thing. I'll keep this short, as I have a lot of stuff I'm working on at the moment, but the whole mask thing is REALLY difficult for me. I literally can't breathe in it, and I have a 5 minute…
shadow government
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Hidden in plain view

I was just going through my files for One In A Generation #3, when I found this. It's one of the last things written by former CIA operative William Cooper, before he was killed in a shoot-out with law enforcement back in 2001. Cooper is…
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Hitting the wall

In every marathon, there comes a point where we 'hit the wall'. In running parlance, it's that moment when you literally feel like you've totally run out of energy, and you can't continue a second longer. There's a bunch of technical explanations…
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COVID stats for Dummies

I know everyone's brain is fried out, so let's make this as simple as possible. Today, the Ynet website reported that the State of Israel has now conducted more than a million COVID-19 tests. ==== This is a crucial piece of information. Over…
woman on a mission
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Stupid words

Rabbenu famously taught that even 'stupid words' - mila de'shtuta - have a spiritual value. It's slow posting on the blog at the moment, for a few different reasons. I'm collecting the material for OIAG3, and that is taking a lot of time (and…