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My Chanuka Prayer

This year, I want us all to come back together. The last four days, I’ve been squiring my 11 year old niece – and her mum – around a whole bunch of different sites in Israel, in preparation for her upcoming batmitzvah. We went to Kever…
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The camp of compassionate people

It's not easy to give. But the people who most benefit from our generosity is...ourselves. I just wrote a whole, long piece about two families who need some serious help to get their children married off this week. Long story short, they…
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Running away from Napoleon

Yesterday, both my girls were at Haditch. This is the small town in the Ukraine where the Alter Rebbe of Lubavitch passed away and was buried, when he was fleeing Napoleon. While many other of the Chassidic masters of that time had strong…
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The right kind of dreidel

Everything has a deeper reason. Two years ago, the fake 'Yeshiva World' news site ran a shocking!!!! 'expose' into Rabbi Berland spinning a dreidel in the middle of the Maariv prayers. Because Yeshiva World News is written by a bunch of…
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Ugly Emuna

Over Shabbat, I dusted off some of my journals from the last few years, and I had a quick leaf through. What struck me – almost instantly – is how much better my life has got since I found out about Rabbi Eliezer Berland, and took that…
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Closing down the argument

If there’s one thing you can learn from the Gemara, it’s how to discuss things like a mensch. Let me start off by saying I know a volcano exploded in New Zealand with a lot of casualties a few days’ ago. Most people don’t know this,…