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Another bit of the geula puzzle falls into place

For years and years, I've been thinking that 'Armilus' was a Jew, the head of the Erev Rav. But after re-reading the Midrash in Heichalos, I don't think that anymore. Go take a look at some of the sources I discuss on my post about Armilus…
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Connecting Back to Kedusha

Since Rosh Hashana, I’ve just been feeling like I’m bouncing along the bottom, spiritually. And there really isn’t much I can do about that, except not give up and let go. Sukkot continued the theme of me hoping I could attain a spiritual…
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Channel 13 prepares another hatchet job against Rabbi Berland

The media has been unusually quiet in their ongoing campaign against the Rav in recent months. But that's about to change. After two whole months of almost no negative stories about Rabbi Berland, Channel 13 has decided to do an ‘expose’…
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We wish you a merry Succot

Enough with the tinsel, already. Living in a building where almost no-one has a balcony, let alone a balcony that you could build a Succah on, means that as soon as Yom Kippur is over, there is a mad rush to try and grab a spot for your pop-up…
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The good side of Edom

Is the United States of America really the 'good' side of Edom? After going into Yom Kippur in Israel with newspapers blaring headlines that Trump had given permission to Turkey to ‘invade’ Syria (!), I thought it was timely to try to track…
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A good deed before Yom Kippur

I just got this from someone I know personally over email, and if you have some spare ma'aser money, it could really help to save a life: I am asking everyone I know to please help my friend, Bob Ackert, a Chabadnik from Maalot who has been…