Screenshot of Yair Lapid talking to Haredim at Kiryat Ono College
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Yair Lapid on looking after Number 1

WATCH: Yair Lapid gave this speech in 2011, before he even entered politics. Why am I bringing a 25 minute talk by Yair Lapid, from 2011? Because it explains so, so much of what's really going…
Screenshot of R Glazerson Torah Code showing the word 'Messiah' next to E. Berland three times

The Censored Message from Dani18

The last censored message from Dani18. It’s been a funny few weeks, hasn’t it? More of the stop and start that seems to be characteristic of this period of time, as we sit here waiting for ‘something’ to happen. Or maybe I should say,…

Please pray for Gavriel ben Inis

He was stabbed this morning by Sha'ar Shechem in the Old City of Jerusalem and is life-threatening but stable condition in hospital. He sounds like one of the 'hidden tzaddikim' from the description of him learning Torah all week and only coming…
Group of three chareidi teens standing praying by the Kotel
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In this together

We're all in this together. You know how I came to realise that so many of my own opinions and attitudes were dripping with sinat chinam, or baseless hatred of my fellow Jew? My teenagers. I know a lot of parents bemoan those polite times…