Poster of Rabbi Arush standing next to a Garden of Emuna
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Rabbi Shalom Arush needs our help

Help to keep Rabbi Arush and Chut Shel Chesed Yeshiva going. Yesterday, I got an email from someone I know from way back when, during the time my husband and I were a part of Rabbi Shalom Arush's…
High contrast shot looking down from the top of a spiral ladder
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Between two worlds

Increasingly, I'm feeling between two worlds at the moment. Rebbe Nachman tells the story[1] of a man who plays host to a strange visitor who he’s half-scared of, and half in awe of. This strange visitor entices him out of his house, and…
Backshot of an orthodox Jewish man standing against the Kotel
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Scared to move to Israel, scared to stay in America

It's getting scarier and scarier in America and chul for Jews - but it's also pretty scary in Israel too. What's a person to do? I got another email from a long-time reader on the topic of moving to Israel, which (with her permission) I’d…
Slide showing: "The Haredim are worse than Hamas"
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How Yeshiva World News is Creating More Anti-Semites

The Jewish media outlets are creating more anti-Semites every day. In a year’s time, or two years’ time, or ten years’ time – however long it’s going to take for this current, horrible period of time to come to its apex and lead to…
Man standing on a very sheer pillar of rock
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Don't Give Up!

I know it's hard to keep going, but don’t give up just yet. If I had to describe the vibe floating around right now, I would call it ‘despairing dissatisfaction’. Everywhere you look, everywhere you turn, there are people giving up on…
A blue thumbs up for 'us', and a red thumbs down for 'them'
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The Enemy Within

Identifying the real enemy within. Back in February 2012, highly popular Israeli journalist Yaron London wrote a piece for the Ynet (fake) news site headlined: Say no to Jewish Hezbollah. In that piece, London compared Israel’s haredi…