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Don’t throw the diamonds back

So there I was, in the middle of one of the most poisonous email exchanges I’ve had in about five years, where my three toxic and mentally-ill correspondents were all vying with each other to see who could say something even nastier, and even…
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How the Erev Rav are connected to personality disorders

How the Erev Rav and personality disorders are connected A little while back, I got a tweet from someone (who knew people actually read those things…) criticizing me for linking ‘mental illness’ to the Erev Rav. As it was a one line…
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The end of the world….again

Recently, I’ve been having some correspondence with a reader about how easy it is to get swept up (and away…) with all the end of days stuff, to the point that you literally stop functioning in this world. That happened to me for around…
Group of three chareidi teens standing praying by the Kotel
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The tests of emuna closer to home

I was pondering something the other day: I can understand how Rav Berland is the last test before Moshiach comes for the Jews who have actually heard of him, but outside of Israel, and outside of the religious Jewish community, there aren’t…
An orthodox Jewish man reading the Torah by the Kotel
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Rebbe Nachman’s teachings on Emunat Tzaddikim

There is are so many outright heretical ideas flying around all over the internet about the topic of ‘faith in the Sages’ or emunat Tzaddikim, that I thought it would be useful to share some of what Rebbe Nachman writes about the subject…
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How to spot a heretic

Rebbe Nachman told us more than 200 years’ ago that the tests of faith (emuna) in the time preceding the coming of Moshiach would be so great, that: “…many will fall away and be evil.” But he continued: “Still, I am revealing this…