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Prachim Nivarchim – the prayers to win ‘the wars of Moshiach’

I pulled together more info about the Rav’s ‘Prachim Nivarchim’.

This info gave me a lot of chizzuk, I have to say, so read on and enjoy!


First of all, this is 10 chapters of Tehillim that make up the ‘Prachim Nivarchim’:

 31, 35, 36, 60, 68, 80, 83, 88, 89, 109.

In the back of the Prachim Nivarchim booklet put out by Shuvu Banim, there is more explanation about what these special 10 chapters actually were, and how they came to be revealed in the world.

There it’s written that:

More than 20 years ago (in the year 5759), Morenu HaRav, shlit’a, revealed the true spiritual level of these 10 chapters of tehillim, to a few of his individual students.

“A year and a half ago, (in the year 5779 [June 2019]), the Rav asked us to print them and to distribute them all over the place. And when we asked the Rav ‘how should we call these chapters?’, he replied: Pirchei Nivarchim.


“Immersing in a mikvah and reciting the Tikkun HaKlali is the rectification that Rebbe Nachman of Breslov revealed, to rectify the sin of of pgam mikreh lilah (nocturnal emissions). On the other hand, the Pirchei Nivarchim save a person from sin… by purifying his thoughts, and removing all the garbage and the tumah (spiritual impurity) and the poison and the ‘rust’ from his mind….

“The words pgam habrit have exactly the same gematria as Pirchei Nivarchim, that take a person out of the pgam and save him from it.


“Rebbe Nachman of Breslov also revealed the Pirchei Nivarchim to Morenu HaRav. This is what we were told by the kabbalist Rabbi David HaKohen of Jerusalem, who said that this is what the Rav told him. (The words Pirchei Nivarchim also have exactly the same gematria as Rabbenu Nachman Mi’Breslov.)


“The 10 chapters of the Tikkun HaKlali are equated to the 10 fingers of the Sixth Beggar, who is called the beggar ‘who has no hands’; he heals the princess who falls into great [spiritual] weakness via the holy niggunim he plays with his hands.

“And these 10 chapters of the Pirchei Nivarchim are equated to the 10 toes of the Seventh Begger, who is called the beggar ‘who has no feet’. He heals the prince who has totally fallen away from his emuna, via his dancing and jumping with his holy legs.


“The Pirchei Nivarchim are very beneficial for helping a person to make teshuva over his very difficult sins, and help a person to rediscover his emuna, and to renew his joy and enthusiasm for serving Hashem.

“The Pirchei Nivarchim help a person to rectify all of his gilgulim (previous lives), back to the sin of Adam HaRishon.


“Moranu HaRav told us that each person should say these chapters at least once a week, and on another occasion, he said ‘on Shabbat’.

“On another occasion, the Rav told us that we need to recite these chapters [because] ‘Chapters of tehillim [fight] against machloket.’ It seems thus, because they talk about all the battles that the Tzaddik had with his enemies and persecutors, both spiritually and physically.

“And so, reading them protects a person and saves him from going against the True Tzaddikim, and also gives the Tzaddik strength to win all his battles…


“Many thousands of people across the whole country and around the whole world received these Pirchei Nivarchim, and are reading them regularly. Many of them told us that they experienced tremendous rejuvenation, from reading these chapters.


Ok, so far so good.

Now, look what I found on the RavBerland.com site, when I was looking for more stuff about Meron,

The below comes from an interview with someone who met a ‘hidden tzaddik’ praying next to Rashbi, a few hours before [someone] decided they were going to kill a bunch of people at Meron, on L’ag B’omer two years ago.

These are the words of Yisrael Meir:

I got to Meron for Lag B’Omer.  As we know, this isn’t a simple time.  This is one of the exalted moments, the revelation of the true Tzaddik.  So I needed to go to the field to do hisbodedut, to prepare…  In the field I saw a Jew holding the Tikkun Klali and saying it word for word and his eyes were spilling forth tears like a faucet.  I’ve never seen such a saying of Tehilim.

“I continued to do hisbodedus on the mountain.  After a half hour, I saw him still saying the Tikkun Klali and crying, apparently saying it several times.  After an hour, he was still saying the I and crying.  You don’t see things like that. 

“I did more hisbodedus and asked Hashem to merit to speak to this tzaddik….Suddenly after about 15 minutes, the man approached me, and called me by my name, Yisrael Meir.”


Yisrael Meir continues:

“I asked him how he knows my name.  He answered that he knows, it’s ok.  ‘You prayed that you wanted to speak to me.  In Heaven, they accepted your prayer.’  I got excited and asked him, what does a person need to pray for now in Meron?.  He answered: We need to pray that Rav Berland makes it to Meron.”

At this point, the interviewer on the Breslov line asked Yisrael Meir if this mystery man knew beforehand that he was a follower of Rav Berland.

Yisrael Meir replied:

“I didn’t tell him anything; he said by himself!  I asked him from where he knows Rav Berland?  He said that he doesn’t know him personally, but they have a spiritual connection. Then, I asked him how one can merit to say the Tikkun Klali like him, with all those tears?

“That’s when he told me: ‘If you knew what’s going to happen here in a few more hours, you would also cry like that.’  I asked him what is going to happen, but he didn’t answer.  He only said that if you knew what was going to happen here you would also cry like that.’

“So I asked him: ‘What can be done?’ And told me: If Rav Berland will come here, everything will be OK.’

After the fact, it was revealed, that when he was saying the Tikkun Klali, it was in the field opposite the place of the tragedy.”


But the conversation with this hidden Tzaddik didn’t end there. He continued to talk with Yisrael Meir, and told him that he was praying for Rav Berland, and that all the other hidden tzaddikim were also praying for him, every day.

Yisrael Meir contniued: “He told me that every day in Heaven, they announce that he is the Tzaddik of the generation.  Every generation has a tzaddik who is an aspect of Moshe, and then there are the other tzaddikim.

“He told me that the hidden tzaddikim recite the Tikkun Haklali several times a day, for the success of Rav Berland.  If all the Jewish people would join the prayers, they could sweeten all the decrees that there are, and prevent endless tears from the Jewish people, since Rav Berland fights above in Heaven with all his strength for the Jewish people.”


Yisrael Meir continued:

“[The hidden tzaddik] also spoke of the importance of saying the Tikkun HaKlali for Rav Berland at least once every day. And whoever is able to, that they should say as many as possible.  In Heaven, when people pray for Rav Berland, this is considered to be one of the most exalted things….

“If everyone gathers together to pray, then everyone multiples everyone else, like Rebbe Nachman revealed in the secret of the joining of the houses — the prayer is something else completely.  When a person prays with other people, this multiplies it’s power by billions.


“He said that Mashiach is already found amongst us in this world, and is working awesome things.  In the meantime, this is hidden until the time of his revelation arrives.  The tzaddikim know who this is and know that Mashiach is making things happen….”


“There is a secret amongst the hidden tzaddikim, but because we are close to his coming and Mashiach needs the strength of the Jewish people, it’s therefore possible to reveal the secret.

We’re talking about an order of chapters of Tehilim which King David said about all the wars which he went through. He went through endless wars all of his life spiritually and physically.


“The chapters which the hidden tzaddikim say for the success of Mashiach: 31, 35, 36, 60, 68, 80, 83, 88, 89, 109.

If we intend in prayer to give strength to Mashiach, he receives from this awesome strength. Because the power of Mashiach is the spiritual power that he needs to receive from us, as is written in chapter 2 in Likutey Moharan, that the main weapon of Mashiach is prayer.


Yesterday, I was talking to a friend of mine who has been feeling kinda ‘down’ and heavy the last few weeks.

There has been a lot of ‘din’ in the air, this Sefirat HaOmer, and many of us can mamash feel it.

So, she ended up getting her tickets for Meron from Ido HaNavi, and while she was there, she spent a few minutes at the Rav’s prayers, and said a Tikkun Haklali. She told me she started to feel so much better and lighter afterwards.

That’s also my experience – that’s why I try to get to the Rav 3-4 times a week, to join the prayers, because they literally give me koach, and lighten things up, and help me to feel way happier and ‘balanced’ again.


I’m a very practical person, in many ways.

Life is too short to follow spiritual practices and ‘advice from Tzaddikim’ that doesn’t work in the real world, to give koach, and patience, and emuna, and inner contentment.

That’s how I got into Breslov, and following Rabbenu’s advice to do things like an hour a day of hitbodedut, in the first place.

And the Rav’s ‘etzot’ can be summed up as accepting bizyanot and humiliation with love, as that ‘cleans up’ a ton of judgments relatively easily (if you can accept the bizyanot..) and also, to dance, clap and sing the judgements away.

It sounds strange, I know.

But – it works.

And bottom line, that’s really all I care about.


BTW – it seems to me that things here around the ‘Judicial Reform almost civil war’ are also getting radically sweetened.

Five people and a dog whistle showed up to block the roads on the ‘day of paralysis’ yesterday – i.e. it flopped badly.

Thousands of the good-hearted, but misguided people on the left apparently got totally sickened by their leadership hijacking ‘Memorial Day’ for political ends last week, and are now staying away in droves from the demonstrations.

Slowly, slowly, all the brainwashing is dissolving all over the place here.

BH, I also hope that phenomenon will spread to the ‘right’ too, which is where a lot of good-hearted, but misguided people are hanging out, still thinking that Otzma Yehudit is the answer to our problems….

Here’s hoping.




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