Once you start to understand that all our news is ‘propaganda’, you can actually start to learn some very interesting things from it.


Let me walk you through a quick example, of how all this works and how it’s all connected.

First, over on the Rationalist Judaism blog (where ‘rationalist’ can also be spelt ‘atheist’), there was a weird puff piece for the big friend of xtians in the Holyland, R Eliezer Melamed, screenshot from HERE:


It’s the kind of advertising that money just can’t buy….Apparently.

On the old blog, I wrote a lot about R Melamed. Here’s some of the snippets that are pertinent:

Marcos D Katz was one of the State of Israel’s main arms dealers.

We can agree, that line of business is rarely pursued by ‘tzaddikim’. Ahem.

He subsequently set up a ‘charitable foundation’ called the Adina and Marcos D Katz Foundation, which has a tendency to give large cash prizes to all sorts of people in the religious world, who then pop up as best friends of xtians, or espousing ideas that you tend to hear from ‘Reform rabbis’ – just packaged more slickly for the orthodox crowd.

In 2019, Eliezer Melamed was awarded their prize.

No-one knows for what, exactly.


My kids and their dati-leumi schoolmates were taught a lot of their ‘halacha’ based on Melamed’s ‘Peninei Halacha’ series.

I lost count of the number of times they would come out with strange, even disturbing ‘halachot’ that just sounded totally off to me.

So when this happened, back in July 2022, let’s just say I wasn’t shocked:


Birds of a feather flock together.

Especially when you’re dealing with the secret Sabbatean-Frankist-Reformers, who have taken over the Jewish community.

Over the last three year, I’ve learnt to keep a watchful eye on all the self-serving propaganda they spew out, because while it can seem as though it’s all just random, and not really connected – that’s not the case.

We are being manipulated and brain-washed 24/7, as one hand writes blogs and articles to ‘whitewash’ the other, and continue to sow confusion and doubt amongst the Jewish people.


So this morning, I noticed this article by Melamed on the Arutz 7 website, which struck me as pretty strange:



Conversions are a very hot topic, in the State of Israel.

The Sabbatean-Frankist-Reformers are trying 24/7 to make the conversion laws so watered down and ridiculous and ‘unhalachic’, that it will sow massive problems for Am Yisrael for the next 6000 years….

So, it’s always interesting to follow which tool of the State is writing what opinion pieces, about this very delicate subject.


And they put a lot of effort into ‘sowing seeds’ which then sprout into public support for evil agendas and policies, after the brainwashing and conditioning has been going on for long enough, under the radar.


Here’s how Melamed begins his article:

The Vienna conversion affair, most of which took place in the winter of 1970, was one of the most difficult polemics on the subject of conversions. Many members of the Haredi public and their rabbis opposed the religious Aliyah activists in the Jewish Agency, accusing them of wholesale conversions in violation of Halakha.

The rabbis who supported these converts also received threats and were persistently attacked. From then on, any rabbi who wanted to support conversions according to the lenient halakhic opinion, had to take into account that the Haredi world would denounce him, and his good name would be irreparably slandered.

Can you spot where all this propaganda is meant to be leading you, yet?


The main guy being whitewashed by Melamed is one Alter Meir Steinmetz, one of the three conversion dayanim working to arrange the quickie conversions for the Jewish Agency in Vienna.

As is my way, I went to look up who this guy is related to, because as I keep telling you, THEY ARE ALL CONNECTED.

And they are ALL CONNECTED to that very small pool of known Sabbateans who later schismed into ‘externally frum Sabbateans’ and ‘externally anti-frum Frankist-Reformer-Zionists.’

But sometimes, they still work together to achieve a particular end that happens to suit all sides of the nefarious Sabbatean agenda.


Whaddya know?

Alter Meir Steinmetz has some very illustrious yichus.

The Steinmetz side descends doubly from the TAZ, where the children of two of his sons married each other, as Sabbateans were wont to do.

We already ascertained HERE, very clearly, that the TAZ’s family became some of the most ardent supporters of false messiah Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH, after the TAZ’s step son and son met him in Turkey.

On that front, I just got sent this photo by a friend who saw it in Warsaw’s Polin Museum, as part of their exhibition on the Sabbatean-Frankists:


It’s at least very possible that these ‘Polish rabbis’ depicting bowing their heads to Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH above are the selfsame son and step-son of the TAZ.

Point is: so many of the TAZ’s descendants became very big followers of Shabtai Tzvi.

And so many of the TAZ’s descendants sparkle prominently, in the secret Sabbatean network that took over the Jewish community, and became our ‘big rabbis’ and ‘big zionist leaders’ and ‘big reform-Frankists’.

And to that very long list, we can now add this Alter Meir Steinmetz, who was busy trying to organise ‘quickie conversions’ for the Jewish Agency in Vienna.


As part of Melamed’s ‘whitewash’ of what was going down in Vienna – presumably, because the State of Israel is about to try the very same thing again, in our times – he brings more of the yichus of R Steinmetz, to prove that the serious allegations made about him, and his beit din in Vienna must be false.

Here’s some of what he says:

Rabbi Alter Meir Steinmetz ztz’l (1909-1997) was born in the town of Borsa in the district of Maramaros in Transylvania.

His family was wealthy, and connected to the Vizhnitz Hasidism. He himself studied under Rabbi Menachem Mendel Hager, the Grand Rebbe of Vishuv, and was even ordained by him as a rabbi.

During his studies with the Rebbe, he lived for about a year in his home, and studied with his son in a chevruta (fellowship). He also studied in yeshivot with Rabbi Mordechai Brisk in Tushand, and Rabbi Eliezer David Greenwald (the ‘Keren L’David’) in Satmar.


On the old blog, I wrote a post called ‘Yair Lapid and the Vizhnitzer Rebbe‘.

Remember this?


Not to belabour the point, but the founders of Vizhnitz chassidut were strong (secret…) Sabbateans.

You can see R Menachem Mendel Hager’s ‘official’, scrubbed, family tree HERE.

He’s meant to descend from one ‘Avraham Weisblum’ like this:



If you had your morning coffee already, you might have noticed some very strange things in this tree.

Not least, that ‘Aryeh Leib Weisblum’ is supposed to have been born 50 years after his own grandson, R Pinchas of Koretz…

Over on the family tree for R Zusya of Annipoli, and the Noam Elimelech – who we already figured out in THIS post are either brothers or nephews or uncles of the notorious ‘Jacob Frank’ – we find this:



‘Aryeh Leib Weisblum’ appears to be the brother of the Noam Elimelech and Rav Zusya.

Why scrub him out?

Maybe Kevin Lawrence Hanit can help to explain what’s going on, here. He’s curating the strangely truncated family tree for ‘Aryeh Leib Heilprin (Lipman) – who DOES appear in the Noam Elimech’s tree, as his brother.

Here’s a screenshot:


Number 1 is Aryeh Leib Lipman, brother of both the Noam Elimelech and R Zusya of Annipoli.

Number 2 is ‘Rabbi Jacob Koppel Heilprin’ – who I have a strong feeling is actually another alias (or maybe even the real name!) of none other than ‘Jacob Frank’, the false messiah and leader of the Frankists.

Man, I now have another few hours of ‘tree comparing’ to do, to pin this down more, but I can already tell you that the Vizhnitzer rabonim (and a whole bunch of other ‘big names’….) descend directly from this tree.


Let’s stop there, for today.

But I just wanted to point out that THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN.

The same people have been pulling the same tricks, and writing the same propaganda, and covering each other’s butts in that ‘whitewashing’ way we’ve come to know and hate, for literally hundreds of years.

But this time around, when all this ‘quickie conversion’ stuff blows up yet again in the State of Israel, don’t fall for the manipulation again.

They can only keep getting away with all this stuff because we let them.


PS: There is a huge post to write about what is going on with conversions in the State of Israel, because it’s so corrupt from all sides.

Quickie conversions is one part of the problem, while the other part of the problem is that people who really are sincere converts are being forced to wait years and years, and to jump through disgusting amounts of bureaucracy, and also, often, required to pay huge sums of money in ‘back-handed’ ways, just to become a Jew.

It’s corrupted both ways, thoroughly.

And the Sabbatean-Frankists are also on both sides of that particular equation, too….

May God come and save us, speedily.



I’m just kind of filling in the gaps here of ‘real Jewish history’, as I go along, until that glorious day when Hashem finally shows me what’s really going on here.

On the Jewish Gen page for the Maramaros community, you find this:

The book Even Shetiya… The history of Tzadikim, their good, pleasant deeds, awesome, wonderful stories, and new Torah ideas of our holy rabbis Rabbi Yaakov Kopel Chasid of blessed memory, his son Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kosow of blessed memory, his son Rabbi Chaim of blessed memory of Kosow, and his three sons: Rabbi Yaakov Shimson of blessed memory of Kosow, Rabbi Yosef Alter of blessed memory of Radowice, and Rabbi Menachem Mendel of blessed memory of Visznitz, as well as his son Rabbi Baruch of blessed memory of Visznitz… Munkacs 5690 (1930). 

It sets out the official ancestry of the Vizhnitzer dynasty, from one ‘Rabbi Yaakov Kopel Chasid’.


Now on the Kotzker blog, in the post talking about R Yaakov Koppel Lipshitz, author of ‘Sha’ar Gan Eden’, a suspected Sabbatean whose writings were absorbed and ‘sweetened’ by the Baal Shem Tov we read this:

Rabbi Yaakov Kopel Chasid, from whom the Hager family descent, was the Shliach Tzibur by the Besht.

The author of the Kotzk blog confused the two Yaakovs, but a commentator explained they are different people, with one the ‘suspected Sabbatean’ who influenced the BESHT, while the second is the BESHT’s ‘shaliach tzibur’ and ancestor of Vizhnitz.

Personally, I am not so sure they ARE two different people, especially with all the funny business with dates and details, surrounding these Sabbatean families.


So I went back to the Hager family tree HERE, to try to figure this out a bit more.

Menachem Mendel Hager, the first Vizhnitzer Rebbe descends from the Sabbatean family of the TAZ like this.


The BESHT’s shaliach tzibbur, R YAAKOV KOPEL CHASSID HAGER marries his first paternal cousin, CHAYA KAMIEL. Their fathers are brothers, both sons of one ‘R YAAKOV KOPPEL’ (1690-1769).

This guy is ‘floating’ in space, but it’s at least possible that he is one and the same as the secret Sabbatean ‘R Yaakov Koppel Lifshitz’, author of the Sha’ar Gan Eden.


If you look at his family tree HERE, the father’s side has been totally scrubbed, but his mother’s tree (which is also really distorted and clearly ‘wrong’, datewise) fits exactly into the ‘Sabbatean Family’ nexus I’ve been trying to pin down for the last two years.

And Sabbateans only married each other.

So, I am putting forward the hypothesis here that if these two ‘Yaakovs’ are indeed different peple, then the Vizhnitzer dynasty descends from two ‘Yaakov Koppels’.

The first was Yaakov Koppel Liftshitz, the Sabbatean author of the Sha’ar Gan Eden whose writings were ‘sweetened’ by the BESHT’s chassidic teachings.

And then he had a grandson, Yaakov Koppel Chassid Hager, who become the BESHT’s shaliach tzibbur – and down the line, gave rise to a whole bunch of ‘chassidic rebbes’ and chassiduts. 

Once again, there is no telling who is genuine, and who isn’t, based on just the genealogy, because we are dealing with exactly the same people  here…

(And that’s even more the case if both ‘Yaakovs’ are actually the same person…)


And I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with ‘R Pinchas Shapiro of Koretz’, and how he fits together with the Ba’al ha Fla’ah, and Shmuel Shmelke of Nikolsburg – and how all these people connect to the real Jacob Frank, and Reb Zusia and the Noam Elimelech, and also, the Vilna Gaon.

But one thing at a time.



So now, I’m tripping over another possible alter ego for this ‘Yaakov Koppel’ closely associated with the BESHT, namely R’ Yaakov Yosef Heller, the Toldot Yaakov Yosef.

First, here’s how that started suggesting itself. Back in the YAAKOV KOPPEL CHASSID HAGER family tree, there is a massive discrepancy in dates, that looks like this:


See, that guy on the bottom left is the ancestor of the Vizhnitzers, and the shaliach tzibbur of the BESHT?

According to this, he was born 36 years after his mother, PERL HELLER, died….

Now, I believe in miracles, truly, but this is stretching things even for me.

So, there are a bunch of generations the gate keepers on Geni are trying to ‘cover up’, whilst keeping the actual link to this family tree in place, because all the DNA results people now have about their ancestors will start to make things really awkward, if there is not somewhere they can be shoe-horned into.


Now, see that guy on the bottom right?

He’s Yaakov Yosef KAHANA (1580-1665) who marries the daughter of PERL HELLER’s brother – who just so happens to be R’ YOM TOV LIPPMAN HELLER, the TOSFOT YOM TOV.

This Kahana family is the same bunch I wrote about HERE, who are basically Sadducee-Karaites who have been trying to subvert the Torah-true Jewish community for at least two millenia.

When I started chasing down that family, I hit a huge lead on who ‘Jacob Frank’ really was…

Like this:


If you follow the tree for the Sadducee-Karaite ‘YAAKOV YOSEF KAHANA’ down, you see that two generations later, his grandson is the TOLDOT YAAKOV YOSEF (1710-1784).

The Toldot Yaakov Yosef was famously and deliberately ‘brought close’ to the BESHT, and became one of his leading disciples.

It’s at least possible that the ‘TOLDOT YAAKOV YOSEF’ is one and the same as the ‘YAAKOV KOPPEL CHASSID HAGER’ who descends from exactly the same people, and who was apparently the BESHT’s shaliach tzibbur.

(The Toldot Yaakov Yosef’s wife has been scrubbed, so we can’t see if she’s the same as ‘Chaya Kamiel’, above.)


Why cover all this up?

Because of all the direct links to the Sabbateans, and to the Frankists.

That’s why.

There is more clarification required here, to see if I can pin down more of the ‘alter egos’.

Each time I compare these tens of family trees, I see more of the connections between the different personas that are given different names, in different trees, to hide the fact that nearly every ‘big name’ you can think of in the Jewish world for the last 400 years – both secular and religious – are actually very close mishpocha.

Let’s leave this here again, for now.

Lots to think about.



OK, I lied about that being the last update….

Sometimes this stuff is like buses. No insights for three months, and then a hundred come together.

While I was looking over the family tree for the TOLDOT YAAKOV YOSEF HELLER of Polnoyye – who really could be one and the same as ‘YAAKOV KOPPEL CHASSID HAGER’, I saw this:


And that surname, written like that, reminded me of another family tree that is inexplicably messed up, that I’ve been trying to figure out for ages.

Namely, the family tree of the KETZOT HACHOSHEN, R’ ARYEH LEIB HACOHEN HELLER (1745-1812).

His father on his family tree is listed as one: ‘Yosef Ha-Cohen Kahana Heller of Kalush’.

It’s at least possible this is the same as the TOLDOT YAAKOV YOSEF.

If you trace Yosef Ha-Cohen Kahana Heller’s tree back, he apparently descends from that exact same Sadducee-Karaite ‘YAAKOV YOSEF KAHANA’ who married Raizel the daughter of the TOSFOT YOM TOV that the TOLDOT YAAKOV YOSEF comes from.

Because so many of the wives and mothers are conveniently missing or scrubbed, in all the key places, it’s impossible to really double-check which identities are made up or duplicated.


Again, the ‘ghost in the machine’ here is Jacob Frank, and all the secret and not-so-secret Sabbatean-Frankists, who are mamash all over these family trees – even down to our days.

It’s all the same people, still running the show. Although I’m still puzzled, honestly, by all this massive cover up. It seems there is more to be discovered, still.


Now really I’m stopping here. I have a ton of tidying up to do…


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