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There are going to be no more Facilitated Communication messages

As you know, if you’ve been with me for a while, I’ve had a very convoluted relationship with the autistics over the years.

I won’t rehash all the history – I’ll stick the relevant articles at the bottom of this post, for you to take a look at – but I basically moved from total obsession and believing every word they said as the gospel truth, through disillusionment with their unremittingly negative viewpoint that seemed to go directly against Azamra and the optimism of Breslov and chassidut, and then into mild confusion, as a few months ago they started putting out messages that Rabbi Berland is Moshiach ben David.

As you can see from THIS post, I came to the conclusion before all these announcements about the Rav being the hezkat, or ‘suspected’ Moshiach, that the autistics were reliable for present and past statements, but totally unreliable for any statement about the future.

This was based on the very clear psak din the autistics received from Rav Shteinerman, z’tl, which stated that the autistics were there to give chizzuk to Am Yisrael, but shouldn’t be asked any questions in relation to trying to divine the future – which is totally forbidden.

So, I had no problem whatsoever with all their pronouncements that Rabbi Berland is hezkat Moshiach, because anyone with eyes in their heads can see that.

When R’ Mendel Kessin puts out a shiur explaining that the Moshiach will be using the letters of the Torah at such a high level no-one will understand what he’s really saying – who comes to mind, except Rabbi Berland? Ironically, the people who are stuck in galut, mentally and physically, used the incredible complexity of some of the Rav’s conversations as a ‘sign’ that he isn’t the real deal.


Because they have a vested interest to stay stuck in galut, mentally and physically, and in a million, billion years they aren’t going to accept a Moshiach who they’ve spent years dissing and speaking lashon hara about.

That’s why.

So anyway, much of the what the autistics have said in the past has rung true, and probably was true. But their predictions about the future – have ALWAYS been problematic.


Which brings me to the crux of this post.

Over the last couple of months, Shuvu Banim has been posting up a few of the messages from Ben Goldin, because the website basically got cold-feet after a whole bunch of autistic-fanatics turned on them, after they posted up the message saying Rabbi Berland was David ben Moshiach.

So then, the messages had no outlet, except the Rav Berland site (I wasn’t interested in posting them up, regularly, because I don’t buy in to the ‘prophecy’ aspect, as explained.)

But even then, there seemed to be a clash occurring between the autistics’ predictions of imminent war and armageddon – which lets be honest, seems so darned obvious, doesn’t it? – and Rabbi Berland’s insistence that the wars will only be in 200 years.

The Tzaddik is sweetening things all the time.

I can tell you first-hand, the Rav has said that all these hundreds of prayers that are going up on the site are sweetening things in a world in an unprecedented way. Which is great news, because there are still another 1,000 to translate….

But I digress. The point is, that the autistics don’t know the future, and have a very negative outlook, and Rav Berland does know the future, and has an optimistic outlook (mostly, except when the judgments loom very large and need an awful lot of self-sacrifice and prayer to sweeten.)

Last week, the autistics told the facilitators they were stopping giving messages, from this this point on. They’d done their job, and announced that Rabbi Berland is Moshiach ben David (suspected…). When the facilitators double-checked this with the Rav, he told them to stop, at least for now, and he added that not everything that the autistics say is true. In particular,

The wars are only going to be in 200 years time.

Does anyone really know what this means? Nope. Does it seem obvious? Nope.

But here’s what I’ve been noticing, lately. The State of Israel has been doing its very best to subtly spark off another war with our neighbors to the North. I know that doesn’t look so obvious, but that’s what is happening. And each time, something is stopping the lit fuse from reaching the explosives.

Trump turns his planes around from bombing Iran when they are already in the skies….

Hezbollah launches reprisal attacks that don’t hurt anyone and barely do any damage…

Hamas inexplicably calls off its massive rocket attacks on the South after just a day or two…

None of this makes any sense.

Now, why would the State of Israel WANT a war right now? Great question! Basically, they are looking for a pretext to flatten Iran before Iran has completed its preparations to nuke Israel.

And then there is all the deeper psychological need for the secular State to be permanently at war, because that’s the big excuse they use for why they need to crush the charedim, and force everyone into the army, and continue to operate Israel like a police state cum secular dictatorship.

If there’s a war, they can take over the government and install a military dictatorship, using the war as a pretext – so it doesn’t matter, then, if the chareidim and the religious become the majority in Israel, because they can still stay in power undemocratically.

The last thing the people who are really ruling Israel today want is peace, because peace would weaken their grip on the country, on the Israeli psyche, and on the reins of power. So, they keep trying to spark a war… and their efforts keep flopping.

So, war only in 200 years.

But the Rav has said absolutely nothing about the natural disasters being ‘wrong’. So, keep an eye on all the volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods going on in the world, and particular in Iran and the US.

Radical change is still a-coming to the world. But in a very different way than most people think.


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  1. Orna Nitzevet
    Orna Nitzevet says:

    I thank you,
    we are in the twilight, od mead…..please hung on there any of you….
    thank you for writing…in a time of blindness.

  2. Devorah
    Devorah says:

    So when you called a false prophet perhaps you meant yourself 🤷‍♀️ I don’t do prophecy Rivka – and if I do print someone else’s there is generally a disclaimer so what you wrote about me was also untrue and avek lashon hara – as for Rav Berland – I don’t understand what he says and so it doesn’t belong on my blog as it turns out to be false if you follow his words as spoken and then readers turn nasty on him and on me. Yes I also thought of him during the Kessin shiur which came from my blog which you don’t read.

    • Orna Nitzevet
      Orna Nitzevet says:

      i remember someone treating me for saiyng to my fellow ‘JEWS’ in Galut to make ALIYAH to ERETZ YISRAEL to get safe. Like some criminal doing something wrong instead of worrying about my people. Then someone very wise told me that perhaps these people that react so agresively to the idea of MAKING ALIYAH might not be our people for real.
      RAHAMIM, the mida of all real JEWS is giving and taking, CHESED VE GVURA, being able to say or understand ENOUGH.
      That’s the beauty of Yaacov, =AM YISRAEL. BALANCE.
      For sure i do not wish some weird entities comming here if they do not have JEWISH NESHAMA, but i still pray that all SEFER TORAH come back and on time and in safety.
      Rabbis in Galut are like they have no G’d. We have here our 36 plus 36 hidden TZADIKIM now, they are back as the SCHINA is. The world is full of tuma and also here there are still notzrim, worshippers of hevel va rik, cats, dogs, Sudanese, but we bow just to HASHEM YITBARAH, please understand this.
      If i can make CHALLOT in kdusha, there is no need to buy CHALLOT made by someone else. And CHITA (vallue of 22 like the letters of ALEF BET, Tzefania gimmel chet have all the letters with suffiets as the only text in the whole TENAH, when you read it, you will perhaps understand ENOUGH), cannot be replaced by cus-min (CUSMIN DO NOT AND CANNOT GROW IN YISRAEL), same as MALCHUT MASHIAH cannot be replaced by malchut galut. Chita is the symbol of the KINGDOM OF MASHIAH that can be ONLY AND ONLY in ERETZ YISRAEL, not in NY nor UMAN nor Berlin nor any other galut hole.

        • Orna Nitzevet
          Orna Nitzevet says:


          You mean to live 22 years in strange country/GALUT with not many KOSHER JEWS around and being able to buy CHALLOT made me to this?
          I cannot make them like my BABI USE TO, but i had no choice….and we made CHALLOT with my baby daughter since she was 2. She made the mini 2 for MELAVE MALKA.
          Rivka, i CAN NOT be good at making your CHALLOT…yours are special, for your husband and family 3 weeks a month. Its not about the challot but about the experience and EMUNA to let them be the best CHALLOT in the whole world for your own family. No one can make them like you!
          You need 2 kg of KEMAH CHITA YICHUTIT
          and 1 netila of leuk warm water. Freeze fresh baked challot for the 4. week. Then after putting on plata they will be also delicieus.
          (You need 4 or 12 for every Shabbat)
          This is what keeps the family together, our CHALLA HIT BO DEDUT.
          The smell of CHALLOT on yom shishsi in your own house 3 times a month is what goes deep in the memory…
          We have just 3 MITZVOT.
          PIRKEI AVOT.
          AFARSHAT CHALLA (only in your own privacy, there are no segulot in public with it, the bacek is your own family and is TZENUA)

          These are our mitzvot anything else is extra but cannot replace this.
          We must do the TIKKUN for CHAVA. This is for you and any JEWISH woman that need this.
          Allergy for CHITA commes from the cheap Wheat flour cleaned with economica after mouses poo on it.

          if people can buy good quality of CUS-MIN (symbol of l l th, cats and promiscuity)
          for sure they can buy good quality of CHITA. (symbol of CHAVA AND ANY OTHER JEWISH WOMAN)
          Reauven ha tzadik fixed the si of ADAM AND CHAVA by not eating the DUDAIM but bringing them to mother Leah. He was just 4 years! What a motek!
          No need for complicated things, 4 arms of CHALLA as the 4 imahot.
          left 2 right 2 toghter on top., then get them in from outside left in right in, left in right in, till the end.
          Torah is simple so are our challot.
          If you know what some people do with CHALLOT, you do not want them anyway.

          Beside that, it was just a example, but now i see a good one :).


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