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Yahrtzeit of R Yaakov Emden – download and read his books

A reader reminded me it was R Yaakov Emden’s yarhtzeit today, and asked me to stick the post where you can download PDFs of his books back up.

I’m very happy to do that, so here it is.

I am currently having a lot of trouble with my eyes and the internet, so I don’t know how much new stuff I will be posting up for the next few days.

I know they are saying there is a new variant of ‘Covid’, which now apparently affects the eyes…. so I deduce from this that I / we / everyone is being zapped with some form of radiation that is causing a lot of eye issues.

So, please forgive me if I don’t answer emails so fast at the mo, I have a lot of eye strain, and I need to stay offline as much as possible, it seems, until they settle down again.


Also, I was asked if the Rav is saying anything specific about the matzav in Israel.

The Rav has been saying for years that the real war is at the ballot box, and that they replaced guns with votes and political parties and slogans.

He has also been giving some small, but potent, hints that the real people behind our difficulties are the ones we actually believe are protecting us from ‘our enemies’.

If you read Hebrew, go HERE and try to read some of the things being put up, including the prayers, because once you understand the Rav’s style, you start to pick up some awesome clues. It’s mamash like how the Gemara was written, with allusion and seemingly bizarre non-sequiturs and stories, to try and convey and preserve important information for the Jewish nation, that was actually dangerous to publicise….


HERE is the English site, and THIS is the most recent prayer for the molad (new moon) of Iyar, 5783.

This is a snippet, that shows you that the prayers are also containing a lot of ‘instructions’ on how we continue to battle this spiritual war:

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai ascended to the hidden heights while fire surrounded him and his students, and his bier went by itself to Meron to the place of its concealment, that there is the aspect of holy of holies, and therefore all the Jewish people must ascend on LaG B’Omer to the holy of holies – to Meron.

For Iyar is the initial letters of “My enemies will turn back, will be shamed in a moment,” and then is the time to subdue all adversaries and all oppressors of the Jewish people.


And this, too:

Because in the month of Iyar, that then are revealed the 13 Rectifications of the Beard of Atik Yomin, all the impurity is eliminated from the world.

And then is fulfilled, “And the spirit of impurity I will remove from the land,” and then, “Edom will be a conquest, Seir will be a conquest of his enemies, and Israel will have success.”

And then “The humble will inherit the earth, and will delight over great peace.  And in a little while, there will be no evildoer; you shall contemplate his place and he will be no more.  For the arms of the wicked will be broken, but Hashem is a support of the righteous, Hashem knows the days of the innocent, and their inheritance will be forever.  They will not be shamed at an evil time, and in days of hunger they will be satiated.” 



Ah, I have to tell you, dear reader, I am feeling quite low at the moment.

This evil has been going on for millenia…. and sometimes it feels like it’s never going to break and crack and finally disappear.

Some days, it’s hard to keep going.

But keep going we must…. and when I hit that low place, I know the Rav and the other tzaddikim are actually preparing the way before us all, just it’s still hidden.

May God fulfill the words of the Rav’s prayer, above, very soon.



Below, you’ll find 13 books and pamphlets of R’ Yaakov Emden that have been out of print for a century.

These are all historical records about what was transpiring with the Frankist-Sabbatean movement around 250 years ago, and again, if you have any interest in getting to the truth of what was really happening then (and you read Hebrew….) nothing beats getting the information from a contemporary source.

For now, I’m just sticking the information out there to start circulating around.

BH, if God wants me to return to this subject again, I’ll do that on another occasion.

I highly recommend you download these books to your own PCs, because I have no idea if the spammers will be trying to take this page out of action again.



Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 1 – תורת הקנאות – Hamburg-Altona 1752:



Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 2 – שפת אמת – Hamburg-Altona 1752



Yaakov Emden – book 3 – אספקלריה המאירה – Hamburg-Altona 1753



Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 4 – לוחות עדות – Hamburg-Altona 1755



Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 5 – שבירת לוחות האון – Hamburg-Altona 1759



Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 6 – מאירת עיניים – Amsterdam 1753



Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 7 – פתח עינים – Hamburg-Altona 1757



Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 8 – בית יהונתן הסופר – Hamburg-Altona 1763



Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 9 – עדות ביעקב – Hamburg-Altona 1756



Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 10 – עקיצת עקרב – Hamburg-Altona 1753



Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 11 – ספר התאבקות – Hamburg-Altona 1762



Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 12 – ספר שמוש – Hamburg-Altona 1758



Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 13 – מגילת ספר – מהדורת כהנא עם הגהות והוספות – Warshawa 1897



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11 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Let me check and see if I need to amend what’s up there.


      I fixed the links up now – thanks for pointing that out, and to the other readers who also pointed it out.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I haven’t read them myself, so I don’t know what to tell you. I read ‘Megillat Sefer’ in a censored English translation that had hardly anything in it about Jonathan Eybshitz and the Frankists…

      I guess I’ll have to wade through more material before I can give a better steer.

  1. Ben
    Ben says:

    There is actually a much easier way to identify the erev rav in am Israel and it also applies to all the nations.
    However I don’t won’t to post it in public.
    You have my email so I will send it to you if you want that way you can check it yourself.
    It is mostly following a pattern in the Tanakh, which is also found in the world today.

  2. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    Can you provide a download for his siddur too? I read that this was his first published work, and even it was subject to some controversy.

  3. Ben
    Ben says:

    I have found that when knowledge increases stubbornness increases.
    It is a bit like when someone builds a house only to be told by a passing master builder that the foundation is weak and the building is in danger of collapse. He furthermore advises that the building be vacated and torn down (teshuvah).
    If you took 5 years to build your house and have been living in it for 40 years without incident you are less likely to listen to the advise of some master builder you don’t know.
    This is very much like human knowledge (religious or secular) being built up over generations but not founded in the truth but human understanding.
    Unfortunately most people will only learn when the building collapses by some minor earthquake or strong wind.


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