'good' spray painted on a wall

It’s not all black and white after all, even in Lakewood.

Crazy times we live in, aren’t they?

I’m working so hard at the moment, trying to get my beta course on stress reduction for women up and running, and it’s so good to be trying to do something positive and uplifting, even tho it’s a lot of hard work.

I keep telling my husband: it’s good that this is our problem! It’s good that this is our stress! Long may it continue!

In the meantime, one of my readers just sent me the following letter, signed by a bunch of rabbis in Lakewood.

Personally, I’m very pleased to see some moral leadership on this subject in the American Jewish world, which is still arguing for the inviolability of free choice – even when it comes to vaccinations.

It’s a small light, in a very dark place, still.

But it’s a start.

And every dawn breaks gently.


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  1. Inna Khovov
    Inna Khovov says:

    It was great to see this, and it felt like a little victory. But then I looked carefully. and the date is July 2019. just before the law was signed to take away religious exemption in NY.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Inna, it’s still a little victory, that they actually stood up to be counted, even tho it seems it didn’t do much at the time.

      The Jewish community itself needs to know that the real birur to be done is halachic, i.e. what’s correct according to Jewish law. This letter clearly shows that free choice on the issue of vaccination is sacrosanct, from the viewpoint of halacha.

      And that is very important for us, the people in the Jewish community who are trying to do the right thing, and trying to work out what God really wants for us, to know.

  2. Forget Me Not
    Forget Me Not says:

    Having internet for a short time….when is SANHEDRIN going to be appointed?
    Its a serious question from my side.
    I read a saying of RABBI YUDA HA NASSI somewhere and then remember this:
    The world endures on three principles:


    justice, and

    WE MUST HURRY! THE WORLD IS FALLING APART FOR THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN THE LAND OF YISRAEL. The SANHEDRIN can order to all the Jewish Rabbi’s to return and end this non sense.


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