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Real Human Health Part 1: The Extracellular Matrix


Well, I learn something new every day.

Today, I learnt from new commentator ‘Miriam’ that I’m apparently totally brainwashed by MSM media!

But only when it comes to Trump.

Apparently, Trump destroyed a whole bunch of bioweapons labs that were going to unleash ‘measles bacterium’, when that whole measles ‘scare’ happened in the NY area, back in April 2019.

That was clearly a dry-run for what was going to happen less than 12 months later, with Covid 19.


I had ‘non-vaxxing’ friends who were very badly affected by that whole cooked-up ‘scare’, to shut down any opposition to parents who chose to not vaccinate.

They were kicked out of schools, shuls, summer camps – even local parks!

Most of them had to start home schooling, some of them moved out of the area.

But you know what?

When the Covid 19 plandemic showed up, they were actually in a way, way better place than all their mainstream peers. Their kids continued to learn in ‘home school’, they weren’t being force-maxed, force-vaxxed or scared to death every three seconds.

And they’d got used to the social isolation of being barred from public life, and had made alternate arrangements anyway, to carry on praying with a minyan and having a circle of friends outside of the mainstream.


Strangely, none of my very clued-in non-vaxxing contacts told me ANYTHING about Trump destroying ‘measles bioweapon labs’ back then – even though at least some of them were ardent Trump supporters.

And even now, I can’t find any information about that anywhere.

I am waiting for commentator Miriam to share more of her specific knowledge and information with us here.

In the meantime, I did find a really interesting, well-researched long thread discussing the US military’s ongoing bioweapons program being run out of a bunch of locations around the world, including the Ukraine, which you can read about HERE.

Pay attention: All these programs continued to be funded, and continued to run throughout Trump’s administration.

(And of course, Trump’s administration ushered ‘Covid 19’ and ‘Operation Warp Speed’ into the world, too, barely 10 months after apparently ‘destroying measles bioweapon labs’. Don’t worry if you aren’t following how all this fits together, it just means you’ve been brainwashed by the MSM.)


You want to keep telling me ‘Trump is great’, ‘Trump is good’, blahdy blahdy blah.

OK, for the sake of argument, let’s run with that hypothesis.

It should be BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS by now that even if Trump is great and good, there is precisely squat diddly even a ‘good Trump’ can or could do against the massive evil that is the United States Nazi-inspired military-industrial complex.

I’m assuming that even the ‘Miriams’ of the world have heard of Operation Paperclip, and know of the tight links between the US’s presidents, the Nazis, the Bolsheviks – and of course, the people who were financing all this and moving the pawns around on the chess board.

The USA is a totally corrupt country, that has been spreading misery, war and plagues to every corner of the earth for decades.

So, when Trump was talking about ‘making America great’ again, what did he actually mean?

Great for who?

And how, tachlis, was he going to do that?


While you’re pondering that, I wanted to kick off a much deeper discussion of how electro-magnetic human health really works.

And that conversation begins with something called the ‘Extra Cellular Matrix’, or ECM.

This brief video gives the ‘standard’ explanation of the Extra Cellular Matrix, from the materialistic, ‘flesh body’ perspective, that doesn’t mention the electromagnetic dimension that we’re going to get to in a moment. But it’s a good, basic description of what the ECM does, on the biological level.


So, in a nutshell, the Extra Cellular Matrix communicates with, controls, and connects all the individual cells in the human body.

Because mainstream medicine, mainstream science, has been totally hijacked and subverted by the military-industrial complex, that doesn’t want you to understand the spiritual, electrical, dimension to human health – the ‘holy chashmal’ dimension – most mainstream scientists are apparently still groping in the dark, trying to figure out how all this ‘control’ and ‘signalling’ is actually going on, between the ECM and the cells themselves.

They should go and read a book by James Oschman, PhD, called Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis.

(It’s not a cheap buy, but it’s a very important read, if you really want to understand the science that sets out how human health really works.)


Before we get into that, let’s bring some halachic psakim, to forestall any more ridiculous comments from other people who were apparently very badly traumatised by a chiropractor, at some stage in their life.

The following excerpts come from the meticulously researched and sourced 500 page book, Alternative Medicine in Halacha.

R’ Szmerla brings the ruling from the Shulchan Aruch (Yoreh Deah 155:1) that:

“One may be treated by a gentile healer who heals through incantations, as long as one is not aware whether he mentions the names of gods in his incantations. But if one knows that he mentions his god, one may not be healed by him, even if one is deathly ill.

If the healer is a priest, it is forbidden even in the former case, for it is then a certainty that he mentions the name of his god.”


R’ Szmerla then brings the story from Tractate Avoda Zara 27b, as follows:

(I’m writing all this stuff out in full, because this is a very important discussion to follow and understand, going forward.)

“It occurred that Ben Dama, the nephew of Rabbi Ishmael, was bitten by a poisonous snake. Jacob of Kfar Sechania came to heal him, but Rabbi Yishmael did not let him.

Ben Dama told Rabbi Ishmael, “Rabbi Ishmael, my brother, let him treat me so that I may be healed: I will bring proof from the Torah that it is permitted….”

But he was not able to finish his sentence before his soul departed with the word ‘permitted” on his lips.

Rabbi Yishmael proclaimed over him, “Fortunate are you, Ben Dama, that your body is pure and your soul departed in purity, and you did not transgress the words of your colleagues who prohibited being healed by priests.”


What is not widely known is that this ‘Jacob of Kfar Sechania’ was actually a Jewish-xtian, and early follower of Yoshki I,  or Yoshki II.

(If you are wondering how there could be two Yoshkis, it’s the same belief that the Sabbateans held / hold, that the soul of Yoshki returns in each generation, to ‘finish the job’.)

This screenshot comes from the Jewish Encylopaedia, HERE:


We will come back to this side of things another time, but it’s dafka a ‘Jew for Jesus’ healer who is brought down in the Gemara on Avoda Zara, as a person to be totally avoided, even if that leads to the patient’s death.

This has massive implications.


Here is what R’ Szmerla brings, as Chazal’s ruling:

“While one may recieve care from a medical doctor who is an idolater, seeking treatment from a priest who includes the name of his god in his incantations is strictly forbidden.

Even though the invocation of gods is unquestionably ineffective and does not pose the issue of benefitting from avodah zarah, Chazal nonetheless forbade being treated by such a healer, for fear that successful treatments would lead people to believe in the power of the invoked gods.”


So, there we have a clear ruling on this.

Tuning forks = totally acceptable.

Tuning forks while invoking the name of pagan deities = totally forbidden.

Got it?

What that means for people like this. though, is still not clear:


Now, let’s just deal, briefly, with the issue of kishuf.

In a nutshell, there are many rabbis who say that alternative medicine is forbidden, because science can’t explain how it works, and therefore it’s viewed as somehow defying the laws of nature.

The main problem is that our corrupt modern scientific and medical establishment has gone to great pains to avoid the electromagnetic dimension to human health (at least, publically).

But really, as we’re about to learn, there is a very simple, scientific and easy-to-grasp basis for most of the alternative forms of healing out there, that don’t obviously ‘worship stars’ (like Reiki, for example), or worship pagan deities (like yoga, for example).


Let’s bring a few more sources on what really constitutes kishuf, then we’ll move back to explaining the Extra Cellular Matrix.

This quote is from the Meiri, writing on Sanhedrin 68a, where there is a discussion about what constitutes kishuf (sorcery):

Whatever is achieved through natural means does not constitute kishuf.

R’ Szmerla sums things up like this:

“What emerges from a comprehensive study of the Rishonim is that kishuf is an act whose results contravenes the laws of nature by means of incantations, the burning of incense, invocation of angels, etc. 

An act that seems to violate the laws of nature but is not achieved through such rituals does not constitute kishuf.”


OK, now we are ready to learn more about the Extra Cellular Matrix, ECM.

First, I’ll quote some of Oschman’s book, which is full of scientific lingo (which you can skip over, if it’s not your cup of tea), and then, we’ll break it down into plain English.

From the chapter called ‘The ‘circuitry’ of the body’, p48:

“The living matrix is a continuous and dynamic ‘supramolecular’ webwork, extending into every nook and cranny of the body: a nuclear matrix within a cellular matrix within a connective tissue matrix.

In essence, when you touch a human body, you are touching a continuously interconnected system, composed of virtually all of the molecules of the body linked together in an intricate webwork.

The living matrix has no fundamental unit or central aspect, no part that is primary or most basic. The properties of the whole net depend upon the integrated activities of all of the components.

Effects on one part of the system can, and do, spread to others….

The entire living matrix is simultaneously a mechanical, vibrational or oscillatory, energetic, electronic and informational network (Pienta and Coffey 1991, Oschman 1994).”


Plain English:

Think of the cells of your body as though they were marbles.

Think of those ‘marbles’ lying in a big tub of bathwater.

That ‘bathwater’ is the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM).

It’s seperate from, but ‘touching’ and affecting every single cell of your body. And whatever ‘affects’ that bathwater, for good or for bad, affects all the marbles sitting in it, too.

That ‘bathwater’ is the totally of us, our mind, our soul, our emotions, our feelings.


Here’s the thing:

The working of each cell can be guided EITHER by bio-chemical processes (think food, minerals, vitamins, medications) OR, by electro-magnetic impulse, or by electro-magnetic bio-physics.

It’s like your car.

Right, you can take your physical car key in your physical hand, walk out of your house, and go and physically unlock your car?

Thats how ‘bio-chemistry’ works.

BUT there is another option.

That’s where you press the special button on your car key that sends the electro-magnetic signal to your electrically-wired car, to physically open the door even when you’re 100 metres away.

It’s way faster and easier.

And that’s how ‘bio-physics’ works.


I have lots more to write about this.

But this is an introduction.

Basically, cells can be turned on or off, encouraged to produce more of this stuff and less of that stuff, bio-physically, via targeted electro-magnetic impulses.

If this sounds ‘sci fi’ to you, it’s only because our science and medicine establishments are totally corrupt, and in the pocket of  the military-industrial complex that wants to sell you expensive pills and mustard-gas derivatives as the only ‘bio-chemical’ way to heal illness.

But really?

The truth has been out there for a very long time.


BH, this is just an intro to this subject.

I plan on doing at least one more big post on this soon, where we’ll look at the implications of this for real healing, tachlis.

And I also want to explore more of the ‘avoda zara’ stuff too, particularly as it relates to getting healing treatments from practising xtians, and Western Medical models that are mamash built on heresy and denial of God – i.e. a religion that practises atheism.

Lots more to consider, lots more to explore!

But we did a big chunk of birur today, BH.



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