Sarah’s mother brought her to me after Sarah’s school forced her to undergo an evaluation for ADHD. The school psychologist was ‘encouraging’ Sarah’s mother to put her daughter on Ritalin, but Sarah’s mother was completely opposed to the use of drugs for children, and she also didn’t believe the ADHD diagnosis was accurate. After all, even though Sarah was 6 and still couldn’t read, she could sit for hours being read to, or absorbed in a game she was playing with her friends. ADHD just didn’t seem to be the right diagnosis, but in the meantime, Sarah was wandering around the classroom, and was starting to disrupt the class.

So Sarah’s mother knew something was ‘off’, but didn’t know what.

Jewish Energy Medicine is not about diagnosing specific issues, it’s about finding out what’s really going on under the surface, and trying to decode the spiritual messages G-d is continually sending us via our health.

The first thing I did was ask if Sarah had any allergies. Any allergy is always a big red sign that the energy in Spleen meridian is weak, and if Spleen is weak, it’s very hard for a person (in this instance, Sarah) to metabolise the new knowledge and information she was receiving in class.

We hit the jackpot: Sarah had a number of food allergies, and well as severe hayfever. Next, I asked if Sarah had an easy or difficult birth (because traumatic circumstances or shock can wipe out Spleen energy in an instant, making it an up-hill battle for the body to cope with it’s food and environment until it’s restored).

Again, jackpot! Sarah’s mother had been in labour for 28 hours, the birth had been extremely difficult, and Sarah had swallowed a lot of meconium and had been whisked away by the attending doctors as soon as she was born to get it all flushed out.

Next, I asked if Sarah spent a lot of time in front of the big screen, either on the computer or watching TV.

Again, jackpot! Electromagnet energy can potentially be another big disrupter of Spleen energy, as can any other environmental pollutant.

The last question was a bit more sensitive: was the environment in the house usually relaxed and encouraging, or more stressed and a bit critical?

To her credit, Sarah’s mother admitted that she was working full time, and with three small children to care for (Sarah was the oldest), she was usually pretty wound-up and tense when she was home. One of the reasons Sarah watched films every day after school was so her mother could have some space to unwind and make supper (often, something you could just pull out of the freezer and throw in the oven. Sarah’s mother rarely had time to cook much from scratch.)

We started to piece all the bits of the puzzle together, and this is what we got:

Spleen meridian is responsible for being able to learn and assimilate new ideas. I believe that together with Triple Warmer, it’s the main meridian affecting most learning difficulties.

Spleen energy is associated with compassion, and is also weakened by environmental pollutants, shock or trauma, electromagnetic energy, junk food and a negative or stressful emotional environment.

Sarah appeared to be struggling on almost all those fronts. I suggested some standard energy exercises to strengthen Spleen which would definitely help, but it looked like there also had to be some changes in Sarah’s environment. Sarah’s mother left our session with some very big decisions to think about.

As the pressure from the school mounted, she took the plunge and started trying to clean up the family’s eating habits. Next, Sarah’s mother realized that it was impossible to give Sarah the time and attention she really needed unless she cut back her work.

It was a hard decision, but after a lot of consideration, Sarah’s mother went part-time. Now, she had time to take Sarah for weekly sessions with a remedial reading teacher, and within six months, Sarah started to reap the benefits of her mother’s self-sacrifice. Now that she was eating more home cooked food, spending less time in front of the computer, and having a more relaxed home environment and emotionally-available mother, Sarah’s marks had improved so much, she was now near the top of the class, and reading voraciously.

The ‘ADHD’ diagnosis disappeared, and the school stopped pressuring Sarah to take Ritalin.

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