Yesterday, I had to be in Ramat Gan with a kid.

She had a meeting in one of the huge sky scrapers going up all over the Ramat Gan / Bnei Brak border.

So I went for a walk along the Yarkon, right next to those massive sky scrapers – and I loved every moment.

The sky was blue, with a few wispy real clouds, and weather was warm but not horrible, and I could hear some band tuning up – I later found out there was a huge Aviv Geffen concert scheduled for the Yarkon, with around 230,000 people attending.

Only when I got home did I read the threats from Islamic Jihad to ‘bomb the Yarkon’ at 9.00 pm, when the concert kicked off.


And that’s when I started to ponder, how come there are these massive sky scrapers all along Israel’s super-expensive ‘gold coast’, and yet the Arabs in Gaza never even try to get anywhere near them?

Baruch Hashem, there are have apparently been 700 rockets fired, and literally 6 serious casualties, including one fatality.

Every person is a world, every death is a huge loss.

But to keep things in perspective, we are seeing some crazy, open miracles here in Israel. Baruch Hashem.


But at the same time.

That cynical side that developed during ‘Covid 19’, when that same ‘Home Command’, under that same ‘PM Netanyahu’ did what they did to Jews in Israel, I no longer take anything for granted, as being ‘the truth’.

Take a look at this, from the Israel News Telegram channel (which has gone full ra’ra’ra’ Bibi….):


Tell me something:

How is a rocket this big being smuggled from Syria – way up in the North – to Gaza – way down in the South – and apparently our IDF can’t stop that from happening?

How is it being stored and no-one notices?

How is it being reassembled, secretly’ set up on a ‘secret’ massive launch pad and fired – and our IDF apparently only knows about that when it’s heading towards Tel Aviv?

I’m not being sarcastic, I just really can’t understand this, tachlis.


Unless they’ve got all these massive rocket launch pads hidden underneath their mansions in Gaza….


In the meantime, Baruch Hashem, there’s another super-expensive new ‘rocket stopping’ piece of tech, funded by the Israeli taxpayer, to replace the ‘old’ Iron Dome which let a rocket fall in the middle of a low rise, poorer bit of Rehovot yesterday, resulting in one death and 6 casualties.

Baruch Hashem, no expensive sky scrapers, or upscale communities in Israel ever gets a rocket landing in their back yard.

So in the meantime, welcome to ‘David’s Sling’, now apparently protecting Tel Aviv (snippet from HERE):

“Behind me is David’s Sling along with its commanders,” [Netanyahu] continued. “This system successfully intercepted a rocket over the Greater Tel Aviv area. We will continue to take action on both defense and offense until the end of the campaign.”


We need so many miracles to protect us from our enemies here.

And even more miracles to understand who our real enemies really are.

But let me leave you with this – Ishai Ribo’s song ‘Seder Avoda’ with English subtitles.

Mamash, it brings tears to the eyes thinking about how badly we need our Temple, and how much we lost, when the Romans destroyed it, and tried to also destroy Judaism and Jews generally, 2,000 years ago.

(And they have never stopped trying, ever since….)



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  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    Efraim Palvanov writes ( about “cosmic shemittah” cycles, and supposed generations before Adam (but here it’s shown that the 974 generations mentioned were not real, essentially).
    What does this mean?
    As a non-Jew I cannot understand properly on this matter, so what do you say this (about tens of thousands of years) actually means?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The Torah was only meant to have been given after 1,000 generations, but God saw the first 26 generations were messing the world up so badly, that He brought the giving of the Torah forward, and decided to ‘scatter’ the rest of the 974 generations throughout the following generations instead.

      These 974 generations are the souls of the Erev Rav.

      There’s a lot more to say, but I need to go and check things up properly. If I find the time and the sources, I will post something up, but the short answer is God told us not to delve too much in what is ‘above’ us.

      For good reasons.

      • Simon
        Simon says:

        And what about the thousands of years?
        ‘Cause he uses this as an argument of the 14 billion year world.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          In the Gemara, Chagiga 13b – 14a it says the following:

          “It is taught: R. Shimon HaTzaddik said: These are the nine hundred and seventy four generations who pressed themselves forward to be created before the world was created, but were not created: the Holy One, blessed be He, arose and planted them in every generation, and it is they who are the insolent of each generation.”

          There is another idea that each of these ‘generations’ lasted around a year, and that God overturned each world between these ‘evil’ generations’ and started from scratch.

          that would make the world 5783 – from the beginning of ‘our world’, plus another974-1000 years old.

          Then, there is a separate idea – proposed by a kabbalist whose name I have to go and look up, and whose opinion was not agreed with by most commentators – that the world is created in cycles of 7 times 7,000 years, making it a maximum of 49,000 years old.

          nowhere does the Torah talk about a 14 billion year world, although Aish and it’s ‘Science of God’ came up with a lot of philosophical bunkum to try and ‘prove science (fiction…) right’ using Torah sources.

          And it sounds like something similar is happening over there.


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