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Shock!!! Channel 13 caught producing obviously ‘fake news’

It’s so interesting to me, to see how more and more of the people and organisations who were persecuting the Rav are now getting exposed for who and what they really are.


Three years ago, just before Covid 19, when I was writing about Channel 13, and all their duplicitous, lying ‘hatchet jobs’ against the Rav – that were basically ‘primed’ by Yoaz Hendel, the Blue and White MK whose FIRST SPEECH as an elected MK was a diatribe against the Rav – no-one really believed me, that the media was THAT corrupt, THAT fake, THAT duplicitous.

Maybe it’s just a CO-IN-CID-ENCE, but lookie here, who was giving Hendel prizes even back in 2012:

In October 2012 the Movement for Quality Government in Israel awarded Hendel the title of “Knight of Quality Government 2012” in the Maintenance of Government Quality and Integrity Category.


If that name sounds familiar, it should be. The Movement for Quality Government in Israel is one of the main organisations funding and organising the anti-Judicial Reform riots, at least partly funded by the US:

Go back and read THIS.


But since Covid, and what happened at Meron, and Judicial Reform and everything else that is going on in the world, more and more people are waking up to the fact that the media lies all the time.

It’s really just government-controlled propaganda and a tool for brainwashing the masses.

And not much else.


Channel 13 has been in the cross-wires of ‘the Right’ in Israel for a few months now, as more and more people started to call them out on  all their lying propaganda.

That ramped up since last week, when 600,000 showed up to demonstrate in favor of Judicial Reform last Thursday – and Channel 13 didn’t even cover it.

So now, literally every 2-3 days, I see more exposes on Telegram about Channel 13 lies.

And again, I want to remind everyone that Channel 13 was in the lead on all the media stories about the Rav from 3-4 years ago, that led to him being arrested and persecuted yet again, for the ‘crime’ of giving sick people blessings and accepting charitable donations and doing pidyon nefesh.

Yesterday, their correspondent in Sderot was caught red handed manipulating an interview with an ‘upset resident of Sderot’.

Sure, people ARE upset in Sderot, and honestly, they have every right to be.

This government is just as bad and corrupt and ‘controlled’ as the last government, except it’s got a veneer of being ‘religious’, which at least means that Netanyahu is somewhat constrained in how much he can openly destroy yiddishkeit.


But, the deliberation manipulation of all this for political ends and public ‘brainwashing’ is puke-making.


This is from the Daniel Amram Telegram Channel HERE:


The journalist is telling his helper to find him someone to ‘interrupt him’ mid-interview, with a rant against Netanyahu.

Don’t get me wrong – Netanyahu is awful. And Ben Gvir is also awful.

But, it’s the deliberate manipulation I’m pointing out here, because this is how the media brainwashes people into believing a version of ‘reality’ that is simply not true.

And on the scale of the lies Channel 13 has told about things like Rav Berland, with crudely faked ‘video confessions’ and what really happened at Meron two years ago, this still ranks as comparatively titchy.

But a definite move in the right direction.



Apparently this Channel 13 ‘journalist’ is the Otzma Yehudit MK Almog Cohen, who faked this in order to put more pressure on Netanyahu.

In terms of the fake news – it’s still fake news, it’s still manipulating the public, it’s still disgusting, and it was still done with a nod and wink from Channel 13.

Just now, it seems that it was an Otzma Yehudik MK doing that, and not some lefty journalist.

Man, they are all at it. I guess it just shows that the corruption is on all sides of this debate, and especially in the Knesset – as if we didn’t already know that.


Speaking of Meron, two days ago, a bus somehow ‘caught fire’ next to the site.

Here’s the video:


Here’s the translated description from underneath the video:

A bus catches fire on the way up to Meron: the bus is empty with no passengers and the driver was saved.

I am just flagging this as we go along, as each time we catch these ‘coincidences’ ahead of time, it makes it that much harder for the ‘bad actors’ to pull off their stunts while still pretending it’s all just totally random. The more people scrutinise what’s going on by Meron, the less wiggle room they have to try the same sort of things they tried two years ago, God forbid.

Remember that post that recently went up about ‘hackable vehicles‘?

Now watch this, a video of an electric bus ‘spontaneously combusting’ in Paris:


Compare and contrast, with that bus fire that happened right next to Meron.

In case you didn’t realise it already, the State of Israel is fighting a war against the Torah and Judaism – and the Tzaddikim, and places like Meron, which give people so much spiritual strength, are top of their hitlist.


I also got sent this from Meron – it’s one of the signs going up all over the site:


It’s the first time I’ve seen them state that people will only be allowed to entry after a ‘security check’.

As always, we’re  just flagging these things as we go along, to reduce the ‘wiggle room’ as much as possible, for the bad actors.

But we all know how they like to try and ‘plant the seeds’ for what they are up to – like when they ran ‘war games’ at Meron two years ago, the week before L’Ag B’Omer, practising a massive collapse of bleachers in the Toldos Aharon plaza, followed by a fire and tons of people getting crushed to death as they tried to escape….

Ah, what nevua.


BH, the Rav will get there, he will light a bonfire, and everything will be sweetened.

Read this:

But keep your eyes peeled.

Meron and the true tzaddikim are top of the evildoers hit-list.

So keep praying that this event should be well-attended, joyful – and should pass peacefully this year.



I just went back to that coded message from the Rav, to see if there is any overlap between what the Rav is hinting, and ‘exploding buses’ that are consumed by fire in a matter of seconds.

Here are the bits that jumped out at me:

There was a decree there, like in Hebron, to wipe out all the Jews. From six thirty in the morning until eight, they wiped out all the Jews in Hebron. In a second, all of them slaughtered their neighbours. They gave a signal, an announcement went out in the street to exterminate all the Jews…

In five minutes, not one Jew would be left alive.

Out of a hundred thousand Jews, a million Jews, not one Jew would be left alive….

In the meantime, the decree was at six in the morning….


Suddenly, an explosion, they’re blowing up the door!…

There’ll be here a fire. Everyone will be burnt alive…


That hidden tzaddik, above, explicitly said that reciting the Pirchei Nivarchim is what helps the Moshiach to cancel these decrees.



“The chapters which the hidden tzaddikim say for the success of Mashiach: 31, 35, 36, 60, 68, 80, 83, 88, 89, 109.


Meanwhile, Rav Berland explicity said that reciting 7 Tikkun HaKlalis cancels every harsh decree.

There is nothing to fear!

But, we have a lot of praying to do.



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3 replies
  1. Jeremy M
    Jeremy M says:

    OK, apologies from the start for being a nudnik…

    but it’s called “perakim nivcharim”/פרקים נבחרים — “selected chapters”. Not “pirkei nevarchim”.

    (in case someone wants to find other content about it)

    I have this neat little booklet that someone sells at the Rav’s beit knesset with the ten chapters, as well as some other prayers from the Rav. I think he said it’s good to say it at least every Shabbos? I try to say it on Shabbos and whenever I visit Meron (which happens to be close, and the tzaddik is an aspect of Shabbos)

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Nudnik away, I seem to have an issue getting the name right, so thanks for the correction.

      I also have that booklet – BH, I’ll post up the translation of what it says, plus some other stuff I just found from a ‘hidden tzaddik’ about how powerful these prayers really are.

  2. Simon
    Simon says:

    About the Rabbi’s persecution: it’s horrible and despicable to give people blessings for healing!! But it’s absolutely required — a “commandment” from God — to wear a mask and get the shots!!

    God willing I’ll say another Tikun Haklali today.


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