Going forward, I think things are going to get a little scary.

And, I think that ‘scary’ is starting to surface in the subconscious of even the most resolute ‘think good, and it will be good’ kind of people.

Because at some point, the dinner party ends, and you have to go outside to see what all the fuss is about…


I can see that happening in a whole bunch of ways, already.

I see upbeat, ‘spiritual’ people who are now smoking like chimneys and looking pretty haggard – while still telling me that ‘anyone with emuna knows this is going to be a fantastic process unfolding’.

Well, yes it is.

(At least, if you believe in God, really do have emuna that ‘everything is for the best’ – even when that’s painful and horrible, and are working on your own bad middot and staying close to the True Tzaddikim….)

But even for those kinds of people – it’s still going to be pretty scary.


So, I am trying to make a conscious decision here on the blog, to talk about SOLUTIONS, and not just problems.

We’ll start to flesh the whole ‘demons running the world’ thing out in more posts, BH.

But before we continue with that, let me bring you some possible solutions, for how we deal with all these demonic forces.

(Taken from THIS blog post, I wrote a few weeks back:)

I want to leave you with a few pertinent snippets from One in a Generation Volume II.

Snippet 1, is a quote from Rav Berland himself, from January 21, 2015:

If someone would see how many demons and spirits [there are in every square meter of the world], even a little, then immediately his soul would leave him.

Therefore, Hashem gave us the ability not to see.

And now is the time when all of the demons and spirits are coming out of the bottle and are bursting forth. All of the terrorists are demons and spirits. All of Hamas and all of Al-Qaida and all of ISIS, they are demons and spirits.

[When a person is reciting the Shema,] he needs to have the proper intention, he needs to have proper attention when saying Hashem Aechad [God is one]. AecHaD also stand for: Al-Qaida, Hamas and Da-ash (the Arabic name for ISIS). A person needs to have the correct intention that Hashem Aechad, God is One.

If a person has the intention that God is One, then he will excise all of Al-Qaida, all of Hamas, and all of Da-ash (ISIS), [those] who decapitate others, and kill children and babies.”




And this is from Volume I:


Rav Yehuda Zerachia Halevi Segal, zt” l, was a head kabbalist of the previous generation, and a man who was known to have ruach hakodesh. After Rav Levi Yitzchak’s passing, Rav Berland found himself at the center of a storm of hatred, evil speech, and controversy that had been created by his self-styled opponents in the Breslov Meah Shearim shul.

Rav Segal decided to intercede, to try to end the machlokes. On one occasion on 4 Kislev, 5752 (November 11, 1991), he wrote a letter to Rav Yaakov Meir Shecter, the official head of the community in the Breslov shul, where he emphasized how important it was to have peaceful relations within the Breslov community, and that the rectification of the world (tikkun olam) depended on this.

Rav Segal wrote:

“The very high level of piousness and avodas Hashem of the gaon and tzaddik Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, is well known to me. It’s forbidden to harm an angel of God…and Rabbeinu Hakadosh (Rebbe Nachman) is extremely upset about recent events…The honor of Rabbeinu Hakadosh forces me to intercede and protest about what is going on.”

Rav Yehuda Segal once told Rav Michael Goll, one of the Rav’s students and the Rosh Yeshivah of Meginei Eretz, the following:

“You should know, wherever I go, the demonic forces run 200 meters away from me. But wherever Rav Berland goes, the demonic forces run many thousands of meters away from him. That is the enormous power of his holiness!”


In the next few posts, BH, I’ll have some  more tachlis solutions, real stuff real people can do, to keep out of the grip of the evil forces in the world.

Most of it revolves around the same old stuff I always talk about, i.e. working on bad middot, avoiding drugs and other addictive substances, and staying far away from the most potent sources of tumah.

But I have new info to ‘flesh out’ more of these ideas, specifically how it all connects to demonic entitites.

But the main piece of advice before we get into that, the main solution, is STAY CLOSE TO THE TRUE TZADDIKIM.

And in particular, to Rebbe Nachman and Rav Berland.


It’s struck me more than once that this quote from the late R Yehuda Segal is maybe at least part of why the Rav puts such an emphasis on living in Jerusalem.

Let’s pull it out again:

“You should know, wherever I go, the demonic forces run 200 meters away from me. But wherever Rav Berland goes, the demonic forces run many thousands of meters away from him. That is the enormous power of his holiness!”

This reassures me every time I think about what might be going on here – which honestly scares me.

Even though I work on my emuna etc, the thought of these ‘forces of evil’ manifest really still scares me.

But then, I remember that they are actually just working for God – that’s the emuna solution.

And then, I remember Rabbenu’s tale about the people who are in the circle of the True Tzaddik being protected from the harm these demons cause.

And then, I remember this quote from R Segal:

Wherever Rav Berland goes, the demonic forces run many thousands of meters away from him.


Go back and re-read this article:


Here’s a pertinent snippet – but really, go back and read it all:

Demons look like human beings, but really aren’t.

They have zero real emuna and faith in Hashem (the ‘chicken feet’ = atheists), and they are organized as crime families and syndicates. You’ll find demons in the middle of abortions…. And in the middle of hurting children and other people… And in locations where men are lured to be ‘entrapped’ with harlots…. And demons love ‘devices’ and can listen in on people’s conversations, fly all over the world and appear to be totally untouchable. The last thing to tell you about demons is probably the most important.

In Rebbe Nachman’s tale, he explains that the human beings who are with the Jewish Sage who stands up to the King Demon, and who are within his ‘circle’, are safe from the harm demons can do.

Rebbe Nachman tells us:

“The demons approached, but they could not come near [the humans] because of the circle [that the wise man had made] around them. [The King Demon] sent other messengers, but they also failed.”


This isn’t just a ‘nice story’, a fairy tale, from Rebbe Nachman.

It’s literally advice on how you protect yourself, going forward.

Get in the Tzaddik’s circle, pronto, and take yourself away from demon-infested ‘civilisation’ (especially social media…)

OK, you don’t live in Israel, you don’t live in Jerusalem – I get it.

But you can STILL get in the Tzaddik’s circle, by learning his teachings, following his ‘advice’ on how to live life, binding yourself to the True Tzaddikim, helping the Tzaddik anyway you can, spiritually and materially.

That’s how a person really gets in the circle, in any case.

Rebbe Nachman makes this clear again and again and again, that it’s not actually the ‘personal contact’ that’s important – it’s the inner dimension.

Which means, you do an hour of hitbodedut a day (try to…) you read your 3 Tikkun Haklalis a day (try to….) if the Rav says go to Hevron to pray – you try to do that, or join the livestream from wherever you live.

If he says smash your iPhone, you try to do that…

If he says ‘avoid lashon hara’ – you try to do that…

The list goes on and on.

And that ‘inner dimension’ is what really counts, here.


Yesterday, someone sent me an article about how tons of secular Israelis are rushing to leave the country, and to go and live in Greece, before Israel turns into ‘a dictatorship’.

These people always wanted a ‘Greek Israel’, and now that the religious Jews here are multiplying, I guess they have decided to cut their losses to have an ‘Israeli Greece’ instead.

But the Shechina is HERE, in the Holy Land.

And it’s part of the birur process, that these anti-Torah, anti-God people are now leaving in droves, to a place where they can have the Greek, atheist lifestyle in the sun they always dreamed of.

They are kicking themselves out of the protective circle that is Eretz Yisrael.

And as the months go by, more and more ‘secular lefties’ are joining them.


Good things are happening, under the surface, if you look below all the ‘anarchy’, chaos and orchestrated ‘street violence’.

(BTW, it’s getting harder and harder to spot the differences between Leftists setting the Ayalon on fire (with fireworks…), Palestinians setting Silwan on fire (with fireworks…) and French rioters setting Paris on fire (with fireworks…)

BH, let’s not fall into the trap of thinking behaving like animals is going to solve our problems.

Let’s keep our camp holy and pure, stuck to Hashem and His Torah, and using prayer and teshuva, instead of demonically-inspired violence, to wage our battles.

On that note, that’s enough for today.

Fast well, if you’re doing that.

In the next post, we’re going to take a closer look at how ‘demonic forces’ exploit a person’s bad middot to literally take them over.



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    Thank you, Rivka, for focusing on solutions. Hope you’re having a great time wherever you are, whether it’s quiet or active. All my very best!


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