Rebbe Nachman’s advice really works.

I was feeling pretty low yesterday, as you could probably tell. I have another book that’s almost ready for the Rav, and each time I work on these books, I have a tremendous amount of obstacles, both internal and external to deal with.

So yesterday, I decided to go back to following Rebbe Nachman’s advice for how to deal with those ‘low spots’ in life, and I whacked this song on my CD (yes, I still have a CD! Stonehenge!) – and I danced to it three times in a row. By the end of that, I started to feel so much better.

But Rabbenu wasn’t done cleaning me up yet!

The Rav, Rabbi Berland, says again and again and again that the single best way to get all of your sins cleaned up, and to get yourself out of the way of the harsh judgments that manifest as sadness and depression, amongst other things, is to be on the receiving end of some harsh humiliation and bizyonot.

Yesterday, God arranged for me to get no less than three magnificently harsh, critical emails, one after another!

Baruch Hashem.

One was telling me that my books don’t count as ‘real’ books – like a siddur or a chumash – and that’s why no-one is buying them, and that also I’ve built up massive sins by linking to a video of a woman talking about all the awful stuff they put into vaccines.

Another was telling me I’m a depressed heretic with zero real emuna, who just doesn’t know how to ‘do’ emuna right, and that the real problem is that I’m basically an apikorus, because I can’t just say ‘thank you’, robotically, 50,000 times a day, when I’m going through a tough patch.

Oh, and that I also apparently don’t know how to read English, or do hitbodedut right, either.

This stuff was worth it’s weight in gold!!!

Even though the last yucky email was delivered past midnight, and actually kept me awake most of the night chewing over it in the hitbodedut that I don’t know how to do properly…

I have to tell you, I’m feeling way more upbeat today.

This is experiencing emuna  – taking Rebbe Nachman’s advice, and actually applying it to real life. And it beats the heck out of pontificating at other people about how to do it right, in theory.

BH, once I have the Rav’s book completed, I will have a lot more to share with you on that front. And in the meantime – let’s dance!


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2 replies
  1. Inna
    Inna says:

    Rivka, can i please ruin your advance by the way of insults and bizyanot.
    Thank G-d ! These people are your enemies, it means that you are different than they are. Opposite from them. We have thousands and even millions of them , not worth much.
    Thank you Hashem that I have Rivka blog, and rav Berland books and site to draw strength to remain sane in this crazy world. This is why we need books of tzadikim , to see how they overcame their difficulties and tests and remained tzadikim. So we have Rav Berland biographies which I site to my kids when they have tests – if he can /could do it, you can also.
    Please continue dancing and please sleep well. We need you healthy and happy and to continue writing !

  2. Avigail
    Avigail says:

    Rivka, if these people who insult you don’t like what you post, why are they reading your blog?? Just look at it for what it is -lashon hara – delete and ignore it. But maybe you shouldn’t read these poisonous comments.. Didnt Chavetz Chayim say we are to guard ourselves from listening to lashon hara? Doesnt that apply to ourselves also? Our yetzer hara does a good enough job without listening to others insult us! So delete and keep on truckin. You have a lot of people who enjoy your blog, even if all dont agree 100%. I havent meet the person yet i agree with 100%. So guard your eyes and keep writing. Many blessings to you.


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