Sarah’s mother brought her to me after Sarah’s school forced her to undergo an evaluation for ADHD. The school psychologist was ‘encouraging’ Sarah’s mother to put her daughter on Ritalin, but Sarah’s mother was completely opposed to the use of drugs for children, and she also didn’t believe the ADHD diagnosis was accurate. After all, even though Sarah was 6 and still couldn’t read, she could sit for hours being read to, or absorbed in a game she was playing with her friends. ADHD just didn’t seem to be the right diagnosis, but in the meantime, Sarah was wandering around the classroom, and was starting to disrupt the class.

So Sarah’s mother knew something was ‘off’, but didn’t know what.

Jewish Energy Medicine is not about diagnosing specific issues, it’s about finding out what’s really going on under the surface, and trying to decode the spiritual messages G-d is continually sending us via our health.

The first thing I did was ask if Sarah had any allergies. Any allergy is always a big red sign that the energy in Spleen meridian is weak, and if Spleen is weak, it’s very hard for a person (in this instance, Sarah) to metabolise the new knowledge and information she was receiving in class.

We hit the jackpot: Sarah had a number of food allergies, and well as severe hayfever. Next, I asked if Sarah had an easy or difficult birth (because traumatic circumstances or shock can wipe out Spleen energy in an instant, making it an up-hill battle for the body to cope with it’s food and environment until it’s restored).

Again, jackpot! Sarah’s mother had been in labour for 28 hours, the birth had been extremely difficult, and Sarah had swallowed a lot of meconium and had been whisked away by the attending doctors as soon as she was born to get it all flushed out.

Next, I asked if Sarah spent a lot of time in front of the big screen, either on the computer or watching TV.

Again, jackpot! Electromagnet energy can potentially be another big disrupter of Spleen energy, as can any other environmental pollutant.

The last question was a bit more sensitive: was the environment in the house usually relaxed and encouraging, or more stressed and a bit critical?

To her credit, Sarah’s mother admitted that she was working full time, and with three small children to care for (Sarah was the oldest), she was usually pretty wound-up and tense when she was home. One of the reasons Sarah watched films every day after school was so her mother could have some space to unwind and make supper (often, something you could just pull out of the freezer and throw in the oven. Sarah’s mother rarely had time to cook much from scratch.)

We started to piece all the bits of the puzzle together, and this is what we got:

Spleen meridian is responsible for being able to learn and assimilate new ideas. I believe that together with Triple Warmer, it’s the main meridian affecting most learning difficulties.

Spleen energy is associated with compassion, and is also weakened by environmental pollutants, shock or trauma, electromagnetic energy, junk food and a negative or stressful emotional environment.

Sarah appeared to be struggling on almost all those fronts. I suggested some standard energy exercises to strengthen Spleen which would definitely help, but it looked like there also had to be some changes in Sarah’s environment. Sarah’s mother left our session with some very big decisions to think about.

As the pressure from the school mounted, she took the plunge and started trying to clean up the family’s eating habits. Next, Sarah’s mother realized that it was impossible to give Sarah the time and attention she really needed unless she cut back her work.

It was a hard decision, but after a lot of consideration, Sarah’s mother went part-time. Now, she had time to take Sarah for weekly sessions with a remedial reading teacher, and within six months, Sarah started to reap the benefits of her mother’s self-sacrifice. Now that she was eating more home cooked food, spending less time in front of the computer, and having a more relaxed home environment and emotionally-available mother, Sarah’s marks had improved so much, she was now near the top of the class, and reading voraciously.

The ‘ADHD’ diagnosis disappeared, and the school stopped pressuring Sarah to take Ritalin.

I know I write a lot of things on this blog that seem a bit ‘out there’. Sometimes, it’s stuff I’ve learned that is just not common knowledge (like the spoon idea to get rid of haemorrhoids…)

Other times, G-d sends me flashes of inspiration that are so simple, but may have potentially huge implications, if they’re correct. (Of course, that’s a big ‘if’) – and that’s what this post is about.

According to energy medicine, spleen meridian is the home for ‘happy energy’. It’s also the meridian responsible for digesting and assimilating and ‘dealing with’ input from the outside world.

That input could be food; it could be environmental; it could be knowledge; or it could be emotions and feelings.

Spleen meridian is wiped out by a few things: shock or trauma; chemicals and pollutants (there’s now more than 17,000 chemicals in our food that wasn’t there 100 years’ ago); electromagnetic ‘smog’ (ie, from cell phones, PCs, microwaves, etc); negative, critical emotional environments; and the Triple Warmer meridian.

Triple Warmer meridian deals with ‘fight or flight’, and as I’ve written elsewhere, it’s the energetic home of our evil inclination. When Triple Warmer switches on, the first place it sucks all the energy from is the Spleen meridian.

So far so good?

OK, now onto the insight.

Today, there have never been more people with food allergies, learning disorders, personality disorders, and auto-immune diseases.

If you look carefully at what’s going on from an energetic point of view, spleen meridian is underneath all of these issues, and here’s how:

Birth can be very traumatic, for both mother and child, especially if it’s a surgical delivery, or otherwise complicated. That by itself can knock out Spleen energy – the energy a child needs to eat, digest, learn, and acclimatise to its new environment.

(Btw – difficult births can also knock out the mother’s spleen energy, leading to baby blues and a whole bunch of stuff, where the mother is really struggling to feel connected to her child. To phrase it another way, her ability to ‘deal’ with motherhood and her new situation can get energetically very stuffed up.)

When spleen energy is severely out, it affects the ability to eat and digest properly = problems latching on; problems digesting; colic; intolerance or allergy to milk etc etc.

Now, Triple Warmer really fires up, because when a baby can’t eat, or doesn’t feel nourished, that’s sparks feeling of overwhelming, primal fear in its system – which is Triple Warmer’s speciality.

The baby cries a whole lot more; it gets a whole lot more difficult and ‘kvetchy’. If this carries on for long enough, and is severely compromising a parent’s sleep, even the most patient, caring patient starts to lose patience and the ability to be compassionate to their child.

Compassion, caring and nurturing strengthens the spleen meridian. Indifference, anger and hostility severely weakens it. When babies cry non-stop, and are difficult and kvetchy, every parent, even the best, has to have so much Heavenly help in order to continue to deal with them compassionately and kindly.

And sometimes, we can’t.

So we get into a vicious cycle, where spleen energy can get chronically weak, and the kid grows up with a whole bunch of difficulties, including food allergies, auto-immunes issues like asthma and eczema, learning difficulties like ADHD, and in some severe cases, issues with feeling or demonstrating compassion for themselves and others (which is the at the root of most personality disorders.)

This is then compounded by junk food and chemical additives, ‘junk’ pastimes like internet and films, and environmental pollution (even synthetic rugs can affect Spleen energy…)

Doesn’t this seem to be exactly what’s going on with us and our children? What do you think?

I love the simplicity of energy medicine. I know I’m not doing the world’s best job of explaining it (yet…) on this blog, but hopefully that will change soon, especially when I get all my diagrams of acupressure points sorted out.

In the meantime, I just wanted to tell you a bit about pulse points.

Acupuncturists usually train for decades, to be able to tell if one of the 12 meridian pulse points is too weak, or too strong, but if you use energy (or muscle) testing, you can literally pick up the basics in an hour.

The 12 pulse points are located on the thumb side of each hand, six on right wrist, and six on the left wrist.

If you press lightly with three fingers, you get the pulses for the external, or ‘yang’ meridians. If you press deeply with the same three fingers, you get the pulses for the internal, or ‘yin’ meridians.

Today, I was feeling really, really low, and I had no idea why. I mean, OKAYYY, times are currently tough in the Levy household. But sadly, it’s been that way for years. If I let that get me down I don’t think I would’ve smiled once the last 12 years…

So something else was going on.

(The last time I felt like this, btw, was a few weeks before the last Gazan war.)

Last time, I literally felt I was going to have a heart-attack for weeks, G-d forbid, for no obvious reason. This time round, thanks to the pulses, I could at least check what meridians were out, and try to figure out how to unblock whatever needed unblocking, or strengthen whatever needed strengthening, before my toes went numb.

I checked, and I got the following information:

Kidney, small intestine, gallbladder and heart were all out.

I vigorously rubbed the associated neurolymphatic points for each meridian, to get the energy going again, and now they all tested strong, except heart.

Ahhh, the heart.

Heart energy gets weakened by heartache and heartbreak. I’d love to tell you that I have no problems in that area, but I’d really be lying. I’ve been trying to deal with a broken heart, for various reasons, for about three years now.

Every time I think I’ve turned the corner with it, I smack straight into a big wall.

But G-d is showing me again, that I have to keep trying to heal my heartbreak, and keep looking for ways to put love out into the world, however difficult that’s been for me recently.

The only thing that’s more spiritually and physically damaging to a person than a broken heart is a heart of stone.

So even though it still feels pretty risky to hope and to love and to try again in any genuine way, that’s really the only way forward. I have to trust G-d that any heartache He throws at me is coming to heal and not to hurt, and to stop worrying so much about ‘what will be’.

That’s quite a tall order.

But I prefer it a million times over to having my toes go numb again.

A couple of days’ ago, I was driving on the motorway on the way to Ramat Bet Shemesh. It was the day after the snow/rain/snow storm in Jerusalem, and the roads were still pretty wet, but I don’t think they were icy.

I came over a hill around 70 km an hour, I turned the wheel left to follow the road round – and the wheel stayed turned to the right, putting me into a direct collision course with the barrier.


I pumped the brakes (I think – I can’t really remember the logistical details) and the car went into a spin. I was sure I was about to have a crash, but G-d did a big miracle for me, and spun my car around 180 degrees, in the emergency lane by the side of the road.

All this happened at the top of a hill, which meant no-one could see that I’d had an accident until they’d already crashed into me, G-d forbid. As I sat on the hard shoulder waiting for the panic to hit after this massive near-miss, I realised something strange: I actually wasn’t panicking.

Yes, I was breathing a bit hard, and I felt a little bit shaken up, but really, almost nothing.


What could explain my lack of ‘stress response?’ A minute later, I’d restarted the car, turned it around and was driving on to my appointment in RBS. I know myself pretty well, and especially after the accident I had last year, there is no way that I could have normally acted like that straight after a big skid on a motorway with articulated lorries rushing by.

There are two possible explanations: either, my emuna is now really, really high (which I doubt, because I still screamed blue murder at the kid who didn’t want to go to school today. I don’t think I could have ‘accident’ emuna and not have ‘annoying kid’ emuna, but really, who knows what’s the bigger test sometimes…)


My Triple Warmer is practically comatose, because I’ve been sedating it to death every day for two months.

You’ll recall that Triple Warmer meridian governs the fight or flight response, which is occasionally useful (like if a Hamas terrorist was running after you), but otherwise, not.

I reacted so calmly to my near-miss car accident, even at the time it struck me as bizarre. Instead of my brain freezing, I just started talking to G-d about hoping I wasn’t about to have a bad crash.

Energy medicine is sometimes so gentle, even I sometimes wonder if anything’s really happening. I guess I got something like an answer, when I nearly crashed. You can’t fake your reaction in situations like that, and I really was unnaturally calm.

So it looks like this stuff really does work, in whatever way G-d intends it to.

Of course, the real kudos still go to the Al-mighty, for the tremendous miracle He pulled off for me. I doubt the calm state would have lasted very long if I’d gone down the side of the mountain or been hit side-on by a lorry.

Thanks, G-d! You’re the best.