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In this post, we’re going to start making the links between ‘Alexander the Alabarch’ and ‘Alcimus the Kohen Gadol’.

And in the meantime, we’re going to start uncovering more real Jewish history, to figure out WHO has been oppressing the Jewish people, for 2,000 years, behind the scenes. And how exactly the same modus operandi is happening today.


Let’s begin.


First, a word about Wikipedia.

The fact that I take a lot of snippets from Wikipedia doesn’t mean that I’ve ‘bought in’ to the idea that Wikipedia is a great, impeccable source of information. It isn’t. I use it, perhaps lazily, as a starting point that is easy to quote some of the information from, as I’m piecing things together here on the blog.

Of course, Wikipedia is not telling the whole story, or anywhere close.

But, it’s often a good ‘jumping off point’, that enables me to catch a drift that will lead to more of the information that is being ‘memory holed’.

That’s all.


So with that intro, let’s take a closer look at ‘Alexander the Alabarch’, the brother of the Greek-Jewish philosophy Philo.

Here’s what I learned, since that first post HERE, where we started to unpick how Philo and Josephus are connected to the ancient Roman mafia.

‘Alexander the Alabarch’, Philo’s brother, was also the business partner of a woman called Antonia Minor.

Antonia Minor was the daughter of that same Roman Emperor ‘Mark Antony’, whose grand-daughter is meant to be the ‘Mary Magdalene’ / Mary of Bethany who married the NT’s character of ‘Jesus the Nazarene’.

You can read the ‘standard history’ about her on Wikipedia, HERE.

This is the bit I want you to pay attention to, for this post:

Having inherited properties in Italy, Greece, and Egypt, she was a wealthy and influential woman, who often received visitors to Rome. She had many male friends, including Alexander the Alabarch, a wealthy Jew, and Lucius Vitellius, a consul and the father of Aulus Vitellius, a future emperor.


‘Alexander the Alabarch’ was way more than just a ‘male friend’, whatever that actually means in immoral Roman terms.

He was actually Antonia Minor’s business partner and estate manager.

And he was also Rome’s tax collector for Alexandria – which made him fabulously wealthy, and also very closely connected to the Roman Emperors and ‘aristocracy’.

To briefly recap, one of ‘Alexander the Alabarch’s’ sons is called Tiberius Julius Alexander. He’s the second in command of Titus, and helps to destroy the Second Temple, before becoming the Procurator of Judea, under the Emperor Claudius.

Meanwhile, he’s got a brother called ‘Marcus Julius Alexander‘, who marries into Herod the Great’s family.

Apparently, like this:


  1. Is Philo, the philosophy who put together the foundations of the new religion that came to be known in our days as ‘xtianity’ (more on that in another post.)
  2. Is his brother, ‘Alexander Lysimachus, Alabarch of Alexandria’ – notice his name.
  3. Is Alexander Lysimachus’ son, Marcus Julius Lysimachus, who marries ‘Julia Berenice, Princess of Judea‘.
  4. Is Tiberius Julius Alexander, the guy who helps destroy the Second Temple with Titus, then becomes the Roman Procurator of Judea.


You can read a lot about this ‘Julia Berenice’ HERE.

She also had a few husbands, was the lover of that same Titus who destroyed our Second Temple – and is seriously suspected of committing incest with her own brother, Herod Agrippa II, ‘last Herodian king of Judea’.

Lovely family!


But before we continue, there is already some strange things going on here.

For example, ‘Julia Berenice’s’ father has two names.

He’s commonly referred to as ‘Herod Agrippa I’ – best friend of the Emperor Claudius.

Claudius’ mother is…..Antonia Minor, the business partner of ‘Alexander the Alabarch’.

And as a child, guess where all the ‘child captives’ from Judea’s royal family were being held, while they were being ‘re-educated’ in Rome?

Yes, you got it: at the home of Antonia Minor.

So ‘Herod Agrippa I’ grew up with what become the Emperor Claudius.


Now, what is the second name of ‘Herod Agrippa I’?

This is a screenshot from geni:


There seems to be a lot of hellenized Jews called ‘Marcus Julius’ with tight links to the Herodian royal family and Rome going on here.

There were strict naming conventions in Rome, and perhaps that explains it. But, there is something ‘niggling’ me about all this, not least because the details for this period of time, and Herod’s family, have been manipulated non-stop, the last 2,000 years.

Let’s park that for now, and continue.


This snippet comes from HERE – a site that used to be called ‘historyhuntersinternational’, but which disappeared off the web a few years ago, and now you can only find it on the WayBack Machine.

Philo and later, Ptolemy, used the Royal Library of Alexandria to develop their syncretic theme, starting with the first christology, then developing Greek magic, from which spring the divine men of Classical Antiquity.

The Lysimachus sought power and that is expensive. Jewish merchants dominated trade with the East and tax on trade became the single most important source of imperial funds after the Roman conquest of Britain, which stablised the imperial border and ended the instant revenue derived from the slaves and gold of conquest.

The alabarch financed Jewish kings and the Temple in Jerusalem, as well as the Flavians. Their wealth depended on stability, giving them the urgent motive to resolve the threat to Pax Romana of Messianic Judaism.

They also sought to return to the old stamping ground of the general Lysimachus, in Thrace and Asia Minor, which is the context for the marriage of Marcus and the campaigning of Tiberius with Corbulo in Armenia.


In 1838 an inscription was found in Aradus, in which the council and the people of Aradus pay homage simultaneously to Pliny the Elder and to Alexander (Corpus Inscriptionum Græcarum, iii. 1278, No. 4536 et seq.).

The dignities of Alexander are stated in this inscription as follows: inscription1 The Lysimachus Dynasty (this appellation is found here only, and is equivalent to vice-procurator; see Mommsen in “Hermes,” xix. 640); eparch of the Jewish host; governor of Syria; eparch of the twenty-second legion in Egypt. The stone bearing this inscription was brought to Paris in 1864 (Renan, “Mission en Phénicie,” 1864, p. 29).

Over the last century, many inscriptions and documents from this period have been found, of which most have yet to be understood fully. Even so, we may expect in the near future for more flesh to be added to the Lysimachus prosopography.

Two specific areas of this dynasty I suggest could be beneficial to study are:

  1. The syncretisms of Cleopatra and Philo and if any relationship exists between them.

  2. Possible confusions between the histories of Alexander, son of the alabarch, and Alexander, son of Herod the Great. The account by Josephus of a pretender to the Herodian prince may be a hint at something more.


I’m not expecting you to understand all this totally.

I am still figuring it out myself.

But the point is, this ‘Alexander Lysimach, the Alabarch’ is VERY connected with the Romans, and financing and controlling Herod’s royal family in Judea, exactly when the temple is destroyed.

And then, his brother Philo just happens to be raiding the Library in Alexandra to put together the bones of a new ‘Greek-Jewish’ syncrestic religion that we come to know as ‘christianity’.

Just at the same time that Rome is trying to stamp out ‘Messianic Judaism’, for political reasons.

(There is way more to that story, but I am saving it for another post, so as not to overwhelm you.)


OK, so now, how does all this tie in with the other stuff we’ve been unpicking here, about that family of ‘rogue Kohanim‘, related to the Hasmoneans and Shimon HaTzaddik, who started up their own rival Temple in Heliopolis?

Let’s turn to that side of the equation now.

And here’s where the tale zooms off into even more interesting.


In the stories about what happened to spark off Antiochus Epiphanes’ harsh decrees against the Torah and the Jews, that in turn led to the Hashmonaim revolt and the Chanuka story, there are a lot of ‘missing details’.

Here’s that ‘standard story’, from Wikipedia:

Menelaus was a high priest and a Greek Jewish leader during the Second Temple period and the Hasmonean Revolt, between 163 and 172 BC.

Menelaus, under the reign of Antiochus IV (Epiphanes) the Seleucian, caused the desecration of the Temple and the waste of its treasures which were the property of the people, thus laying the groundwork for the decrees of religious persecution of Antiochus IV in 168 BC.

Menelaus, along with his brother Shimon and the two rulers of Israel close to him in the leadership dynasty, Jason and Alcimus, are the central figures identified with the phenomenon of degeneration and its significance in the Jewish tradition.


The ‘Jason’ mentioned here is the brother of Chonyo / Onias / Yochanan III, the Kohen Gadol mentioned in the Gemara Tractate Menuchot 109b.

Read more about that HERE.

Chonyo III’s son, Chonyo / Onias VI (or other’s say, Onias V) goes down to Egypt, starts up his own rival ‘Temple’ in Heliopolis, and gets very cosy with the Egyptian rulers:

When Ptolemy Philopater dies, it’s Onias IV, head of his army, and his Jewish mercenaries, who save the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra when a civil war erupts.

I am now thinking that ‘Chonyo / Onias VI’ is the ancestor of this same ‘Alexander the Alabarch’, and his family, including Philo.

We’ll see if that pans out.


In the meantime, there’s a ton of confusion about where this ‘rival’ corrupt Kohen Gadol, Menelaus, came from.

Josephus claims that he is also another brother of Chonyo III and Jason.

Modern historians don’t like that idea. But while I was tootling around, I found more details, in Russian, that started to open up some very interesting possibilities of what was really going on.

It started when I found an entry on ‘CycloWiki’ called: Jewish Revolt against Lysimachus

I’d never heard of this particular ‘Jewish Revolt’ before, but the name ‘Lysimachus’ caught my eye.


Menelaus, who received the title of high priest for a bribe, left his brother Lysimachus in Jerusalem as a kind of “acting” high priest when he was summoned to Antiochus Epiphanes to pay for his position.

This Lysimachus decided to use his power to enrich himself, and with 3 thousand soldiers began to plunder the people.

These forces were not enough, and the Jews, armed with sticks and stones, defeated Lysimachus ‘ army, and lynched him in front of the Temple:


“But when many blasphemies were committed in the city by Lysimachus, with the permission of Menelaus, and the rumor spread, the people rebelled against Lysimachus, for many golden vessels were stolen. 

When the people rose up in anger, Lysimachus armed up to three thousand men and began lawless violence under the leadership of a tyrant who was old in years and no less old in madness. Seeing this violence of Lysimachus, some seized stones, others stout stakes, and others, snatching up dust from the ground, threw them all together at Lysimachus ‘ men, and thus wounded many of them, struck others, and put them all to flight, and killed the sacrilegious man himself near the treasury.” – Book of Maccabees II, 4, 39-42



This corrupt, money-grubbing ‘Lysimachus’ was apparently also a Kohen.

Also a ‘Kohen Gadol’ – number 45, according to the Russian Cyclowiki site.

And it was while he was trying to steal stuff out of the Temple Treasury that the revolt began that lead to Antiochus Epiphanes believing the Jews were revolting against Greek rule, so he came back at them with the decrees that three years’ later, led to the Hasmonean revolt, and Chanuka.

In fact, ‘Chonyo III’ (aka ‘Yochanan Kohen Gadol – from the ‘Bnei Zadokim’ line) is the guy that tries to prevent ‘Lysimachus’ from doing what he’s doing, only to be deposed, and then later murdered by Lysimarch’s brother ‘Menelaus’, presumably taking revenge for the death of his brother.

And it just so happens that ‘Alexander the Alabarch’ is also called ‘Lysimachus’ a couple of generations later, and it’s his son who destroys the Temple with Titus.

And his brother, Philo, that comes up with the philosophy that became ‘christology’.


There’s more.


Now, let’s take a closer look at another Kohen Gadol called ‘Alcimus’, to see how he is meant to fit into this picture.

These snippets come from CycloWiki HERE:

Alcimus (or Joiakim) was a leader of the anti-national Hellenistic party in Judea, who was appointed high priest of the Jews by the Syrian King Demetrius Seleucides and installed in this position by his general Bacchides in 161 BC…..

Following Demetrius ‘ accession to the throne in 162 BC, Alcimus appeared as a defender of the impending fall of Syrian rule in Judea; he went to Antioch to petition for the appointment of himself as high priest and to ask for help against the revolutionary party of Judas Maccabeus.

Demetrius sent Bacchides, the ruler of Celes-ria, to Jerusalem and instructed him to appoint Alcimus as high priest.


In Judea, Alcimus by trickery managed to gain the confidence of the scribes and strict legalists (Hasidians), who did not sympathize with the political uprising in general and therefore asked Alcimus to bring the matter to a peace agreement between Judea and Syria.

However, despite his promise of security, he executed several of the Hasidim in order to intimidate the others.

Bacchides himself killed all the followers of Judas Maccabeus who fell into his hands, and having provided Judea with a sufficient garrison force, which he entrusted to Alcimus, he returned to Syria.


Alcimus, united with his fellow Hellenists, launched a war against the Maccabees and fought for the primacy in Judea and for the αρχιερωσύνη (office of high priest). However, he was not able to resist and turned to the king for help.

To support Alcimus, Demetrius sent his general Nicanor in 161 BC, who was defeated and killed in a skirmish with the Jews; the day of this victory, 13 Adar, was celebrated annually in Jerusalem under the name of Nicanor’s Day.

Shortly afterward, Alcimus approached Jerusalem with Bacchides, who attacked Judas Maccabeus at Eleasa with such a large force that Judas was defeated and killed. Alcimus and the Hellenists then seized control of Judea and enjoyed the persecution and murder of nationalist Jews. Bakkhid greatly assisted them in this, continuing the war with the Hasmonean leaders Jonathan and Shimon and establishing a large number of fortresses in Judea.

Alcimus ‘ name does not appear in reports of the Maccabean Wars; only his death in 160 BC is recorded in connection with his attempt to destroy the wall surrounding the Temple courtyard.

He held the position for three or four years, having been appointed to it by Antiochus V as early as 163 BC, as the successor of Menelaus.


There is a lot to unpick here.

First, I realised that this ‘Alcimus’ is meant to be the successor to Menelaus.

And then, I realised that ‘Lysimachus’ was also meant to be the successor to Menalaus.

And then I realised that A-L-C-I-M-U-S is effectively an anagram of LYSIMACHUS.

I.e. they are the same person.

Now, let’s take a look at R’ Yose ben Yoezer, nasi of the Sanhedrin at this period of time.


R’ Yose ben Yoezer was known to be a ‘Hasidean’, i.e. part of that group that were against the Hasmonean’s military revolt, who were ‘tricked’ into aligning with ‘Alcimus Kohen Gadol’, before Alciums turned on them and had a bunch of them crucified.

This from Wikipedia:

Jose was probably among the sixty pious men who, at the instigation of the high priest Alcimus, the son of his sister, were crucified by the Syrian general Bacchides.

The Midrash reports the following dialogue between Alcimus and Jose ben Joezer while the latter was on the way to execution:

Alcimus: “See the profit and honors that have fallen to my lot in consequence of what I have done, whilst thou, for thy obstinacy, hast the misfortune to die as a criminal.”
Yose, quietly: “if such is the lot of those who anger God, what shall be the lot of those who accomplish His will?”
Alcimus: “Is there any one who accomplished His will more than thou?”
Yose: “If this is the end of those who accomplish His will, what awaits those who anger Him?”

On this Alcimus was seized with remorse and committed suicide:

“He went and subjected himself to all four modes of execution inflicted by the Beth Din: stoning, burning, beheading, and strangulation. What did he do [to accomplish this]? He took a beam and stuck it in the ground, attached a rope to it, set up logs [in front of it], and built a stone wall around it. He then made a bonfire [with the logs] and stuck a sword in the middle. He then hanged himself with the rope, and while he was strangling the rope burnt through and snapped, he fell on the sword, while the wall [of stones] fell upon him and he burned [in the fire].”


You can read more about ‘Alcimus’, the wicked Kohen Gadol who was actually leading the war against Judah Maccabee and the Hashmonaim on the Jewish Encyclopedia site, HERE.

As usual, there’s massive confusion over whether he was really a Kohen Gadol, or not, but the book of Maccabees relates this:

[Alcimus] mentions his ἀρχιερωσύυη to the king as being inherited from his ancestors (II Macc. xiv. 7); yet, without question, the members of another family up to this time had had uninterrupted possession of the high-priesthood.


The ‘Biblesearchers’ site combines a bunch of cobblers about the descent of Yoshki, with some interesting details gained from ‘official history’ and research from that period of time in Jerusalem.

The trick is trying to sort the fact from the fiction. To say that’s not easy is quite the understatement.

But I checked back on their ‘Kohen Gadol’ genealogy, to see if I could shed some more light on where these ‘Menelaus / Lysimach’ brothers actually came from. HERE is what they show:


A lot of this seems to pan out (until we get down to Yoshki – more on that another time.)

And they show ‘Menelaus and Lysimach’ as the cousins of Chonyo III and Jason-Jesus.

Which makes a lot of sense.

And not only that, they have ‘Menelaus’ with his original name as ‘Chonyo IV’ – which would also make sense, as his grandfather was the same ‘Chonyo II’ (‘Yochanan’) that ‘Chonyo III’ is named for.

And then, these two sets of cousins – both from ‘Beit Chonyo / Bnei Zadokim’ – start fighting it out, leading to civil war, mamash, to see who gets to ‘rule’ in the Temple, and act as the Greek governor of occupied Judea.


What is very strange here, is that ‘Judah Maccabbee’ is not included in this list of ‘High Priests’, even though he apparently served for three years, before the Hellenising Jews under Alcimus managed to kill him.

Clearly, there are still more mysteries to solve.

But for now, let’s finish up with Alcimus, and what he did to his uncle.


R’ Yose ben Yoezer, a Kohen, and head of the Sanhedrin, and a ‘Hasid’, was effectively crucified by his own nephew, ‘Alcimus the Kohen Gadol’.

And ‘Alcimus’ = ‘Lysimachus’.

One more detail, for now, and then we’ll wrap this up for today.

(There’s always so much more to say, but slowly does it.)


In the book I have by Allen Goldenthal, the Sadducee-Karaite-Kahana descendant, who has clued me into how these ‘Sadduccee-Karaites-Kohens’ have continued to rule and corrupt the Jewish community from behind the scenes for the last 2,000 years, there is a family tree, where he traces his own descent from this ‘Alcimus’.

That family tree shows that ‘Jesus the Nazarene’, ‘James the Just’, Caiaphas the Kohen Gadol (from the NT account), and last but not least, ‘Josephus Flavius’ – all descend from this Alcimus.

And ALCIMUS = LYSIMACHUS, who is also the presumed ancestor of ‘Alexander Lysimach the Alabarch’, tax collector of Egypt, business partner of Antonia Minor – guy who was effectively financing all of Rome’s ‘puppet royalty’ after their indoctrination at Antonia Minor’s place, as children.



I have a lot more unpicking to do.

But, I think we came a big step closer to figuring out who these people really were, and more of what was actually going on in the lead up to the destruction of the Second Temple.

And once we know what that sin of ‘sinat chinam’ actually really was, tachlis, then we can really start doing the teshuva required to fix it, and to have geula and the rebuilt Third Temple.





You might also like this article:

So, this is going to be one of the weirder posts.

Either you love these, or you hate these, but either way, that’s what I’m serving up today.

The story starts with a Welsh historian called Alan Wilson.

This is good introduction to Alan Wilson’s work, which basically turns the history we’ve all been taught, especially about the British Isles and the Roman Empire,  totally on its head:


Amongst the many things that Alan Wilson has been researching, you’ll find:

The real identity of ‘King Arthur’ – and the fact that there were actually two of them.

That the hieroglyphs – the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs – can actually be read accurately using….Welsh.

He’s also pinned down the real date of the Trojan War.

And he’s got a number of theories about how at least some of the Egyptian-Welsh speaking ’10 Tribes’ ended up in….Wales.


Now, let me state up-front that I am still wading through Alan Wilson’s information, and as there is a lot of information to wade through, I am still not sure how much of what he’s saying stands up.

But, I read his book on using Welsh to ‘read’ hieroglyphs a few months ago, and shortly my Welsh-speaking mother will be spending a few days with me, and I plan on really starting to pin that side of things down.

(Champollion had some close connections to Freemasonry... of course. And he’s the guy who came up with the ‘way to read hieroglyphs’ that basically totally ignored the fact that Old Welsh fit the bill perfectly.)


As a child, my Welsh grandmother used to tell me lots of gripping tales about ancient ‘Cymru’ – Wales, with a particular focus on how the English, for the last 300 years, tried to totally uproot every trace of Welsh history and language.

I know this is true, because my grandparents, and their grandparents, experienced this persecution in their own lives.

And I could never really understand why the English were so hell-bent on obliterating Wales and its culture and history and language.

But now, I’m starting to get an inkling that bizarrely, Wales could actually hold the key to so much of the mystery of what is actually going on here.


At the 15 minute mark, he starts talking about the Ten Tribes, and some of the links between the family that apparently gave us Yoshki (i.e. a family of heretical Tzadokim / Sadducee priests….) and the Welsh royal family.

Because of all the research I’ve done on the families that seem to have given us no end of ‘leaders’ – and no end of trouble and suffering – I am paying a lot more attention to Alan Wilson’s research than previously.

Again, let me flag I am still working through all this, and there is a long way to go.

But in the meantime, here is what I’ve got to.


Wilson mentions that there were a number of WELSH Roman Emperors, including a guy called Flavius Magnus Maximus Augustus Wledig.

Here’s a snippet from his geni profile HERE:

Magnus Maximus (Latin: Flavius Magnus Maximus Augustus) (ca. 335 – August 28, 388), also known as Maximianus and Macsen Wledig in Welsh, was Western Roman Emperor from 383 to 388.

As commander of Britain, he usurped the throne against Emperor Gratian in 383. However, through negotiation with Theodosius I the following year he was made emperor in Britannia and Gaul – while Gratian’s brother Valentinian II retained Italy, Pannonia, Hispania, and Africa. Nevertheless Maximus’ ambitions led him to invade Italy in 387, leading to his defeat by Theodosius at the Battle of the Save in 388. His death marked the end of real imperial activity in northern Gaul and Britain.

After Maximus, no significant Roman emperor (ignoring shadowy and short-lived usurpers) ever went north of Lyons again.


Wilson claims that this Emperor was the g-g granddad of the first, real, ‘King Arthur’.

You can read more about that HERE, on the ‘ancientwales’ website this is a screenshot:


‘Constantine the Great’ is the first Roman Emperor who officially converted to xtianity, and his mother is Queen Helena, the woman who traipsed around the Old City of Jerusalem magically finding where Yoshki was crucified and buried (400 years afterwards…) and similar claptrap.

(In case you’re wondering, it’s the site of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. We’ve written about that place for other reasons, here on this blog, but you can be sure there are no CO-INC-ID-ENCES…)

Most people don’t know this, but Constantine the Great spent a great deal of time in Britain, and was actually first accalaimed Caesar there. This from Wiki:

Constantine’s share of the empire consisted of Britain, Gaul, and Spain, and he commanded one of the largest Roman armies which was stationed along the important Rhine frontier. He remained in Britain after his promotion to emperor, driving back the tribes of the Picts and securing his control in the northwestern dioceses.

In the meantime, his grandson is the Welsh-named Maxen Wledig – aka the Roman Emperor Flavius Magnus Maximus Augustus Wledig.

And his descendant is the first King Arthur.


Why cover all this up?

I (and many others…) are still trying to figure that out.

But it seems the cover up of Welsh history began in earnest when the German Hanoverian Royal Family were plonked on the British throne, after Oliver Cromwell was paid a bunch of money by ‘Christian Zionists’, working with crypto-Jews based out of Amsterdam, including Menasseh Ben Israel, to get rid of King Charles I, and officially allow all the Spanish-Portuguese crypto Jews then living in the UK to openly ‘revert’ to Judaism.

Or rather, I should say that these people openly reverted to defining themselves as Jews, whilst continuing to skip things like having circumcisions and eating kosher for at least another 100 years…

Old habits die hard.


Now, let’s tie this up a little more closely, to see how ‘ancient Welsh history’, Roman Emperors, and the chareidi world’s shapers are actually much more closely linked than anyone might think.

That part of the puzzle begins with the post I wrote a little while back, entitled:


Here’s the relevant snippet, for this post:

The Chatam Sofer’s paternal grandfather was apparently called ‘Moses Schreiber Sofer’ (1690-1722.)

He had four kids.

One of them – R’SHMUEL SAMUEL SCHREIBER SOFER (1715-1779) has a son, apparently at the late age of 47 years, who is  R MOSHE SOFER-SCHREIBER (1762-1839)- the ‘Chatam Sofer’.

Another of his kids, HADASSA SOFER-SCHREIBER, marries a Spanish ‘new catholic’ crypto Jew by the name of Abraham D’Costa Hart.

They have a child called Maria Narcisa D’Costa Sofer – WHO IS THE CHATAM SOFER’S FIRST COUSIN, via his father’s sister.

And this Maria marries one ‘Francisco Ramrez de Figeuroa‘ (1758-1801) who is the son of ABRAHAM SHAW (FIGUEROA PARDO) MEISELS, and REBECCA SHAW.

Because ‘SHOR’ can also be spelled ‘SHAW’.


And if you trace the family tree back for this ‘REBECCA SHAW / SHOR’, you find she is directly descended from Welsh Royalty, Roman Emperors, and a bunch of interesting people that you really wouldn’t expect to find in the direct family tree of the Chatam Sofer.


HERE is where we begin tracing that family tree back on geni, and here is the portrait of ‘Francisco Ramrez de Figeuroa’, the husband of the Chatam Sofer’s first cousin, Maria Narcisa D’Costa Sofer:


So, this is his mum, Rebecca Shaw / SHOR:

And she marries ‘Abraham Meisels’, whose mum Deborah is the sister of ‘R Chaim Meisels of Brody’.


If you trace that ‘Meisels’ family tree back, you immediately get to the heart of ‘Ashkenazi Rabbinic Royalty’.

This is the family tree of the Sabbateans, the SHACH, the people who became leading Frankists, leading reformers – and also, leading Rebbes and ‘ultra orthodox’ rabbis like the Chatam Sofer.


But let’s focus on Rebecca Shaw’s side of things.

THIS is the geni tree for her going back just 10 generations.

It is totally crawling with British and French royals and nobles.

On one side of her family, the apparently xtian ‘Shaws’ are intermarrying with the ‘Jewson’ family… (it’s at least possible they were crypto Jews who retained the name when they went ‘undercover’ when Jews were officially expelled from the UK in 1290.)

And on the other side….there are so many royals and nobles it’s hard to keep track.

So let’s focus on the bit of the tree that leads back from John Weaver Shaw, Rebecca Shaw’s gg-granddad.


10 generations back from him, we get to one William Neville.

And 10 generations back from him, we get to a bunch of people you may have heard of, including William the Conqueror, Malcolm the King of Scots, and also Fulk, the first Crusader King of Jerusalem.

Fulk was a Knights Templar.

He died in a riding accident near Acre.

THIS is how that tree shakes down:


If you keep going back, you find people like Robert II Capet ‘The Pious’ King of the Franks (972-1031).

And ‘Igor the Old’ ruler of Kievan Rus (878 -945) – that you know better by the name ‘KIEV’…. (Ukraine).

And Aethelred the Unready, King of the English (966-1016).

And Adalbert II, King of Italy….

And a bunch more dukes, kings, nobles, queens…


And if you keep going back, eventually you hit Welsh royalty and Roman Emperors.

In the family tree of the Chatam Sofer, the infamous ‘Meisels’ Rabbinic dynasty, and of course, the SHOR family, that links us to a bunch more people including the Chabad Rebbes and the famous Frankists like Elisza Shor….


And then we have Alan Wilson, saying that the renegade ‘holy family’ of heretical Tzadukim that gave us Yoshki made their home in Wales….

And that at least some of the Ten Tribes got exiled to Wales….

And that you can read hieroglyphics exactly with Old Welsh….

And ten on top of all this, we now know that many of the Roman Emperors were actually Britons, and their descendants were for sure Welsh kings, and English kings, and also Crusader Knights Templars who just happened to conquer the holy land, get crowned ‘King of Jerusalem’ and die in Acre….


I am still trying to piece this together.

But how many CO-INC-IDEN-CES are we really talking about, here?


Now, let’s add in one more piece of this puzzle.

Remember this post?

The Rod and the Sceptre

Here’s the pertinent part, for our discussion today:

One of the claims that Goldenthal made, repeatedly, about his ancestors is that they embodied some prophecy, about the ‘rod and the sceptre’ being brought together.

The ‘rod’ refers to the priesthood, the rod of Aharon HaKohen, the first Kohen HaGadol.

The ‘sceptre’ refers to the monarchy, specifically, descent from King David.

I can’t find this prophecy in Jewish sources, I don’t know if it’s a Christian thing.

But according to Goldenthal, his family of ‘Kahanas’ bring together the ‘rod’ of the priesthood (i.e. descent from Kohanim) together with the ‘sceptre’ of being descended from King David, and as a result, they have been in the middle of so many disturbing episodes of Jewish history, particularly in relation to the ‘false messiahs’ that have plagued us since the time of Yoshki.


One of the Kahana ancestors is a guy called Bustainai, Exilarch who marries non-Jewish royalty, either a Persian princess, or Dara the daughter of King Charlemagne, the Holy Roman Emperor.

The REMA descends from this suspected Sadducee-Karaite-Kahana guy.

And so does the MAHARAL.

And so does the Lubavitch Rebbes.

And so does the ESKELES clan of bankers, freemasons and Jewish reformers (more about them soon.)

And so does Jacob Frank.


Go back, read ‘The Rod and the Sceptre’, because it’s too much info to put in this post, but it’s very pertinent.


Last thing.

Remember this post?


It basically sets out how a SHOR / SHAW descendant of Frankist Elisza Shor made it onto the British throne.

But what we’re learning here, is that this interaction between British royalty and our rabbinic royalty has been going on for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years.


So, this is my current hypothesis:

The Erev Rav heretics amongst us have been trying to wrest control of the Jewish community away from truly God fearing rabbis for millenia.

Yoshki was just one in a long, long line -and he was by no means the last.

These heretics descend from a group of renegade Kohanim, who were known as ‘Tzadukim’ or Sadduccees 2,000 years ago, and who were the corrupt priests in the Temple at the time it was destroyed, as well as throughout the Hashmonaim period.

Yoshki I and Yoshki 2 were family members,  Kohanim, and belonged to this group of Erev Rav, hellenistic, (satanic…) heretics.


It’s at least possible that some of Yoshki’s family, the original so-called ‘Jewish Xtians’, made it over to the British Isles, during the time of the destruction of the Second Temple.

If there were remnants of the Ten Tribes already in what is now Wales, that would be kind of a logical place to go, to try to escape the long arm of the Romans.

In the meantime, ‘Jewish-xtianity’ as preached by Yoshki’s family extended family members takes hold in Wales (this is Alan Wilson’s theory, and he has a lot of supporting evidence for Wales being the first ‘xtian’ country in the world.

Then, Welsh royalty starts intermarrying with this ‘holy family’.

In the meantime, the war with Rome continues over the British Isles, until Emperor Flavius Magnus Maximus Augustus Wledig comes along and marries a Welsh princess and makes ‘peace’.

Wledig’s grand-dad is Constantine the Great, the guy who decides to make the Roman Empire xtian mostly for political reasons.


But Constantine’s version of xtianity is still ‘anti’ the Jewish-xtian original version of the Tzadukim-Sadduccee-Karaites.

So in the meantime, the Jewish-xtians continue to be persecuted, and continue to ‘shift between’ the Jewish and non-Jewish world – except with another huge twist now, that large numbers of the Jewish-xtians are actually mamash marrying into European royal families.

Some of these ‘Jewish-xtians’ are pretty much totally assimilated (but still retain links with the Jewish world clandestinely, and believe they are the ‘real Jews’ and the ‘real descendants of King David and Aharon HaKohen’.)

While others stay in the Jewish world, and continue to subvert it from the top.

That second group is the financers and the court Jews, and the ‘chief rabbis’ who control the Jewish community for the monarchs they serve.


Along the way, there are more false messianic movements – including the Crusaders!

Because if you look at who these ‘Crusader Kings’ of Jerusalem descend from, you get right back to the same family trees of people like ‘Rebecca Shaw’ and the Meisels rabbinic family.

And of course, we see the REMA  descends from them… and the Meisels family intermarries repeatedly with REMA descendents, as do the SHOR / SHAWS, and of course false messiah Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH is also in that same family tree, and later on, so is Jacob Frank and the Chabad dynasty….

It’s all one happy family.


Later on, there is another big ‘push’ to regain Jerusalem, this time from the xtian zionists, again centred in the UK, via the Balfour Declaration and the zionist movement of Jewish puppets.

And as has been the case throughout our history, most of the people at the top of the tree in Israel are either strongly linked to xtianity – and even practising Jews-for-Jesus – and / or they are linked to the Freemason secret societies that grew out of the Crusaders’ Knights Templars and Knights Hospitallers – all of which are very closely linked to European royalty.

(Who think they are the real ‘owners’ of the land of Israel, and the real ‘chosen people’, because of their Tzadukim-Sadducee-Karaite-Jewish-xtian ancestry).

This is the actual basis if xtian ‘replacement’ theology.


And of course, Jewish-xtianity was satanic from its inception, and based on black magic and ‘suffering little children’.

And all forms of the church have continued that tradition.

And then the Crusaders also mixed in slavery, banking and drug and weapons trafficking in to that mix, for good measure.


This is what I think we’re currently looking at, but of course, as more details emerge, this can and will change.

And we didn’t even talk about Moses Mendelssohn and Gabriel Eskeles yet.

But we will, BH.


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I just had a fairly massive breakthrough in all the ‘false messiah family tree’ stuff.

I’ve been reading some of the family history books of a man called ‘Allen Goldenthal’, a self-confessed ‘Zadokite’ (Sadducee) and Karaite. who’s done a ton of work on his family tree, and also has ‘inherited memories’ from his ancestors that he can apparently access.

If that sounds weird, remember that epigenetics really is a thing, scientifically.

And also remember that as always, all this information has to continually be birur-ed and verified independently, to try and shake out more of the actual truth.

With those caveats out the way, lets dive in.


Very long story short, Goldenthal is a descendant of the Kahana clan, an ancient family of Kohens who were Sadducees (‘Zadokites’) in Second Temple times, before morphing into that anti-orthodox sect of ‘Karaites’ we’ve been writing about here.

You can read more about the Kahana family tree HERE.

Notably, Goldenthal includes some detailed family trees that pinpoints some of his Karaite ancestors intermarrying with apparently non-Jewish aristocracy, while others marry into leading families of ‘Rabbinic Jewry’, including one Kahana ancestor who marries Raisel Heller, the daughter of Yom Tov Lipmann Heller.

I am still picking through his books to do the birur, so for now let’s leave the personal stories alone – although many of them are eye-popping – and take a closer look at this family of ‘Kahana’ Sadduccee-Karaites with royal connections and a very pronounced heretical streak, who hate authentic Torah Judaism as codified by the Sages of the Gemara.


One of the claims that Goldenthal made, repeatedly, about his ancestors is that they embodied some prophecy, about the ‘rod and the sceptre’ being brought together.

The ‘rod’ refers to the priesthood, the rod of Aharon HaKohen, the first Kohen HaGadol.

The ‘sceptre’ refers to the monarchy, specifically, descent from King David.

I can’t find this prophecy in Jewish sources, I don’t know if it’s a Christian thing.

But according to Goldenthal, his family of ‘Kahanas’ bring together the ‘rod’ of the priesthood (i.e. descent from Kohanim) together with the ‘sceptre’ of being descended from King David, and as a result, they have been in the middle of so many disturbing episodes of Jewish history, particularly in relation to the ‘false messiahs’ that have plagued us since the time of Yoshki.


Now, let’s change gear, and go and take a look at some of the people Goldenthal identifies as being on that Sadducee-Karaite-Kahana family tree.

A key place to start is a guy called Hananya “Bustenai” ben Haninai, Exilarch & Gaon of Pumbeditha.

For those that don’t know, from the time the Jewish people were first exiled to Babylonia under Nevuchadnezzer, we were governed by our own lay Jewish leader, or ‘community king’, who was known as the Exilarch.

This Exilarch typically claimed descent from the House of King David – and a lot of them were very corrupt, spiritually.

Even when some of the Jews returned to build the Second Temple under Ezra and Nehemia, many Jews stayed behind in galut, and the office of ‘Exilarch’ continued until the 1100’s CE.


What’s really interesting about this line of ‘Exilarchs’ is that they apparently intermarried over and over again with the exiled High Priests, including these Sadduccee-Karaite-Kahanas that Goldenthal says he is descended from.


Let’s take a closer look at ‘Hananya ‘Bustenai’ ben Haninai’s family tree, HERE.

Here’s a snippet of some of the stories told about him, translated from Hebrew Wikipedia, HERE:

Bustanai (d. 660/5) was the first Exilarch to be recognized by Arab rule. His birth and much of his life is surrounded by legend. As a token of appreciation, Caliph Ali gave him the daughter of the Persian king Yazdeger (Yazadagird III of Parthia ) for a slave. Eventually Bustanai married her.

His first wife, Adoa, a Davidic Jewish princess (relative), had two sons: Hisdai I & Baradai;

His 2nd wife, Dara or Azdadwar Izdundad or Izdadwar daughter of Zamaspdukht and King Shahrijar III of Persia. The Parthi princess, had three sons: (a) Hisdai II , (b) Nehemiah , and (c) Haninai [Hananiah], who was “exilarch” of Sura 689-694.


Let’s sum up as we go along, as there is a lot of astounding ground to cover here.

Exilarch Bustainai had two wives.

One of them was Jewish – Adoa – and one of them was not.

The non-Jewish wife was either Dara, the daughter of King Charlemagne of the Holy Roman Empire, or she was Izdundad, a Persian princess.

Either way, there was a massive disagreement about whether Bustainai converted this wife to Judaism (if he was a Karaite, he probably wouldn’t have bothered, as they believe Jewish descent occurs via the father.)


We will come back to Bustainai’s non-Jewish wife and children another time, there are a lot of big secrets hiding out there.

But in the meantime, I want to draw your attention to another big debate going on,  about how Bustainai could claim to ALSO be a Kohen descended from the High Priests, and ALSO claim to be descended from King David.

HERE‘s a snippet of the discussion going on on Geni, about how all that actually is meant to be working. I’ll sum up the main point afterwards, don’t worry if you lose the thread here.

There is a major ambiguity in the paternity/maternity of Haninai al-Nehar Pekkod. In this profile he is the son of Hananya “Bustenai” ben Haninai, Exilarch & Gaon of Pumbeditha and Princess Adai binte Assad Bin Hashim which would make his sons part of the Davidic-Exilarch line.

BUT there is also Chanania bar Chaninai HaKohen who is the son of Chaninai Achunai bar Hunai HaKohen and Adda (or Addoi) daughter of Bustenai making him a Cohen. So in the first instance he is the Davidic son of Bustenai and his spouse Adai, and in the second he is the Cohanic son of Bustenai’s daughter Adoi and her HaCohen spouse.

If you follow the descending lines you will see they both lead to Natronai bar Hillay: 1) Naṭronay bar Hilay (Hillel), Gaon of Sura and 2) Natronai bar Hilay HaKohen, Gaon of Sura In the first profile there is no Cahonic title, while in the second he is HaKohen. This is an important point for those studying the descending lines of Bustenai.


Another user basically explains that:

It was suggested very recently by someone in this discussion, that this paternal lineage is indeed that of kohanim, and that these people are one and the same and this lineage of gaonim although not formally of the House of David, still uses this title “inherited” from a mother to maintain their prestige among the populous.


To sum this up, this chain of ‘gaonim’ descend from the Exilarchs of the House of King David only via their mother, but are actually Sadducee-Karaite-Kohanim.

So far, Goldenthal’s claims stand up.

Here’s why all this matters: This line of people lead to pretty much all the interesting people I’ve been writing about here on the blog, and also seem to have produced all the ‘false messiahs’ we’ve also been writing about here on the blog, in the so-called ‘Ashkenazi’ world.

THAT is why they were so keen to hang on to their ‘yichus’ of descending from the House of David, even though it was just via their mothers, because that is a pre-requisite to be Moshiach, and Kohanim – even very powerful Kohanim who repeatedly intermarry with non-Jewish aristocracy and place their scions in the position of ‘Chief Rabbi’ down the centuries – just can’t claim.


So, I start scrolling forward to see who this ‘Bustenai’ guy’s descendants are, and basically, we hit the jackpot here.

Let’s list some of the descendants you have heard of, and also some that you haven’t heard of:

Rabbenu Gershom (960-1040)

The REBAN, R’ Eliezer ben Natan (1090-1170)

And in the exact same bit of that family tree, we have someone called ‘R Yehuda ben Moshe HaKohen’, or ‘SIRE LEONTIN’, the grand-dad of the REBANs wife.


Here’s more about this ‘Sire Leontin’ and his family:

The Radhanites (al-Rādhāniyya) were Jewish [Qaraite and Rabbinic] merchants believed to have originated in the ninth century in the region of Rādhān, a district in southern Iraq. Their trade routes… stretched from China to the Iberian Peninsula…

[T]he Radhanites knew six languages and traded in slaves, silk, furs, and swords, as well as musk, aloe wood, camphor, and cinnamon.

You got that, that we are dealing with ‘Kohen Karaites’ here, who were trading slaves, amongst other things, and almost certainly were doing business with the Khazars?

We already discussed the links between the Karaites, who were intermarrying with the fake ‘Al-Kohen’ Khazar kings HERE, HERE and HERE.

Now we have to ask: were luminaries like Rabbenu Gershom (who outlawed kitniyot for the Ashkenazim, despite apparently being a Persian!!) a secret Karaite too?

The mind boggles.

Let’s continue, there’s way more.


Click forward a bit from the REBAN and his Karaite in-laws, and we find that the REBAN’s daughter marries one ‘R Elyakim ben Yehuda’.

Their immediate descendants include a bunch of French Tosafists, including the Baal HaTurim:


Click forward a bit more, and we get to Haim Henschel Isserlein, the ancestor of the ISSERLES clan, including the REMA.


But the links are deliberately broken between this group of ‘Karaite’ descendants and the REMA and his family on Geni.

Because they don’t want you and me knowing that the same very small group of Sadducee-Karaite-fake-Kohanim have been exclusively running the show in the Jewish world for more than 2,000 years.

Remember, we were all scratching our heads wondering how the REMA could have married Golda, whose father Shalom Shakna Kahana was a Karaite?

Well…. now we’re starting to figure more things out, here.


In that exact same family tree HERE, we find some more people you may recognise:

Levenshtams, Schors, and Oyzers – all there, in the Exilarch-Karaite family tree.


I get carried away with all this, and I know others don’t follow so easily, so let’s stop this side of the research, and go back to someone else who descends from these Exilarch-Karaite-Kohanim, that you will recogise, namely:

The Maharal of Prague.


Go HERE to see how that plays out, this is a screenshot:


This genealogy connecting the MAHARAL to these Karaite-Exilarchs has been deliberately scrubbed.

As I’m wondering why, my eye scrolls a little further down, and the mystery is at least partially solved:


False Messiah Jacob Frank was a direct descendant of the Maharal of Prague!!!!

And our ‘historians’ knew this, and have deliberately lied about it repeatedly, telling us ridiculous stories about how he was just some ‘merchant’ from a Sabbatean family.

You’ll notice that the Alter Rebbe’s family is close mishpocha to Jacob Frank.

We already knew that from previous detective work, but it’s good to see it set out here, and also reinforces how it could be that the 4th Rebbe of Chabad could marry the grand-daughter of the notorious Jacob Frank.


But there’s still more surprises to come.

I scroll down a bit more, and I finally get to a paternal line for Jacob Frank, that looks like this:



‘Yehuda Leib of Prossnitz’ was a very famous Sabbatian false messiah, who counted R Meir Eisenstadt, the ‘Ponim Meir’, and Jonathan Eybshutz amongst his very closest Sabbatean students.

See the Jewish Virtual Library HERE for more info, snippet:

Judah Leib was widely credited with magical practices connected with his attempts to bring to an end the dominion of *Samael and is reported to have sacrificed a chicken as a kind of bribe to the unclean powers.

The facts concerning this and his promise to reveal the Shekhinah to some of his followers, including Eisenstadt, are shrouded in legend, but they contain some kernel of historical truth.

Since by then he was widely considered by his foes to be a sorcerer, Eisenstadt left him and Prossnitz was put under a ban by the rabbinical court and sentenced to exile for three years; however, he was allowed to return after several months.

He persisted at the head of a secret Shabbatean group in Prossnitz, again working as a children’s teacher. Maintaining connections with other Shabbateans, in 1724 he tried to obtain the appointment of one of his closest followers, R. Sender, to the rabbinate of Mannheim…

Jonathan *Eybeschuetz, a pupil of Meir Eisenstadt in Prossnitz for several years, is said to have studied secretly with Judah Leib, who was then propagating teachings close to the radical wing of Shabbateanism.



THIS is Jacob Frank’s father?!?!?!?

Of course, it ties in perfectly with everything else we’ve learnt, and it makes perfect sense, but what shocks me the most is the level of cover-up we are dealing with here.

Jonathan Eybshutz and the Meir Panim were buddying around with JACOB FRANK’S FATHER, and of course, Jacob Frank spring-boarded off his father’s Sabbatean ‘false messiah-ness’ to even lower depths of depravity.

It all makes perfect sense now, also including how Jacob Frank could have married the daughter of another Sabbatean sorcerer, Samuel Chaim Falk, and how Jonathan Eybshutz’s son Wolf would be a Frankist / rival false messiah to Jacob Frank.



Just think, how our ‘rabbis’ and historians, religious and secular, have been so falsifying real Jewish history for the last 250…350…500…2,000 years.

Also, pay attention how this family of ‘Exilarch-Karaite-Kohanim’ are the source of EVERY SINGLE FALSE MESSIAH WE’VE HAD TO DEAL WITH, splintering and weakening the Jewish people from within.

And that is still happening today, BTW.


I will stop there for now, but I guarantee you I can also fit Shabtai HaKohen SHACH / Shabtai Tzvi easily into this picture.

And a lot of other pieces of the puzzle are starting to move more into place.

But I don’t want to explode your brains – or mine – so, we’ll let all this sink in a bit more before seeing what other revelations we kind find in that ‘Kahana’ family tree.

It sure is nice to have all the research start to be verified like this, tho, I have to say.

We really are being ruled by these Sadduccee-Karaite-Sabbatean-Frankists….

And after 2,000+ years of this, it’s time that finally changed.



There’s a lot more information about the links between Eybshutz and Prossnitz on the Kotzk blog HERE, including snippets of letters written by Jacob Emden and Eybshutz himself.



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