One of the biggest stumbling blocks I’m coming up against with all the energy medicine stuff is that most people, including very religious Jews, simply don’t know Quantum Physics.

If they knew Quantum Physics – even the smallest little bit of it – they would know that each atom is compromised of one particle of ‘stuff’ to between 10,000 and 100,000 particles of space.

And what keeps all that ‘space’ around all that ‘stuff’ is light.

Everything in the physical universe, from buildings, to cars, to trees to people – you and me – are basically made up of literally a speck of dust, space, and light.

THAT is the physical reality of our world.

Isn’t it amazing that this so closely describes Adam HaRishon, the ‘Being of Light’, who wore garments of revealed light before he ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

After Adam sinned, G-d made him and Chava different, more ‘physical’ garments – skin instead of light. But really? The light is still in there, just a lot more hidden away.

I wish more people in the religious world would learn more Quantum Physics, because then it would make discussions about physical health, and souls and energy that much more straightforward.

When we relate to our bodies and our health as being purely functions of physical matter, apart from the fact that Jewishly, it’s pure heresy, it’s also completely inaccurate, according to cutting-edge science.

And if the one doesn’t bother you, surely the other one should?