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Continuing the translation of the awesome shiur from just before Purim.

I am still going through it, and have a lot more to translate, but you can read Part 1 HERE.

As with all of the Rav’s shiurim, there is so much to unpack in every sentence here – you can learn tons of new information, if you take the time to engage with the clues here.

So, don’t necessarily take all this literally, use it as a jumping off point, to understand a lot more about our ‘real Jewish history’ – but you need to put in the effort, to harvest the insights here.



I was in Guatamala for three years. I was in Guatamala, and there you can see two oceans.

In Guatamala, you see two oceans. This is in Guatamala. You see the Atlantic Ocean, and also the Pacific Ocean – you see both of them. And afterwards, you see Costa Rica, and then Panama.

Who built Panama? The Rothschilds! They built the Suez Canal, and they built Panama. Everything that exists in the world, the Rothschilds built it. They were the richest people in the world.

Because when R’ Moshe Amshil (we say it’s ‘Anshel’, but the real name was ‘Amshel’, with a ‘m’). So, Moshe Amshel – Moshe Anshel, he was the gabbai of Rabbi Yaakov of Galuna. He was called ‘Yokel’, Yokel of Galuna.


And there is also the get (bill of divorce) of Galuna, and the get of Cleves. It was all together.

The Noda Be’Yehuda was against the get of Galuna, and was in favor of the get of Cleves, because there, there was the grandpa of the Tiferet Yisrael, Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz, and Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz signed on the get. He did the get.

But the father of the groom…It’s written ‘Yitzchak ben Rabbi Eliezer’ – he was called ‘Yitzchak.’ And the bride was called ‘Leah’. Leah Gunzholtz. She was a girl of 16, and he was a young man aged 18.

And he didn’t want the shidduch, but they pressured him into the shidduch, from the beginning. So on the first shabbat [after the wedding], he ran away. He didn’t want the shidduch. They pushed him to make the shidduch, and he didn’t want it. He already had someone else in mind, he didn’t want [this shidduch] under any circumstances.

So, he ran away from home. And then they decided that he was crazy, because what sort of person runs away?! But, this was the most normal thing in the world – he didn’t want the shidduch, so he ran away.

And he took all the money with him – so he was even more ‘sane’.


But it was decided, his father said: I have a crazy son.

He went to Rabbi Abish Abba from Frankfort, and he said: I have a crazy son, who ran away in the middle of the sheva brachot. And they did a get for him. And there was Yisrael Lifshitz – the grandfather of the ‘Tiferet Yisrael’ – he did a him a get.

So, he got married on the Wednesday; on Shabbat he ran away from the house, and then on the following Wednesday, he already gave the get. He gave the get in the city of Cleves – the ‘Get of Cleves’.

He was from Mannheim, and the wedding was in Metz. All this took place along the Rhine river, the Rhine, ‘Reines’.


So, he lived in Reines, and he travelled with a boat, in a ferry, until he got to Cleves.

And when he got to Cleves he said to Shimshon Copenhagen – this was a Shimshon from the city of Copenhagen, from Denmark.

He told him [what was happening], and he delivered a get to him and then disappeared. [The groom] told him: I don’t want this shidduch, they forced me into it. I, I have some problem here, because they want to frame me as a murderer, so I am now on my way to London. If you don’t perform the get for me now – I’m going to disappear. She’ll be an agunah [unable to remarry] for the rest of her life.

So, Shimshon Copenhagen went in to see Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz, the rabbi of Cleves. He told him that there was a groom here, who got married less than a week ago, and he is saying that if they don’t write a get for him, today, then he’s going to disappear. He’s on the way to London, he’s decided to run away from his house.

So, Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz arranged the get for him. And he gave it to Leah, Leah Guntzholtz. She was called ‘Leah’.


But then, the father of the groom didn’t know anything about this: how could a groom give a get without his father?!

So, the father said: My son isn’t sane, the get is passul [disqualified]. And he was a chassid of Rabbi Abish. And Rabbi Abish validated the get [i.e. agreed it was a kosher get.] But then, all the gabbaim (attendants of the Rabbi) got a lot of money from the father of the groom, and they said to Rabbi Abish that he should passul (disqualify) the get.

This was said to Rabbi Abish of Frankfort.


(‘Frankfort’ – there is the Yanuka of Frankfort, [Rabbi Yisrael Perlov of Karlin].

Everyone should travel to the Yanuka today, each person should go to the Yanuka. He was called R’ Yisrael, R’ Yisrael ben R’ Asher, ‘the Frankforter’.

He went to Berlin for an operation, and he died in the middle of the operation. They took him for burial to Frankfort. So, each person should travel to the ‘Frankforter’. This is the first thing, to travel to the ‘Frankforter’.)


[R’ Abish of Frankfort] was appointed by the King.

Because the [rabbinical] appointees, like Rabbi Yehezkel Landau, and everyone else, everything was only done with the permission of the king.

They used to need to have the permission of the king, in Prague, and in all the other places. They needed the king’s permission. If a person wants to be a rabbi – he needs the permission of the king.

Now, Rabbi Abish, he already saw that he made a mistake. He saw that. That he’d disqualified the get. Rabbi Abish. Because the father of the groom was his chassid, he gave him a lot of financial pidyonot, and like this, he ‘persuaded’ him. But, if he would have said that he’d made a mistake – they would have fired him.

If the king would have heard that he’d made a mistake, then he would have fired him from being the Rav of Frankfort. And then he wouldn’t have been a ‘Rav’.


R’ Yehezkel Landau wrote him four letters, but the gabbaim hid them from him, he didn’t even see them.

Rabbi Yehezkel Landau didn’t understand why he wasn’t replying to him, why he wasn’t responding?! Why isn’t he replying?!

Because they hid the letters.


Ad kan.

This snippet by itself is worth at least two weeks of solid research, to pick up what the Rav is really trying to tell us, about what was really going on.

Luckily, I made a start on at least some of the connections with the ‘Get of Cleves’ and the Sabbateans behind it, in this post


One of the main points to ‘take away’ is that our rabbis can only stay being our ‘rabbis’ if they have the permission of the king….

And they continue to push whatever social engineering projects, ‘vaccines’ and values the ‘king’ wants.

There is nothing new under the sun.



Here’s how this story is being told in the Jewish Virtual Library site:

On Elul 8, 5526 (August 14, 1766), Isaac (Itzik), son of Eliezer Neiberg of Mannheim, married Leah, daughter of Jacob Guenzhausen of Bonn.

On the Sabbath following the wedding the bridegroom took 94 gold crowns of the dowry and disappeared. After an extensive search he was found two days later in the house of a non-Jew in the village of Farenheim and brought home. A few days later Isaac informed his wife’s family that he could no longer stay in Germany because of the grave danger which threatened him there, and that he was obliged to immigrate to England.

He declared his willingness to give his wife a divorce in order to prevent her from becoming an *agunah . His offer was accepted, and Cleves on the German-Dutch border was selected as the place for the get to be given.

Consequently, on the 22nd of Elul, Israel b. Eliezer *Lipschuetz , the av bet din of Cleves, effected the divorce.


Leah returned to Mannheim and Isaac proceeded to England. When his father learned of the divorce, he suspected that the whole affair had been contrived by the woman’s relatives to extort the dowry money from Isaac.

He turned to R. Tevele Hess of Mannheim who invalidated the get on the grounds that in his view the husband was not of sound mind when he delivered it. Hess, not relying upon his own judgment, applied to the bet din of Frankfurt and to Naphtali Hirsch Katzenellenbogen of Pfalz, Eliezer Katzenellenbogen of Hagenau, and Joseph Steinhardt of Fuerth, requesting their confirmation of his ruling.

The bet din of Frankfurt, headed by Abraham b. Ẓevi Hirsch of Lissau, not only agreed, but demanded that Lipschuetz himself declare the get invalid and proclaim Leah to be still a married woman.


That ‘Tevele Hess of Mannheim’ had some very interesting descendants including one Moses Hess.

Here’s a Wiki snippet about him:

Moses (Moritz) Hess (21 January 1812 – 6 April 1875) was a German-Jewish philosopher, early communist and Zionist thinker. His socialist theories led to disagreements with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

He is considered a pioneer of Labor Zionism

Is your ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ alarm firing off right now?


Moses Hess also descends from one ‘Aharon Mordechai Gunzenhausen’ of Bonn.

That’s exactly the same name as the bride’s family, in this whole sage of the ‘Get of Cleves’.

And it’s not so usual.

So we see, these ‘Sabbatean-Frankists’ were working both sides of the controversy, as they always here.

This is a screenshot from Moses’ Hess family tree, on geni:



This is the Wiki page for ‘R Abraham Abish’ of Frankfurt, snippet:

His father was the great-grandson of Rabbi Avraham Chaim Shor….

 He studied with Rabbi Shmuel of Fjorda (the” Beit Shmuel”), and then went to Frankfurt to study with Rabbi Naftali Katz, who was the rabbi of the place at the time, with whom he also studied Kabbalah. After the great fire that broke out in the city in 1711, for which Rabbi Naftali Katz was imprisoned, Rabbi Naftali’s disciples dispersed and Rabbi Avraham returned to Poland.

There he made a living selling oils for a time, until he began serving as a rabbinate. At some point, he probably also studied with Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Biala.

Married to the daughter of Rabbi Eliyahu Hacohen Mazritsch (son-in-law of Rabbi Shmuel of Fjorda)


R’ Avraham Chaim Shor links us to a great number of the Sabbateans we’ve been trying to track down, over the last few years.

But you can really tell more about a person, by his teachers.

One of R Abraham Abish’s main teachers is that R’ Naftali Katz of Frankfurt, who was a known Sabbatean ‘prophet’, and was arrested after the fire in the Jewish quarter of Frankfurt, on suspicion of practising black magic, particularly in connection with amulets.

R’ Abraham Abish also supported Jonathan Eybshutz, in the ‘amulets controversy’.


Another one of R’ Abish’s teachers is ‘R Zvi Hirsch Biala’.


Born in Lviv to Rabbi Naftali Hirz Ashkenazi.

Married to the daughter of Rabbi Simcha Hacohen Rappaport of Lublin, his brother-in-law was Rabbi Chaim Hacohen Rappaport. After serving as Biala’s rabbi for a period, he was imprisoned with his family by the city’s ruler, following a traumatic event in which one of the Lubomirski princes tried to kidnap his daughter-in-law and was beaten.

The rabbi was released under lobbying by the Jewish rabbi and philanthropist, the court Jew of August II, Issachar Bernd Lehmann. Three days after the wedding, his daughter-in-law died. After his release, he returned to serve as rabbi and head of yeshiva in his hometown of Lviv.


Again, does anything about this story of his daughter-in-law sound ‘strange’ to you?

Zvi Hirsh of Biala has other students – many of whom are now known to be Sabbatean-Frankists, and the ancestors of many leading Sabbatean-Frankists.

Tov, I’m going to stop there for today, but I encourage you to pick a name, and do some research of your own!

Because it’s ALWAYS the same people, the same families, the same playback, the same manipulation and deceit.

And that is still happening right now.


This is an excerpt of a very long shiur I am currently translating, from two weeks ago.

It’s taking me a while, and I’m not going to post up all of it here, although I will send it to the manager of the RavBerland.com Whatsapp group when it’s done, and hopefully he’ll forward the whole thing to anyone who wants to read it.

In the meantime, this is excerpt 1.

The Rav talks more about the expected earthquakes in the next section, which I will BH put up as excerpt 2, as soon as it’s translated.



Excerpts of a shiur given by Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, during seuda shlishi, Shabbat Terumah, 5783.

(Translated from Shivivei Or Newsletter, Issue 300).

Once upon a time, there were Turks [in Eretz Yisrael].

It’s full of gold and silver here, wherever you dig – you’ll find crates full of gold. In the palaces of the Caesar, they found around 10 crates of gold dinaari.

Once, Elisha Shor dug in the yard. He moved – he used to live here, opposite the house. The owner of the building wanted to put on another storey, so he gave him an apartment in Beit Yisrael. And he brought two Arabs there, who dug a pit for him in the back yard – and they found a few crates of gold. These two Arabs.

If they’d have kept quiet, or they would have at least brought him some of the find… but instead, they started to argue over who these boxes of gold dinaari belonged to. So there was a quarrel, there was noise, and the police came and took all the boxes.

Because today, whatever you found in the ground, it belongs to the State.


And there was in Greece, there was the Prime Minister there.

He was an archeologist, and he was digging in the city where Alexander the Great was born. Alexander the Great was born in Greece – in Macedonia. We were there, in Macedonia. So, he was there, and he went to excavate there.

He found a few cases of gold dinaari. So, he took them for himself. And then someone snitched on him, and then he sat in jail for three years – the prime minister! He was… he was searching for the tomb of Alexander the Great.


Alexander the Great, the moment that he saw Shimon HaTzaddik, he immediately fell at his feet.

Alexander the Great was Greek, he was Macedonian. He worshipped avoda zara (idols). The Samaritans told him to destroy the Temple. There was already a [second] Beit HaMikdash, so he came in order to destroy the Temple. All of this is written in Tractate Yoma 69. Each person needs to know Yoma, and everything.

A person should see to it that by Seder Night, he’s finished the whole of SHAS – and also Yoma! All the stories, how Alexander the Great came to destroy the Temple. Because the Samaritans informed [on the Jews] to him.

They said: If there is a Beit HaMikdash, then you won’t be able to rule the world!

The whole time there is a Beit HaMikdash, so no other malchut (rulers) can control the world.

But now, we are waiting for there to be an earthquake, like there just was an earthquake in Turkey, and 10,000, or 30,000 buildings fell down. They already got to 50,000 people killed. So now, there will be another earthquake in the future, but this will only be in another 189 years, in the year 2212 – 5972.

28 years before the end of the year 6,000 [from the creation of the world]. The end of the 6,000 years will be in 2240. The fifth millenia began in 1240, so 2240 will begin the 6000.


So now, Alexander the Great met Shimon HaTzaddik, because the Samaritans told him: The first thing you need to do is destroy the Beit HaMikdash! The whole time there is a Temple, you can’t control the whole world.

Because the Jews are stronger than anyone else, the Jews…

It’s written: “The kings of the world did not believe, nor did any of the world’s inhabitants, that the adversary or enemy could enter the gates of Jerusalem.”

They didn’t believe! Not the kings of the world, and not any other of the world’s inhabitants! Because Jerusalem stood for 850 years.

Today in the HafTorah [there it’s written that the Temple was built after] 480 years. This is from when to when? From yetziat Mitzrayim (the exodus from Egypt), until they began to build [the first] Temple.

How long did the Temple stand for? How much time? You need to learn all the masechot, Yoma, Avoda Zara, to know the figures. How long was the first Temple standing? How long? 410 years.

And another 480 years. 480 and and 410 – where is the computer? Where is the calculator? 890 years!

[I.e. from yetziat Mitzrayim to the destruction of the First Temple 890 years passed, and then we need to subtract the 40 years when Am Yisrael was wandering in the wilderness. And then from the time that the Jewish people entered the Holy Land until the destruction was 850 years.]


Now, there was 70 years of exile in Bavel, so that’s 960 years.

890 years plus another 70 for the Babylonian exile, this is 960 years. Now, until we get to [the time of the miracles of] Chanuka we have exactly another 216 years. 180 years, plus another 96 [this could be an error in the transcript, and should instead read 36] is 216 years.

This equals 1176 years.

From yetziat Mitzrayim until Chanuka is 1177 years.


So now, Alexander the Great comes along. He comes to Eretz Yisrael…. and so, everyone is called ‘Alexander’.

Because Shimon HaTzaddik promised Alexander the Great that all the boys who would be born that year – that same year – they would be called ‘Alexander’.

He said: If you don’t destroy the Temple, all the children will be called ‘Alexander’.

This was the promise made by Shimon HaTzaddik, And he signed on this with a lawyer and notary. He signed it in front of a lawyer and notary. Shimon HaTzaddik promised Alexander the Great that all the children would be called ‘Alexander’.

And now, we have [the calculation we made above], that until Chanuka is 1177 years from yetziat Mitzrayim.

And now, we find ourselves at the meeting between Shimon HaTzaddik and Alexander the Great. Shimon the Tzaddik went dressed in the clothes of the Kohen Gadol, the bigdei kahuna.


To be continued…



I did a bit of rudimentary checking, and no-one knows where the tomb of Alexander the Great actually is…. which is kind of strange, given who he was.

Read this:


Also, if you follow the maths set out by the Rav, above, that makes ‘Shimon HaTzaddik’ the same person as ‘Shimon II’ – the father of the Onias / Chonyo / Yochanan Kohen HaGadol, and his hellenising brother ‘Jason-Jesus’.

We started to pull more of that side of things together in THIS post, and then especially in THIS post.

According to authentic Jewish chronology, the Exodus happened in the year 2448 from creation.

If we add another 1177 years to this, we get to the Jewish year 3625.

That equates to 136 BCE.

Alexander the Great is meant to have met Shimon HaTzaddik in Jerusalem in the year 3448.

That equates to 313 BCE.


Just pulling more of this info together, but ‘Alexander the Great’ is proving strangely hard to track down in the real world…

And that usually means there is a big secret hanging out here, that we haven’t yet discovered.



You’ll recall that ‘Alexander the Alabarch’, brother of Philo, father of the destroyer of the Second Temple Tiberius Julius Alexander, has another name: Alexander Lysimachus.

Here is where things get even stranger.

‘Lysimachus’ is meant to be one of the main body guards of Alexander the Great, who then becomes the King of Macedonia and Thrace…

Read more about him HERE.

Here’s the bit that took my eye:

He was the second son of Agathocles[5] and his wife; there is some indication in the historical sources that this wife was perhaps named Arsinoe, and that Lysimachus’ paternal grandfather may have been called Alcimachus.


We’ve come across that name, or a very similar sounding one, before.

In fact, I wrote a whole post about it a couple of weeks ago:


There, we learned that ‘Alcimus’ was a renegade, Hellenising High Priest who was fighting against Judah Maccabee.


Alcimus, united with his fellow Hellenists, launched a war against the Maccabees and fought for the primacy in Judea and for the αρχιερωσύνη (office of high priest). However, he was not able to resist and turned to the king for help.

To support Alcimus, Demetrius sent his general Nicanor in 161 BC, who was defeated and killed in a skirmish with the Jews; the day of this victory, 13 Adar, was celebrated annually in Jerusalem under the name of Nicanor’s Day.


161 BCE = 3599 in the Jewish calendar.

When did Chanuka happen?

3625 – i.e. 26 years after this ‘Alcimus’ is recorded as ALREADY skirmishing with Yehuda Maccabee.

The timing is totally off here.


This ‘Alcimus’ is meant to be the nephew of Yose ben Yoezer, who is meant to have lived between 3500 and 3560.

That is 65 years, minimum, BEFORE Alcimus his nephew, above, starts fighting Yehuda Maccabee in Judea.

Once again, none of these dates are adding up.

And once again, we are looking at a bunch of ‘Greeks’ who are apparently hellenised Jews… who are fighting military battles all over the Middle East and marrying apparently non-Jewish royalty.

Who overlap with renegade ‘Kohanim’ who are trying to start a hellenized version of Judaism, that mixes idol worship with the ‘Old Testament’…

Lots to think about here.

But not for the first time, I’m thinking our worst enemies actually come from within.

And that we actually have no idea, what was really going on in Judea around the whole Hasmonean revolt.

BH, we will continue to figure this out.


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Dutchsinse called for another 7.0 earthquake to hit Turkey (or in the area….), by Ta’anit Esther – today.

Rav Berland, a few weeks ago, called for 100,000 Tikkun Haklalis to be completed (a second time…) by Taanit Esther, to avoid a massive earthquake hitting Israel on Ta’anit Esther, that would cause ‘buildings to fall’.

BH, here’s the message we got from the Rav yesterday:

The Rav said that there was a decree that the Jewish nation would be destroyed within 5 minutes. But it got canceled and now we will merit the light of Moshiach this Purim.


And here is the ‘message’ we got from Dutchsince, four hours ago:

Turkey was not struck (yet) , and was a miss for me in my forecasting, as I explain in detail in this video, where I got it wrong, what I think I missed, and all other relevant details.


Watch his update here:


Where did the earthquake go instead?

Apparently, to New Zealand.

(Which was kind of disappointing, I was holding out for Davos, or some other place with a lot of evil people doing evil things they think no-body knows about…)

But still, the point is, IT ALL GOT SWEETENED.


And, IT ALL GOT PREDICTED, again, not just by Dutchsinse, but by the Rav.

That’s what happens when we follow a real Tzaddik, we see stuff like this happening all the time.

In the blink of an eye, everything turns around for the best…. and our enemies are defeated, and ‘hoist on their own petard’.

BH, we’ll be seeing way more of that happening very soon.

In the meantime, Purim Sameach!

I had a very interesting discussion about whether water can ‘bend’ over Shabbat.

Specifically, whether a body of water as big as the Great Lakes in Michigan (around 250 miles long, and 60 miles across….) can be observed ‘bending’ by 167 feet from it’s top to the bottom, as it curves down towards the equator.

How did I get that 167 ft number?

I multiplied the amount ‘real science’ tells us the earth curves per square mile – 8 inches – by the 250 mile length of the great lakes.

That means that if you are flying above the great lakes, you literally should be able to see it curving ‘down’ following the shape of the earth by almost a third of a mile over it’s length, with the water somehow hugging that bend.

Does any of this make any sense?


My husband started arguing that ‘gravity’ must explain all this.

You know ‘gravity’, that thing that apparently is totally settled science and everyone knows exactly how gravity works….


Take a look at THIS discussion about gravity, to see what I mean, and here’s a snippet:

Exactly how gravity works is still not understood.

We don’t know why it’s so weak (compared to other forces) or how it “travels” from one side of the universe to the other. One idea is that it involves the exchange of hypothetical particles known as gravitons, but no-one has ever seen one of those. Despite its incompleteness, we know that much of Einstein’s theory is correct, because the predictions it makes have been borne out by experimental observations, like those described up above….

[Ed note: yeah right.]

From Aristotle to Einstein, we’ve made great progress, but when will we have a complete theory of gravity? Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps never.


So to sum up: this very weak force called gravity is apparently strong enough to keep the mass of water in the 250 mile long Great Lakes ‘in the lake’, as that lake takes a bend that curves a third of a mile, from top to bottom.

Oh, and it’s also strong enough to keep the water at the same level at the top of the lake – 524 feet – as at the very bottom.

Does this make sense?

Do we EVER see water ‘bend’ in this way in our own real life?

(If you say ‘yes’, please send me a picture, or a video of this, that’s not put together as an ‘artist’s impression’ by NASA.)


While we were discussing that, I suddenly had another thought:

How the heck are ‘lunar eclipses’ meant to be happening?

The standard explanation is that it’s somehow the shadow of the earth that is somehow obscuring the moon ‘eclipse’ style.

But if that was true, then we would see a lunar eclipse every single month, at the time of the new moon.

And we don’t.


HERE’s the NASA page discussing lunar eclipses, and here’s what they say about it:

Now you might be wondering “If the Moon orbits Earth every 29.5 days and lunar eclipses only occur at Full Moon, then why don’t we have an eclipse once a month during Full Moon?”.

I’m glad you asked! You see, the Moon’s orbit around Earth is actually tipped about 5 degrees to Earth’s orbit around the Sun. This means that the Moon spends most of the time either above or below the plane of Earth’s orbit. And the plane of Earth’s orbit around the Sun is important because Earth’s shadows lie exactly in the same plane.

During Full Moon, our natural satellite usually passes above or below Earth’s shadows and misses them entirely. No eclipse takes place. But two to four times each year, the Moon passes through some portion of the Earth’s penumbral or umbral shadows and one of the above three types of eclipses occurs.

Again, what earth’s shadow are they talking about, that would somehow get between the earth and the moon, when the sun is BEHIND the earth, and the moon is so much smaller than the earth?

None of this makes the blindest bit of sense!


It seems to me, that there is something else ‘eclipsing’ the moon, and probably also eclipsing the sun, although the sun eclipse theory seems at least possible…

Why does all this matter?

Commentator Molly kind of summed it up:

It does make a difference because it plays a huge part in people’s feelings of self worth and seeking the answers of what’s it all for?

Canada has legalized assisted suicide. Imagine a world where we all knew that earth was the center of the universe, and everything was indeed created for our enjoyment, exploration, and discovery. That we aren’t the result of a few elements bouncing together until consciousness accidentally appeared, but rather we were lovingly and carefully created for a divine purpose.

Imagine a world where people felt a sense of self worth. It does make a difference, when you think about it in a big picture way, rather than an egocentric way.


As a believing Jew, Hashem has given you the option of believing the world is ‘flat’, or the world is a globe.

There are big names on both sides of that question, so what you believe is up to you. The shape of the earth is not really the ikker here. The ikker is this:

Why would anyone WANT to believe in a version of the universe where earth is a pointless mistake, a fortuitous ‘accident’, instead of being the whole centre and focus of the whole creation, as we’re taught in Bereishit?


While you’re pondering that, I was reading the Rav’s shiurim from Hanukah, and he spoke directly about this, and also brought a source from Likutey Moharan that  I found very interesting.

Here’s what he said, and also the source from Rabbenu (translated from Shivivei Or 293):

Hanukah is the chag that ‘spreads out’ / diffuses / overruns all the gashmiut (materiality), which is the sevivon (dreidel).

The Rebbe says that when the dreidel spins around, that a man is changed into an angel. The dreidel is not a child’s game….Apart from Rabbenu, no-one else revealed the secret….Because the Tannaim determined [to spin] the dreidel so that by way of this, a person would transform from a behema (beast) into an angel.


Now, here’s what Rabbenu actually said, from Sichot HaRan, No.40:

Know! the world is a rotating wheel.

It is like a dreidel where everything goes in cycles. 

Man becomes angel and angel become man. Head becomes foot and foot becomes head.

Everything goes in cycles, revolving and alternating. 

All things interchange, one from another and one to another, elevating the low and lowering the high.

This is because all things have one root….

All creation is like a rotating wheel, revolving and oscillating…

It spins like a dreidel, with all things  emanating from one root.


Does this sound more like a description of earth as a spinning plane with the ‘North Pole’ as it’s centre, or earth as a globe?

While you’re pondering that, look at this (shmirat eynayim friendly):


This looks more like Rabbenu’s ‘rotating wheel’ description.

Look at this dreidel spinning, below:


Is this more of what our world really looks like?

Some sort of ‘spinning plain’, a rotating wheel, revolving and oscillating, as Rabbenu describes?

Like this:


Just replace the word ‘universe’ with ‘planet earth’ – and then compare it to Rabbenu’s description, and the spinning dreidel.

Ad kan.

But lots and lots to think about.


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The Rav, Rav Eliezer Berland, has been singing, dancing and clapping for months and months now.

I try to get down to his ma’ariv prayers 3-4 times a week (it’s on Ido HaNavi Street, and starts around 8.30pm)

For as long as I can remember now, he’s had the kehilla singing niggunim about Uman, clapping to ‘sweeten the judgements’ and jumping up and down, to also ‘sweeten the judgements’.

I know all this sounds so strange, but Rabbenu writes a great deal about these things, and others, and I think if I keep the blog going, that has to be focus moving forward.

To explain how real ‘science’ and Rabbenu are actually on exactly the same page, when it comes to healing human beings.

More on that soon, BH.


In the meantime, the Rav said this, last Wednesday, December 7, 2022:

“Now we are in the war of Gog and Magog – all we have to do is to sing and dance and all our enemies will be destroyed!”


I know this sounds weird.

But, as someone who has been ‘singing and dancing’ for a while now, especially when the fear hits, especially when I notice all the apparently ‘bad’ stuff going on – I can tell you, things turn around.

Remember, we’re meant to be in the middle of WW3, between Russia and Ukraine?

What happened to that, does anyone know?

Remember Iran’s nuke, that was meant to be ‘imminent’ a couple of months back?

Where did it go?

Remember, all the food shortages that were meant to have arrived?

Even my fancy crisps from the USA have come back to the shelves, after a six month absence.

Remember how hard they were pushing everyone to stay locked down and masked up forever?

Even the old Americans in Jerusalem are barely paying attention to their propaganda anymore.

Even in the middle of all this darkness, when I remember how many things have already been ‘sweetened’, miraculously, it gives me tremendous hope.


BH, I just asked for permission to quote from a new Torah class that was given about the real war being waged by Amalek, specifically against the ‘True Tzaddik’, or Tzaddik HaEmet of the generation.

If I get the greenlight, I’ll share it with you.

But the bottom line is:

Rabbenu’s advice works.

And Rav Berland is the Tzaddik HaDor who is putting Rabbenu’s advice into practise, on the communal level, and drawing together all our prayers, singing and dancing to really turn things around and ‘fight Amalek’ on the spiritual level.

The more people who understand this, and throw their lot in with the Rav – the easier and faster this next bit of the geula process is going to be, and the quicker we’ll pass through this ‘War of Gog and MaGog’.


Even if we can’t save ‘everyone’, we can certainly save ourselves, and our family and friends.

And we can continue to live lives of ‘sweetness’ even in the midst of all this bitterness, evil and fear.

But only if we’re following the correct advice, of the real ‘True Tzaddik’, and coming together with other Jews who also following the correct advice of the real ‘True Tzaddik’.

There are lot of impostors out there.

There always have been.

But the truth of the pudding is in its tasting.

Try the advice, the prayers, the practise of singing and dancing, and doing regular hitbodedut, of doing pidyonot, and do the experiment yourself.

Because until you actually do that experiment yourself, there is nothing to even discuss.


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I’m reposting this from a few months ago.

I’ve been saying it pretty much every day since it went up, and I have to say, my yearning to get off the evil internet – and also my interest in engaging with it, generally – is reducing all the time.

Baruch Hashem.

But in the meantime, I need to have ‘something else to do with my time’, something in ‘real world’, so that’s what I’m currently trying to get to grips with.

But I figure other people could probably also use this prayer….

So I’m reposting it now.


I was sitting at the Rav’s prayers last week, when a girl came up and handed me something.

It’s a prayer to get off the internet.

Something that I’ve been increasingly thinking about, as the 5….G is turned up, and my health has been taking the hit.

(Thank God, I’m doing much better since I began the experiment with the Mineral Miracle Solution, and paid a pidyon to the Rav. More on that another time.)


I was discussing with a friend yesterday, how ‘different’ life would look like, if the internet would disappear.

And while there is also some fear there – because I write this blog, for example, and I’d probably have to return to a typewriter – there is also a lot of yearning for that.

Even without all the ‘tech’ health issues – which lets be honest, are huge all by themselves – no internet would also mean way fewer opportunities to space out, run away and ‘escape’ from real life.

So then, we’d have to find other things to do like sew, garden, read, learn Torah, do hitbodedut, walk around, actually speak to people again, including our spouses and children, find different hobbies to fill the time.

Again, lots of fear around these thoughts, because we’ve all got so used to zoning out ‘online’, but also lots of hope, for how good life will actually be, once we are through this stage of very tough birur.


So in the meantime, here is that prayer, with my translation underneath.





Ribono shel olam, Who can do anything.

Please strengthen us with deep joy, and that we should no longer look at the internet ever again.

And we should always pray every single word and letter with kavana.

And each and every second, we should just be bound to You, with all 248 of our limbs and 365 of our sinews, with all our nefesh, ruach, neshama, chaya and yehida.

And we should merit to see Eliyahu (52) HaNavi (68), may his memory (233) be for a blessing (47) = 400, face to face, whose eyes (220) were pure (180) = 400.

Please answer, Hashem!

“Remember, Hashem, [to repay] the offspring of Edom, the day of Jerusalem; [to repay] those who say Destroy! Destroy! To it’s very foundation! (Psalms 137)

Please answer, Hashem!

Let us merit to have the intellect of our Holy (415) and Awesome (268) Rabbenu (268) Nachman (148) ben (52) Simcha (353) ben (52) Feigue (94), and to see Eliyahu (52) HaNavi (68), may his memory (233) be for a blessing (47) = 2598, face to face.

And by way of this, we should merit to the verse:

“And to all (86) the tremendous (98) awe (252) and to all (86) the strong (125) hand (19) that (501) Moshe (345) did (375) before the eyes (170) of all (50) of Israel (541) = 2598.


UPDATE: Thanks to the readers who helped me tidy this prayer up, and also add in gematriot.


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In Rebbe Nachman’s tale of Ancient Times (Sipurey Ma’asiot) he brings the story of the Seven Beggars.

(See HERE, for a good English translation.)

Except, the story ends after the tale of the sixth beggar, who heals the wounded Princess (i.e. the soul) who escapes into the Water Castle, after her evil husband the King (i.e. the yetzer hara) shoots ten poisonous arrows into her.

The Sixth Beggar is the ‘beggar who has no hands’, and he heals the wounded Princess with the ’10 Types of Melody’, i.e. the 10 Psalms of the Tikkun Haklali.

So far, so good.


But then:

The conclusion of the story — that is, what happened on the Seventh Day with the footless beggar, and the conclusion of the King’s son with whom the story began — he did not tell; and he said he would not tell any more, and it will not be heard until Mashiach comes — speedily in our days, Amen!


(Baruch Hashem, the husband’s foot is doing so much better, and he’s walking around on it, albeit a bit gingerly. Thanks for all the prayers, advice, and well-wishing, it’s very much appreciated.)

One of my readers, H. sent me some of the psycho-somatic connections, between ‘feet’ and our emotional state.

I’m reproducing it below, because all of us right now are in this stage of the ‘Beggar who has no feet’ – the 7th Beggar that equates to the Moshiach, in Rebbe Nachman’s tales:


The Feet: Symbol for knowing how to behave joyfully through harmony and love. Symbol of trust being open towards yourself, towards others.

A grateful acceptance of Life, of everything we encounter on our way. A smooth exchange between the intuitive feeling aspect and the more intellectually active part of yourself. The reconciliation within yourself between the receptive “feminine” and the assertive “masculine” aspect.


Being firmly anchored in yourself: self-consciously mastering your emotions and confidently allowing these feelings, not blocking them. A light-footed joyful, warm existence, when we build on our deepest Divine self: standing on our own feet, in balance. Symbol of naked honesty towards ourselves. An honest confrontation with others, without crossing your boundaries: respect.


She says about ailments in general: You carry too heavy loads: get rid of them.

You try to force something, you don’t trust natural evolution enough, you would “twist” certain things, do violence: let go, let everything and everyone take their course, focus on yourself! Because you are not grounded enough in yourself, you focus too strongly on others; you may become meddlesome. You feel yourself stuck: dissolve this in yourself!


Don’t take it out on others!

Do emotions weigh heavily? Do not look for the cause in the other. Foot problems often require a radical break with past habits. Have fears prevented you from moving forward on your life path? the cause of problems, sorrow and misery is usually faced by the other person; however, start now by observing yourself in all honesty, in the mirror as it were.

Confront your deepest core: Beneath your problems is a blissful core, discover this one. Let go of others and turn inward.

Give in now to your beautiful feelings, to your heart desires, independently of others. Make yourself true and dare to enjoy every moment: life for its own sake, gratitude! Continue on this path of joy; when you find happiness within yourself, your environment will also change. Don’t try to change the others.

Only in this way, by standing on your feet, by letting the primary feeling of happiness enter you and going your way firmly, by letting others go their way… will you experience yourself relaxed and joyful.


This comes from a book called:

The Key to Self-Liberation, the Psychological Origin and Solution of 1300 Diseases, by Christiane Beerlandt (originally in Flemish, but with an English translation that’s pretty expensive….)

But it really spoke to me and my husband.

Now, this is what I read at the back of the Pirchei Nevarchim booklet of 10 different Psalms, revealed a little while back by Rabbi Eliezer Berland:


Point 4:

The 10 psalms of the Tikkun HaKlali are associated with the 10 fingers of the hands of the ‘Sixth Beggar’, the beggar called ‘without hands’, who healed the Princess who fell down wounded, with the niggun (melody) of his holy hands.

And the verses of the Pirchei Nevarchim are associated with the 10 toes of the feet, of the ‘Seventh Beggar’, the beggar called ‘without feet’.

Who rectifies with his holy legs, via dancing and dancing in circles, the Prince who totally fell away from his emuna.


Point 5:

The Pirchei Nevarchim help a person to make teshuva for serious sins, and prepare the way for a person to get his emuna back, and to renew his sense of simcha, and vitality, in his avodat Hashem (service of Hashem, i.e. doing mitzvot.)


Compare and contrast these statements.

One is coming from the ‘body up’.

And one is coming from Shemayim, down.

But they are both saying essentially the same thing.

And they are both filling in more of the gaps, for how we can move into the next stage of geula with our emuna, and physical health, and happiness, intact.

Bezrat Hashem.


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I’ve been doing some more translations for Rav Berland, and the following really spoke to me, so I’m sharing it here.

One nail, two outcomes

One person knocks a nail into the wall in order to hang up a picture of some flower, while another person hangs a picture of the [the word] ‘Shiviti’, or of Kever Rachel, or of the  Kotel.

It’s the same nail, just that this one is banging in a nail to hang up a picture of a flower, or some nice view, while the other is banging a nail to hang up Kever Rachel, or the Kotel, or the Tzion of the Rebbe.

On this same nail, you can hang ruach hakodesh (the holy spirit); and on this same nail, you can fall into the ten crowns of impurity – it could be that this picture is of something totally forbidden.

With that same nail, you can recieve ruach hakodesh, and with that same nail…Hashem should have mercy.


It’s the same nail.

You can even hang up a picture of a beautiful landscape, because your wife wants it. With that same nail, you made your wife happy, and your merited to fulfill the verse: “and he shall make his wife happy,” and also, “love your fellow as yourself,” and an infinite number of other mitzvahs.

And with that same nail, you can also irritate your wife, and scream at her: What are you talking about, I need to do that now?! And why is it going there, and not over here?! And so with this same nail, there’ll be an argument that lasts until the morning.

With that same nail, you can merit to get olam haba (the world to come). And with that same nail, you can also get to gehinnom, God forbid.


Act for the sake of heaven

You can fly people to Uman in order to merit ruach hakodesh, and in the merit that the Rebbe will become imbued within us, so that we’ll receive the eyes of the Rebbe, and the soul of the Rebbe.

And it’s also possible to fly people to Uman for the money, in order to profit, or for the status. It’s exactly the same action. The only difference is whether this is being done leshem shemayim.

It’s possible to fly out a billion people.


At the moment, I’m still doing a lot of soul accounting, or cheshbon hanefesh, about how I’d like to improve, and how I’d like to live my life, this coming year.

From reading the Rav, I’m starting to understand that the ikker is not so much what we do, but the intentions that lie behind what we do.

A  person can spend 10 hours in the office, mamash with the intentions of supporting his family, paying lots of tzedekah, and using his money for mitzvot – like a home in Eretz Yisrael, a mehudar etrog, or to buy his wife something that will really make her heart sing.

OR…. he can spend 10 hours in the office because he’s obsessed with making money, or working his way up the firm, or to have the perfect excuse about why he doesn’t need to talk to his kids, or is always too stressed and tired to engage with his wife…..

It’s the same nail.

And our intentions make all the difference in the world.


BTW, I forgot to mention that Volume I of Rav Eliezer Berland’s Advice for Shalom Bayit – for men only – is now available on Amazon, HERE.


Alternatively if you’re in Israel, it may be easier to get it HERE on the RavBerland.com website – but they have limited copies so if you want one, move fast to get it. And also be aware that it hasn’t officially been put on the website yet, as the printed copied were delivered literally 2 days before Rosh Hashana.

BH, if there is more demand, more copies will be printed.


That’s been one of my ongoing conversations, about the point of writing books, and translating books for the Rav, that basically get ignored, while total c*ap by people like the late Jonathan Sacks, and heretical c+rap by people like Manis Friedman gets praised to the skies….

But these few small paragraphs, above, are giving me the koach to continue, because mamash, I’m doing my writing leshem shemayim, whatever else I can say about it.

And if that’s all it ever amounts to, dayenu.