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This one was too good to pass by.

It’s an election promo for Ben Gvir and Otzma Yehudit.

Even if you don’t understand Hebrew, you’ll get the gist.

It’s almost funny, at this point.



And while we are speaking of funny, howzabout that hilarious story that a Ukrainian drone apparently travelled 450 km – undetected – mostly over Russia, before being ‘blown up’ just over the Kremlin?


Ah, who can keep up with all this ‘fake news’, at this point?

Who knows what’s real and what isn’t, anymore?

That’s why as much as possible, I’m just trying to stay away from this stuff, unless it’s mamash in my backyard, and / or I have a very clear idea of what is true and real, and what isn’t.

But at least this latest crop of ‘fake news’ made me laugh.

Which is something.


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