Once we move away from ‘tribal thinking’, it becomes way easier to identify what – and who – is really ‘bad’.

For years, I’ve been having a running battle with one of my kids, who went through the brain-washing mill that is mamlachti-dati education in the State of Israel.

You can sum it up like this:

  • The State of Israel is only good.
  • Jews never do anything bad – and especially not Israeli Jews in uniform.
  • David Ben Gurion was a saint.
  • Halacha can always be ‘bent’ to suit the purposes and aims of the secular State of Israel.

Poor girl, she was a good student.

So, when I started finding out all this horrible stuff about just how corrupt the State of Israel really is – including it’s judiciary, police, and yes, let’s put it out there, also its army – well.

We started to get into some very big arguments.


Those arguments have continued down the years, and have often been pretty painful for both of us.

Especially when it came to me defending and even openly following Rabbi Eliezer Berland.

Because this daughter’s uber-dati-leumi friends would come home, see the picture of the Rav on the wall, and then immediately start tearing into me about what he’d really done.

All based on the falsified ‘news’ and corrupt websites that have been pounding us into the ground with ‘COVID-19’ for the last 10 months.


A couple of weeks ago, one of those friends who was so very ‘anti’ Rav Berland came round to visit, with her big blue mask pulled way, way up over her nose.

The mask stayed on.

When a few more people showed up for supper, she pulled out a super-duper N95 mask, and put that one on instead.

I have a good relationship with this girl, so at that point I pulled her to one side and asked her why she was so anxious about COVID.

She told me her father is a doctor. Her father (who should know better…) has made her promise to wear a mask all the time. This kid is petrified of ‘infecting’ her father with COVID, if she doesn’t wear a mask 24/7.

In the meantime, this poor kid’s stress levels are totally through the roof, and I can see that her state of mind is very fragile right now, so I trod very carefully when we were talking. 

But it showed me so clearly, the huge price of believing the media, and choking down our own ability to think and clarify things for ourselves.

And of course, she’ll be one of the first in line to get the vaccine…. lo alenu.


So, as COVID 19 has played out, my daughter has come to see more and more the difference between people who blindly lap up all the lies and misinformation being putting out by the media, and the State of Israel’s other propaganda arms including doctors, teachers and sadly even rabbis – and those that don’t.

Slowly, slowly, she’s been coming around to the idea that her parents are not as totally crazy and mentally-ill as she thought, and maybe even occasionally be right about some things. (!)

That process has been happening anyway.

But this week, after the murder of Ahuvya Sandek, it roared ahead a million miles an hour.


My daughter is not a ‘hill top youth’, but most of her friends are.

And the lying media has totally misrepresented most of those young people.

Yes, there are problems with substance abuse – show me any teenage cohort (or even adult cohort) where that isn’t the case, in our day and age.

Yes, they are often free spirits who chafe at authority (especially the kind of corrupt ‘authority’ that they’ve come up against wearing the State of Israel’s badge).

And yes, some of the kids have emotional issues, and anger problems – just like every other segment of society.

But what you are never told about the ‘hilltop youth’ is how idealistic, and good, and spiritual so many of them are.

They aren’t perfect.

But so many of them are really, really good, thoughtful, kind, considerate and even gentle people, who really want the world to be a better place, and are trying to find a way of making that happen.


So, when Ahuvya was murdered by undercover Israeli police who deliberately rammed the car he was travelling in off the road, then left him trapped under it for 40 minutes, [allegedly…(whatever)] preventing Zaka and other medical personnel from approaching the scene of the crime, which potentially could have saved Ahuvya’s life – that hit very close to home.

Yesterday, she went to protest the terrible cover-up that is currently in full-swing outside the ‘undercover police’ headquarters in Jerusalem.

These ‘undercover police’ operate like the Shabak, and are backed by a massive budget.

Except instead of spying on terrorists, and apprehending terrorists, and torturing terrorists in underground basements in the West Bank, and murdering terrrorists – they concentrate all of their mighty efforts on the Hill Top Youth.

Do I believe the stories told about the Duma murders?

No. Not at all.

In fact, I’m increasingly coming to the conclusion that most of ‘terror’ in Israel – on both sides of the fence – has actually been orchestrated and planned by the State itself.

Because when they ratchet up the Jewish population’s fear of ‘Arab terrorists’, that gives the police and security services (and politicians like Netanyahu…) a ‘get out of jail free’ card, to do anything they want, with no outside oversight or restraint.

The people who control the State (and the rest of the world) are playing both ends of this ‘terror’ game in Israel, and they probably always have been.


Let’s get back to the protest yesterday.

My daughter went with some friends, and a few hundred young people joined her.

You can read an ‘official account’ of the evening, under the headline below, HERE:

Youths protest in Jerusalem, block Light Rail

Hundreds of young people demonstrate over death of Ahuvya Sandak. Police forces evacuate youths who blocked Light Rail.


This story appears on the Arutz 7 website, which at least covered the murder of Ahuvya, and still occasionally has some real news (before it’s quickly removed and replaced by more propaganda).

But even this story isn’t telling you what really happened yesterday.

What really happened yesterday is that the police waded into this crowd of young people, and started punching them in the face – including many teenage girls, and including even a 10 year old boy.

My daughter apparently has videos to show me, and when she wakes up I’ll see if I can figure out how to put them up on the blog.

Because the ‘official’ media just aren’t doing their job, of informing the public about what’s really going on here.


Since when did it become ‘OK’ for strapping policemen to violently punch teenage girls in the face?

When and how did we get so numb to how blatantly psychopathic and evil our police and ‘security services’ have become?

I am someone who spent many, many years beating the hasbara drum for the State of Israel, convinced that so many of the terrible stories being told by the Arabs were exaggerated and made up, and ‘anti-semitic’.

At this point in time, when I see the horrible violence these police and ‘Shabaknikim’ are perpetrating on young Jewish teenagers, I’m getting that sick feeling in my stomach that maybe, just maybe, the Arabs were telling the truth after all.

That’s a horrible thought.

But maybe, it’s true.


Hard as all this is, I am starting to see a light shining at the end of the tunnel.

Yesterday, that crowd of dati leumi teenagers were joined by some young people from the chareidi world, who also came out to demonstrate about the murder of Ahuvya.

My daughter told me:

Ima, it was so good that we had achdut (unity) with the chareidim. But I felt sad that we didn’t have achdut with our other brothers, in the police.

For years, our corrupt leaders have been keeping us opposing each other, fighting over nonsense, and fighting over ‘politics’, and fighting over fine points of halacha, and whose beard is biggest, while the real evil continues to run riot and to control all of us, from above.

But those false divisions are starting to crumble.

The re-unification of the ‘good’ in the Jewish world against the ‘bad’ is starting to happen at the grassroots level.

And the hilltop youth are leading the way.



Just to keep this as factual as possible, from what I could see in the videos the police were only punching the boys in the face – and they actually knocked someone out cold. (Hopefully pictures to come.)

So, I couldn’t see them punching girls in the face (in my daughter’s videos), just shoving them violently and screaming like psychos.




I can’t figure out how to get the videos from my daughter’s phone into a format that’s usable on my blog, as none of us have social media.

But lucky for me, other people started to upload their videos of young teenagers been brutally beaten by Israeli police at the protest that occurred 3 days ago, ironically protesting the brutal police violence against young religious teens that led to the murder of Ahuvya.

You can see it below:

You might also like this article:

I think most people would agree that ‘politics’ and religion shouldn’t mix

In an ideal world, our holy rabbis should be far, far away from ‘politics’, because politics always has, and always will, corrupts the people who deal with it.

That is one of the things that came out loud and very clear from all the research I’ve been doing into what really went on in the Jewish community, over the last few hundred years.

The ‘big rabbis’ who were engaged in trade and business, and who were found strolling around the corridors of power as shadlanim, or ‘go-betweens’, between the state and the Jewish communities, so often became corrupted by their experiences.

As King Solomon wrote, there is nothing new under the sun.

As it was then, so it is today.


One of my commentators, Rachel, asked me this:

You seem to be zeroing in on Chabad so much write now, but why? They are not among Rav Berland’s persecutors, nor do they hold any political power (at least as far as I can tell).

Is it true?

Is it true that Chabad ‘don’t hold any political power’?

Let’s peel back the covers, take a look, and then make up your own minds.


Exhibit 1: The Rebbe’s blessing to Netanyahu

This video comes from April 19, 1988, when a newly-elected MK called Benjamin Netanyahu comes to visit the Rebbe, at 770:


Here’s a little of what they say (but I highly recommend you watch it yourself, to see how deferential Bibi is towards the Rebbe.)

Rebbe: I had much satisfaction from your first speech.

Bibi: I heard and saw your message.

Rebbe: May you continue in this path. God helps all those who wish to elevate others. How much more so when one begins with himself. Please don’t hold it against me for speaking about this in public.

Bibi: I intend to continue precisely on this path. I’ve heard the Rebbe’s message well.

Rebbe: It is the best path to avoid war, etc. “With tranquility and restfulness shall you be saved.” Blessing and success.

Bibi: I thank you for the opportunities to be helped by you, and to receive the spiritual guidance you provide not just for me, but for all Jews.

Rebbe: I am just starting my work.

Bibi: I know.

Rebbe: You are also just starting your new role.

Bibi: I have come to you at the start and I intend to return to you many times.

Rebbe: You will have to struggle with 119 others in the Knesset. Surely, you won’t be intimidated. Because God is on this side. Blessing and success with God’s mission.


This selfsame Bibi Netanyahu has been behind the ongoing persecution of Rav Berland over the last 7-8 years, which is continuing right now.

The hearing that would see the Rav freed has been pushed off AGAIN, until December 27, 2020, because the State of Israel is trying to kill him in prison.

In the meantime, people who have seen the Rav recently say that he is so emaciated he resembles an concentration camp inmate (God forbid!!!), and has even been refused basic medical treatment for things like a broken hand.

Also, we see that Bibi truly is battling against 119 other members of the Knesset now, to hang on to his position of power, callously lockdown the economy and shove vaccines down everyone’s throats at the bidding of his masters behind the scenes.

So, why did the Rebbe give him a blessing to ‘not be intimidated’ and to continue on to the bitter end?

Did the Rebbe not know about the whole COVID-1984 scamdemic that Bibi is totally complicit with?

Could he not ‘foresee’ the persecution of Rav Berland, that again, Bibi and his corrupt government has been the driving force behind for coming on for a decade, already?

While you’re pondering these questions, let’s continue.


Exhibit 2: The 1996 Israeli Election

The first time Netanyahu became PM of Israel, he was pitched against the odious Shimon Peres, but was trailing badly.

At that point, a Chabad multi-millionaire called Joseph Gutnick – who the Rebbe had appointed as his “Special Emissary for the Integrity of the Land of Israel” – stepped in to spend a few million dollars on a campaign to get Bibi elected, under the slogan: “Bibi is good for the Jews.”

The propaganda push worked, and Bibi was duly elected.

Thanks directly to Chabad intervention in Israeli politics.

In case you think that is ancient history, here’s the headline from a Jpost story that ran in July, 2018:

Gutnick has told ‘The Jerusalem Post’ exclusively that he has chosen his candidate to succeed Netanyahu whenever he leaves office: Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked.

Seeing as his last ‘chosen candidate’ is still running the country (into the ground….) almost 25 years after Gutnick first boosted him into the PM’s office, we should take this statement seriously.

Let’s move on, because Chabad isn’t just a major power broker in Israeli politics.

That same pattern is being repeated in corridors of power all over the world.


Exhibit 3: Chabad Houses as the ‘back door’ to the Trump White House

Back in April 2017, the news site Politico ran a story about how Chabad was the ‘back door’ between Trump and Russia. Here’s how the story starts, but I highly recommend that you read the whole thing with an open mind:

Chabad of Port Washington, a Jewish community center on Long Island’s Manhasset Bay, sits in a squat brick edifice across from a Shell gas station and a strip mall. The center is an unexceptional building on an unexceptional street, save for one thing: Some of the shortest routes between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin run straight through it.

With all the hysterical ‘anti Trump’ propaganda going on, many of us didn’t want to believe ANY of the things that the other side was throwing at Trump, so this story basically was ignored when it came out.

But last year, when I started researching Trump more in depth, I found one hard fact after another that linked him and his real estate projects to ‘hot’ money coming out of the former Soviet Union.

Many of Trump’s projects were financed by Russian and Eastern European oligarchs with very dodgy reputations, many of whom are Jewish, many of whom are mafia, and many of whom are connected to Chabad (and also, to the State of Israel), in one way or another.

They bought apartments in ‘Trump Towers’ and other Trump developments at massively inflated prices, to launder their cash.


No-one wants to really touch the ‘Jewish dimension’ to this story too much, for fear of being called an anti-semite.

But we all want that ‘world of truth’ to be revealed, don’t we? When all this tangled web becomes unpicked, and the world of lies can finally fall….

So, let’s continue exploring the ‘political dimension’ to Chabad.



Let’s return to the Chabad House of Port Washington for a moment.

In this article, you can read how Trump’s Soho project was linked to three ‘interesting’ characters, including Felix Sater, Tevfik Arif and Tamir Sapir. I’m not going to tell why these people are ‘interesting’ – go read the piece, if you want to know.

Here’s the bit I want to quote:

“[A]ll these men have connections to the Chabad movement. Felix Sater was honored as Man of the Year in 2014 by the Port Washington Chabad house. The same Chabad house’s website lists Tevfik Arif, who is not Jewish, “among its top 13 benefactors.”


Here’s a bit more about Felix Sater:

Sater sued for alleged money-laundering



And here’s a video of Felix been given his ‘Man of the Year’ award.

It makes very interesting listening (just give it the first two minutes, you’ll see what I’m talking about. And if you can’t be bothered to hear it, then at least read the comments underneath):



OK, so Jews, even bad Jews, still like to give charity, I get that.

But please tell me something:

Why would a non-Jew with alleged Russian mafia ties like Tevfik Arif be donating millions of dollars to Chabad?

What is he getting back in return?

Here’s one possible answer to that question:

Menachem Friedman the co-author with Samuel Heilman of “The Rebbe: The Life and Afterlife of Menachem Mendel Schneerson”…says:

“Chabad definitely functions as a business network…

Tzivin [a lawyer connected to Chabad] angrily refutes this, saying, “Chabad does not sell connections for money. Chabad emissaries do not use the argument of connections to get money.

While you are pondering why non-Jewish businessmen with (alleged) pronounced links to the mafia are happy to donate millions for Jewish outreach, here’s a few more things for you to consider.


Back in October 2019, Trump ally Rudy Giuliani hit the headlines in connection to another Ukrainian money laundering case.

The two ‘wide boys’ with Rudy are Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who were indicted last year on campaign finance charges connected with trying to remove Marie Yovanovitch, the U.S.A’s former ambassador to Ukraine, from her post last year.

The trio are giving a ‘shout out’ to Ukrainian Chief Rabbi and Chabad-nik, Moshe Azman:



Here’s a little more about R’ Moshe Azman:

Since assuming the title of chief rabbi of Ukraine last fall [2005], Moshe Reuven Azman has hosted Ukraine’s president, helped negotiate American-Ukrainian trade deals and invited Israeli soldiers to his Kiev synagogue.


Meanwhile, Putin has his very own Chabad rabbi, too, called affectionately Berel Lazar.

Putin really likes R’ Berel. This from Wikipedia:

In 2004, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an edict to honor him with the Order of Friendship. This award was presented for the contribution made by Rabbi Lazar to developing culture and strengthening friendship between nations within Russia.

In December 2004, he was honored with a national public award, the ‘Minin and Pozharsky’ Order “for his great personal contribution to strengthening the moral and cultural fabric of the Russian State and for reviving spiritual life and religious freedom in the country”.

In June 2005, he was awarded the Medal “60 Years of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945”. He received the medal during the 19th session of the Russian ‘Pobeda’ (Victory) Organizational Committee.

In September 2005, he received the ‘Peter the Great’ First Class Order. The diploma attached to the Order explains that the Chief Rabbi was honored with this award “considering his activities in advancing inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations, and his great contribution to the spiritual rebirth of Russia’s Jewish community and to strengthening Russian state”

It should also be noted that:

Rabbi Lazar is an advocate of interfaith dialogue and sits on the Board of World Religious Leaders for The Elijah Interfaith Institute.


I could go on and on and on about the very close ties between Chabad and leading politicians and businessmen in every corner of the globe.


Here’s a few more interesting headlines, to show that Chabad like the Democrats just as much as the Republicans, and Shimon Peres just as much as Bibi Netanyahu, and then we’ll conclude:


Chabad honors Alan Dershowitz at 770

Famed defense attorney Alan Dershowitz honored at 770 with Torah scroll written in his name, following aid in Shalom Rubashkin case.


Chabad’s ties with the late Shimon Peres – also known for his hatred of religious Jews and Torah – also go way, way back:


The above comes from THIS article on the Chabad website, which seems almost delusional to me, in its description of Peres’ commitment to Judaism.

But don’t take my word for it, read it for yourself and make up your own mind.

It just strikes me as so interesting, how the Rebbe, and Chabad, have been so intimately involved with all these politicians in Israel (and elsewhere) whilst still claiming they are totally uninvolved in politics.

Here’s another interesting article, this time about how Rabin meets the Rebbe in 770, and then the very next year becomes a MK, and shortly after that, another leading force in Israeli politics:


To conclude.

Chabad is the most unabashedly ‘politically connected’ Jewish organisation in the world.

Chabad shlichim continue to pop up next to the Pope, and next to Putin, and next to Trump, and seem to be closely connected to so many of the world’s biggest business men and oligarchs, Jewish and otherwise.

I don’t have a single doubt that if the Chabad leadership so willed it, they could exert enough pressure domestically and internationally to get Rabbi Eliezer Berland out of prison in a heart beat.

Clearly, they don’t want to do that.

So then the question is this:

Why not?



First, just to make it clear:

There are loads and loads of tremendously good people who are part of the Chabad movement.

I’m writing here about the institution, and it’s corrupt leaders, not about the many good Jews who mamash have poured their heart and soul into trying to serve Hashem, and the Jewish people the best way they can.

I’ve come to see this kind of like the IDF, or the State of Israel.

The institutions and the leadership and the ideology are corrupt.

Most of the people within it, tho, like the seeds in a pomegranate, are good and holy.

And also, being kept in the dark about what’s really going on.


That said, there are SO MANY things that we can’t just keep closing our eyes too.

Remember this?


R’ Berel Lazar, Putin’s personal ‘rabbi’ is part of the Elijah Interfaith Institute, as referenced above.

He’s such a big part of all this ‘interfaith’ stuff, he’s even get medals and honors from Putin to reward him for his work in this area.

Here’s a little of what Wiki has to say about it:

Elijah Interfaith Institute is a nonprofit, international, UNESCO-sponsored interfaith organization which was founded by Rabbi Alon Goshen-Gottstein in 1997.

The mission of the Elijah Interfaith Institute, encapsulated in its slogan “Sharing Wisdom, Fostering Peace,” is to foster unity in diversity, creating a harmonious world. Through its various activities, Elijah deepens understanding among religious leaders and scholars, and through them, spreads its vision to their various communities….

Headquartered in Jerusalem, Elijah has offices and representatives in different countries, and holds its activities in multiple international settings.


Even more concerning is what you find on that organisation’s own website, HERE:

The Elijah Board of World Religious Leaders is unique in mission and scope. It brings together an unparalleled group of religious leaders from all over the world in a profound exchange of ideas that leads to deep engagement with each and spiritual friendship between participants.

This paves the way for transformation within religions and their teachings.


Emphasis mine.

Given that Frankism was all about ‘transforming’ the Jewish religion from within, God forbid, and melding Judaism with the other religions to create a ‘one world religion’ loosely based on Catholicism, the ‘accepted’ religion that Frank felt was most akin to, and useful, as a cloak for his own warped antinomianism, this statement rings an alarming bell for me.

What is the Chabad chief rabbi of Russia, Putin’s right-hand man, doing in such a organisation?

Why ARE Chabad rabbis at home in the Vatican, and dancing for the Pope?

How is all this connected?

I’m happy to post up alternate views, as you can see from the liberal policy I have in the comments’ section, but one way or another, the truth has to come out.



The founder of The Elijah Institute, Alon Goshen-Gottstein (who is also deeply connected to the State of Israel, and its corrupt institutions), wrote a book called The Jewish Encounter with Hinduism.

Here’s a little of what he says (on page 47):

[H]istory, ideological perspective, and halachic normativity come together in complex ways.

Their permutations allow us to suggest a hard core of what would constitute Judaism and what is the theological platform from which it can be described.

But this hard core is matched by some soft periphery. Should Sabbateanism and Frankism be described as Judaism? And what of early Israelite religion? And what of the Karaites and Samaritans, etc. etc.?

Probably the most challenging issues arise when we explore Christianity, primarily early Christianity, in those terms. The case of early Christianity actually introduces one further criterion into our discussion, that of self-understanding.

In addition to the “objective” criteria of history and halacha and the more ambiguous criterion of religious ideology, we have the purely subjective criterion of self-understanding. Self-understanding constitutes identity, and it plays an important role in the definition of religions, religious communities, and their boundaries.

Contemporary Judaism presents some unresolved challenges revolving around the application of these complicated and, at times, conflicting criteria.

The continuing struggles around the issue of “who is a Jew,” as it applies to the Law of Return in Israel, indicate that definition of a religion and of religious identity are never fully resolved and remain open to continuing debate.


Again, make up your own minds about what he’s really hinting at here, but the more you read about Frankist doctrine, the more the alarm bells go off.



So, this was what is posted up on the Elijah Institute website HERE, for their last meeting in Jerusalem (note the title):

From Religious to Political Leadership – Monthly Learning and Prayer Meeting

Elijah Interfaith Institute, in cooperation with Praying Together in Jerusalem, invites you to an interfaith prayer and learning gathering on Thursday November 5 at 6 pm Israel time (11 am EDT).





Doesn’t this sound ‘reform’ to you?

Also, take a look at where the Board members of Elijah have been meeting – including in the Archabbey of St. Ottilien – and what they are up to (bolded emphasis mine):

[O]ne moving example, shared by an Israeli rabbi.

This rabbi, who is a prominent voice in Israeli public discourse, is involved in interfaith relations only through Elijah (this is the only forum where he felt there is a depth of discourse that is worthy of his investing his time).

One day he took lunch with the most prominent Hindu representative at the meeting. In the course of lunch, as he later told me, he decided to shift his orientation from that of a colleague sharing opinions to a disciple who seeks the wisdom of the master.

Accordingly, the conversation proceeded with him turning to the Hindu master, requesting his advice on key issues that he experiences as part of his own leadership work.

One of the questions he posed concerned how to bless people who come to him. People frequently ask him for blessings, and he is at a loss how to fulfil their request and what that means in terms of his relationship with them and in terms of his own self-image. The Hindu master responded: When people ask for blessings, I simply pray together with them.

The rabbi found this answer most illuminating and has shared with me how it has helped him in the exercise of his own rabbinical duties. 


You got that?

A leading Israeli Rabbi – who I’d just LOVE to know the identity of – is hanging out in Abbeys in Germany, getting advice on religious observance from a Hindu master.

Woe to us.


Maybe we can get a clue as to who that rabbi might be from looking at this, from the Elijah Institute’s ‘coronavirus’ page:


Apart from the reform / Masorti rabbis, and good ol’ Reb Lazar, we have the following rabbis from Israel:

Rabbi Dov Singer is a noted educator in the religious-Zionist sector in Israel. He heads Yeshivat Mekor Chayim and is a founder of a movement of prayer groups that seek to deepen the experience of prayer.

Rabbi Ephraim Kenig is head of the Hassidic community of Breslav in Safed.

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow is head of the hesder Yeshiva Orot Shaul, head of the Religious and Ethics Center in Jerusalem and a prominent voice in the religious Zionist stream of Judaism.


Yuval Cherlow is head of the alt-‘frum’ Tzohar organisation, and popped up across Jewish media last week, to urge ‘limited sanctions‘ on all COVID-1984 vaccine refusers.

And yes, I’m as disappointed and surprised as you are, to see Rabbi Ephraim Kenig on this list, too.


But that’s not even the worst of it.

Read on. This comes from that same page:

“Elijah is currently engaged in creating a first of its kind interfaith center, to be based in Jerusalem, to be called the Center of HOPE, acronym for House of Prayer and Education.”

Here’s the plans and the ‘vision‘ for this interfaith centre in Jerusalem:

The new facility will include lecture halls for public lectures and conferences; an auditorium for public events and interreligious concerts; an exhibition hall where interreligious art exhibits can be hosted; meeting spaces for scholars’ seminars, interreligious think tanks, and for all interreligious activity that takes place in and around the cause of Jerusalem and the Holy Land; a museological display featuring the life of prayer in world religions; and inspiring prayer spaces where Jews, Christians, Muslims, and others will pray alongside one another.


Uck, uck and double uck.

And then, we learn the Elijah project is teaming up with the John Templeton Foundation, on a project to explore how ‘other religions’ saints’, or ‘religious geniuses’ could be inspiring to people in different traditions.

John Templeton is another very interesting character. Maybe we’ll come back to him another time, as I just tripped down yet another rabbit hole with all this. Take a look at the funding areas the John Templeton Foundation is involved in, and tell me if something doesn’t strike you as a little strange:

  • Science and the big questions
  • Individual freedom and free markets
  • Genetics
  • Voluntary family planning
  • Exceptional cognitive talent and genius
  • Character virtue development

The last time I came across such a strange list of funding interests, it was on the Rothschild‘s website.

Lots more stuff to think about here…. We’ll see where this next clue leads.


But, we come back to this:

Why are Chabad – and other apparently ‘orthodox’ rabbis – in the middle of all this interfaith stuff?

And how is all this connected to Coronavirus, the Vilna Gaon, and the ongoing struggle to ‘drain the swamp’?



My husband, God bless him, is my harshest critic.

Before I write stuff here, especially ‘controversial’ stuff, I usually discuss it with him first – and his first tendency is to take everything apart, and to believe nothing.

Over the years, this has caused not a few arguments, but increasingly – and especially when I’m dealing with such high-level things as I’m currently writing about – I’ve come to appreciate this trait of his. He’s a lawyer, and he’s very good at picking my arguments apart.

That’s useful, because once all this stuff has passed muster at home, I know it’s 99% bullet-proof, and then I can write about it publically.


One of the things he asked me yesterday is ‘how can I claim genealogies are being faked and manipulated on’?

It’s a good question, and here’s the answer.


Let’s start with a conversation I had with someone who is directly related to some ‘big rabbis’, but off the grid of the official history. When this person put up their family details a few years ago, they were contacted by 2 of the (at least…) 3 people who I believe are ‘gatekeepers’ on geni, paid to divert the truth off into convenient ‘false narratives’.

One was called Malka Mysels, and the other Yigal Burnstein.

There is also a third ‘geni gatekeeper’ who pops up again and again in the most unexpected places, called Keith Hanit.

Long story short, my correspondent came to feel increasingly uncomfortable about the information they had posted up about their family history.

After a short period of time, they decided the safest and best course of action for their family would be to just delete their whole profile – which was challenging the ‘official narrative’ – and come off geni.

I am 100% sure there are many more people out there who have had exactly the same experience.

How can I be so sure?

Read on.


When I started researching the ancestry of ‘Benjamin Broda’, son of the Eshel Avraham Avraham Broda / Rovigo and alias of Benjamin Rivlin of Shklov, the secret Frankist ‘tzaddik’ who remained in the Jewish community, I stumbled across the following interesting discussion on geni, from July 2020:

Here’s the potted version of it, but I highly recommend you click through and read it for yourself, to see how the manipulation of geni is working in real time.

Someone called Lee David Jaffe started a discussion underneath the profile for ‘Benjamin Braude, ABD Grodno’ about his great grandmother, a woman called “Slawa Brodowicz (1800?-1847)“. Here’s a short version of what he was asking:


I’m the 3rd great-grandson of Slawa Brodowicz (1800?-1847) and I’m looking for corroboration about her parents. I’ve found many entries for her in JRI-Poland records, mostly the births and marriages of her nine children, but only one includes her maiden name Brodowicz. Otherwise, I haven’t found any documentation that indicates the names of her father and mother.

There are more that 2 dozen family trees that include Slawa in various genealogy sites. Most indicate her father was Benyamin Broda (spelled variously) 1745-1818 and her mother was Rachel Mayer b. 1760….

Other trees report that Slawa’s father was Ick (Icko or Isaac) Brodowicz (1775-1840). JRI-Poland includes a record for Ick’s death in 1840 in Wiżajny, Suwalki, where Slawa lived. Ick’s parents were Abram and Hydyna…


Rachel Mayer has been identified in other places as the daughter of Rivka Shoshana Jacob, one of the (hidden….) daughters of Jacob Frank, and his first wife Chana Josefa Falk, the daughter of the ‘bad’ Baal Shem of London, who I wrote about HERE.

Jacob Frank had these 6 daughters before he ‘came out’ publically as the leader of the Sabbateans in Podolia that later morphed into full-on Frankism. Many of them married big Torah scholars in the Jewish community, and trying to track down their descendants is proving a really tricky job.

For example, if it can be proven beyond a doubt that Rachel Mayer, grand-daughter of Jacob Frank, married Binyamin Broda, and that Binyamin Broda’s daughter Leah Golda became the mother of the 4th Lubavitch Rebbe…


You can see why that might cause some problems.


So, let’s go back to that discussion about ‘Slawa Brodowicz’ – the purported sister of ‘Leah Golda’ and Chaim Broda.


One of the ways that people are ‘hidden’ on geni is that instead of giving a specific name for them, they are referred to as ‘wife of so-and-so’, etc.

If you look at the above profile for Benjamin Braude (aka Binyamin Rivlin), you’ll notice that no names are given for either of his two wives.

This is not an accident, or because they don’t know who these people are.

Again, we are dealing with the ‘leading lights’ of the Jewish community who intermarried with other ‘illustrious dynasties’ and wrote big books about their yichus.

The names are missing in all these crucial places, because the names would start to make connections that a lot of people don’t want.

Like, for example, potentially connecting ‘Benjamin Braude, ABD of Grodno’ with Jacob Frank.


So, back we go to the discussion with the poor Lee Jaffe, ggggg grandson of ‘Slawa Brodowicz’.

All of a sudden, a bunch of outsiders – including Keith Lawrence Hanit – have shown up, and have taken control of the information he’s trying to add into the ‘big picture’ about Benjamin Braude’s marriage and descendants. Here’s a little of what Lee is complaining about:

“I am sure that 3-4 days ago, R’ Benjamin Braude, A.B.D. Grodno was listed as the father of Slawa Ludwinowska and the husband of Rachel Broide/ Margoliot. I would not have begun this discussion under Benjamin otherwise.

As said, I’m new to Geni and I don’t now who Kevin, Samuel or Dimitri are or why they have taken a role, but someone has made changes that don’t make sense. I’m not interested in engaging in this discussion any further if this is the way this goes.”


Poor guy.

One of these ‘geni experts’ then lays into him, for questioning why they are trying to deliberately cover up the new information, like this:

“I trust that you and Mel Werbach are researching this properly and have put in a lot more effort and time than I have or plan on doing.

It does seem however that the issue of Slawa has led us into another mess which I’ve begun trying to fix. She had been attached to R’ Benjamin Braude, A.B.D. Grodno and he had been merged into Reb Sender/Alexander Ephraim Leb Broide/ Margoliot. I believe that merge was done based on which I’m certain is a load of nonsense.”


That link to zohariststhories is the blog of Athol Bloomer, descendent of Jacob Frank, and self-identified as a ‘Hebrew Catholic’ i.e., a Frankist.

Again, there is a lot of disinformation on Athol Bloomer’s blog too, but at least some of the information about Frank’s descendants is credible, and I’m standing a lot of it up on it’s own merits, from independent sources that are NOT Athol Bloomer, or linked to him.

As we’ve been discovering on this blog, Jacob Frank’s ancestors AND descendants have all been totally whitewashed out of official Jewish history.

And that process has also occurred for all the other notorious ‘Shabbatean prophets’ like the Eshel Avraham, and Hershel Zoref, and Mordechai Mokaich, and Yonatan Eybshutz, and Nathan of Gaza,, and even, for the descendants of Shabtai Tzvi himself, many of whom also remained within the Jewish community.


If you try to click on the family tree that Lee Jaffe put up on, referred to in his comments, you’ll see it’s now gone.

Lee’s last comment on geni was this:

“What I would like is to see some supporting sources for the existing records and the recent changes. Why would Slawa’s record be unlinked as a child or Benjamin and moved to his brother Sender’s offspring? And since we still don’t know anything about Rachel Mayer why would her link as wife of Benjamin also move to Sender? If there is good reason, I’d like to see that info.”


They got to him, just like they got to the other person who spoke to me firsthand, about their experience on geni.


Here are some other ways the information is being manipulated, concealed and distorted on geni:


Above, you’ll find the profile for Rabbi Avraham Kalisker, the head of the the chassidim in Eretz Yisrael who fell out with the Alter Rebbe, Shneur Zalman, after he published the Tanya in 1797. (I wrote about that HERE.)

It took me a week of breaking my head reading through a ton of other sources, and other geni profiles, and other information, to make the links between R’ Avraham Kalisker, Shneur Zalman, the Maggid of Mezritch and the Tzemech Tzedek, Chabad Rebbe #3.

R’ Avraham Kalisker’s profile links to no-one else’s.

No siblings, no real details about his parents, no descendents.

And it’s not because ‘they’ don’t know…. they really DO know.

And they are deliberately hiding the information, because then we’d understand way more about how R’ Avraham Kalisker was linked, genealogically, to Shneur Zalman, and how both were linked to the Vilna Gaon, and how all of them were somehow linked to other people that they have tried to ‘whitewash’ out of official history.

So that’s another way the information is being obscured and distorted.


And then, we have things like this going on:


This is an ‘alternative’ profile that was put up for Moshe Shneuri, the Alter Rebbe’s youngest son who DEFINITELY converted to Catholicism in 1820.

Elsewhere, he’s identified as a ‘open’ Frankist.

In this profile, Moshe is identified as the SON of ‘Shalom Shachne Altshuler‘ – who we wrote about a lot in the last post, who is meant to have married Shterna Segal – aka, the wife of the Alter Rebbe.

That would possibly identify ‘Shalom Shachne’ as being one and the same as the Alter Rebbe, and link him possibly to being the son of R’ Avraham of Kalisker, and then Menachem Mendel (Chabad #3) would be the Alter Rebbe’s son, not his grandson.

Which would explain why he was raised in his home, and why the leadership passed to him, and NOT to one of the Mitteler Rebbe’s own children.


By contrast, in the official history, Shalom Shachne Altshuler is the grandson of the Maggid of Mezritch via his daughter Ruhama, who is meant to have married both R’ Avraham Kalisker, and also ‘Noach Altshuler‘.

According to Chabad, Shalom Shachne marries Shneur Zalman’s daughter Devorah Leah, and their son, Menachem Mendel, becomes the 3rd Chabad Rebbe, the Tzemech Tzedek.


Now, I’m not saying that the above profile is correct – there is so much disinformation going on, it’s almost impossible to tell.

What I AM saying is that there is clearly a lot of deliberate disinformation going on about the Chabad family tree, and instead of dealing with that honestly, they are instead going after the people who are posting up ‘dissenting information’ and bullying them to remove it.

On this profile, you’ll see that in big, shouting CAPITAL LETTERS, they have tagged this profile is DUPLICATE, SHOULD BE DELETED.

Most people will see that, and instantly dismiss this profile as erroneous and wrong.

But, I’m not most people.


To conclude.

I am seeing the tactics described above on so many of the profiles of so many important Jewish leaders and figures.

This cover-up is stretching across the Jewish world.

Take a look at who is managing the geni profile for the Vilna Gaon:


Well, who would have believed it!

It’s our hold friend Kevin Lawrence Hanit, the same guy who popped up to scare off Lee Jaffe, who was trying to connect ‘Benjamin Braude’ to his ggggg grandma Slawa Brodowicz.


Here’s another interesting discussion with ‘Kevin’, who is now busying making the Vilna Gaon’s family tree conform to ‘official history’:

“Kevin. By extracting names from Eliyahu’s Branches and inserting them in Geni you may be breaching the copyright held by the publisher Avotaynu.

Furthermore, the book was published nineteen years ago since when I have collected updates which require addition, deletions and amendments which I hope one day to incorporate in my database which hopefully may be made available on the internet in such a way that it cannot be tampered with.”


Poor Chaim Freedman (author of ‘Eliyahu’s Branches’).

He stopped updating his site a few years’ ago, despite having a wealth of new DNA information that links people like Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin straight to the Vilna Gaon.

My guess is that getting that ‘truth’ out there is currently a pretty dangerous business.

It’s easier to sit on it, than to open that massive Pandora’s box that yours truly somehow was dumb enough to start airing out.


Here’s another discussion on geni, where you’ll see how the ‘gatekeepers’ are deliberately keeping things mixed up, over even simple things like where the ‘Vilna Gaon’ was born, and how many wives he had:

There are many errors on GENI in the Gaon’s family. Three wives istead of two, two daughters with the same name Khiena, children who were not children. There are 14 mangaers of the profile – too many cooks spoilt the broth.
Users beware of the material presented here.
See my book “Eliyahu’s Branches, the Descendants of the Vilna Gaon and His Family” (Avotaynu 1997) or contact me, Chaim Freedman.


I could go on (and on and on….) with this.

Do the experiment yourself: go look up some of the people I’ve mentioned here, and see how many dead ends you run into, how many ‘duplicate profiles’, how many people seem to be married to 4 wives, how many times ‘Keith Lawrence Hanit’, or ‘Malka Mysels’ pops up to keep things confused and muddled – even on totally random profiles.

It’s got to the stage that when I see their names on a profile, I just KNOW that something is being carefully managed or covered up. And that in itself is also proving useful, going forward.


The Jewish nation has a right to know what REALLY happened, concerning so many of our leaders in the past.

Chabad, in particular, has been the main conduit for so much that we have been taught to believe was factual history.

They are the source for the whole ‘dispute’ between the Vilna Gaon and the Alter Rebbe.

They are the source for so much of the history of the Jewish communities in Europe before that, and the stories about the Maharal of Prague and his descendants.

If we can’t trust what they have been telling us, that has implications for every area of modern Jewish life, in particular, what really went on around the creation of the State of Israel, and WHO is really pulling the strings here, behind the scenes.

And of course, let’s not forget there’s another branch of the family – the Rothschilds and Schiffs and the Oppenheimers and the Wertheimers – that also needs to be reintegrated into this mix.


I’m coming to the tentative conclusion that ‘Rothschilds and Schiffs’ are also the same family.

And that all this is somehow connected to the Bacharach family, via the known Sabbatean R’ Yair Chaim Bacharach (aka the ‘Chavas Yair’), and R’ Yeshaya Horowitz, aka the ‘Shlah Hakadosh’.

But I can’t figure all this out by myself, and time is running out to ‘unpick history’ so we can move forward into geula the sweet way.


I’ll let you know if what I wrote here passed the husband test.

But in the meantime, please help me to figure this out.

It’s important.

Because we really ARE just one big family, and once we’ve internalised that, all the petty squabbling, and all the ‘divide and conquer’ strategies the elitists have been using to keep us at each other’s throats, and so weak, disorganised and far away from God, will disappear.

And we can get geula the sweet way.



I forgot to mention another way the ‘gatekeepers’ are distorting history on geni.

They also give deliberately incorrect birth dates for key individuals – often ranging across almost a century! – which makes it very hard to see who came first, who is the father, who is the son, and then enables them to ‘rub out’ some descendants, while also fabricating others.

Again, so much of this information is extant in the pinchasim of the kehillot, which carefully kept track of births, marriages and deaths, much like the Chief Rabbinate of every country continues to do today. And where those records were lost or destroyed because of tragedies, much of the information has still been stored in non-Jewish sources, much as the civil register of births, deaths and marriages functions today, alongside that of the Jewish community.

Why go to all this trouble?

Because so many of our ‘big families’ were directly and obviously connected to known Sabbateans and Frankists.

(And then later on, these ‘secret’ Sabbateans and Frankists effortlessly morphed into the leading lights of the haskalah and reform and Zionist movements.)

That doesn’t mean every member of those families were necessarily Sabbateans and Frankists, but it DOES mean that we can’t just assume that everyone in the position of a ‘big rabbi’ with ‘good yichus’ was certainly operating from the side of good.

Because that just wasn’t the case.



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Let’s continue trying to pry out some historical ‘truth’ from all the lies being told about Jewish history.

In this post, we’re going to return to Moshe Schneerson, the Alter Rebbe’s youngest son, who converted to xtianity.

Let’s see if we can track down some of his descendants in ‘real time’, and let’s see if we can start to broaden out the links between the Rivlin (aka Vilner, aka Broda / Rovigo) family, and Chabad. Along the way, we’ll also start to see how the nascent State of Israel came into being – and who was holding its reins, right from the start.


Let’s dive in.


In the official history of Chabad, which you can read in Hebrew HERE:

We learn that Moshe, the Alter Rebbe’s youngest son, marries ‘the Rabbanit Shifra, daughter of the famous rabbi, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch of Ula.’ He apparently lives a very long life, and dies in 1877, in Russia.

In the official Jewish history, Tzvi Hirsch of Ula is the son of Rabbi Eliyahu Rivlin ‘Platkes’, who is the brother of Benjamin Rivlin of Shklov, and also of Mindel Schick.

As we learned in THIS post, Mindel Shick’s grand-daughter, Elke, married the infamous Frankist Moshe Dobrushka, and the whole family converted to the catholic faith.

[There is way more to say about Moshe Dobrushka, but we’ll save that for another post.]


In my ‘alternative history’, I’ve set out that:

  • RIVLIN is just an anagram for ‘VILNER’
  • Benjamin Rivlin = Benjamin Broida, the grandson of the Shabbatean prophet Avraham Broida / Rovigo, author of the Eshel Avraham.
  • The 6th Rebbe of Chabad, the Rayatz, sets out himself that ‘Leah Golda, grand-daughter of the Eshel Avraham’ becomes the mother of the 4th Rebbe of Chabad, and that her husband is ‘Moshe of Shklov’.
  • That Moshe Shneuri converted to catholicism in 1820.

Now, let’s see if we can find out what happened to Moshe and Shifra Shneuri (nee Rivlin’s) descendants.


According to the official genealogies curated by Chabad, Moshe and Shifra (Rivlin) have just two daughters:

[20] Sarah Rivkah SHNEURSON m. Nachum Yosef SHNEURSOHN


[21] Rachael SHNEURSON m. Moshe Tzvi FUNDMINSKY

On the related sites on geni (which I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion are also being ‘curated’ by people trying to suppress the truth) – Nachum Yosef Shneursohn apparently has no parents, siblings, or other relatives.

I’ve learnt that this is a clear sign that the name is made up.

Especially when you’re dealing with people who ‘marry in’ to dynasties that are totally and irrationally obsessed with yichus. And especially when you’re dealing with people who like to marry their close family relatives, as much as possible.

When I try to look for who ‘Moshe Tzvi Fundminsky’ is – I hit the same problem.

He appears out of thin air, with no parents, siblings or trace that this person actually existed, outside of the curated genealogies.

Do a search for both of these people on the internet, and it will come back with NOTHING outside of the Chabad genealogies.

So, I already know that ‘Moshe Tzvi Fundminsky’ and ‘Nachum Yosef Shneurson’ are made up names, alter egos created to hide who these people really were.


This is where the principle of ‘cousins marrying cousins’ and ‘uncles marrying nieces’ really starts to be helpful.

BH, I’ve managed to unravel so many bits of hidden history by following this principle, so let’s take a look at who Moshe Shneuri’s grand-children married.

Rachel and Moshe ‘Fundaminsky’ have 5 children listed on Geni:

  • Miriam Mara Segal
  • Devorah Shmerling
  • ‘Unknown daughter’ who marries a ‘Yaakov Moshe Schneerson’
  • Shneur Zalman Fundaminsky (the younger (? – your guess is as good as mine)
  • Rivka Hinda Rivlin

There’s a lot of deliberate disinformation flying around, but that last one, Rivka Hinda Rivlin turns up something useful. According to this Rivlin family tree (which also continues deliberate distortions, upstream) Rivka marries Zalman Hayim Hillel Rivlin in Jerusalem.

Zalman Rivlin is the grandson of Hillel Rivlin of Shklov, the main ‘disciple’ of the Vilna Gaon’s band of Perushim, who came to settle Eretz Yisrael.

Hillel is also the son of Benjamin Rivlin of Shklov / aka Benjamin Broda -the Vilna Gaon’s brother, and the ‘secret Frankist tzaddik’ who stays within the Jewish community.



Zalman Rivlin is apparently married three times (!) – but again, his other two wives ‘appear out of nothing’.

One of Zalman Rivlin’s brothers is Yosef Yehoshua Rivlin, credited with founding 13 new neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Wikipedia has some interesting info about him, here’s a snippet:

In 1857, Rivlin founded the Bonei Yerushalayim (Builders of Jerusalem) company for the purpose of building neighborhoods outside the Old City walls. He enlisted signatories in the company from among his acquaintances, wealthy relatives in Shklov and Mohilev, and pro-Israel committees in Amsterdam and London, and also traveled to Russia and Europe with his colleagues, Rabbis Yoel Moshe Salomon and Michel Cohen, to promote the plan…

Rivlin was also instrumental in securing an annulment of the Ottomon ban on construction outside the Old City walls, issued in 1844. Sent with Rabbi Benzion Lyon to Constantinople by the rabbis of Jerusalem, Rivlin and Lyon procured an annulment of the firman from the sultan’s secretary, effective 1862.


You’ll recall from THIS post that Yoel Moshe Salomon was the descendant of Hershel Tzoref of Vilna, another Shabbatean false prophet.

Let’s recap, before we move on:

  • The Alter Rebbe‘s great-granddaughter via his openly catholic son Moshe marries Zalman Rivlin, the great-grandson of Hillel Rivlin of Shklov – continuing the tradition of these families intermarrying with each other.
  • Hillel Rivlin is the son of Benjamin Rivlin / Broda, the brother of the Vilna Gaon, and the ‘secret Frankist tzaddik‘ that stays within the Jewish community, to subvert it from within.
  • Zalman’s brother, Yosef Yehoshua Rivlin, plays a leading part in ‘building’ Jerusalem, together with the descendant of another Shabbatean Prophet, Yoel Moshe Salomon.


There is and was a very profound ‘Shabbetean / Frankist Kabbalah’ component to all this effort being exerted to rebuild Jerusalem, that is also connected to ‘rediscovering the 10 lost tribes’ and to the xtian world.

If you go HERE, you can start to read a little about that for yourselves. I hope to do a much longer post on this soon, but suffice to say that Yosef Rivlin was also a big kabbalist, and also very busy with trying to identify the 10 lost tribes.

This obsession with the 10 lost tribes was also a recurring theme, with all these false Shabbatean prophets, and the xtian groups who were supporting them.


Let’s keep going a little, with Zalman and Rivka Hinda’s descendants, because it’s actually quite eye-opening.

Again, Rivka is the grand-daughter of Moshe Schneuri, the Alter Rebbe’s openly catholic son (who was almost certainly a Frankist).

Rivka’s daughter Chaya Rasha marries Rabbi Mordechai Zev Hominer.

The Hominer rabbinic dynasty was one of the pillars of the ultra-orthodox community in Jerusalem (and Eretz Yisrael).


Another one of Rivka and Zalman’s daughters, Shifra Bracha, marries Eliyahu Mordechai Eisenstein, the leader of the religious community Jerusalem.

The following piece of golden information comes from the auction site for letters from the Eisenstein family, HERE.

(I’ve bolded the really interesting bits, below.)


R. Avraham Eisenstein (1800-1886) was born in Drahichyn, Belarus, and moved to Safed in 1823 together with a large group of disciples of the Gra, including his father-in-law, R. Chaim Cohen, rabbi of Pinsk and Safed.

In 1834 R. Avraham was appointed dayan on the rabbinical court of R. Yisrael of Shklov in Safed.

His entire family perished in the earthquake of 1837 except for one young daughter, upon which he moved to Jerusalem, where he eventually remarried the daughter of R. Aryeh Neeman (Marcus).

His sons R. Eliyahu Mordechai and R. Yerachmiel (who moved to the United States in the 1880s) were born from this marriage.

R. Avraham was among the community leaders of Jerusalem, and served as the director of the Vaad HaKlali (General Fund)….

His son, R. Eliyahu Mordechai Menachem Eisenstein (1867-1957), followed his father’s footsteps as a Torah scholar and community activist. He served the community in various capacities, including treasurer of the “Vaad HaKollelim”, secretary of the General Fund Knesset Yisrael, and other positions.

He also served as the personal secretary of R. Shmuel Salant for a number of years. He married the daughter of R. Zalman Chaim Rivlin (ca. 1832-1902), director of the Vaad HaKlali, and upon her passing, married her sister.


So. We’ve just discovered another unknown daughter of Rivka and Zalman Rivlin, called ‘Sara Esther’, who remarried Rabbi Eliyahu Mordechai Menachem Eisenstein when her sister, Shifra Bracha, passes away.

More importantly, we’ve started to uncover how the Lubavitch / Rivlin dynasty underpins large chunks of the ultra-orthodox religious world in Israel, via the Alter Rebbe’s catholic son, Moshe Schneuri.

And this is only tracking down two of Moshe’s descendants.

You would be AMAZED how many of our Jewish leaders, in the chassidic world, in the Litvish world, in the State of Israel, are directly connected to the Alter Rebbe and the Vilna Gaon, who as I set out elsewhere are very probably father and son.

So that makes the question of how closely these individuals were both connected to Shabbatean / Frankist theology, and beliefs, all the more sharp and urgent.



I was going to stop here for this this post, but then I thought I’d just go and see who Moshe Schneuri’s other daughter, Sarah Rivka, is connected to.

Her son, Schneur Zalman Schneurson, married Toyba Feiga Wolfensohn, the daughter of Dayan Abraham Wolfensohn of Shklov.

He’s another really interesting character. The following comes from Wikipedia (which has way more details, so click and read more, if you’re interested). Again, I’ve bolded the really interesting bits.


Rabbi Wolfensohn was born in Shklov, about 300 kilometers southeast of Vilnius in Lithuania, where he became a disciple of the Vilna Gaon, Rabbi Elijah ben Solomon Zalman. 

The Gaon believed that the return of the Jews from the Diaspora to the Land of Israel would bring about the Messianic era. Influenced by the Gaon’s vision, Wolfensohn founded an organization called Chazon Tzion (“Prophecy/Vision [of] Zion”), whose main principles included the ingathering of the Jewish exile.

In 1809, Rabbi Wolfensohn traveled to and settled in the Holy Land as a member of the first of three groups of Gaon disciples….

Included in the groups were members of the Wolfensohn, Ze’ev, Rivlin, Zeitlin and Bassan families—many of the descendants of these disciples became leading figures in modern Israeli society. Their arrival encouraged an Ashkenazi revival in the land which until this time was mostly Sephardi.

Facing an Ottoman ban on Ashkenazi Jews settling in Jerusalem, most of the Perushim, including the Wolfensohn family, settled in Safed, forming the basis of the Ashkenazi community there. Rabbi Wolfensohn became the first judge of the Perushim in Safed and was instrumental in ending the friction between the Ashkenazi and Sephardi communities in the region…

His wife and two of his sons were killed in the great Galilee earthquake of 1837, while Avraham was away in Europe collecting funds for the community.

His son Zeev survived because he was studying at a yeshiva in Jerusalem at the time.

Rabbi Wolfensohn then moved to Jerusalem where he married his second wife, Sheindel, with whom he had four children.

As leaders and members of the Perushim community, Rabbi Wolfensohn and his descendants (Wolfensohn, Woolfson, Wolfson, Ze’ev) had a significant influence both on the history of the Yishuv haYashan and the subsequent State of Israel


You’ll remember that I already talked about the Zeitlin connection to the Alter Rebbe, and to the haskalah, HERE.

Joshua Zeitlin is listed as the father in law of ‘Reb Alexander Sender’ – apparently one of the Alter Rebbe’s favorite talmidim.

And ‘Alexander Sender’ is meant to be the father of Moshe of Shklov – who we already pinned down as being one and the same as Moshe Schneuri, the Alter Rebbe’s catholic Frankist son.

 That would make Joshua Zeitlin the Alter Rebbe’s father in law.

(Joshua Zeitlin’s brother, Eliezer, came to Palestine as part of the delegation of the Perushim.)

So, if the thesis is correct that the Alter Rebbe’s father was really the Vilna Gaon, we are getting closer to pinning down who these people really were, ‘in the real world’.

And once we know that, we’ll have a much better idea how everyone is connected, and why they’ve been trying to hide that information for more than 200 years.




Hey, just as I was re-reading this post to make sure it formatted OK, I realised that the life stories of R Avraham Eisenstein and R Avraham Wolfensohn are almost identical…. right down to them losing all their family, bar one child, in the Sfat earthquake and being the first ‘dayan’ in Sfat.

I think we just surfaced another big piece of disinformation in real time.

But why would anyone bother to make up a double identity for R Abraham Wolfensohn?




You can see how our current President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, is directly descended from Benjamin Rivlin, here:

These people weren’t just pulling the strings 200 years ago. They are still pulling the strings today.


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Let’s see if we can trace back at least some more of the interesting connections between Vilna, Shabbatean-Frankists, and the State of Israel.

As usual, the story begins with yet another Shabbatean ‘false prophet’, this one called Joshua Heshel Tzoref. This from Wikipedia:

Joshua Heschel Zoref (1633–1700) was a 17th-century ascetic, and an important figure in the LithuanianSabbatean movement. During the messianic fervor of 1666, he claimed to experience visions similar to those of Ezekiel. He, like Judah Leib Prossnitz also, considered himself to be possessed of the role of Messiah ben Joseph, with Shabbatai Tzvi playing the role of Messiah ben David.


We have to understand something very important about all of these ‘false prophets’ of Sabbateanism:

They were almost always men of tremendous Torah learning, steeped in the deepest secrets of the kabbalah, but who lacked the kelim to really channel the powerful material they were studying and immersed in, in a positive way.

Again, remember Rabbi Akiva’s pardes – only Rabbi Akiva emerged in peace from delving so deeply into the kabbalah. The other 3 died, went mad or turned into heretics.

Interestingly, as the son of poor converts, who was illiterate until the age of 40, Rabbi Akiva lacked the yichus, learning and material wealth and connections of his colleagues. And it’s very possible, that this is what actually gave him the deep humility required to enter the pardes of kabbalah, and to emerge again unscathed.


There was a big disagreement between the sages of Rabbi Akiva’s time about how to deal with ‘Acher’ – the reknowned Torah scholar who became spiritually corrupted by his foray into deep kabbalah.

While the others chose to shun and split off from him totally, Rabbi Meir adopted a different path, that of treating Acher’s teachings as a pomegranate, where the sweet seeds are carefully extracted, while the pith and klipa are removed.

I think probably, the Baal Shem Tov and Rabbi Nachman of Breslov were also engaged in this approach, of trying to lift the ‘good Torah’ out of the corrupted, evil, Shabbatean klipah that came to engulf so many of the rabbis of their time.

Ok, let’s get back to the story.


The Sabbatean prophet Heshel Zoref ends up – where else?! – but Vilna.

He’s so named after the book he wrote, Sefer Ha-Tzoref, which is described thus:

Sefer ha-Tsoref [is] based on gematriot, esoteric interpretations and speculations on the date of redemption.

Poland, the land of impurity where the Jews must bear the suffering of exile, is compared to the land of Edom and Esau as opposed to Israel, the land of freedom. However, it is from Poland and Lithuania that the messianic redemption will begin, which will then spread southward. 

This idea is then picked up wholesale by Jacob Frank, who then adds his own ‘twist’ by claiming that Edom / Esav can only really be rectified when the children of Israel ‘merge’ back with it and take control from within.

That’s why the Frankists were so happy to (pseudo…) convert to catholicism, and that’s why the Frankist doctrine was so big on promoting Jewish assimilation and conversion, as part of promoting this ‘one world religion’.

(Does any of this sound familiar?)


So anyway, there’s a lot of ‘predicting the end times’ based on kabbalah, and based on ‘prophecies’ going on (again, does this sound familiar?)

And as part of all these predictions, many movements take off with the aim of colonising Eretz Yisrael with Jews ahead of the Moshiach’s imminent appearance and / or return.

When Shabtai Tzvi died, there were so many people saying that he hadn’t really died, he was just ‘in hiding’, waiting to return again.

Many of these prophets gave fixed dates for Shabtai Tzvi’s ‘return’, and many people travelled to the Holy Land to try and get here ahead of Shabtai Tzvi’s ‘return’ and geula.


One of the best known of these groups was the ill-fated expedition of Judah He-Hasid.

Without going into too many details here, you should know that the followers of Shabtai Tzvi were typically called ‘hassidim’.

This was one of the things the Baal Shem Tov ‘sweetened’, by calling his movement chassidut.

But back in 1700, the only people who were hassids were followers of Shabtai Tzvi.

Once you know that piece of information, it becomes very interesting to note that the official genealogy of the Vilna Gaon lists his ancestor as one “Eliyahu ‘Chassid’ Kramer (1640-1710)”.

And the Vilna Gaon’s group of Perushim were very keen to rebuild Yehuda Ha-Hasid’s Churva synagogue in Jerusalem, back in 1864:

[I]n late 1815, leader of the Safed Perushim, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Shklov, arrived in Jerusalem with a group of followers.

They directed their main efforts to rebuilding he-Hasid’s synagogue, which had symbolised the expulsion of the Ashkenazim from Jerusalem. By this, they intended to demonstrate the re-establishment of Ashkenazic presence in the city. Rebuilding one of Jerusalem’s ruins would also have symbolic kabbalistic significance.

The “repairing” of an earlier destruction would represent the first step of rebuilding the entire city, a prerequisite for the arrival of the Messiah.

And strangely, the State of Israel was also very keen to rebuild it for a third time, back in 2010.

But let’s get back to Heshel Zoref.


Heshel Zoref gets to Vilna, then kind of drops out of view.

We have no idea what happened to him, nor his descendants, officially.

But then, whadya know, a Lithuainian called Rabbi Avraham Shlomo Zalman Zoref (also known as Ibrahim Salomon) (1786-1851) – shows up as part of the Perushim group, and plays a crucial part in getting the authorities in Constantinople to cancel the debt owed over by the Ashkenazim in Jerusalem, so the Churva can be rebuilt.

Below, you can see a video made about him, in this best tradition of State of Israel hagiography: there’s a song, a re-enactment of his landing in Acre in 1811, and most importantly of all, a description of him being ‘very handsome’. Of course.



Shlomo Zalman Zoref‘s father is listed on geni as being one ‘Yaakov of Keidan’. Interestingly, the Vilna Gaon’s wife Khana also comes from Keidan. Even more interestingly, the Vilna Gaon is said to have also had a daughter called Khana….

Yeah right.

(I was going to try and show how ‘Shlomo Zalman Zoref’s’ father, Yaacov, is linked to the Vilna Gaon’s wife, Khana, but I just tripped over a whole other hot mess of interesting disinformation. So, let’s shelve that part, and move on.)


If you go HERE:

You will find a whole website devoted to chronicling what the descendants of Shlomo Zalman Zoref got up to, in the Holy Land.

Here’s a snippet:

“Rabbi Mordecai Tzoref, Zalman Tzoref’s oldest son, married Hana, granddaughter of Rabbi Shlomo of Tolochin.

Rabbi Shlomo of Tolochin was one of the greatest disciples of Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna (HaGra).” 


So, I’d love to explain who Shlomo of Tulchin really is, but when I started searching now, all I’m coming back with for that period of time is Rav Shlomo Karliner of Tulchin. My ‘hot-mess-o-meter’ is dinging off again, so let’s just leave that for now, and move on.

That same site tells us that:

The Tsadik Rabbi Tuvya was the son of Rabbi Shlomo of Tolochin.  He too was a tsadik and a great scholar.  Through his father Rabbi Shlomo he befriended Zalman Tzoref and became his loyal assistant. Rabbi Tuvya travelled abroad frequently on behalf of the Jerusalem community.  He also accompanied Zalman Tzoref on all his trips abroad. 

During one of those trips, when the Tsadik Rabbi Tuvya  was returning with Zalman Tzoref to Jerusalem, there was a fierce storm and their ship was about to shatter.  Zalman Tzoref and Rabbi Tuvya then promised each other that if, God willing, they will be saved and make it back to Jerusalem, Rabbi Tuvya will give his daughter to Zalman Tzoref’s son in matrimony.  The Storm abated and the two made it back home safe and sound. 

Zalman Tzoref’s son, Mordecai Tzoref, then married the Tsadik Rabbi Tuvya’s daughter.  Rabbi Tuvya was then appointed as head of the community, and when Moses Montefiore came for a visit it was he who received him.

You’ll remember from this post:
That Moses Montefiore was one of the Frankists’ main pointmen, in terms of liaising with the orthodox elements of the Jewish community.
It’s amazing how many times Moses Montefiore shows up in very close proximity to some of these descendants of the false prophets of Shabtai Tzvi, that are turning up in Israel.
Let’s continue.
Mordechai Zoref enjoys close connections with Moses Montefiore and Baron de Rothschild, and also travels to Turkey where he somehow manages to get the ear of the Sultan, and convinces him – and Lord Napier, the British Consul in Istanbul – to let the Jews rebuild the Churva.
Isn’t it strange, how so many doors seem to open so very easily for these descendants of Shabbatean prophets, straight into the highest echelons of the corridors of power?
More on that another time.
Meanwhile, Mordechai Zoref’s son, Yoel Salomon, was busy printing seforim, starting up the Israeli periodical Ha Levanon, re-founding Petach Tikva – and got a street named for him, just off Ben Yehuda.
Within a generation, Zoref descendants like Haim Salomon were busy opening up the first ‘enlightened’ schools in Jerusalem, fighting pitched battles with the Holy City’s more orthodox elements, and generally preparing themselves to become the first official politicians of the nascent State of Israel.
Let’s stop there for now.
I was planning to tell you more about the Rivlin / Vilner family, and how they took over Eretz Yisrael, but we’ll do that in a seperate post.
It’s a lot to take everything in, so this post has been more ‘gentle’.
But it’s all circling around the same idea:
All the main movers and shakers behind the State of Israel have very strong Shabbatian / Frankist links, and are also very connected to each other, behind the scenes.

Including in the orthodox community.

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I’m cutting and pasting this from the website.

BH, I managed to get to Hevron yesterday with my husband.

We got there on time, for 8pm, (which means we got there ‘early’ by Israeli standards).

10 minutes after we arrived, the Border Police put barriers all over the Hevron plaza, and stopped the other members of Shuvu Banim from actually getting to the Mearat HaMachpela.


By the time I left at 9pm, there was a scene developing that was eerily reminiscent of what was going down on the Belarus / Ukraine borders pre-Rosh Hashana.

In case you forgot, that was when there were around 1,000 Breslov chassidim squared off against a wall of heavily-armed Ukrainian soldiers.

It was the same scene yesterday, just instead of Ukrainians guards with who had grandparents who quite liked Hitler, it was Israeli soldiers.


BH, the Rav will finally be freed today.

I read in one of his recent shiurim that he said all the secrets get revealed on Chanuka.

I’m hoping and praying that some of the stuff I’ve been uncovering the last month will start to come out, and that we’ll all finally be ‘shocked enough’ to stop making excuses for the state of our communities, and our families, and the world generally, to move forward to geula the sweet way.

Hating ‘bad’ doesn’t make me a ‘hater of Israel’, God forbid.

I know it’s not popular to keep harping on the FACT that we all have tons of bad middot, believe me, I know.

But there is a venomous snake wrapped around a barrel of figs.

And we all need to gird our loins to remove that ‘snake’ in our own dalet amot – and from within our own neshamas.




After repeated attempts by the Israeli court system to put off the hearing of our Rebbe, Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a, the critical hearing has been set for this Tuesday (Dec 1, 2020) at the Supreme Court.

To that end, prayer gatherings have been scheduled around Israel for his immediate release and speedy recovery.

The unprecedented persecution of Rav Berland, who at 84 is the oldest prisoner in the Israeli prison system, and who suffers no less than 26 different illnesses, has reached a point of a matter of life and death.  As had been reported over the last several weeks, the Rav suffers from, among other illnesses, heart problems (he has a pacemaker), has only one kidney, and has gangrene in his leg.

After undergoing two difficult surgeries, he was immediately returned to prison without a chance to recover in the hospital.

Moreover, the Israeli authorities have attempted repeatedly to prevent the Rav from receiving the proper medical care, requiring a court petition for something as minor as having his hand checked after suffering severe pain (it was discovered afterward that he had a broken hand).

The Rav’s attorneys have stated that this kind of treatment is without precedent and unexplainable.

It was reported in the name of autistic Binyamin Golden, that this was part of a deliberate attempt to assassinate the Rav while in prison custody.

While the Rav has been sitting for 10 months in prison without charge, and without any evidence brought against him, the court system has repeatedly attempted to delay his hearing.  This Tuesday, December 1, the crucial hearing will finally take place to decide if the Rav will be released.

Last week a prayer gathering was scheduled to be held at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, but in a shocking move, the police closed down the entire city of Hebron to prevent it.

Therefore, prayer gatherings have been scheduled at holy sites all over Israel for the Rav’s speedy release and recovery, Bezrat Hashem.


I’m so praying, we will all hear some good news soon.


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In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been consumed over the last few weeks with ‘getting to the bottom’ of what really happened in the Jewish community 200 years ago.

Literally every day for three weeks, I’ve sat at my computer for 10 hours a day, poring over genealogical tables, reading every description of Jewish life in Podolia and Belarus I could get my hands on, and generally praying long prayers that God should show me what He wants me to be doing with all the information that’s been turning up.

Yesterday, on Shabbat, I did another prayer-a-thon, to try to get some clarity on this issue in a whole bunch of different ways.

This morning, I woke up with an answer, a derech, to how to get at least some of the information ‘out there’ in a useful way, that will hopefully start to heal the divisions within the Jewish community, instead of exacerbating them further.


The Sitra Achra is so clever.

It’s been pursuing a strategy of ‘divide and conquer’ amongst us for thousands of years, already. We could say all this started with the Tsadukim, (Sadducees) – but we’d be totally wrong about that.

All this traces back to Korach, the first ‘tzaddik’ and ‘talmid chacham’ who put his ego ahead of what was best for the klal, and who fractured the Jewish people into different camps, for and against Moshe.

And it traces back to the spies, who slandered the land of Israel and then fractured the Jewish people into different camps for and against making Aliyah.

And even, it traces back to the 4/5 of the Jewish people who died in Egypt in the plague of darkness, because they lacked the emuna to really want to leave their exile.


I could probably keep going, all the way back through history, where each time there was divisions and hatred between different family members, until we arrive at Kayin and Hevel.

Kayin believed the world was too small for both of them, so he did away with the competition.

And now, it’s time to try to start fixing this problem, by welding things back together.


In the Jewish world of today, the Sitra Achra has done an excellent job of dividing us up smaller and smaller into warring factions.

Just some of the camps we’ve been shoved into are:

  • Religious vs secular
  • Left vs right
  • Ashkenazi vs Sephardi
  • Dati Leumi vs Haredi
  • Chassidic vs Litvish
  • Zionist vs anti-zionist
  • And of course, today we also have pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine, and pro-mask and anti-mask, and pro-Trump and anti-Trump….

The list goes on and on.


Over time, I’ve learnt that the people who are so mercilessly pushing their agendas, their viewpoints, onto other people are at least a touch mentally-ill.

I was in that space myself until a few years ago, trying to ‘force’ all my relatives outside of Israel to make Aliyah, and trying to ‘force’ my children into wearing socks all the way up to their toosik, and also trying to ‘force’ myself into all sorts of boxes that just didn’t fit, because I’d been brainwashed into thinking that’s what God wanted.

But I digress.

Let’s get back to the main point of today’s post.


In all my digging around in the genealogical tables, I realized a lot of interesting things.

One of the most interesting things that I realized is that so many of the groups listed above were and are being led by members of the same small set of families. Many of these families trace back – via multiple ancestors – to the Maharal of Prague and the Maharam of Padua, and beyond.

Way, way beyond.

One we realized just how ‘connected’ the Jewish people really are, by blood, by marriage, by history – then it becomes totally ridiculous to start pointing fingers at the other groups, and claiming there is something ‘wrong’ with them that isn’t also ‘wrong’ with us.

How can we accuse other groups of consisting solely of ‘erev Rav’ when we have the same parents and grandparents in common?

How can we claim that our gene pool, our yichus,  is somehow superior, when that same gene pool produced the biggest tzaddikim – and also the biggest gangsters, murderers and idolators?

(If you’re getting a bit stuck with this concept, pick up a copy of my book Unlocking the Secret of the Erev Rav, where I clearly set out how to really deal with the problem.)


Bad people, bad Jews, bad ‘Erev Rav’ are not just on the other side of the debate.

The Sitra Achra has been working so hard to make us think that this is the case, because when we can pretend to ourselves that only lefties are bad; or that only people who don’t vaccinate are bad; or that only Bibi is bad….

[Fill in the blank]

We are totally missing the whole point.

The point is to work on ourselves, our own bad middot, our own lack of emuna, our own issues, and to stop spending all our time pointing out the ‘bad’ in others.

To put this another way:

All of us contain bad. And God expects all of us to work on it, and uproot it.

And whenever someone is running around shrieking that only their group, their path, their derech contains ‘good’ – well.

They’re wrong.


So now, of all the many millions and billions of bits of information that I could share with you to make the point, I’ve settled on this:

The Vilna Gaon and the Alter Rebbe were very close family members.

This information has been so heavily and deliberately obscured (for reasons that I am choosing to not go into, at least for now) that you will probably have great difficulty in believing me.

But even with all the deliberate disinformation, and the deliberate changing of dates and names, and the conspiracy of silence that has grown up around this topic, last week, I finally figured enough out to tell you that they are definitely very close relatives.


Here’s how I think they are related.*

They are all members of the same Rivlin family.

Eliyahu Rivlin (the Vilna Gaon) was the father or possibly grandfather of Shlomo Zalman Rivlin, aka Schneur Zalman (the Alter Rebbe).

Shlomo Zalman Rivlin had a brother called Tzvi Hirsch Rivlin.

Tzvi Hirsch Rivlin’s daughter, Shifra, married Shlomo Zalman’s Rivlin’s son, Moshe.

But that’s not all.


Most of the ‘Vilna Gaon’s’ closest disciples appear to also have been his family members, his sons / grandsons.

Those people were also the very close relatives of the Chabad rebbes.

Many of those people – all the same members of the Rivlin family – moved to Eretz Israel.

Some came dressed as chassidim, some came dressed as Perushim, some came dressed as secular chalutznikim – and many of them became the ancestors of the main players in what became the modern State of Israel.


Clearly, I’m leaving out some big parts of this story.

Take a look at Joshua Zeitlin (whose alter ego in the ‘frum’ Jewish world was Natan Neta Notkin), the father-in-law of ‘Reb Alexander Sander’, a very popular figure in Chabad mythology, and also, Zeitlin is strangely connected on a very deep level to many of the Vilna Gaon’s students.

And many of those students are credited with being the ‘fathers’ of the haskalah movement.

Whoever has eyes to see, will see.

But let me end with this.



Did you know that Binyamin Netanyahu, whose family surname was originally ‘Milikovsky’, is a descendant of the Vilna Gaon?

See here for more information:

Nathan Milikowsky Netanyahu was born to Zvi in Krevo (Vilna area)
in 1875, a descendant of the Gaon from Vilna. He studied at the
Volozhin Yeshiva for 8 years and then became an orator preaching about Zionism. He migrated (with his children who were born in Warsaw) to Palestine in 1920 and served as headmaster of various Hebrew high schools in several towns before settling in Jerusalem as an official of the World Zionist Organization.

On his arrival in Palestine, Milikovsky changed the family name to Netanyahu (“Lord has given”). He was from the beginning a supporter of right-wing views in the Zionist movement, a tendency which deepened in the next generations of his closely knit family. He passed away in 1935.


It’s all just one, big (unhappy….) family….



* Many of these people have multiple names and multiple identities, depending on what ‘role’ they are playing.

Slowly, slowly, I’m unpicking it all. But clearly, there’s ample room for error here, especially with all the deliberate cover-up, so I am presenting this as a best guess for how they are related, and I will refine it as new information comes to light.


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It all started innocently enough, with a nagging question about the ‘tzaddik’ Moses Montefiore:

How come, if he was such a ‘good’ guy, he married into that den of vipers known as the Victorian Rothschilds of London, and went into business with his brother-in-law, Nathan Rothschild, to create the Alliance Insurance company in 1824?

And from there, I managed to open a whole massive can of worms.


A few months back, following some of the clues about real Jewish history that is scattered throughout Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s book Conversations, I tripped over a whole bunch of information about Jacob Frank, and his ‘Frankist’ movement, that you can read more about HERE.

When I’d finished writing that piece, I thought I’d more or less bottomed-out the greatest secrets being concealed in Jewish history over the last 500 years.

I mean, the fact that Yonatan Eybeschutz WAS a secret follower of the infamous false messiah Shabtai Tzvi; and this his son openly proclaimed himself a Frankist prophet and then converted to Christianity, seemed like enough of a scoop.

And, the fact that Rebbe Nachman and Breslov were being slandered as being ‘secret Frankists’ was also a massive revelation, that explains so very much about what was going on behind the scenes, back then.

So, I put all that research to one side, and came back to more ‘fun’ stuff.

Like Covid 1984. And, like the links between the Rothschild family and the State of Israel. And, the strange intersection between Jews high up in the American administration and military and the fate of those thousands of Yemenite children.

And that, dear reader, is when I stumbled across the biggest can of worms in Jewish history.


I could literally write 100 detailed posts about all the things I’m finding out, but who has time or patience for that?


So instead, after getting a prompt in my hitbodedut to start getting this information out there, however simply, I’m going to pick out a few subjects, a few individuals, and tell you their stories, and then hopefully, you will start to fill in more of the blanks for yourselves.

So today, let’s start with Moses Montefiore.


Like I said, it started off innocently enough.

I’d always thought (been brainwashed into believing…) that Moses Montefiore was the builder of modern Jerusalem, and a truly saintly, scrupulously observant, generous individual, who spent great sums of his own money helping his poor Jewish brethren around the world.

True, he was known as being a great confidant and friend of Queen Victoria, which always struck me as a little strange.

And then, I discovered that he was also a leading Freemason, which is when the nagging doubts really started to emerge that something in this pious picture was off.

In 1812, Montefiore became a freemason, joining the Moira Lodge, No. 92 of the Premier Grand Lodge of England in London.


This comes from the Israeli Freemasons own site:

Montefiore was born in Livorno, Italy. He was an active Mason, having been initiated in Moira Lodge in 1812. His brother-in-law, Nathan Meyer Rothschild, had been initiated ten years earlier in the Emulation Lodge. Montefiore and Rothschild had married sisters, daughters of Levi Barent Cohen.

He was knighted in 1837 by Queen Victoria. That same year, Benjamin Disraeli was elected to Parliament as a Tory.

In August of 1840, together with the French Lawyer and high-ranking Masons Adolphe Cremieux (1796-1880), he led a delegation to Turkey and secured the release of the captives of the Damascus blood libel.

We’ll come back to Adolphe Cremieux later on. For now, he’s what you need to remember about him (from Wikipedia):

The Alliance israélite universelle

The Alliance israélite universelle (Hebrew: כל ישראל חברים‎) is a Paris-based international Jewish organization founded in 1860 by the French statesman Adolphe Crémieux to safeguard the human rights of Jews around the world.

And then, two weeks ago, once I’d made the connection that the Rothschilds – and the vast majority of all those Jewish-German banking families were intimately connected to the Frankist movement that swept away European Jewry 200 years ago – I hit another kooshia that refused to be silenced.


Frankist families – and the secret believers in the cult of Shabtai Tzvi, that preceded them – tend to only marry other ‘believers’ in their Frankist / Shabbatean faith.

That’s how they operate, that’s how it works, to keep everyone ‘on plan’ and to ensure that these families’ secrets won’t be spread to outsiders. We saw the same phenomenon with the Marranos in Spain and Portugal, with the Donmeh (pretend Muslim / Shabbatean sect in Turkey), and of course, we see it so very clearly with families like the Rothschilds.

This practice of marrying members of your own family is called ‘endogamy’, and at least where the Rothschilds are concerned, commentators state that they adopted this practice in order to keep all their vast wealth in family hands.

But when I started checking back in the Rothschild genealogy, I quickly noticed a strange thing:

There was a lot of ‘endogamy’ going on amongst these German-Jewish families even preceding Jacob Frank, and the Rothschilds coming into their tremendous wealth.

And then, there was the curious matter of Sir Moses Montefiore – a Sephardi Jew of Spanish and Portuguese descent.

How had he, a Sephardi Jew, come to marry into the Frankist Rothschild clan, even after their enormous fortune had already been well established?

The answer was shocking.


I started digging around Sir Moses Montefiore’s family tree, and I discovered that his family were ‘New Christians’ – forced converts from Spain and Portugal – who only re-adopted their Jewish faith when they hit the relatively tolerant environment of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

There was a very large Spanish and Portuguese community there, made up predominantly of former Marranos, and Amsterdam at that time was a hub of trade and commerce, and Jewish life.

There are conservative estimates that at least half of the Jewish community in Amsterdam had become earnest supporters of the false messiah Shabtai Tzvi, with many accounts of people selling their homes and businesses for a fraction of what they were worth, in readiness for the call to move to Eretz Yisrael.

Many of those people fell away from the cult of Shabtai Tzvi when he converted to Islam in 1666, and then died in 1676.

But many didn’t.


One of the things I’ve been discovering more and more, is just how many of these ‘secret Shabbateanisms’ held leading positions in the Jewish world, both on the communal side, and on the rabbinic side (which were often intertwined, in any case).

So many of the ‘big rabbis’ of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries were actually secret believers in the cult of Shabtai Tzvi, long after he’d been unmasked as a fraud.

Shabtai Tzvi was ultimately a figurehead, a puppet, who fronted a movement that brought together a lot of people with a similarly twisted ideology, including people like Nathan of Gaza, a German Jew living in Jerusalem, who became his main ‘disciple’.

And that’s why this movement outlasted both his apostasy and death, and even strengthened and spread.


As I mentioned in the earlier post on Jacob Frank HERE, there were 3 main groups of people who believed in Shabtai Tzvi:

Group 1: Well-meaning Jews who were duped into believing that SHATZ is the Moshiach between 1665 and his conversion in September in 1666. Large numbers of this group make teshuva after Shabtai becomes an apostate, and return to the Jewish fold.

Group 2: Crypto-Sabbateans – who maintain a pious Jewish exterior, but who engage in all sorts of secret, christian behavior and beliefs behind closed doors, and continue to believe that SHATZ actually is the Moshiach ben Yosef.

Group 3: Hard-core Sabbateans, who are practising the occult, many of whom also sham convert to Islam and / or Catholicism, but whose real religion continues to be Sabbateanism. The infamous ‘Donmeh[1]’ of Turkey belong to this last group, as to the infamous ‘Prague Sabbatians’, headed up by Frank’s cousin, Moshe Dobruska, who are directly connected to the Illuminati.

Many of these Jews schism off and out of the Jewish community, at this point.

But not all of them, especially in Podalia and Frankfurt.


Clearly, that last group of Shabbateans – people who had bought into the warped idea that the Moshiach would only appear when the world was ‘totally bad’, because it was impossible for the world to be ‘totally good’ – were an enormous problem for the Jewish world.

(For reference, this belief is referred to as being ‘antinomian’. That basically means that they turned every aspect of the Jewish faith on its head – eating on fast days, eating pork, committing adultery – in order to ‘make the world bad’ as quickly a possible.)

Part of their attempts to make the world ‘totally bad’ involved engaging in the worst types of promiscuity and adultery – all behind closed doors, of course.


So, back to Moses Montefiore.

Montefiore’s family spent time in Ancona and Leghorn (Ligorno), before moving to London.

HERE, we learn that Nathan of Gaza spent some time in Leghorn before his death, and “made a number of converts” there.

One of the leading ‘disciples’ of the antinomian cult of Shabtai Tzvi, after his death, was a guy called Avraham Rovigo.

Rovigo was a ‘disciple’ of Rabbi Eliyahu Mujajon. You can see a handwritten note from Mujajon HERE, where we also discover that:

The most well-known of Nathan of Gaza’s disciples were Rabbi Shlomo Ayllon (the future Av Beit Din of Amsterdam) and Rabbi Eliyahu Mujajon and they were the ones who distributed the Sabbatean faith in Italy.


Rovigo was given a very warm welcome in many Jewish communities with strong Shabbatean elements, including the Italian town of Leghorn – Livorno.

Montefiore himself was born in Leghorn on October 28, 1784, before moving to London (he died in Ramsgate, England in 1885).

He became prominent in the Spanish and Portuguese community there, and lucky Moses, quickly married into money and respectability – so much so, that even England’s queen counted him as a friend.

Doesn’t that strike you as odd?

[There are some glaring problems with Montefiore’s ‘official’ family tree, so I am going to save that part of the story for the next post. Trying to untwist his family tree led to me finding out something totally unexpected and mind-blowing. More on that in the next post, BH.)


The Spanish and Portuguese synagogue in London is called Bevis Marks.

Back in the day, I used to sometimes eat lunch at the kosher restaurant housed on the premises, when I worked in the City.

Shlomo Ayllon was the Rabbi of Bevis Marks, before he left for Amsterdam under a cloud of Sabbateanism, in 1702.


You have to dig very deep to even get a glimmer of the true story, as over the last 200 years, these people’s descendants – who are still lording it over us, even today – have been very careful to hide their traces.

So now, I’d collected more pieces of the puzzle, and I’d discovered that Moses Montefiore and his family hailed from places with very strong connections to the cult of Shabtai Tzvi. He’d also married into the Shabbatean / Frankist extended family network of the Rothschilds:

Moses married (1812) Judith, daughter of Levi Barent Cohen. Levi Barent Cohen was an Ashkenazi, and it was a sign of indifference, on the part of the Montefiores, to current prejudice that, although they belonged to the London Sephardim, they married German Jewesses.


So now, I hit the next kooshia:

But, wasn’t this guy a strongly orthodox Jew, and a massive helper of his people?! Hadn’t he visited Israel seven times – the last time when he was in his nineties – just because he was so devoted to the welfare of his people?

That sent me down the next rabbit hole.


Just up the road from me in Jerusalem, there is the famous windmill that Moses Montefiore built, together with a row of almshouses, to try to relieve the terrible overcrowding occurring within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

It was the first Jewish community outside the medieval Old City walls.

It was built with the stated aim of trying to get those ‘backwards’ religious Jews modernizing, working for a living instead of relying on the haluka payment, and becoming more emancipated and away from the control of their rabbis.

Are you starting to see the problem?


Then, I learned that Montefiore wasn’t spending his own money when he was arranging for the building of all these ‘modern’ communities outside Jerusalem’s city walls.

He was spending the bequest of a Jew named Judah Touro, a business man from New Orleans, prominent member of the Spanish and Portuguese community there, who was also connected to both the Rothschilds and to the cult of Shabtai Tzvi.

How did Touro, based in the US, have such close connections to Montefiore, based in the UK, to make him the executor of his will?

Whenever I ask myself ‘strange’ questions like this, I end up tripping down some very unexpected rabbit holes. That just happened now, and I will try to share the mind-blowing information I just discovered in the next post.


For now, let’s sum things up broadly like this:

  • Many of the marrano families originally from Spain and Portugal, continued with their double life long after they officially ‘returned’ to the fold of Judaism.
  • Because many of these families were merchants or financiers, engaged in trade, they moved around a lot, and often had different names (and religions, and connections) in the different locales they frequented.
  • They could be ‘Jews’ in one country, in one context – even religious Jews, even ‘chief rabbis’ of whole cities and countries (!) – and then in another place, be known as good christians, with a totally different name.
  • The cults of Shabtai Tzvi and Jacob Frank meshed with many of these marrano families, often seamlessly, as both were built around a core of ‘abolishing’ orthodox Jewry, tinged with very strong (but totally warped….) messianic ambitions.
  • These Jews were also the ‘connecting material’ between the deep kabbalah that was brought into the world by the Arizal (and expanded further when the Zohar was rediscovered, after being hidden for almost 1 ½ millenia), and the kabbalah-based black magic that came to form the basis of the Illuminati lodges, and global networks.
  • But the Jews in this story – bad as they really are – are still just puppets. There is another non-Jewish player in this game above them, and I am inching closer and closer to figuring out who those people really are.


Let’s just get back to Moses Montefiore, to end.

First, this is what you need to know about the British Board of Deputies:

 The board was established to protect the interests of British Jews not only in the British Isles, but in the colonies. It was appealed to from Jamaica in 1761 and from the Balearic Isles in 1766. Meetings were held sporadically in 1778 and 1789.

In the latter year Moses I. Levi was elected as president, and in 1812 the German members of the board became regularly connected with it. The deputies watched over all the legislation relating to marriages, labor laws, and other matters which might affect Jews prejudicially, and aided considerably in the struggle for Jewish emancipation.

In 1835 Sir Moses Montefiore was elected president, and he remained in that office until his death.


Most people don’t understand that the Board was created to protect the global assets of the wealthy Jews back in London.

So even in Victorian times, the Board of Deputies was frequently accused of doing nothing to help the Jews across the globe. Then, as now, the Jewish community didn’t realise that the Board was set up more as a propaganda exercise by London’s leading Jewish families – to make it look like they cared and to give them an ‘in’ within these Jewish communities – than to actually help them.

That sounds harsh, I know, but here’s an anecdote that I found, that kind of encapsulates what was really going on, with the Montefiore-Rothschild controlled Board of Deputies.

(Before I continue, you should also know that the infamous Alliance Israelite Universelle was founded and financed by the French branch of the Rothschilds, using Adolphe Cremieux, from above, as their cut-out frontman.)


Here’s how scholar Mark Cohen explains how the ‘tzaddik’ Montefiore helped the poor, devout Jews of Monastir, whose Jewish quarter ‘mysteriously’ burned down in August 1863, after they refused to modernize their education system:

“After the fire, Monastir’s rabbinical leadership sought the help of London’s Sir Moses Montefiore, who encouraged British Jewry to make donations on behalf of Monastir’s 3,000 homeless Jews.

More than £2,000 was raised. But London did not allow the money to be used to rebuild the traditional Talmud Torah school. It was a revealing if not surprising decision. By the mid-nineteenth century, the Jews of France and England were keen to overhaul the education of the Sephardic Jews in order to prepare them for life as citizens in a rapidly Westernising Ottoman society.

The Talmud Torah schools, which focused exclusively on Hebrew and Talmud, were seen as hindering that goal. In Monastir, British Jewry’s refusal to aid the Talmud Torah helped tip the balance of power away from traditionalist rabbis toward a small group of educational reformers.

Within a year, these reformers founded one of the first committees in the Ottoman Empire to support the kind of schools favoured by Western Jews—those of the Alliance Israélite Universelle.”


‘London’ was being controlled by Montefiore, as the head of the Board of Deputies, and as the frontman for the Frankist network who were outwardly still ‘Jewish’, and leading the rest of the community.

It’s a post for another time, but it’s truly amazing how many times ‘recalcitrant’ Jewish communities, who stubbornly refused to ‘modernise’ and dump their orthodox Rabbis and Torah-true education and lifestyle subsequently suffered a massive fire, which totally destroyed their communities.

And who was waiting in the wings to swoop in and rebuild these communities in a ‘reformed’ mode?

I think you’re starting to figure out the answer to that question all by yourselves….


King Shlomo told us that there is nothing new under the sun.

As it was then, 150 years ago, and 350 years ago, and 2000 years ago, and 3,300 years ago, so it still is today.

Those same families and their representatives are still striving mightily to institute that same agenda today, to destroy orthodox Judaism, and replace it with a reformed, messianic cult that’s rooted totally in money, tumah and black magic kabbalah.

And so many of our modern day philanthropists, and modern day ‘leaders’ – both in the orthodox world and elsewhere, both in the rabbinate and elsewhere, both in Israel and elsewhere – are part and parcel of this network of hypocritical ‘pretend Jews’, pulling people away from Torah and God.

In the next post, we’ll really pull back the curtain, and set out what’s really going on here.


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Back in the holocaust, so many of the people involved in the mass destruction of humanity tried to claim they were ‘just

following orders’.

The guards who were guarding the trains leading to Auschwitz; the police officers who were rounding people up and ‘enforcing the closure’ of Jewish businesses leading up to 1939, in Germany; the ordinary Germans who’d been trained by Goebbels’ propaganda machine to see Jews as ‘disease vectors’, and enemies of public health – everyone was ‘just following orders’.

That’s what they claimed after the war was finished, and all of these crimes of humanity were held up to the harsh light of truth.

Once the propaganda and self-interest was cleared out of the way, all of these people could be seen for what they truly were: agents of evil.

And that’s something that they, and their children, have to live with for posterity.


This morning, I saw a shocking video of Israeli police breaking up a small, outdoor wedding in Givat Ze’ev, close to the outskirts of Jerusalem.

While the secular media is keen to try to say this is a chareidi wedding, from seeing the footage it’s more just a religious wedding, with some chareidi elements involved.

Don’t fool yourselves.

The police here are violent brownshirts who are ‘just following orders’, regardless of how many people they hurt and maim, and regardless of how ‘just’ those orders happen to be, in the first place.


You can see the shocking footage for yourself here:



So now, what are we to make of all this?

How should we be responding, as the State of Israel descends into behavior that even the most ‘rosy-glassed’ of us will have troubles categorising as anything other than violently anti-semitic?

If we’d see those scenes in any other country, we’d be roundly crying out ‘anti-semitism! Brownshirts! World War II, all over again!!!’

Because make no mistake, the people who beat up, rounded up, deported, shot and ultimately gassed Jews in World War II all thought they were on some holy ‘mission’ to stop ‘disease carrying’ Jews from infecting the rest of humanity.

“2000 Germans have died (in the last 10 months….) because of these irresponsible, chareidi Jews that are not following orders!!!!

Goebbels, or Gamzu said this?

You tell me.


For years, we’ve been brainwashed into not criticising anything the State of Israel does, for fear of giving more ammunition to the ‘anti-semites’.

Dear readers, it’s time for us to wake up and see that the worst anti-semites in the world now run the ‘Jewish State’, and encourage their brownshirts to beat up religious Jews for the ‘crime’ of holding a small wedding in their back garden.

How much is it going to take, before we start to understand that the State, and it’s institutions, are run by the same people, the same forces, who also created World War II, and also encourage the holocaust?

How many more ‘similarities’, how many more scenes of police inflicting what is nothing less than a pogrom on religious Jews, is it going to take, before more of us finally accept that the State of Israel – and it’s politicians, elites and institutions – is the most endemically anti-semitic country on the face of the earth?


The xtians that beat up and murdered Jews always had their self-righteous reasons why what they were doing was ‘ok’.

These Jews killed our kryst, so it’s super-ok to kill them back….

The police in Soviet Russia always had their self-righteous reasons why it was OK to kill Jews and suppress the Jewish religion.

These religious Jews are subversive elements, who are undermining the fabric of Mother Russia.

The SS also had their self-righteous reasons why gassing, shooting and killing Jews was a mitzvah:

These Jews are unhygenic. They are ‘poisoning’ the blood of everyone else, with their filthy habits and unhygenic, medieval practices.

Here’s a quote from Mein Kampf, written by the arch anti-semite himself, Hitler (may his name be erased):

“Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.”


I can’t help but wonder how history is going to judge the politicians, bureaucrats and policemen here, who are mamash beating Jews up, locking them down, and preventing us from practising even the basic tenets of religious life, like praying, and getting married, all in the name of coronafascism.

I know they are telling themselves fairy tales about ‘saving the country from a pandemic’. Or telling themselves fairy tales about how no-one can blame them for beating up their fellow Jews, and helping to impose a violent, anti-semitic dictatorship in Israel, because they are only following orders.

Because otherwise, how would these people be able to sleep at night?

I wonder that about all those ‘journalists’, too, who put paying their mortgage – even if it’s been funded by the forces of evil – ahead of telling the truth, and having integrity in their reporting, and working to unite Jews, instead of demonising the chareidim.

How do you sleep, editors of the Jpost, Times of Israel and Yeshiva World News?


Evil always starts small.


The people who don’t slam the brakes on at the start, who don’t come out protesting when their fellow Jews are being ruthlessly beaten up for a chimera, a con, a lie, will get taken down a path where they become more and more complicit with evil.

Until finally, they come to represent it.


So, let me end with a plea to all those policemen, and all those journalists, and all those bureaucrats, and all those politicians – and everyone else caught up in continuing this lie of coronafacism, both here and elsewhere.

Dear Jew, I know you have a very difficult choice to make. I know most of you started off your careers with high hopes to make a positive difference, and to do ‘good’ for the Jewish people. I know the people running the State of Israel have brainwashed you – and all of us – into never questioning what the State says or does, and to always just believe it’s somehow for the best.

I also know that you have bills to pay, and mortgages to keep up with, and that you really need your salary right now.


I’m still begging you:

Quit now, while your souls are still somewhat intact.

This coronafascism is leading down the same dark path that lead to the crematoria of Auschwitz, and that lead to all Jews being demonised and destroyed by the forces of evil.

This is about eugenics and controlling the world, not ‘saving people’ from coronavirus.

So please, take the blinders off, see where this is really going, and stop telling yourself that it’s ok to participate in what’s going on, because:

I’m only following orders.

Because history has shown, that’s never a good enough justification.



I was trying to find the clip of when the Russian police commit a pogrom in Anatevka, and start beating up people at Tevya’s wedding, but for some reason, I couldn’t.

But I found this instead, and maybe, this is more the message we need right now:

L’chaim! To life! They aren’t going to win! They’ve tried so many times before, and Hashem has always thwarted their plans.

And the same is going to happen this time too, BH, as soon as enough of us wake up, and make teshuva on believing the lying media, and justifying the unnacceptable.


One of the commentators just sent this excellent video from Rabbi David Smith, who is a frum biochemist, explaining what’s really going on with ‘public health’ – and how it’s got ZERO to do with healing people from illness.

The nazis were very big on their ‘public health’.

And if that doesn’t set your alarm bells ringing, then I don’t know what will. Hear him below:

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The yeoush is pretty heavy right now.

Here in Israel, they are in the second week of another politically-induced lockdown, and everyone is starting to crack.

I’m also approaching the end of two weeks of politically-motivated ‘bidud’, or total isolation, after returning from the Ukraine, where I can’t leave my house.

Me, my husband and my kids have been together non-stop for approaching 6 weeks.

It’s a huge test of everyone’s middot.

And sometimes, I’m failing it.


But today, I woke up and got out of bed before 7am, because I am not going to let them depress me and demoralise me any more.

That’s what they want.

Because depressed, demoralised people become ‘sheeple’, who can be so easily manipulated by fear and threat, because they’ve given up on themselves, and they no longer have the energy to resist, at least mentally and spiritually.

Yesterday I realised something very important:

My soul is so much bigger than all of this.

It’s so much bigger than lockdowns, and New World Orders, and corrupt, psychopath billionaires, and biotech.

It’s so much bigger than all of this evil.

And so is yours.


When we connect our souls back to God, and bind ourselves to the true tzaddikim, we are unstoppable.

Nothing can stand in the way of God, nothing.

And God is only good.

And so, the good is going to win out.

It may take another week, another month, another year, (God forbid!) – but the good is going to win out.

And they know it.

That’s why they were in such a rush to shove Rav Berland in prison on totally false charges, to try to ‘remove’ the head of the movement for peace, emuna, and good in the world.

But it’s not going to work.


The Rav will get out soon, as soon as we reach a tipping point of people who realise how the same billionaire-bought media, and the same billionaire-run State of Israel, that has global ambitions to force ‘biotech’ down everyone’s throats and turn us into enslaved robots (or kill us….) used exactly the same deceit and lies to frame the Rav.

The same modus operandi that is being used with COVID-1984 was used to frame Rav Berland.

When more people acknowledge that, and make some sincere teshuva, all this is going to change in the blink of an eye.

We’re almost at that tipping point, I can feel it in the air.

So don’t give up!

That’s exactly what they want.



You know all this ‘peace in the Middle East’ stuff is also manipulated baloney with an economic / exploitation agenda behind it, too, don’t you?

There’s so many plates spinning in the State of Israel right now, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s going on. But this short 2 minute video is extremely useful in understanding WHY money – and especially privately-produced-debt-as-‘money’ – really is the root of all evil in the world.


When more of us overcome our own tavot mamon, this picture is going to change radically. The people who are oppressing us with COVID-1984 lockdowns, and terrorism, and never ending wars – and all the rest – only have power because we give them that power.

And the key way to removing their power is to stop worrying about, and lusting after, having more money, or ‘financial security’.

God is providing us, and He doesn’t need shekels, dollars, euros or pounds to do that.

BH, I will flesh this idea out much more soon.


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