If I was an American, I would have voted for Trump.

Why? Because I think he’ll do a very good job of putting America’s interests first. But it doesn’t follow that America’s best interests and Israel’s best interests are automatically aligned.


The last couple of weeks, I’ve been growing increasingly perturbed by all the frum cheerleading for Trump and his Jewish connections, because it reminded me so much of the wave of euphoria that swept over frum Israel when Ariel Sharon was swept into power with a landslide mandate – and promptly pivoted 180 degrees to disengage from Gaza.

Call me a spoilsport, but I’m getting that same uncomfortable feeling re: Trump and his plans for the Middle East.

Just this week, we read in the haftorah the Prophet Ezekiel’s stern warning to Jews not to rely on any foreign power, to try and shore up their domestic security problems and only to rely on God.

What happens when we rely on the current Superpower of the moment, instead of turning to our Creator? Ezekiel tells us that anyone we lean on for support except God, they turn into the proverbial ‘broken reed’, that only pierces the palm and shoulder of the person trying to use it as a crutch.

Israel belongs to God, and it’s not up to any politician, Israeli, American or otherwise, to start throwing their weight around and deciding which part of Israel can stay in ‘Israel’ and which part gets turned into Hamastan.

In all the politically-correct talk about making peace with the Palestinians, even a lot of the people who are meant to know better seem to have forgotten that GOD is behind the Palestinian’s ongoing terrorism, violence and general awkwardness. So many of our Sages and rabbis have made it clear time and time again that God is using the Palestinians as a stick against the Jewish people, because so many of us still aren’t trying to live a Torah-true life.

If the Jews as a nation wholeheartedly come back to God, the Palestinian ‘problem’ will disappear overnight, as the whole spiritual reason for them to harass the Jews in Israel will have disappeared.

The Palestinians are here to encourage the Jews to make teshuva. Full stop.

If Trump and his advisors understand that, great! If not – it’s going to get complicated, very quickly. James Mattis, the new Defense Secretary, is not a big lover of Israel, and is a very big fan of the so-called ‘two state solution’.  Mattis wants more of the so-called ‘moderate’ Arabs to play ball, and believes that supporting a two state solution – and actually making that happen – will bring these folk around to the American side of the table.

Trump has already made it clear that his cabinet picks have free reign to set the policies that they believe will best suit the US’ interests; he’s already primed his son-in-law to bring ‘peace’ between Israel and the Palestinians; and it appears obvious (to me, anyway…) that this ‘peace’ is going to be bought by giving away parts of biblical Israel.

Sure, the deal will seem reasonable and fair to anyone who hasn’t internalized the fact that Israel belongs to God, and that God is unlikely to be thrilled with any ‘peace agreement’ with the Palestinians that isn’t predicated on wholesale Jewish teshuva. It’s very ‘fairness’ is what’s going to cause the problem, because Israel will be unable to hold out against all the pressure being brought to bear to accept this ‘fair deal’, that will lead to the creation of Hamastan.

And then – things could get very interesting.

Trump is the President of the US, and he won’t hesitate to throw Israel under a bus if and when that serves him and his country’s best interests. If he did anything else, he’d be an absolutely terrible leader of the country that just elected him.

If we’d just elected him as the prime minister of Israel, then maybe there would be more to celebrate and look forward to. As it is, I simply can’t understand why frum Jews in Israel are getting so excited about him, however pro-Israel and pro-Jewish he might be as individual.

Beating ISIS sounds great, but in practice the ‘moderate’ muslims will demand concessions for going along with the US – and guess which ‘concession’ will be top of the list?


And Israel’s best interests.

And Israel’s so-called ‘settlements’ which are really just housing developments for Jews on the land that God owns, and God promised them for perpetuity.

Dafka, Hashem has always protected against the machinations of our openly hostile enemies, often by miraculous means.

It’s our ‘friends’ that are really worrying me at this point.

I think that God is using the Trump Presidency as a sort of ‘dry run’ to clue us all in to the sorts of tremendous changes that are going to occur in the world once Moshiach comes.

Trump won despite 91% of his media coverage being negative – and not just a little bit negative, it was tongue-bitingly, eye-wateringly negative. Many of the more establishment media outlets still can’t bring themselves to write a single nice thing about him – which means that they’ve effectively lost their ability to influence the public in any meaningful way, because while people still take news seriously (even when it’s disguised propaganda), they can’t stomach obvious propaganda.

But that’s not the only interesting thing going on across the pond. Even though technically only half the country voted for Trump, that doesn’t mean that half the country is ‘anti’ him. What it does mean is that half of the US was idealistic enough, and independent-minded enough, to vote for Trump despite all the brainwashing they were getting from the media and the establishment.

Amongst the people who voted against Trump, a large number only did that because they’d been brainwashed into it by scare stories and ‘think pieces’ from celebrities (I know, that’s an oxymoron…) With Trump in power, the ability of these ruling elites to keep pulling the wool over everyone else’s eyes is going to start evaporating.

It’s like when the boy started crying out ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes!’

Initially, he was definitely a minority opinion, but it only took one person to start pointing out what was really true for the whole façade of the Emperor’s new clothes to evaporate. And that’s what is going on with the Trump presidency.

So how is this related to Moshiach? Great question.

Just as the worm has turned in the US, the worm in Israel is also about to turn – with much greater global consequences. We all know that we’re living in what Chazal termed the ‘upside down’ world.

It’s a world where the scummiest people get the most kudos, and the most heads of state attending their funerals, while the Gadol HaDor can sit in prison for nine months on trumped-up charges and no-one even bats an eyelid.

It’s a world where the nastiest, most aggressive and personally ambitious people have fought their way to the top of the pecking order in every sphere of the Jewish world, both religious and non-religious, while the people who really have the middot and ability to lead and guide the nation have been sidelined, marginalized and even mocked and attacked.

When the Jewish worm turns with the coming of Moshiach, we’re all going to realize which of our political leaders is really wearing ‘no clothes’; which of our rabbis and spiritual guides are really fake and corrupt; which of the pillars of our community are upright, God-fearing people – or otherwise – and it’s going to cause an earthquake throughout the Jewish world.

Most of the ‘leaders’ out there, both in the Jewish and non-Jewish world, are so bad and corrupt that even when the worm turns, they won’t accept it and will expend their last breath trying to stamp it to death.

But when the bandwagon of truth really, finally, starts rolling, no-one can stop it. People can demonstrate and riot all they want – it’ll just roll right on over them and carry on. That bandwagon took down the Berlin wall and smashed the former USSR to dust, and now, it’s about to wreak utter havoc on the world of liberal elitism and political correctness.

Once it picks up steam, no-one who wasn’t already sitting on it from the start will be able to jump on.

That’s what’s going on right now with Trump. None of the wishy-washy Republicans are going to get a job for the next 4 years. None of the anti-Trump media are going to get White House exclusives – and many of them have already lost a whole bunch of credibility, readers and money thanks to their overtly biased coverage of the elections.

But Trump is a millionth of the clean-up job that’s going to happen when Moshiach comes. The light of Moshiach is going to clarify who you really are – not just to you, yourself, but to the world.

All the lies, the puffery, the egotism, the greed, the hypocrisy, the cruelty, the superficiality that dresses itself up in the fanciest of outfits and the catchiest tweets – it’s all going to be exposed for all to see. Moshiach’s bandwagon of truth is going to dwarf President’s Trump’s.

And that’s when things will start to get really interesting.

So, I went to check who had won the ‘Brexit’ referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU.

I switched on my computer, and got a real shock: my whole screen was completely upside down.

The day before, I’d accidentally spilled some water on my keyboard, so I figured it was from that – but couldn’t work out WHY the computer appeared to be functioning normally, albeit 100% upside down.

As I was sitting there, thinking about how to get this problem fixed, and how much it would probably cost, it suddenly struck me: my computer, and the wider world it connects to via the internet, had finally flipped.

For once, IT was upside down, while I was feeling the right way up.

A little later, it transpired that one of my kids had made my screen go upside down as a joke (ha ha. No, really.) I logged on to my now right-way-up screen – and I found that the world had indeed flipped upside down (or right side up, depending on what view you hold).

Britain had voted to leave the EU.

Dear reader, this is a huge development, and it’s going to lead to some very big and dramatic changes, very quickly. One thing it’s DEFINITELY going to lead to is a global recession that’s going to give the Great Depression a run for its money in terms of how much impact it’s going to exert on the world’s economy.

Here’s why:

London and the UK is at the end of one of the largest and most fragile property bubbles ever seen. Brexit is going to burst that bubble over the next few days, weeks and months, as a lot of big international money starts to pull out of the UK.

When the property market plunges off a cliff, it’s going to drag the British banks with it – some of whom already lost 17-30% of their value in trading on Friday. British banks, like pretty much any bank you care to mention, are only officially ‘solvent’ because they have dibs on a whole bunch of over-priced (and effectively unsaleable) properties.

Once the property bubble bursts, the banks bubble is going to follow after it pretty sharply – and that’s going to have an instant impact on the world’s financial stability, as the debacle with Lehman Bros et al demonstrated very clearly, back in 2008.

To put this another way: the world is about to change in some huge ways.

Brexit is not a storm in a tea cup, or an isolated incident. It’s the touch paper that’s going to spark off global transformation on an unprecedented scale.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that when a person has true yirat shemayim, or fear of God, then all the crazy things happening around him in the world don’t scare him, because he knows that they’re just signs that the world is moving closer towards Moshiach and redemption.

Over the next few days and weeks, I think we’re all going to see a lot of crazy things kicking off all over the place.

It’s going to take a few more months (maybe…) until this is commonly accepted, but the EU is done, finished, gone. It’s going to implode under the weight of its own moral corruption, just like the former USSR did 30 years ago.

And with Trump poised to be the next US president (yes, I’m afraid that’s really going to happen!) – anything is possible, literally. Clinton is bonkers and evil, but still officially plays politics ‘by the rules’. Trump has no such limitation, and as such is probably the biggest catalyst for dramatic change for a generation.

God is throwing everything up in the air right now. The world is literally about to flip upside-down (or right side up…). And if we’re not clinging to Hashem, it’s going to be one heck of a scary ride.