I woke up yesterday morning to the news there had been a ‘twin terrorist attack bombing’ in Jerusalem.

***Important updates below***

I’m very sad for the family of the 16 year old boy who was killed yesterday, as well as the others who have been injured.

BH, the family should be comforted, and the other victims should have a speedy, easy and total recovery.

But that’s not really what this post is about.

This post is about this:

(Screenshot from the Times of Israel HERE):


Cui Bono, from yesterday’s terror attack?

And, why did the police ask for yet another 30 day ‘gag order’ to be slapped on the reporting about it?

These are questions we all need to be asking, because by now, we should all be 100% clear that:



There are 3,000 cutting edge AI facial recognition cameras all over Jerusalem now.

I’ve seen at least two angles of ‘official camera footage’ of these blasts online, already.

Yet, the police are claiming they have no leads to go on….

So, what’s really going on here?


The real terrorists are running our government.

Remember that.



Fancy that: look what is trending on Daniel Amram’s Telegram channel HERE:



The highlighted comments are Amram’s, google translated.

Does this make any sense?

That they didn’t have cameras ‘working’, just at the site of the attacks, but now they discover, no, whoops, got that wrong, the cameras were working after all… because someone else ‘hacked in’ and posted the footage online.

So of course, if the cameras were working DURING the blast, they were also working BEFORE the blast.

And that’s the bit they don’t want you to think about.

Because the people who carefully placed those bags full of nails and explosives may well not look like Ahmed and Mahmoud.

Maybe they were wearing the same orange vests they showed up in at Meron… who knows?

But this time, it seems that the people orchestrating this ‘terror’ for their own ends are meeting some internal resistance.

It’s about to get really interesting (scroll down, for the Rav’s comment this morning.)


You might also like this article (not one of mine, but v interesting):

BTW, Ben Gvir is Israel’s answer to ‘Trump’, i.e the ‘outsider’ who is really just as ‘inside’ as all the other corrupt politicians.

But it seems to me, that somehow, Hashem is going to fix things again that our corrupt politicians actually can’t put a strong government together until Moshiach finally shows up… Which will tie their hands, in terms of how ‘full on Covid-Dictator’ they can actually get, until the curtain finally falls permanently.



10 minutes after I wrote this, I got sent this message:

“עכשיו במולד מתחיל הממשלה של עם ישראל” The Rav just now


Now, at the time of the molad (the beginning of the new Hebrew month), the government of ‘Am Yisrael’ is beginning.

That ‘government of Am Yisrael’ is highly unlikely to have any of our current politicians sitting in it…

Yesterday night, the Rav was full of fire, and was singing songs about Uman and having the crowd clap and dance for literally an hour, after Ma’ariv.

I left at 10pm, and it was still going.

I had the feeling something big was being sweetened again,  down there on Ido HaNavi.

Let’s see what happens next.



VINNEWS has the footage of the actual blast (not the aftermath).

You can see it here:


The Hebrew basically says that if we were Druze, this would be the last murder in Jerusalem.

But after a Jew is murdered, the only thing that’s important is to watch the World Cup….


I know that bus stop well, it’s one of the busiest trempiadas, or hitch-hiking spots, in the city, and it’s almost exclusively chareidi and frum Jews that use it.

An ‘obvious Arab’ standing there would stand out.

An ‘obvious Arab’ who left their bag there, and then left, would almost certainly have been noticed very fast.

This is Israel. When there are ‘unattended bags’ for more than a couple of minutes, people call the police to get them dealt with very fast.

The VINNEWS is claiming this footage is from a Shabak camera, that ‘the Iranians’ just happened to hack, while the police and the Jerusalem Municipality are claiming they have no footage – not of this bus stop, and not of the second bus stop in Ramot, also targeting chareidim, where the bomb thank God didn’t do anywhere near the same damage.

What a coincidence, that cameras at both these bus stops were apparently not working… yet ‘Iranians’ have the footage…


One more thing about that Givat Shaul trempiada.

It leads out on to the motorway, there are only two ways you can go, either straight down the motorway to the Motza Illit turnoff, or to take the left back into Givat Shaul / Har Nof that runs past the Har Menucha cemetery.

There are cameras that whole route.

And if someone walked to the trempiada, placed the bomb, and then walked back into Jerusalem – that would also be caught on cameras further up from the bus stop, and would be kinda obvious, because people don’t tend to walk down to that trempiada with a bag, leave it there, and then return to the city on foot.

As usual, the whole thing stinks.

As usual, they are lying about everything.

Cui Bono?


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  1. Aryeh Katz
    Aryeh Katz says:

    I was actually thinking the exact same thing when this attack occurred. In a city flooded with cameras no way that there was any coverage there, and then the whole Iranian camera hack. Very clear this whole thing stinks, just like Meron. The evil people at the top will do all possible from the truth coming out.


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