Things are turning around – solely because more and more people are starting to make teshuva.

This isn’t going to be a long post, as I’ve decided I need to spend way more time doing productive things in the real world, and way less time gorging on fake news posts about COVID online.

But I just wanted to point out 2 things, that will hopefully bring you some comfort, dear reader.

  1. The numbers of people newly infected with COVID are dropping rapidly in Israel, the US and the UK.

The following graphs, from the World-o-meter website, tell their own story:



Remember, there is at least a 5 day time lag on the new infection rate, because of the amount of time it takes to get test results back, so the actual incidence of COVID could be way less than even these numbers suggest.

Long story short, the ‘pandemic’ came off the boil on Seder Night, exactly as Rav Berland said it would.


2. Everything can and will turn around if the Jewish people make teshuva.

Baruch Hashem, many of the leaders of the chareidi community, particularly in Israel, are starting to come out with strong statements linking COVID-19 to the lashon hara and persecution aimed at Rav Berland, and his community.

Here’s a few of the latest statements:


What I’ve been noticing is that each time there is some serious teshuva going on in the religious world, in relation to Rav Berland and Shuvu Banim, there’s an immediate change in what’s happening with the COVID stats and coverage in the secular world

It’s uncanny, how this ‘teshuva’ is made in the chareidi / religious world, and then a flurry of articles start coming out from secular people arguing against the Police State tactics, etc, and there are headlines showing a massive drop-off in new cases and seriously ill people.

In other words, all we need to do to get out of lockdown and make this all recede like a bad nightmare, is to make some sincere teshuva, and admit we were wrong.

Anyone who publically slandered the Rav, or privately accepted the lashon hara about him, should come clean, and admit they were wrong.

That is all that is required to get this to turn around, and to get geula the sweet way.

Yes Billam Gates is still evil, yes, there are still horrible agendas being put into place here, but that’s a problem really for the non-Jewish world, not for us. If we get behind the Rav, if we have achdus as a people, nobody can touch us.

All that’s required is our teshuva.

And then, God will do the rest.



I was sent this video, of Dr Rashid Buttar, who expertly sets out exactly how many lies we are being told about this COVID-19 pandemic. He covers a lot of ground, very professionally, and I highly recommend you listen to this. He’s asking all other doctors, nurses and other scientists to come out and explain how so much of what we’re being told about all the ‘social distancing’ stuff etc is totally BS. Viruses can’t jump 6 feet… that’s just the beginning of the lies we’re being told.

Shmirat Eynayim friendly.

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3 replies
  1. HR
    HR says:

    Thanks, Rivka.
    Indeed we do see that things are turning around – for the good!
    Personally, I still am concerned – as I see the leaders begin to try to restart and ease into “normal routine” again – I fear that the Yetzer Hara is too powerful and that C”V the world will not be able to hold onto the Teshuva that we have begun in these times. What are your thoughts?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I’m not worrying about that at all. There are so many ‘birth pangs’ to go, still, we’ll be focussed on teshuva right up until the big event.


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