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The arabs who voted for Ben Gvir

world peace

If you think it’s only right-wing Jews who are very disappointed in our  ‘National Security Minister’, you’d be wrong.

My daughter got talking to one of the drivers at a charitable organisation she works for.

She told me he’s an older guy, always very gentle and respectful to the people the organisation works with. He was off over Ramadan – which is when my daughter actually realised he’s a muslim, not a Jew – so when he returned, she was curious and asked him a few things about ‘life as a Muslim’ in Jerusalem.

For the record, we are not at all bleeding- heart-lefties. Not at all. But we share a country with the arabs in Israel (aka ‘Palestinians’), and if we refuse to even speak about the problems we have, then how can we ever even hope to resolve them peacefully?


So, she asked him what the arabs in Israel really think about Ben Gvir – and she was shocked by the response.

This man told her that a whole bunch of Arabs in Israel actually voted for Ben Gvir….


Because they wanted someone who was going to start cracking down on the terrible violence going on all over the country, and even if that meant that Ben Gvir would be tough on arabs and on gun crime – they still voted for that, because they want to feel safe in their own communities.

And they aren’t.

At this stage, 500 arabs have been shot dead by other arabs since the beginning of 2023 – and the police and politicians are doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


Can we lay things out on the line here?

The people who have a vested interest in arabs and Jews killing each other, and killing themselves, and in flooding the country with more guns (and drugs….) and more guns are the elites of America and Europe.

That’s why they keep pumping weapons into the country, and priming the pump for more terror and ‘terrorist elimination’, and never-ending wars, and rockets and violence.

Most people here – including the Arabs – just want to live in peace and get on with their lives.


Israel spends 70 billion a year on the army – according to Netanyahu himself.

(And that’s probably severely underestimating things).

Most of that money is just going into the pockets of that small group of ‘elites’, who own all the arms manufacturing.

It’s the same group who are profiteering from the ‘war’ in the Ukraine…

Always the same group, always the same people.

That 0.00000001% who literally own half the world and counting, and operate by turning people against each other, and controlling, blackmailing and buying off every single politician of note.


Today, a (secular….) Jew shot a 19 year old arab dead because of a road rage incident.

(Usually, I don’t post up things like this, but it’s make it clear this was NOT a terror attack, and the shooter was not in danger of his life, it was a road rage fist fight.)

Barely a day goes by at the moment, that you don’t hear about some other mafia killing, or violent event – and let’s be clear, the craven media is still doing a whole lot of covering up of the REAL problem of violence, and assaults against women and others, that are going on in Israel.

Let’s see, if they even cover this story in the MSM here.


The point is, Israel is mamash drowning in violence.

More violence is not the answer.

More violence is just playing into the hands of the people that want to see Jews and arabs killing each other, as much as possible – so they can waltz back in, and ‘reclaim’ the country for themselves as part of a ‘two state solution’.

Guns and violence are the ‘weapons’ of Esav, and no blessing is coming to the Jews from trying to solve our problems like Esav.

Our ‘weapon’ is the voice of Yaakov….

That’s the only way we get out of the problems we are now in, and things turn around – and geula comes the sweet way.


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    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      You are right, that I should stop referring to them as ‘Palestinians’. They are arabs in Israel….

      Sometimes, I just use the common jargon, but you are right that words have power. I’ll amend the text.

  1. AK
    AK says:

    I totally agree with, and like you we are not bleeding heart lefties either. Living in the Shomron, I do shmirah at different building sites around our Yishuv, and I have taken many Arabs in my car. You get to speaking to some of them and many have told me that there are zero jobs in their communities and all they want is to work. They also have zero confidence in their leaders who like ours are just as corrupt and are criminals. I remember coming to Israel my first time in High School in the 90’s and violent crime was virtually unheard of here in Israel. Now we totally see who is running the show it makes total sense why the powers at be just keep the cycle of violence going. Such a waste of human life it is shameful!

  2. הגאולה בפתח
    הגאולה בפתח says:

    Wow, rabbi said that on this Sukkot on Yom Shishi, which will be October 6th , Erev Shabat, Hoshana Rabba will be Geula Shelema (End of this World).
    Interesting is that 3 month before that will be 17 Tammuz, July 6th. Will be the last trimester before the birth pangs ? Time will tell BH will have the last Yom Kippur before greeting Mashiah Tsidkeinu.
    Hashem is full of Mercy, He wants to clean all of His children before Mashiach comes. So excited by this Zohar. We all should hear Good news BH!!!!

    יהודים התעורורו הקשיבו צלילי הגאולה בפתח מפי הצדיק הנסתר רבי אליהו אבוטבול


    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      R Natan of Breslov said explicitly that whenever people give a specific date for Moshiach, you can be sure that it WON’T be that date…

  3. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    A huge number of Tel Avivi and other hilonim also voted for Ben Gvir, especially among the young demographic, in astonishingly high numbers. Their primary reason was security.

    I wonder how they’re feeling now, too.


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