The Cavendish experiment and gravity – aka ‘Turtles all the way down’

how the sun circles the flat earth

I spent yesterday watching more than three hours (!) of explanations from Matan Gorodish, explaining a bunch of stuff about ‘flat earth vs spherical earth’.

If you understand spoken Hebrew, I highly recommend it as an introduction, as he covers a lot of ground from a ‘believing Jew’ perspective, including some of the Torah sources discussing  the shape of our earth.


As always, everything has to be checked out personally, by ourselves.

We can’t take any detail for granted in this discussion, and everything has to be bottomed out properly.

I am planning, BH, to put together a sort of English ‘precis’ of some of the salient points you can’t already get in English, elsewhere, as Garondish does a very good job of bringing a lot of the information together.

But that post is going to take me a while to sort out, at least, to get it all together in one place.

So in the meantime, here’s a few more bits to think about.


First, this is a good, 5 minute basic explanation of how the sun actually circles the ‘flat earth’:


The more I look into the flat earth theory, the more it starts to make a lot of sense, and to jive with what I actually see with my own two eyes.

And the opposite is also happening with the ‘scientific’ geodesic model.

The more I look into it, the more holes I’m finding.


For example, modern science tells us that ‘gravity’ was apparently proven by the Cavendish Experiment.

This comes from Wikipedia:

The Cavendish experiment, performed in 1797–1798 by English scientist Henry Cavendish, was the first experiment to measure the force of gravity between masses in the laboratory and the first to yield accurate values for the gravitational constant.


Except…. it really didn’t do that at all.

Watch this:


Matan Gorodish has a whole section addressing a bunch of ‘old’ experiments that apparently proved things like gravity and the gravitational constant.

(Amongst other things…)

But really…. they never did anything of the sort.

I will try to write up more of this clearly, in the next week or so, but in the meantime, this is another film that covers a lot of those factual bases:


But what I wanted to stress here, is that we are dealing with ‘one trick ponies’.

Once you spot the ‘modus operandi’ in one area, you can find it very easily all over the place.

And this brings me to the ‘Turtles all the way down’ bit of this post.

I am in the middle of reading a book on vaccines, called Turtles all the way down.

Here’s a little of the description of what that book discusses:

Some of the fundamental vaccine safety issues covered in the book are:

  1. How is safety demonstrated before a new vaccine is licensed? What technique do vaccine manufacturers use in clinical trials to make vaccines appear safer than they actually are?

  2. What “last ditch” technique is employed when the above one cannot be, and what are its grave (and damning) ethical implications?

  3. What is the scientific foundation of the safety of vaccination, and what practical tools does this body of science provide physicians to anticipate, diagnose, and treat vaccine injury?

  4. What fundamental flaws are built into vaccine adverse events reporting systems, and how are these systems used (or misused) by health authorities to support their safety claims?

  5. What kinds of post-marketing vaccine studies are conducted, and how can they be manipulated by researchers to produce “favorable” outcomes?

  6. Why would researchers want to skew vaccine research, and how could skewed results be promulgated by the scientific community?

  7. Why would medical journals publish faulty vaccine science? What is the role of the famed “peer review” in this process?

  8. What are “the studies that will never be done” by the medical establishment and how long it has resisted doing them? (Hint: more than 100 years!)

  9. What key CDC-recommended childhood vaccination guidelines were arbitrarily set, without an adequate scientific basis?


Basically, no new vaccine is ever tested against an inert, neutral ‘placebo’ like saline water.

Every vaccine is always tested against another vaccine, in those clinical trials meant to show how ‘safe and effective’ these vaccines are.

Let’s leave the ‘effective’ bit out of this discussion, for now.

Because the bottom line is that none of the vaccines we’re all busy injecting our kids and ourselves with have EVER been tested against a neutral, inert placebo, when it comes to double-checking adverse effects caused by vaccines.

Today’s vaccines are typically tested against ‘old vaccines’ which were assumed safe, without any proof.

So, when both the ‘new vaccine’ group and the ‘placebo’ group have massive amounts of adverse health effects, they say, see, this vaccine is not causing ANY ADDITIONAL SERIOUS HEALTH EFFECTS…. 28% OF THE ‘PLACEBO’ GROUP ALSO ENDED UP IN HOSPITAL….


This is how it works.

So much of modern science is built on assumptions and ‘proofs’ that were badly faked, decades and centuries ago, which then became the ‘untouchable’ basis that the whole house of cards is built on.

But once you figure out how those first ‘experiments’ were flawed (at best….) and / or deliberately faked and skewed – all the lies come crashing down.


So, I will work on putting together a brief guide to some of the more important experiments, including things like this ‘Cavendish Experiment’, above, which were then used to build a whole, deceptive version of ‘reality’ that actually is literally based on a mountain of lies.

But know, they have used the same methodology for ‘vaccines’.

And for things like ‘evolution’.

And also, for things like ‘climate change’.

They are literally one trick ponies.

But once you figure that out, things start to unravel pretty fast.


PS: I am also reposting a detailed English translation of the Zohar’s description of the world, done by two friends of mine last year, when this topic first cropped up on the blog.

You can read that HERE – I and highly recommend you do.

Nothing is as ‘black and white’ as it seems.


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5 replies
  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    I’ve watched A LOT of Eric Dubay’s videos. He does have really good content overall.

    How much should I rely on the words of Rabbis like Rabbi Nachman or Berland? Should one ALWAYS trust whatever they say? ‘Cause that would be similar to always trusting the CDC or NASA for everything they say.
    How do I get out of the “argument from authority” logical fallacy?

    • Shimshon
      Shimshon says:

      This isn’t that hard. Nasa lies constantly and repeatedly. It’s documented, and even admitted to. The entire reason for its existence is to deceive. L’havdil to compare these rabbis to it. If the authority is a proven liar, then ignore him or it. These rabbis, even if they are wrong sometimes, and that could be possible, are not liars. To the extent they are even wrong, it is not that often to even consider.

  2. Malka
    Malka says:

    Earth is flat. Let’s go by Torah. Nowhere there is a suggestion that earth is round. There are celestial spheres mentioned.Those are spiritual spheres, nothing to do with physical shape.


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