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The Chatam Sofer’s Spanish Connection

So much of our standard Jewish history has been deliberately falsified and twisted.

I am just going to lay out the information as succinctly and simply as possible, and then you make your own minds up, about what is really going on here, and whether so many of our ‘leading rabbis’ are actually the people we’ve been taught they are, in all those sanitised ‘gadol’ biographies, that miss out the crucial information that would start to paint a very different picture.


Let us begin.


Here’s a snippet of a fairly standard introduction to the Chatam Sofer, from the Chabad website HERE:

Rabbi Moshe Schreiber (Sofer), known as the Chatam Sofer, was the preeminent leader of Judaism in the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the first part of the 19th century….

Moshe Schrieber was born in 1762 in Frankfurt am Main, where he received his primary education. He was taught by Rabbi Nathan Adler, a known kabbalist and mystic, and Rabbi Pinchas Horowitz, a Chassid and rabbi of the city….

As the Enlightenment and then the Reform movement grew in Western Europe, the Chatam Sofer stood as a bulwark of faith and fealty to tradition.

He stridently battled against changes in synagogue architecture and other “improvements” proposed by the movement and its adherents, and famously stated, “chadash assur min hatorah,” “innovation is forbidden by Torah”—an approach that continues to guide Hungarian (and other) Chassidic groups until this very day.


Back in September, I got sent an email by another blogger, that said this:

From Mayim Achronim:

A short video on the little-known event in 1865 that is said to have officially launched “Ultra-Orthodoxy”.

The Birth of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism



This was around the time I was looking into the organised child abuse going on in the chareidi / chassidic world.

(Linked to the fact that most of what we think of as ‘ultra orthodoxy’ actually is deeply rooted in pedophilia and incest-encouraging Sabbateanism.)

I stopped that research, because at this stage, it’s dangerous to continue.

But what I can say, is that a few ‘ultra orthodox’ institutions and organisations in particular kept floating up, as being directly connected to what was – and still is – going on today, vis-a-vis organised pedophilia in our communities.

And so, that led me back around to taking a deeper interest in to how ‘the Birth of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism’ actually came about, and this video, referenced above, on the Mayim Acharonim website.



I like a lot of Ephraim Pavlanov’s material, although I sometimes disagree with his standard ‘take’ on things.

But he puts a lots of effort and research into his material, and he’s given me a lot of ‘clues’ in various videos, the last few months.

So, around the 1 minute mark, Pavlanov explains that the Chatam Sofer basically re-interpreted the Torah rule forbidden the eating of ‘new grain’, or chadash, to say that making any changes to Judaism from that point on was ‘assur min HaTorah’.

We are told this is in response to the many changes being made by the Frankist-Freemason-Reformers, and Frankist-Freemason-‘Modern Orthodox’.

Which was fair enough, as these people were, and continue to try to destroy authentic Judaism anyway they can.



It’s always bothered me, that so many of the chareidi and chassidic communities have been intellectually ’emasculated’ by this ‘ultra orthodox’ rule on only speaking in, and teaching in, Yiddish.

Especially when you understand that so very many of our ‘great rabbis’ – including people like the Vilna Gaon (whoever he actually was….) spoke multiple languages, and was well-versed in all seven of the secular sciences. (More about that another time…)

But the point is – pretty much any of our ‘gedolim’ that you care to mention spoke multiple languages fluently, rubbed shoulders with the gentile aristocracy and local rulers, and were usually also plying a trade ‘in the real world’ on the side.


In the meantime – the communities that were limited to ‘Yiddish only’ typically have been smitten by terrible poverty, were totally isolated from everything and everyone around them, and became totally reliant on their Rebbe, or leading rabbi, for all advice and ‘contacts’ and economic sustenance in their world.

We can argue that’s what kept them together, in the face of assimilation, and there is probably a lot of truth in that.

But, we can also certainly see with our own eyes today, how easy it is for this ‘closed system’ to foster and encourage ongoing child abuse, if the people at the top of the tree are spiritually corrupt.

Whistleblowers lack the language, the contacts, the financial means in the ‘outside world’ to safely make their voices heard, or press charges against perpetrators.

And let’s not even talk about the other more vicious tactics used, to close down whistleblowers.


Remember, there are at least 36, and some say, 72 ‘hidden tzaddikim’ in every generation, including ours.

But most of the ‘big rabbis’ you hear about are not included in their ranks.

We know that in the generation before Moshiach, our generation, pretty much all our ‘known leaders’ are Erev Rav, on both sides of the secular / religious ‘divide’.

And if you check into the family trees of these people, you quickly come to understand that pretty much ALL OF OUR LEADERS ARE CLOSE MISHPOCHA.

Just one guy is a secular, Supreme Court Justice in the corrupt State of Israel, while another one wears a big beard and shtreimel, and is handing out Palestinian Flag stickers in Meah Shearim at ‘anti-Zionist’ demonstrations.

But the same family, the same very small gene pool, is controlling both ends of this ‘division’.

And that’s the way it’s always been.


Back to that video.

Ephraim Pavlanov explains that the Chatam Sofer’s son, Shimon Sofer, forged an alliance with the second Belzer Rebbe, to create the ‘Machzikei Hadass‘ organisation.

Pavlanov doesn’t name the second Belzer Rebbe, but he is R Yehoshua Rokeach, the youngest son of the Sar Shalom, the first Rebbe of Belz.

Now, I’d love to tell you more about the ‘Machzikei Hadass’ organisation, but at least in English, so much information about it seems to have been deliberately scrubbed.

Even on Yehoshua Rokeach’s Wikipedia page, the link for ‘Machzikei Hadass’ just goes to some modern orthodox synagogue in Ottawa…. While the Hebrew Page’s link is now ‘missing’:


The more something is ‘scrubbed out of history’, the more you know that’s where to keep digging.

So first, let’s see what else we can turn up about the Machzikei HaDat movement, and it’s main founder, Shimon Sofer.

This comes from the Jewish Encyclopaedia site, HERE:

(Google translated from the original Hebrew).

In 1861, he was appointed rabbi of the Jewish community in Krakow, serving in the position for 22 years until his death.

In 1879, he was elected to Parliament in Vienna. 

He was one of the leaders of ultra-Orthodox Judaism in Galicia and ran public campaigns to strengthen Jewish affairs. To that end, he founded the Machzikei HaDat  Movement in Galicia, and a weekly newspaper called the Machzikei HaDat.

Rabbi Shimon Sofer in a photo apparently made while serving as a delegate to Parliament

He was liked by the Emperor of Austria, Franz Josef I, who also awarded him a medal of honor.


Now, it seems kind of strange to me that the same guy who was working with the second Belzer Rebbe to ensure his followers only spoke Yiddish and stayed within their insular communities, and who apparently founded ‘ultra orthodoxy’ ALSO got elected to the Austrian Parliament, and ALSO was awarded medals of honor by the Austrian Emperor, who apparently ‘liked’ him….

Not for the first time, there is a lot going on here that just doesn’t add up.

Let’s see what else we can learn, this time from the Belz direction, and then we’ll swing back around to the Chatam Sofer’s Spanish connection.


The Belz dynasty has been on the radar for a longggg time, and is directly connected into the ‘Sabbatean’ family tree I keep writing about here, like THIS:


  1. Is Veital Babad, who marries Shmuel Shmelke Tailors Rabbi of Brody (1720-1791).

I am still trying to figure out who this ‘Shmuel Shmelke’ really is, as he has a number of alter egos, We’ll keep that part of the story for another post. But this couple is the ‘Sar Shalom’s’ paternal grandparents.

2. Is one ‘Alexander Sender Chaim Shor’ (Babad) – brother of Veital, and a name that we have come across so very many times here on the blog, as we try to chart the Sabbatean-Frankists who took over our Jewish community from within.

3. Is also ‘Alexander Chaim’, Rabbi Shor – it’s the same guy as number 2, just he’s been ‘split’ on Geni to try and hide the connections between the founders of chassidut, and who he really was. More on that in a moment.

4. Is the first Rebbe of Belz, R Shulem Rokeach, son of Eluzar Rokeach of Brody.

5. Is the second Rebbe of Belz and co-founder of the ‘Machzikei HaDat’ with Shimon Sofer, R Yehoshua Rokeach.



Alexander Sender Shor.

The name that haunts my dreams….

Let’s take a closer look at this guy, and his sister Veital.

They all descend directly from the SHACH / Shabtai Tzvi (color me surprised…) and also, from Ephraim Zalman Schor whose son was the known Frankist and lieutenant of ‘Jacob Frank’, Elisha Shor Wolowski.

Always the same people, always the same connections, always the same very small gene pool.


Meanwhile, ‘Shmuel Shmelke the Tailors Rabbi of Brody’ is the son of the Smichat Hakhamim, R Naftali Hirsch HaCohen Katz, ABD of Frankfort- and a known Sabbatean who was messing around with secret amulets and black magic in Frankfurt, when one of his ‘spells’ set the whole Jewish quarter on fire.

He was banished from the city, the whole thing was hushed up, and he died – where else? – in Turkey.

Official history tells us he was on the way to the Holy Land when he died.

Unofficial history explains that so many Sabbateans travelled backwards and forwards between Europe and Turkey ALL THE TIME, and often stayed very long periods in Turkey, which was a very strong bastion of Sabbateanism, and this period in time.

R Naftali Hirsh HaCohen Katz is also in the SHACH / Shabtai Tzvi’s direct family tree.

Of course.

And that family tree is literally crawling with Sabbateans and Frankist assimilationist bankers, including the Rothschilds.


So, the Sar Shalom of Belz has some real yichus!

His grandmother’s brother, Avraham Chaim Shor, was the father of four sons – who became some of the richest men in Imperial Russia, when they started their famous sugar business (and changed their names to ‘Brodsky’, to disguise the fact they were directly related to a bunch of Frankist-Shors who famously hung out with Jacob Frank and converted to Catholicism.)

You can read more about the Sugar Brodsky / Shor millionaires of the Russian Empire HERE.

I have a feeling they are directly related to Chabad’s Rebbes, but I’m still working on trying to prove that in real time.

But does this remind you of anyone?


OK, let’s get back to the Chatam Sofer side of things, now.

Because this post is about to get even more strange.

As you know, I’ve been doing tens of ‘Frankist Family Trees’ for coming on for two and a half years  now, trying to pin down more of the hidden history of the Jewish community.

A couple of months ago, after I wrote THIS blog, which sets out clearly how the families of so many of our ‘big rabbis’ from Eastern Europe were mamash marrying Spanish catholics (i.e. crypto Jews, who never returned to practising Judaism), I started to realise there was some very strange things going on with the Chatam Sofer’s family tree.

Here’s what I learned.


The Chatam Sofer’s paternal grandfather was apparently called ‘Moses Schreiber Sofer’ (1690-1722.)

He had four kids.

One of them – R’SHMUEL SAMUEL SCHREIBER SOFER (1715-1779) has a son, apparently at the late age of 47 years, who is  R MOSHE SOFER-SCHREIBER (1762-1839)- the ‘Chatam Sofer’.

Another of his kids, HADASSA SOFER-SCHREIBER, marries a Spanish ‘new catholic’ crypto Jew by the name of Abraham D’Costa Hart.

They have a child called Maria Narcisa D’Costa Sofer – WHO IS THE CHATAM SOFER’S FIRST COUSIN, via his father’s sister.

And this Maria marries one ‘Francisco Ramrez de Figeuroa‘ (1758-1801) who is the son of ABRAHAM SHAW (FIGUEROA PARDO) MEISELS, and REBECCA SHAW.

Because ‘SHOR’ can also be spelled ‘SHAW’.


And if you trace the family tree back for this ‘REBECCA SHAW / SHOR’, you find she is directly descended from Welsh Royalty, Roman Emperors, and a bunch of interesting people that you really wouldn’t expect to find in the direct family tree of the Chatam Sofer.


One last note on that ‘RAMRAZ’ surname showing up all over the Belz family tree, and also appearing in the Chatam Sofer’s tree.

Snippet from HERE:

[The wife of the first Belzer Rebbe] Malkah’s paternal grandfather was Rabbi Yehudah Zundel Ramraz, a descendant of an outstanding star of the golden age of Spain, Rabbi Chaim Abulafiah of Toledo who could trace his ancestry back to Dovid Hamelech.

Malkah’s paternal great grandfather was Rab Rabbi Moshe ben Rav Todros, who was a dayan in Brody and called Rabbi Moshe Rabbi Zeligs, after his father-in-law Rabbi Aaron Zelig Bar Yehudah Zundel Segal of chachmei Brody.

This Rabbi Moshe was known as a holy Tzaddik, a ninth generation descendant of Rabeinu Todros Halevi who was a student of the Ramban. It was the initials of his name Rabbi Moshe Rabbi Zeligs which made up the name RaMRaZ.


Who, exactly, was the ancestor ‘Rabeinu Todros Halevi’, ancestor of this ‘holy Tzaddik’ RAMRAZ?

This comes from Wikipedia, HERE:

A distant relative of Meir Abulafia, Todros Abulafia was born in 1247 in Toledo. He mastered Arabic, and was well educated in both Arabic and Christian poetry and literature.

Early in his career Abulafia became a courtier in the court of Alfonso X of Castile….

Besides being a poet, Abulafia was also a diplomat and a financier.

In 1279 the king ordered him to collect an enormous amount of taxes from the Jewish community of Castile.

The king needed the money to pay for his religious military campaign. The collected money never reached the army because one of the king’s sons used it for his own purpose. The angry king ordered the execution of two leading tax collectors, one of whom was Abulafia’s patron.

Some time later Abulafia and most other Jews of Castile were taken from a synagogue and arrested. Ransom was set as the condition for their release. Abulafia continued to write poems while in prison. After he was released he became a courtier once again, this time in the court of Alfonso’s son Sancho IV of Castile.


Points to note:

The Abulafia family produced their own ‘false messiah’ and twisted kabbalist, known as Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia (124-1290).

(Read more HERE).

This Todros HaLevi Abulafia was also into xtianity, and another ‘court Jew cum tax collector’ – well BEFORE the decree of conversion or exile, that occurred almost 200 years later.

The Abulafias popped up again 400 years later, in prominent positions both within ‘Sabbatean Turkey’ and ‘Sabbatean Eretz Yisrael’.

And their offspring married the Ashkenazi perushim of the Vilna Gaon, and the Ashkenazi chassidim in Eretz Yisrael, 200 years before that was meant to be ‘acceptable’.


We’ll stop there, for now.

As always, it’s the same story, over and over again.

If Belz, Gur, Chabad and the Eidah Hareidit would come clean, and actually spell out the Sabbatean tendencies of their founders, and actually told us our real Jewish history, it would certainly save me a huge amount of time….

But in the meantime.

It looks like Moshiach is going to show up first, before that happens.


PS, I forgot to mention that the Chatam Sofer was married to a daughter of R Akiva Eger – who also figures very prominently in the ‘Sabbatean-Frankist family tree’.

R Akiva Eger is descended from the same ‘Eshel Avraham’ that looms large in the Chabad family tree.

And his children married Frankist-Schiffs and also Sabbatean-Rosanes.

It’s a small world.



As we go along, I like to consolidate more of the information in one place.

I found this weird snippet about the Sabbatean ‘Smichat HaChamim’, R Naftali II Katz HaCohen (1649-1719) on his Loeb Tree:

Kidnapped by the Tartars and escaped.

What does this mean?

I personally have no idea. Who are these ‘Tartars’ meant to be, why is it not written about anywhere else, how did he ‘escape’? Again, no idea….

Just more of the stuff we have no clue about, when it comes to real Jewish history.


ALSO, just so you understand how all these people are connected to each other, here’s how the Alter Rebbe of Chabad, ‘Jacob Frank’ the false messiah, and the Smichat HaChamim all descend from the MAHARAL of Prague.





DINA KATZENELLENBOGEN remarries R YEHOSHUA HESHEL – who happens to be the ‘rebbe’ of both the SHACH, and the TAZ.

And so it goes, round and round.

Always the same people, always the same families, always the same names.


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11 replies
  1. Jean-Charles Angot
    Jean-Charles Angot says:

    Big Tzadikim can even even come from the dirtiest side of ultra-orthodoxy with maybe even if there are some fake rabbis in their lineage. Great neshamot come from the dirt even if the familiea are ultra orthodox, great scholars etc… They probably do teshuvah and fix their lineage as a Baal Teshuvah do? (Hope you get my point) which means that wouldn’t say Rabbi Akiva Eiger, the Chatam Sofer, the Alter Rebbe, the Belz Rebbe (see how tzadikim estimates a lot the Belzer Rebbe on our time as Rav Berland) etc… are fake rabbis…

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Jean-Charles, first of all THANK YOU for continuing to share your comments, and to put the ‘other side’. It’s very valuable, and I’m very grateful.

      I totally agree that the biggest darkness conceals the greatest light – we see that from King David who ‘came out’ of the dirt of Lot’s incest and the baffling affair with Judah and Tamar.

      So yes, just coming from the dirt doesn’t mean people can’t be big tzaddikim, and can often mean the very opposite.

      BUT – that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a very troubling problem going on within the Jewish community, with ‘Sabbatean-Frankists’ who have mamash hijacked our communities, and the soul of the Jewish nation.

      We see that clearly with ‘reform / conservative’, also with ‘modern orthodoxy’, and also with secular (Frankist…) ‘zionism’.

      But authentic Sabbateanism, if you can call it that, also believed in keeping the external precepts of the Torah, and acting and behaving like ‘frum’ Jews – even, very ‘strict’ frum Jews.

      Which is where we come back around to the idea of just saying someone is a ‘tzaddik’ because of their lineage, or because they inherited a position, or got ‘parachuted’ into it because of their family connections.

      The 4th Belze Rebbe told the Jews in Hungary to stay put, because Hungary was ‘safe’ – and then himself escaped from Hungary to Eretz Yisrael, escaping the genocide that subsequently happened.

      The current Belze Rebbe mandated all of his followers to get the Covid shots – not least, so they could attend the wedding of his grandchild in the Pais Arena.

      I’m asking simply: does this sound like what ‘tzaddikim’ would really do? Do real tzaddikim ever take away a person’s power of free choice, and dictate life to them ‘from on high’?

      Rabbenu’s path was to give advice, gently, and that is also the path of Rav Berland. There is no forcing, no arm twisting. You follow the hints, or you don’t – it’s your free choice.

      Re: the Alter Rebbe, Rebbe Nachman himself states very clearly that his teachings are ‘wrong’.

      These teachings come with big consequences attached. When you grasp deep kabbalistic concepts incorrectly, and then teach your faulty ‘understanding’ to others, you end up with heretical Tzadukim, or heretical Sabbateans, or heretical Frankists.

      No-one doubts the intentions were good, initially.

      But you see where these things have lead, and you understand that the orthodox and ultra-orthodox world has some massive, massive teshuva to make, and that there are many profound things that need to change, fundamentally.

      And we didn’t even get into the whole cover-up going on around pedophilia and incest in these communities, at the highest levels. But perhaps, we don’t even need to.

      Bottom line: there are things going on RIGHT NOW that are awful, and that need addressing honestly and courageously. Anyone who is prepared to do that, truly IS a tzaddik….

      And the opposite is also true.

    • Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham.
      Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham. says:

      Great comment. Hashem blessed the “zera”., He establish the lineage , He establish covenants with His beloved chosen people. The Britot will never be anuled. BUT the zera is mixed from good and bad because even the tzadik has some bad in him…… The bad comes out always first, and this exit (the bad we see ,that comes out from the chosen lineage) THIS is that gives the opportunity to the good to be revealed afterwards….. The bad has to be seen , recognized and separated …..Our main difficulty with the birrur is that our sorted mind sees only black and white, and we don’t pay attention to the principle Hashem revealed by Yecheskel the prophet . If the tzadik sins , turns to be rashah , but if the rashah (includes the former tzadik) repents, he is tzadik (again). EVERYONE is tested and has to be complete his mission.

  2. Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham
    Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham says:

    I don’t want to discourage you , but you cross red lines. ….sefer Yetzirah some months ago, now r. Avraham Abulafia…. Go ask your rav about them and the nonsense you wrote and correct the damage .

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      R Shlomo ben Aderet wrote a letter against R Avraham Abulafia, decrying his statements that he was the Messiah, and his (faulty…) method of teaching the Kabbalah was excluded from the Kabbalistic schools in Spain.

      This is an undisputed fact.

      All these people for sure start out with very good, very holy intentions, and are undoubtedly on very high levels spiritually. But, we know from the PARDES experience that when you start engaging with kabbalah at such a deep level, and you lack the true humility of a Rabbi Akiva, you end up either going mad, dying – or becoming a heretic, like Acher.

      So, which bit would you like me to correct about saying R Avraham Abulafia was a false messiah? If you can tell me the error, I’m very happy to correct the information.


      Interested readers can see more for themselves HERE, as a starting point.

      I think the main thing to stress here, is that ALL of these ‘false messiahs’ started off on extremely high levels, but ‘over-reached’.

      It’s mamash what happened with Elisha ben Abuya, AKA ‘Acher’.

      He’s a Tanna, he knew more revealed and concealed Torah than almost anyone else…. but he still ended up going to the dark side.

      And there is nothing new under the sun.

  3. Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham
    Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham says:

    It’s a fact also that rabeinu haRamchal was expelled from Italy. It’s a fact also that your rav is expelled from many others . As for rabbi Abulafia go and see what said rabbi Haim Vital, and all the mekubalim . Now a say to you , go ask the rav about him and about Sefer Yetzirah. and do according what he will say to you….. and r Slomo ben Aderet said what he said but he is not your rav either mine.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      My problem with ‘Sefer Yetzirah’ is that this book contains instructions, mamash, for ‘creating an animal’ using Hashem’s Divine names.

      I simply can’t understand how a book like this was ever translated into English, nor widely spread around the reading public. Kabbalah is so powerful, and the potential for misuse and black magic is tremendous.

      Re: R Abulafia, there are still so many things that none of us know, but his style of mystical kabbalah featured very strongly in the warped systems of other fake moshiachs like Shabtai Tzvi, amongst others.

      (BTW, did you know that R Chaim Vital’s son was also a supporter of Shabtai Tzvi?)

      The point is, as you also stated, thank you, that we have to move away from the ‘all or nothing’ approach of the narcissist paradigm, which states that people are either ‘perfect’ or ‘terrible’.

      No-one is ever 100% perfect, not even our greatest tzaddikim like Moshe Rabbenu.

      And no-one is ever 100% ‘terrible’, not even the worst reshaim. Teshuva is open to all – it was even open to Acher, even though his test was to have a voice from heaven telling him ‘return all the wayward children – except Acher’.

      His test was to still make teshuva, even though it seemed it wouldn’t ‘work’.

      But before the teshuva can be made, the problem has to be identified and owned up to.

      And right now, we are still stuck in the narcissist ‘perfect paradigm’, which means all these problems are continually swept under the rug, and left to fester, instead of being honestly addressed and resolved.

      I want the chassiduts, the religious leaders, to stop pretending to be ‘perfect’, and to tell the truth of what has really been going on the last 400 years.

      That may well mean that they lose most of their followers, and most of their clout, once they are judged solely on their own merits, and not on all the ‘myths’ and lies that pass for so much of our ‘religious education’ these days.

      But if these people really want to serve Hashem, and really want to bring the geula closer, and really want to fix the mess their ancestors and forbears made – and really want to act like true tzaddikim…. – that’s what’s really required, here.

  4. JR
    JR says:

    Once again, you’ve mocked a גדול הדור. Did you know that the חתם סופר defended ר’ יעקב עמדיו?

    “the Chatam Sofer basically re-interpreted the Torah rule forbidden the eating of ‘new grain’, or chadash, to say that making any changes to Judaism from that point on was ‘assur min HaTorah’.”

    This is a lie. It’s called דרוש. He never ever re-interpreted the Torah prohibition against eating new grain. These kind of homiletic already appeared in the גמרא, and the חתם סופר was just continuing that tradition. But you don’t believe in tradition, do you?

    “The more something is ‘scrubbed out of history’, the more you know that’s where to keep digging.”

    Just because it’s not on Wikipedia, doesn’t mean it’s been scrubbed from history. מחזיקי הדת is well known, and it’s a name has been adopted by many organizations and shuls. It’s not a secret, and no one is covering it up, and you didn’t just uncover a hidden part of history. Just because you haven’t heard of something doesn’t make it a secret. No cover up. No scrubbing. You’re just wrong about this.

  5. Simon
    Simon says:

    I’m doing a genealogy from George Soros to the Tzadukim mixed multitude family:
    זה היחש של גאורג סורוס הרשע מרשע והבן ישראל׃
    האשה של גאורג סורוס יש סוסן ובר. גאורג סורוס ואשתו יש חמש בנים. הם אלכסנדר [אף רע] ואנדראה ויונתן ורוברט וגרגורי. האלה הם הבנים של גאורג סורוס ואשתו.
    האבין של גאורג סורוס הוא תיבדר תאודור סורוס. אבין הוא מוריץ מור דוב שוורץ. אבין הוא מניהרת מנחם מנדל שוורץ [כמו מנחם מנדל שניירסון מין המשפחה של הארב רב]. עתה האם של מוריץ־מור־דוב־שוורץ הוא העצם מוריץ יש אסתר שוורץ ושמה במולדת יש אסתר סטרנברג. האביה הוא נפתלי אנתל סטרנברג. אחותו הוא מרים סופר שרייבער. זה מין המשפחה מין הארב רב׃ המשפחה ששם הוא סופר. בעלה יש הרב שמעון סופר־שרייבער. זה הדרך מין גאורג סורוס למשפחת סופר. אבין הוא האדם בהשם גדול׃ רבי משה סופר־שרייבער [ה׳חת״ם סופר׳].
    Sorry if I’m leaving a lot of comments.

    By the way, one or more of George Soros’ family members’ names include in the name “Menachem Mendel.”


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